The Black Mile
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The Black Mile Best selling author Mark Dawson makes his stunning Kindle debut with a thriller that has earned multiple star rave reviews from readers in the UK and US London the Luftwaffe blitzes London eve

  • Title: The Black Mile
  • Author: MarkDawson
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  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Best selling author Mark Dawson makes his stunning Kindle debut with a thriller that has earned multiple 5 star rave reviews from readers in the UK and US.London, 1940 the Luftwaffe blitzes London every night for fifty seven nights Houses, shops and entire streets are wiped from the map The underworld is in flux the Italian criminals who dominated the West End have bBest selling author Mark Dawson makes his stunning Kindle debut with a thriller that has earned multiple 5 star rave reviews from readers in the UK and US.London, 1940 the Luftwaffe blitzes London every night for fifty seven nights Houses, shops and entire streets are wiped from the map The underworld is in flux the Italian criminals who dominated the West End have been interned and now their rivals are fighting to replace them Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows, the Black Out Ripper sharpens his knife and sets to his grisly work.Henry Irving is a disgraced reporter on a Fleet Street scandal rag Genius detective sergeant Charlie Murphy is a fresh face in the Metropolitan police, hunting corrupt colleagues but blinkered by ambition and jealousy His brother, detective inspector Frank Murphy, searches frantically for his runaway daughter, terrified that she will be the killer s next victim.As the Ripper stalks the terrified streets, the three men discover that his handiwork is not quite what it seems Conspirators are afoot, taking advantage of the chaos to settle old scores The murders invade the lives of the victims and victimizers on both sides of the law, as everyone is sucked deeper and deeper into Soho s black heart.Based on a little known true story, The Black Mile is a rollercoaster ride of a novel that was previously the most downloaded novel on the Kindle Store.

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    1 Blog on “The Black Mile

    1. John Nicholl says:

      This one is well worth reading if you enjoy dark fact based noir. It's a well written age turner that deserves to sell well.

    2. Susan says:

      This novel, set in 1940 London, combines the story of the Black-Out Ripper with the beginning of the Blitz and police corruption. With London under attack night after night, people are jumpy enough without a serial killer on the loose. Yet someone is killing prostitutes under the cover of the black out and Detective Inspector Frank Murphy is told to find the culprit quickly. However, Frank is having other problems. Firstly, his fifteen year old daughter runs away, after he orders her to stop see [...]

    3. Dana Granville says:

      Fairly decent mystery, though a little diluted at the end. I didn't get all of my questions answered about the book, which is frustrating.

    4. Siobian says:

      Even though WWII is going on and Britain is being bombed nightly, London's criminal life doesn't let up. During the black-out, the city is plagued by a murderer dubbed the "Black Out Ripper" and the police are doing everything they can to find him and stop him. However, every lead on the case opens more doors and inquiries only lead to more questions. Henry Drake is a journalist who can smell the accolades he will receive by being the one to print the identity of the Black Out Ripper. Charlie Mu [...]

    5. Annette Gisby says:

      The content of this book could have been taken straight from today's headlines: corruption in the police force, journalists making up sensationalist stories, scandals involving the great and the good of the realm, a murderer preying on prostitutes in the West End. But this story is based on a true killing spree that happened in the 1940s.When I first started the book, I was a little bit wary, as there were quite a few newspaper reports and police reports rather than narrative. Was the whole book [...]

    6. Kenneth says:

      Overall, I found this to be a gripping read. Reminded me somewhat of L.A. Confidential in that there are 3 main protagonists whose storylines glance & bounce off one another and, eventually, intersect & interweave. Add to the mix: Some effective characterization, the setting of London during the Blitz, and enough loose ends to provoke thought but not total frustrationEVER, there are quite a number of puzzling errors in the text. One example found on the very first page: A news article (d [...]

