Nina Bangs Traci Odom
One Bite Stand
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One Bite Stand Harpies don t get callbacks That s why Daria s job as night manager of the Woo Woo Inn is the opportunity of several lifetimes Where better to prove that in the snatch and dispatch business she has CE

  • Title: One Bite Stand
  • Author: Nina Bangs Traci Odom
  • ISBN: 9780843959543
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harpies don t get callbacks That s why Daria s job as night manager of the Woo Woo Inn is the opportunity of several lifetimes Where better to prove that in the snatch and dispatch business she has CEO potential

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      188 Nina Bangs Traci Odom
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    1 Blog on “One Bite Stand

    1. sharon kirby says:

      GreatI loved this book. Nina Bangs always writes the best books. The red hots was a wonderful touch. This book kept me interested and I highly recommend One Bite Stand.

    2. Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly says:

      Rating: 4/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: 5/5

    3. Mrs. Badass says:

      Declan Mackenzie is on the council and send to the Woo Woo Inn to find out who is offing Council Members. What he finds there is a Harpy. Yes, a Harpy. A woman who is in the service of Hades by delivering bad people to death with her vulture wings. She turns half into a vulture. Oh yea, and harpies are supposed to be REALLY Really ugly. Only thing? Daria and her twin brother Kal's dad is Apollo. Yup, a God. So both of them use magic to make themselves as ugly as they can in order to make rank in [...]

    4. Sarri Morin says:

      This was a great read. I love reading Nina Bangs, she never disappoints. Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede are my favorite characters, no matter how YUMMY the vampires are how witty the heroine is, Sparkle and Ganymede somehow manage to steal the showEnough of them though; Daria, the Harpie that doesn't quite fitd Declan the yummy Vamp my favorite place the Woo Woo Inn, where danger lurks in the dark.There are shape shifters, humans trying to be vampires and even were-ducks! YUP I said it, WERE-DUCK [...]

    5. Olean Public Library says:

      The Woo Woo Inn is at it again. This time they are looking for a new night manager, and a harpy is looking for a job. Well actually she is looking for a powerful being to take to Hades as her test so she can become a real harpy. She has had a hard time, along with her brother, all their lives to fit in with the other harpies. They both are too beautiful, and where ugliness is a position requirement this is quite the dilemma. Oh, by the way, the world is scheduled to end next Wednesday. To find o [...]

    6. Amelia-Irene says:

      This is a part of a series. There are actually two stories going on in this book. There is the "new" story of Daria & Declan, but there is also the story of Ganymede & Sparkle. There are also two tests going on One that Daria is trying to pass as a Harpie. And one that Ganymede doesn't fully realize that he's taking. In the meantime everyone in residence at the Woo Woo Inn is in for the fight of their lives of good fighting evil and if evil ones the world will disappear as everyone morta [...]

    7. Lisarenee says:

      So I kept seeing this author's name everywhere and decided to give her a try. It was too silly for words. I was laughing way too much. Maybe I should have read one of the first in this series, but I'm not so sure. I guess I should have been clued in from the title. You have a Harpy who has issues because she's too beautiful, a wager is made with a sex provoking entity that the Harpy can go each night without making any lustful stares or touches toward anyone, and you've got a werebunny. Need I s [...]

    8. Oleander says:

      Delightful. Had a smile on my face the whole way through. At first I was thrown off by the idea of a harpy in a romance but she is the daughter of Apollo so that made a little more sense. Great characters and a surprisingly good plot with several layers. Sparkle and Ganymede are front and center as well and who can resist those cosmic troublemakers? This book is an excellent example of why Nina Bangs is one of my favorite authors.

    9. Donna (BLHmistress) says:

      I finally finished this book , I have to admit I did end up liking it though at first I wasn't so sure . I am used to weird things in Paranormal books but this was strange even for me.What I think my problem was I chose this for a couple of my challenges and I thought it would be a stand alone book. I was wrong I need to go back and read the whole series then maybe I might be able to change my rating .

    10. Luvmyfamily says:

      They finally started getting pretty good!!! AAANNNDDD!!!! she stops writing this series. humph! go figure. I liked this book even though it took longer for me to read. It had nothing to do with the book of course just a busy life, but everytime I put the book down I had to do a sad sigh! I really did enjoy it.

    11. Natalie says:

      I really like all the MacKenzie Vampires books by Nina Bangs. She puts a nice, humorous twist on the traditional vampire romance. She mixes hot sex with great character development, a variety of paranormal creatures, the right amount of real humor, action, adventure, and interesting side-stories. BTW, this one made me cry.

    12. Samantha says:

      so far, this book is really funny, but depressing at the same time T-T. i'm getting really excited about 2 certain characters that i've just been introduced to, and i have to admit, - who i think these 2 people are - i was thinking of these 2 waaaaay before they were introduced, thinking it'd be funny/awesome if out-of-nowhere that THEY showed up!!!! XDXD can't wait to see what happens!!!!!

    13. Lindsay says:

      I enjoy all of the stories about the Woo Woo Inn. I don't feel like these are the books that I sit down and have to try to read in one sitting though. They don't hold my attention that strongly, but a fun read in the end.

    14. Cher says:

      Very silly but just the right kind of silly for me. Harpy with a difficult mission meets vampire with a difficult mission. Mayhem and cross-purposes ensue. Also romance. Cute, though rather formulaic.

    15. atla says:

      As far as literature goes, this gets a negative rating. For trashy romance, Bangs has done better. She's told the same story 4 times - it's starting to get old.

    16. Christine Kirchoff says:

      I read this awhile ago but forgot to post it here. Great book!

    17. stella yip says:


    18. Karen Desmond says:


    19. Kathleen says:

      Loved it

    20. Andrea says:

      Ohh god I loved it! This is the first in this series I've read and I am soo going to be looking for the rest of this series!

    21. Ratforce says:

      Nina Bangs is another great choice for fans of Lynsay Sands. Her Mackenzie Vampires series is full of offbeat humor and steamy romance.

    22. Mollie *scoutrmom* says:

      Could not get past the silliness to any kind of story. Had the writing been better I might have kept at it.

    23. Missyb says:

      good story, interesting characters, easy read. I think I missed some things since I have not read the two books before this.

    24. Uldene Lawyer says:

      possibly the worst book I have ever read and I've read a lot of really bad books

    25. JazzRizz says:

      Cosmic troublemakers, vampires, werewolves, and harpies . . . Such a fun read! I love Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede! Those two are always creating havoc :)

    26. Tiffany Collins says:

      Loved this series!

    27. Sherri Hanisco says:

      I love Nina's Cosmic Troublemaker books but wasn't as interested in this one. There wasn't as much humor as normal, for me.

    28. Erotic Horizon says:

      One Bite Stand (MacKenzie Vampires, Book 4) by Nina Bangs (2008)

    29. marjorie says:

      man i love me some nina bangs she is always so funny and the stories always have that something extra sexy to keep you on your toes

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