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Pride and Precipitation
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Pride and Precipitation PG RATED FUN that s been professionally edited Pride and Precipitation is of the Chick Flick Clique romantic comedy series and Book is Regally Blonde Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Heathe

  • Title: Pride and Precipitation
  • Author: Heather Horrocks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PG RATED FUN that s been professionally edited Pride and Precipitation is 1 of the Chick Flick Clique romantic comedy series and Book 2 is Regally Blonde Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Horrocks PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION Chick Flick Clique 1 Breezy Jones is crazy about the weather, rain or shine, which makes her job as the local television station s mPG RATED FUN that s been professionally edited Pride and Precipitation is 1 of the Chick Flick Clique romantic comedy series and Book 2 is Regally Blonde Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Horrocks PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION Chick Flick Clique 1 Breezy Jones is crazy about the weather, rain or shine, which makes her job as the local television station s meteorologist perfect She s even hoping the new buyers of her Aspen Grove station will make some positive changes That s before she meets the attractive new general manager, Noah Drake, who is determined to repackage everything including Breezy s down home delivery and casual, girl next door appearance that seems too Pollyanna for him He replaces her with a high powered diva weathercaster and makes Breezy her off screen assistant With a flood of angry emails from the community, plummeting ratings, and incessant demands from the diva, it doesn t take long for Noah to see which way the wind is blowing Will the station survive the competitive clash between pride and precipitation More importantly, can their blossoming attraction survive This is a novella of about 170 pages The paperback version will be available soon NEW RELEASES If you enjoyed this book, consider signing up for my new releases email list Just visit BooksByHeatherHorrocks 5 STAR REVIEW Jennifer English Rose Reviews Clean Romances Oct 10, 2012 This was a cute story with some ties to that Austen classic which the title reminds us of A fun, light trip through small town news, this book pulled you into the story With several fun side characters, the story left itself open for many other interlocked stories With a fun plot and sweet characters, it s a refreshing bit of fun and sweet romance This one made me smile and definitely made me laugh at several points With a quick wit and some good conflict, the characters had me falling in love along with them Definitely a good book to take on vacation or snuggle up on a cold winter night.

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    1. Debbie Brown says:

      Breezy (Breanne) Jones is a 28-year-old meteorologist who is the weathergirl for he news team at KWAC TV in Aspen Grove, California. She's literally grown up in the newsroom there, as the previous weathercaster was her father. The community loves her sweet, girl-next-door style of delivering the news and she loves the community back, with no desire to ever live elsewhere. She already has her dream job here.Noah Drake becomes the new station manager when KWAC is sold. He and his assistant general [...]

    2. J. W. Garrett says:

      “Weather forecast for tonight: dark.” George CarlinBreanne “Breezy” Jones is a meteorologist with several degrees and a masters under her belt. She is the local weather girl for KWAC. She is following in the footsteps of her father [Arthur] who did the weather for 30-years in the small community of Aspen Grove, California. This was a cute short story that can be read in one sitting. It was clean and had that small town feel with friends that Breezy went to school with and had remained fr [...]

    3. Rane says:

      Life for Breezy Jones is going good. An award winning meteorologist following in her father's footsteps. With her cheery outlook she's become very popular in her small town of Aspen Grove. That all changes when the station is sold and a new general manager, Noah Drake starts making changes that effect everything that is Breezy's dream. To add more fuel to the fire Breezy's more at a lost with a growing attraction between her and Noah and their differences just keeping them apart.It's always nice [...]

    4. Jessie says:

      Pride and Precipitation is the first book in the Chick Flick Clique series (related romantic comedies, but not necessary to read in order). Breezy (Breann) loves weather. She's dreamed and worked toward being a meteorologist and is happily living the dream until the TV station is sold and under new management. Now, Noah Blake, the good looking new general manager is replacing her with a woman with more cleavage than brains. Can Breezy and Noah look past their professional problems and admit that [...]

    5. Englishrose says:

      This was a cute story with some ties to that Austen classic which the title reminds us of. A fun, light trip through small-town news, this book pulled you into the story. With several fun side characters, the story left itself open for many other interlocked stories. With a fun plot and sweet characters, it's a refreshing bit of fun and sweet romance. This one made me smile and definitely made me laugh at several points. With a quick wit and some good conflict, the characters had me falling in l [...]

