Hannah Richell
The House of Tides
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The House of Tides The Tides are a family with many secrets Haunted by the events of one tragic day a decade ago they are each in their own way struggling to move forward with their lives There is Dora the family s

  • Title: The House of Tides
  • Author: Hannah Richell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Tides are a family with many secrets Haunted by the events of one tragic day a decade ago, they are each, in their own way, struggling to move forward with their lives.There is Dora, the family s youngest daughter, who lives in a ramshackle London warehouse with her artist boyfriend She is doing a good job of skating across the surface of her life, but when she discoThe Tides are a family with many secrets Haunted by the events of one tragic day a decade ago, they are each, in their own way, struggling to move forward with their lives.There is Dora, the family s youngest daughter, who lives in a ramshackle London warehouse with her artist boyfriend She is doing a good job of skating across the surface of her life, but when she discovers she is pregnant, she finds herself staring back at the darkness of a long held guilt Dora s mother, Helen, is a complicated woman whose relationship with her family has always been turbulent, while her father Richard has cobbled together a life that bears little resemblance to his boyhood dreams And Cassie, Dora s long estranged sister, has cut off her family entirely, it seems When Dora arrives at Clifftops, her family s rambling home on the Dorset coast, it seems that Helen might finally be ready to make amends for her own part in the tragedy But what Dora soon discovers is that the path to redemption does not rest solely with her mother Can family crimes this damaging ever really be forgiven

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    1. Sharon says:

      Dora and Dan are expecting their first child and although the pair are in a loving relationship, Dora has major concerns and worries about becoming a mother. Dan is not sure why, Dora is so unsettled and thinks it might be to do with her past. Dora decides it's time to revisit her past back in Clifftops. The one person who can help her with her past and hopefully answer her questions is her mother, Helen.Helen and Richard were quite young when they found out, Helen was pregnant. They loved each [...]

    2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

      EXCERPT: A half-empty train rattles through fields and farmland towards the grey concrete sprawl of the city. There is a young woman huddled in the farthest corner of the last carriage. Her hair is like a veil, hiding her tears. In her pocket is an antique brooch. Her fingers brush the cold arc of it before flipping it over and over in time to the rhythmic clatter of wheels on track. When she can resist no longer, she releases the clasp and stabs the pin deep into the flesh of her palm.It’s ag [...]

    3. Çimen says:

      Update: The title of my version (Turkish) is something like seashells washed ashore. I couldn't resist taking a photo.The Tide family history; full of sadness, loneliness, losses, secrets, selfishness and mistakes that can not be unmade. The family members desperately trying to find something to hold on to. I was horrifed by the way certain charaters acted in some situations and it made me wonder; do we treat the people we love so awfully, thoughtlessly and even cruelly from time to time? Especi [...]

    4. Brenda says:

      Helen and Richard were in a fledgling relationship, but were very close, so when Helen discovered she was pregnant, and Richard declared they should get married, she wasn’t sure. But they decided they loved each other, and would be married before their baby arrived. Visiting Richard’s childhood home to tell his parents of their upcoming marriage, and Helen’s pregnancy proved more difficult than they had hoped. Richard’s parents were of the old school, especially his mother, who declared [...]

    5. Kathryn says:

      On the whole, I liked this. I did however, feel the writing was a little cliched at times - I caught myself mentally rolling my eyes on a few occasions, and just poor writing in general at other times. The example that stuck in my mind most was something along the lines of "She screamed horribly. It was horrible."I enjoyed the premise, although, once we discovered what the tragic event was that caused such dysfunction in the family, the reaction of one of the characters seemed rather unbelievabl [...]

    6. Dawn says:

      I loved this book . If you want a read which keeps you turning the pages this is it, especially if you enjoy gripping family sagas with an added touch of drama, mystery, and suspenseBeautifully written, and the Tide family are great characters, who bought me to tears.I have no hesitation in highly recommending 'Secrets of the Tides' A fantastic debut novel one I will think about for a long time, and eagerly wait to read another by Hannah Richell Had a promo copy to review, thank heavens as I mig [...]

    7. Sandra says:

      I really enjoyed this book. I expected it to be silly and to have a sickly sweet ending. It did not. The writing is wonderful and conjures up perfect imagery. For example:"It’s a treat not to be in the office. Most people, she knows, will be safely stashed at their desks by now, beginning the daily grind, staring at computer screens, talking into telephones, doing their deals, making decisions. She doesn’t get to experience this side of London very often, the hours when elderly people creep [...]