    7. Lyndon says:

      This mystery is set in London, 1940s WW2, and reads like a British crime noir of that era with newspaper articles, letters and memos opening the major sections of the book. It features 3 story lines that revolve around the murders of random (or so it seems) prostitutes committed by the 'Black-Out Ripper' who does his dirty deeds during the bombing black-outs. The real mystery is actually the discovery of corruption in the police force and how two brothers, who are on the force, resolve their jea [...]

    8. Mike says:

      This was a readable tale but the 1940 setting did not come off believably. The slang, although accurate, felt uncomfortable since the context and overuse felt contrived and unnatural. There were also too many errors of fact or unlikely events. A few examples:”A single engine Hurricane was shot down “engines trailing fire”.Plastic bags that had not yet been invented were used to bag hands and heads.London street tarts were wearing nylons in 1940 which is unlikely since nylon stockings were [...]

    9. Myrna Miller says:

      "The Black Mile" is a good mystery and if you like some history thrown in, it covered September 1940- May 1941 period too. The London Blitz was being reported over much of the world by radio (no televisions in those days). I couldn't help wondering about a couple of issues. The main characters were brothers -- both in law enforcement, and as was their father - at a higher level. Their last name sounds Irish as do many of the other names of the characters. Was it common for people with Irish back [...]

    10. Scott Whitmore says:

      Set just before and during The London Blitz, when the German Luftwaffe tried to bomb Britain out of World War II, The Black Mile by Mark Dawson is a crime thriller told from three perspectivesBrothers Frank and Charlie Murphy are police officers, and Henry Drake is a newspaper reporter with more than a few secrets, but all three are looking for The Blackout Ripper, a serial killer murdering prostitutes in the seedy West End of London. I'm a fan of the British TV series Foyle's War, which also in [...]

    11. Barbara says:

      Very well written. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Set against the backdrop of WW II in England, it just keeps rolling along through bombings as a murder investigation takes place. The twists and turns, body counts, and suspense just keep building the whole time. Add to that a very troubled relationship between 2 brothers and their father, all of them cops and somehow intertwined in the same murder investigation. I enjoyed the plot and the twists and turns which keep you in suspense until the [...]

    12. Richard says:

      I simply cannot believe how engrossed I became with this authors work! I picked up he first John Milton book as a chance and didn't expect to like it, but fell in love with the character. I soon finished all 7 of those in he series and then went on to the Beatrix Rose series and finished all of them. Not one book out of the 11 was a stinker, I would rate them all a solid 4-5. Then I stepped way out of my genre to the so ho series and bam! Dawson did it again! This guy is my new go to author, do [...]

    13. John Lee says:

      My first by this author and a really good read.At first I wasnt sure that I would enjoy the time period chosen but I was soon engrossed in the action and was back in London at the start of the Blitz.I thought that the three separate narratives mingled together worked well and made for an exciting read. The use of one of the character names at the beginning of most sections, left the reader in no doubt where you were and who you were with.A few loose threads were left at the end of the book and I [...]

    14. Marley says:

      I loved this book! One of the best I've read in a long time. London. 1940. German Blitzkreig. Ripper murders. Police corruption. Family feuds. I'm queing up Mark Dawson's other books on my Kindle. I'd give the book 6 stars if I could.

    15. Trish says:

      The vocabulary is fascinating. I can't believe the words I'm learning that are used to describe the London world of criminals and police. The setting is London in 1940 when the Nazi bombing has just begun.

    16. Douglas Hord says:

      Terrific story. Quickly paced, but not too aggressively. Nice character development. The entire piece is written in British police slang from the late 1930s. I found that to be a feature, not a flaw.Very enjoyable.

    17. Deborah says:

      so hard to put down, a serial killer in London in the middle of the bombings, family rivalry,police hierarchy and add the Masons to the mix as well. A great read.