    6. Samantha says:

      This was an OK read. It's supposed to be book one in a series about a quirky group of friends, but the friends added little to the story. It felt like their characters were there just so she could write other stories about them later. My other pet peeve was that they kept talking about how the main character wasn't "sexy" and the love interest wasn't into her until he saw her as such. I'm not a fan if that word and it's connotation that a woman's primary value is in her sex appeal. That's just m [...]

    7. Maria Thomas says:

      I'm a little conflicted about this book. I probably give it 2.5 stars. I enjoyed the light fluff read aspect. That was perfect since I had my Kindle on text to speech to listen to while I worked on another project. But I was annoyed that the guy was so focused on physical appearance. He wasn't impressed with Breezy until she looked "sexy". But she had a lot going for her with or without looks. So I feel like he was shallow and a bit sexist. I get that the world of TV is greatly focused on physic [...]

    8. Pattisue says:

      Meteorologist, Breezy Jones has always loved the weather, the stormier, the better. She thought all was blue skies until a storm front named Noah Drake blew into town. Now with a “hurricane name Pamela Gladstone” threatening to destroy her hopes and dreams, Breezy must batten down the hatches or walk away before her heart gets broken, again. General Manager, Noah Drake took one look at “Miss Pollyanna, rainbow-brite” and knew he had to make some changes—starting with her. Hiring and fi [...]

    9. Pilar Seacord says:

      Breezy is the Meteorologist but the station is bought out and she is demoted for a sexier weather person who does not have the schooling she does. The General Manager was talking to his assistant manager while he was waiting to talk to Breezy and she overhears Noah call her a Pollyanna and not in a complimentary way. She thought he was handsome too. He can not help himself and starts to find her attractive, same for her. While the not so nice replacement Pamela is trying to cause trouble. Moral [...]

    10. Shavelle says:

      What a Breeze!Normally a breweries things up in a unwelcome way but Breezy Jones is that right type of breeze cool and refreshing. Considering weather a dream worth holding on to may seem silly to some but Breezy Jones never questioned her hearts desire and never thought she would have to eat crown to hold on to until her station is sold. Immersing myself in Breezy's world was well worth it.

    11. Lynne says:

      This was a delightful book. So fun and whimsical. The writing is so easy to read and the story made me smile. Breezy is such a sweet character. She tried to keep a positive attitude, even when things don't go as she planned. The book is fun and obviously makes a nod to Jane Austen. This is a light, sweet read. A great bit of escapist reading. If you love clean, chick-lit stories, this is the book for you!

    12. Cary says:

      I grant you that this book was clean but it was also totally not realistic and I mean that not in a good way. Sometimes you can suspend reality for fantasy but this tried to stay based in reality. I’m not sure who would fall in love with the guy who destroyed dreams?

    13. Judy A. Ptacek says:

      Clean romanceI enjoyed this light comedic romance. Breezy knows what she wants for her career. Her new boss doesn't think she is right for her job. Will she win him over? Read it to find out.

    14. Jenn says:

      Light hearted novellaThis was truly a sweet light hearted read. Enjoyed all the characters including the smutty Pamela. It was a delight to read something that was not hardcore sex and swearing.

    15. Rawan says:

      cute quick read.

    16. Stephanie says:

      Fun, quick read! I got it as part of a clean romance anthology. So far they've all been really good! Love my beach reads!

    17. Anna Waltzman says:

      Very good read I truly enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading the author’s Regally Blonde. I know I will enjoy it too.

    18. Rose says:

      Enjoyed Breezy's personality and the fact that she was true to herself. A light and fun read.

    19. Janet says:

      very good

    20. Sandy S says:

      PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION (Chick Flick Clique #1) by Heather HorrocksPRIDE AND PRECIPITATION is the first novella (September 2012 release) in Heather Horrocks new Chick Flick Clique series focusing on a group of girlfriends, living in Aspen Grove, who get together once a week for movies, food and gossip. Pride and Precipitation follows weather meteorologist Breezy Jones and the take over at Aspen Grove’s local news station.Breanna (Breezy) Jones is an award winning meteorologist who is loved by [...]