    8. Helen says:

      The cover is so inviting but wait until you see what is inside!This is a story about one family, the Tides, and the incidents and consequences of family life and certainly not your average family.I often shy away from books that jump back and forth along timelines.  However, this one does it rather seamlessly and I am never left wondering ‘who is she?’ or ‘what period is this’. The connectedness is wonderful.Chapters are written from varying character viewpoints once again, you find you [...]

    9. Gill says:

      This debut novel kept me gripped from the first page to the last.It is a vivid and visual family saga covering three generations of women . It deals with the complex relationships which can ensue from the struggle women frequently deal with (even in contemoporary times)of being true to themselves, and yet at the same time creating strong and enduring relationships.The secret, which is at the centre of the maelstrom in the lives of the Tide family, is at the heart of this story. I loved the femal [...]

    10. Dion Ribeiro says:

      Mais um livro daqueles que se lê de um fôlego. MUITO BOM!Os Tide são uma família que tinha tudo para ser feliz, mas determinadas situações vão levando ao isolamento de cada um, e o egoísmo vai conduzir a decisões que marcarão para sempre as vidas de cada membro da família. Demasiado tarde, perceberam enfim, que eram felizes e nem se davam conta. Infelizmente, quantos de nós não passam por isso? Por vezes somos felizes e numa busca incessante de mais, não aproveitamos a felicidade d [...]

    11. Annetta says:

      Corny super soppy and totally predictable : can not believe this got published ! Rubbish !

    12. Min Li Li says:

      Kitabın kısa özeti şu; şehvetine düşkün bir anne ve kızın yüzünden bir ailenin parçalanışı ve masum aile üyelerinin de yıllarca pişmanlıkla yaşaması.Cidden ama cidden Helen ve Cassie'den nefret ettim, heralde en nefret ettiğim karakterler listesinde ilk sırada yer alır bu ana-kız.Biri kocasını aldatmak için diğeri de sevgilisiyle tek başına kalmak istediği için olanlar oldu.İkinizde KATİLSİNİZ.AÇIK ve NET.Kitabın başlarında Helen'i sevmeye başlamıştı [...]

    13. Josie says:

      A wholehearted family tale of tragedy, loss and misunderstanding.The book held my attention throughout, however my not being a fan of neat and tidy, happily ever after wrapping up of a novel, stopped this from being rated higher in the enjoyment scales.It reached a fork in the road where it could have turned either down the mystery path, or taken the chick-lit route.unfortunately for me, it took the chick-lit 'it'll all work out alright' path.Now there is nothing wrong with that, it simply isn't [...]

    14. Liz Barnsley says:

      Having read “The Shadow Year” which I loved very much I was dying to read Ms Richell’s debut novel “Secrets of the Tides” as soon as possible, reading schedule be darned. And hey, it was a good call…Every family has its secrets. Some are small, like telling a white lie or snooping through a private drawer. Others are more serious like infidelity and betrayal. And some secrets are so terrible they must be hidden away in a deep, dark place, for if they ever came to light, they would su [...]

    15. Dale Harcombe says:

      The story starts with a woman throwing herself off a bridge. Only as the story progresses, do we find out who the woman is and why she carries such guilt.This is an extremely readable book that keeps you turning the pages. Dora is pregnant and less than thrilled about the news, even though her boyfriend Dan is happy about it. She traces her fears back to her upbringing and with good reason. The reader finds out more as the story goes back to her early life at Clifftops with her mother Helen , a [...]

    16. Shannon says:

      Look at that cover. Looks kinda chit-litty and dare I say it, crap, doesn't it? Well you know what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover because this was really quite an amazing piece of storytelling. A little rough in places due to my copy being an unedited manuscript but even then a brilliant read.The book opens with one girl throwing herself off a bridge and the next chapter introduces our leading lady Dora, who is pregnant and dealing with some pretty big family issues. What kind of iss [...]

    17. Sharon Burgin says:

      The very brief synopsis on the book cover makes you think that this may be a Maeve Binchy type of book. Think again. This is a tale of a family, a home that has been in the family for a couple of generations and the sad tale of one summer day. Each chapter is seen from a different character’s perspective and also from a different period in time. At first this can be a bit disorientating until you get to know the characters and are drawn in by their story. Each chapter is also split into readab [...]

    18. Victoria Watson says:

      I had been putting off reading this debut from Hannah Richell as I thought it was going to be a typical chick-lit nonsense but ‘Secrets of the Tides’ goes way beyond any usual chick lit. This is a modern family saga with plenty of drama.Dora is a career woman with a great boyfriend. She’s just discovered she’s pregnant – sounds perfect, eh? But this is just the beginning: Dora’s not sure she wants the baby but she’s finding it difficult to explain why she’s so conflicted. What un [...]