    18. Jeffrey Bruff says:

      Book was a long read as the characters spoke with an London accent and i wasn't familiar with some of the terms if you don't mind the dialog this will be a good read

    19. Ben says:

      "The Black Mile" the first in Mark Dawson's Soho Noir series of crime novels. It reminded me of James Ellroy"s" LA Confidential" because it involves police corruption, prostitution and porn. Set in London of 1940-41 just as the Blitz by German bombers began to scour London, the Metropolitan police are stymied by a series of horrible slasher murders of young women prostitutes.The circumstances give rise to the newspapers calling the killer The Black Out Killer. As with the famous Jack the Ripper [...]

    20. Carrie Garza says:

      This is a great story! It is set in London in the 1940's and that in and of itself is very interesting. Gas lights, outhouses, cobbled streets, and many other things that add to the time frame. The war is in progress and London is being bombed every night. And it is amazing how everyone is just going on with there lives, popping in and out of shelters while the sirens wail and the bombs drop. But you know they had to, the world didn't just stop. There is a serial killer in London . The bombs cer [...]

    21. Peter says:

      Great British crime writing.Loved this book. Enthralling from the start and did not let go until the end. The story with its 1940's setting was a mix of police procedure, family conflict and corruption in high places all set to a background of the London Blitz.There was a distinct nod to "LA Confidential" by James Ellroy but to Mr Dawson's credit it did not lose anything in the comparison. I was also intrigued by there being enough loose ends for a sequel or even sequels. Maybe a British version [...]

    22. Sandy Fox says:

      Gritty 1940's ThrillerAfter reading all of Dawson's other books, I thought I'd give this series a try. I'm glad I did!It took me a little while to get a handle on the various characters but as the story unfolded I began to enjoy it more and more. The writing incorporates the language of that era and some words and phrases were expertly introduced to the reader. I will be completing the series.

    23. Mary B says:

      Received this as a free read, for which I thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this book - the setting being in the 1940s during the bombing of London and all that entailed. With family conflicts, Ripper murders, and police corruption all written at a fast and gripping pace it kept me hooked.Well worth reading.

    24. Pam says:

      An interesting book of murder and crime, set in world war two.

    25. Mary Rowe says:

      Atmospherically dank, dark and depressing, with the bombing of London as background and continuing crime in the streets and inside the police in the forefront. Unanswered questions remained.

    26. Don says:

      Could not get into it at all. Put it down and said why bother?

    27. Charlie Gibson says:

      Incredible! An absolute gold mine!Without a single doubt the best book I've read in years, an reading two a week for over fifty years should provide a credential. I've had the privilege of reading many fine authors of Great Britain, including Ian Rankin, Val McDermott, Elizabeth George, and the Irish author of the exciting Jack Taylor series.However, Mark Dawson has brilliantly captured a time period of historical importance for Great Britain, and by extension, Europe and the free world. Beginni [...]

    28. Bill Mackela says:

      Mr. Dawson will transport you back to the mean dark streets of London as the Nazi bombers were pounding the East End. He puts you right there, in the thick of the action and tension, the terror of bombs falling while girls are being butchered. He shows you the reality of the slang and prejudices of the city under siege. He demonstrates the brutality of the cops, and the crooks. You wonder if there is a difference. He brings two feuding brothers together, Charlie and Frank Murphy, to butt heads, [...]

    29. Janet says:

      The Black Mile by Mark Dawson kept me reading as often as possible. It's the 1st full-length novel in Dawson's Soho Noir series. The series takes place in the Soho neighborhood of London. The Black Mile is preceded by a novella called Gaslight. I read them in order, but you can easily read either one first because the novel takes place 20 years after the novella without any spoilers. The characters are different, but the neighborhood still has the same problems.During the early years of World Wa [...]

    30. Neil says:

      Death stalks the streets of London in 1940, and it isn't just because of the bombing during the Blitz. There was a serial killer on the loose, and he was nicknamed in the press as the 'Blackout Ripper'. As if Londoners didn't have enough to worry about, there is also this maniac spreading fear. Despite this book being set in wartime London, you might be excused for running parallels with today. There is violence, pornography, prostitution, discredited journalism, police corruption, a major inves [...]

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