    21. Connie N. says:

      This novella started out so well. Breezy Jones is a charmingly adorable character, totally in her dream job as on-air meteorologist for her hometown TV station, following in her father's footsteps. Although perky and fairly young, she is well-educated and passionate about the weather, providing accurate and studied information. Unfortunately, the station is taken over by new management and changes are scheduled to be made. Despite Noah Drake's good intentions as the new general manager, Breezy i [...]

    22. Karen says:

      I really liked the characters and their unique quirks. The story really drew me in. But, the ending came quicker than I expected. I know it is a novella, but the ending caught me off guard. I expected more. But other than that, I really liked the book. It was also less like Pride and Prejudice than I expected, which isn’t a bad thing. I look forward to reading the other books in the Chick Flick Clique, because I really liked the characters in this book. They had a lot to depth to them, and I l [...]

    23. Katie W says:

      I thought this was a cute story. I am a little confused about why book 2 came out first, but it didn't really matter. The characters from book 2 (Regally Blonde) are very minor. Breezy is a meteorologist for a local tv station and absolutely loves her job!! When the station is turned over to new management, Breezy is demoted. She loves her small town, but isn't happy at all not being able to do what she loves more than anything and is ready to quit and take a new job elsewhere. Can Noah (her new [...]

    24. Charissa says:

      I really loved the main character in this story, Breezy Jones. She is a modern day ‘Polyanna’…sweet, loveable, kind, and cheerful, and she’s the weather girl for the local news. You can’t help but like her. But when her station is bought out by a bigger one, Noah Drake comes in as general manager and starts making changes…the first one, to get rid of the down home, girl next door image Breezy portrays in favor of a sexy weather diva from L.A. Breezy is demoted to be her assistant, an [...]

    25. Sheila Majczan says:

      It is a piece of fluff, but for a lazy summer afternoon with nothing much on my mind - it kept my attention. Clean with a nod to Pride and Prejudice as the local girls' club chooses P&P with Colin Firth for their regular movie night get together.Breezy, our local weather girl (with Master's degree in her field) is "goody-two-shoes" as far as the new TV station manager is concerned until she starts to "unbutton" and gains his attention. Then there are all those e-mails and voices from the hal [...]

    26. Shauna says:

      I LOVE books like thisEnough romance to make you go "aah".Without any worries about what you will read.Plus this book showed how one girl could stay happy even though life wasn't going as plannedI learned a great lesson hereBreezy has her dream job of being the "weather girl."She has worked hard to get there and now it is being taken away because she is too much like Pollyanna.But is that a bad thing?Breezy tries hard to maintain her "sunny" attitude and pushes forward into an uncertain future.A [...]

    27. Laree says:

      Although I liked it, I kind of had a problem with it. Like how they fall in love with each other without really talking! Seriously! There is lot's of narration about each thinking about the other, or even talking to another person about them, but not actually to each other. And then all of the sudden they are just in a relationship! I needed a bit more face to face interaction for it to be believable.

    28. Shannon Fox says:

      Not my favorite Heather Horrocks bookIt was a sweet story up until about 61 percent (in the kindle book). Then the word "sexy" was so over used that it became a badly written story. I also wasn't impressed with the lead male who only seemed to be focused on her "sexuality". It was very distracting, and while it seemed that the author was trying to change Breezy's "Pollyanna" image into something grown up and "sexy", I didn't find it believable or a good read.

    29. Veray Carter says:

      Cute story about cute characters. Breezy is very likable and so are all her friends. Noah is a cute guy and learns about small towns and about himself as he navigates his new job as station manager. I guess my only complain was the lack luster of the kissing scenes. "I'm going to kiss you now", and then he did. Just doesn't cut it with me. I need to feel it. Other than that this was a lovely read.

    30. Marsha says:

      Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks is a fun, clean romance. It is a bit twisty and wrapped up in the beginning, but Horrocks masterfully unravels the story line. Breezy is pursuing her dream and Noah has been forced to squash it in the name of business. Now, somehow he must make it right. The methods are amusing and oh so very romantic. Very well done indeed.

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