    19. Tracy Harper says:

      Excuse the pun but I was rather swept away by this novel. The book flips between Dora's childhood and the present day which is very effective. Also the use of different narrators also works well in that you are left unsure as to what has become of Dora's family members. At one point, they are all 'missing' in some sense with the exception of Dora and her mother and you want to know what has become of them. I was completely engrossed and cared about each of the characters. Raised some interesting [...]

    20. Kate Forsyth says:

      Secrets of the Tides is a suspenseful page-turner of a family drama, taking place mainly in Cornwall and London, and moving back and forth between the past and the present. It begins with a girl jumping off a bridge into the Thames. We do not know who she is or why she is jumped, or even if she lives or dies. Slowly the answers to these mysteries are revealed, some of them very surprising. I absolutely loved it, and look forward to more from this debut author.

    21. Bilhan says:

      ''Her şey değişir, hayat ileriye doğru devam eder. Ama eğer bu, bir aileyi ören sevgi gibi gerçek sevgiyse, o zaman her zaman oradadır, yüzeyin altında kaynamaktadır, sadece yeniden patlamayı bekliyordur.''*Karakterler*Dora Tide, erkek arkadaşı Dan ve köpekleri Gormley ile beraber köhne, genel bir tadilata duyduğu ihtiyacı kırık dökük bir çatı, rutubet kokan bir mutfak ve boyası bakımsızlıktan nasibini almış olduğu belli olan çatlak duvarları ile dile getiren esk [...]

    22. Shaz Goodwin says:

      Before our journey with Dora begins, the prologue intrigues the reader. We know someone is in enough pain they want to gain the ultimate freedom but we don’t know who it is or when it is. I had the prologue in the back of my mind so when the ‘clue’ comes I was able to place the character although we are still left waiting to find out the reason.***We begin with Dora in the present day and how she feels about being pregnant. We know her panic is related to her family. She feels she doesn’ [...]

    23. Gamze says:

      3,5-4 gamzeninkitapdunyasi. Helen ve Richard daha birkaç aydır birbirlerini tanıyan bir çifttir. Ve birgün Helen hamile olduğunu öğrenir. Richard bu konularda eski kafa bir insan olarak, Helen ile hemen evlenmek ister. Ve Helen, Clifftops ile böyle tanışır.Bu ev kitaptaki tüm karakterlerin miladı. Kimisine iyi bir hayat sunarken, kimisi için boğucu bir hapishaneye dönüşmüştür.Cassie ve Dora, kızlarıdır. Richard'ın ailesi araba kazası ile hayatını kaybedince Londra'da [...]

    24. Kathryn Laceby says:

      Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesThe cover of this novel doesn’t even hint at the strong dramatic story within the pages! I picked Secrets of the Tides up on whim on my last visit to the UK and am so pleased that I did.We begin with a young woman taking a solitary train journey to London and then throwing herself into the river so for the first half you’re trying to determine who this woman is and how it ties into the story. While you’re busy trying to work that part out you’re slowly [...]

    25. Marie Carlino says:

      This is the type of book that I LOVE! It looks goes between the past and present in a way that adds mystery, yet isn't too confusing. It also adds another layer of meaning and depth to the story to have two sets of events in the reader's mind at the one time. It shows how the past can influence the present and how history often repeats itself within a family unit. Mother Helen, father Richard and daughters Cassie and Dora move into the family estate after a death in the family. Helen does not fe [...]

    26. Shirley Schwartz says:

      What an awesome book! Maybe it was the right time for me to read this book or maybe it just got me when I was vulnerable, but I loved it! The story is about a family with many secrets and many sorrows, and how they all eventually managed to overcome all this and live their lives. An incident occurs in the book that forever changes everyone in this family of five. This incident touches each of them in a different way and sparks different reactions in each of them. It also tears apart this family [...]

    27. Sallyann Van leeuwen says:

      Should really be called The Guilt of the Tides. I didn't really connect with any of the characters nor did anything much happen. Bit depressing all round. I finished hoping that something great would happen, ie: the 'gripping climax' and have finished the book, still wondering what that climax was. Maybe i missed it? Nothing new here.

    28. Kristal Kitap says:

      Kitabın yorumu için şurayaaa Ön Okuması içinde şuraya tık atabilirsiniz. :)

    29. Donna Irwin says:

      First R & J of the new season. Thoroughly enjoyed this sad tale of a family torn apart by a tragic event and how after years of torment the various family members reach a degree of acceptance. Fely great sympathy with the main players, the author has conveyed their feelings so well.

    30. Emily says:

      Brillant Brillant Brillant! So refreshing to read such a beautifully written book. I could not put it down. If you only read one book this year this is the one! Absolutely amazing!! Look forward to more!

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