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Belle Pearl
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Belle Pearl Belle Pearl is the fifth book and the conclusion to Arianne Richmonde s bestselling books in The Pearl Series Shades of Pearl Shadows of Pearl Shimmers of Pearl and Pearl the tumultuous and heart r

  • Title: Belle Pearl
  • Author: Arianne Richmonde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Belle Pearl, is the fifth book and the conclusion to Arianne Richmonde s bestselling books in The Pearl Series Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl and Pearl the tumultuous and heart rending love story between forty year old documentary producer, Pearl Robinson, and French Internet billionaire, Alexandre Chevalier, fifteen years her junior This book contBelle Pearl, is the fifth book and the conclusion to Arianne Richmonde s bestselling books in The Pearl Series Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl and Pearl the tumultuous and heart rending love story between forty year old documentary producer, Pearl Robinson, and French Internet billionaire, Alexandre Chevalier, fifteen years her junior This book continues from where we left off in Pearl, from Alexandre s point of view, and continues the story BEYOND Shimmers of Pearl, so has a completely different ending than the trilogy As with Pearl, there are many scenes in this novel that do not feature in The Pearl Trilogy At only twenty five, Alexandre Chevalier is a billionaire His social media site, HookedUp, is popular than Twitter, global than Facebook With his devastating looks, alluring charm, and his immense wealth, he has women falling at his feet, desperate for his attention ex girlfriends and an ex fianc e who simply cannot let him go Although his heart is set on only Pearl, she tests him to his limits and proves that she is even damaged than he first believed Alexandre s dark and dysfunctional past makes him crave a normal relationship with Pearl but he soon finds out that she is anything but your average woman However, he believes that they are both two peas in the same dysfunctional pod, made to dis function together, and is determined to make their union work But Pearl puts Alexandre in a position where he is made to choose His loyalties are split, his patience torn After many trials, misunderstandings, and revelations of dark secrets, their wedding finally ensues and it looks as if their happily ever after is sealed Until something unforeseen rips their world apart.This is novel 5 the conclusion to The Pearl Series and is by no means stand alone.Reading order Shades of PearlShadows of PearlShimmers of PearlPearlBelle PearlPlease be mindful when writing a review to not give spoilers.

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    1. ✿ says:

      “We need each other, baby. We’re both two dysfunctional peas in the same pod. And we won’t be able to dis-function properly without one another, you’ll see. If you try and run away from me, from us, you’ll come back because we’re destined to be together.”The good: Solid and interesting plot and story line; LOVED Alexandre!; good pacing.In general: Normally, I analyze the book apart but due to this being an eARC review and the author’s wishes for there to be no spoilers, I will tr [...]

    2. Kathleen says:

      Story Rating ~ 5 StarsHero Rating ~ 5 StarsHeroine Rating ~ 5 StarsHeat Level ~ 4 StarsEnding ~ 5 StarsOverall Rating ~ 5 BIG STARS!WOW! Arianne Richmonde did it again! This book was totally AMAZING! Arianne took her Pearl series that was written in the heroine's, Pearl , point of view, and then wrote two more books retelling the story from the heroes, Alexandre, point of view. Belle Pearl was the fifth book in this series and Arianne added so much more to the ending, that it totally surprised m [...]

    3. Arianne Richmonde says:

      Belle Pearl continues from where we left off in Pearl, from Alexandre’s point of view, and continues the story BEYOND Shimmers of Pearl, so has a completely different ending than the trilogy. As with the proceeding novel, Pearl, there are many scenes in this novel that do not feature in The Pearl Trilogy. At only twenty-five, Alexandre Chevalier is a billionaire. His social media site, HookedUp, is more popular than Twitter, more global than Facebook. With his devastating looks, alluring charm [...]

    4. Nelle L'Amour says:

      By now, fans of mine know that I adore the writing of Arianne Richmonde. I have devoured every installment of her Pearl series, and the conclusion, Belle Pearl, told from the complicated but sinfully delicious, Alexandre's POV is perhaps the best yet (and, oh that cover!). Let's put it this way: I read it one sitting, couldn't stop "turning" the pages, and when I got near the end I was gasping, crying, and shouting at my Kindle. "Oh, please, NO!" Unlike other series retold from the male POV, Bel [...]

    5. Lucinda Claire says:

      Well, it’s over. The epic love story of Pearl Robinson and Alexandre Chevalier is concluded, and all I’m left with are my own inner-reveries about what life will be like now that they are no more…I am such a fan of Pearl Robinson. She’s an authentic character, complete with many of the qualities I see in myself. That’s probably why I connected with her so wholly. When we first meet Pearl, she’s a forty-year-old divorcee riddled with guilt from a tragic experience in college, and rack [...]

    6. Nade Ferrabee says:

      I've loved Alexandre since book 1. Reading the series from his POV just made me love him more. We learned more about the enigma that is Alexandre and what happened years ago. There's one part in the book where I thought I would have a heart attack, can't tell you where it happens or what happens as I don't want to spoil it. Needless to say, Arianne has been thanked for that little snippet of info. Fab ending to a brilliant book. Gutted there won't be any more in this amazing series.

    7. Wanda Ross says:

      A fitting ending to the Pearl series. Right up to the end the author had me hooked and right on the edge of my seat with her plot twists. You did it again, Mme. Arianne!!!

    8. Noemi says:

      Belle Pearl is the continuation of Pearl and Alexander’s story from Alexander’s POV and picks up right where Pearl left us with Alexander dealing with Laura’s craziness. Throughout this wonderful rollercoaster ride we learn more about Alexander’s past, what’s made him who he is today. I loved reading his thought process on how he dealt with the situations that he and Pearl had to face and how much he loved Pearl. Although I had to shake my head at him at some parts.It was fun to read m [...]

    9. SammiesBookBlog says:

      Belle Pearl picks up right where Pearl leaves off. Again we get to see what goes in the curious mind of Alexandre Chevalier's head. We get to see crazy Laura from a different perspective and it was highly amusing. We get to see how Alexandre deals with situations like Pearl running from the airport, we get to see many things happen throughout this book. Ari takes us on many rides this book, we get many surprises, twists and turns at every corner. Things you would never expect to see happen. But [...]

    10. Dee McGee says:

      One of the reasons I love the Pearl (Alex POV, Book 1) is because Arianne generously fills us in on all the crazy situations Alexandre Chevalier manages to get himself into when he is away from his love, Pearl Robinson. Belle Pearl picks up right where Pearl leaves us–with Alexandre Chevalier in up to his neck in his past baggage. The “nutter” women in Alex’s life keep him on his toes and the circumstances he navigates himself out of are ridiculous! It’s a treat getting inside Alex’s [...]

    11. Tori says:

      I received an ARC of this book from the author for an honest reviewBelle Pearl is the final installment in the Pearl Series and it did not disappoint! I absolutely adore Alexandre and Pearl and was anxious for this book as the last one left me begging for mored Arianne delivered. I'm quite sure this was my favorite book in the entire five book series!When we last left Alexandre he was tied up with Lauraterally! I was ready to bust through the doors and pummel her myself, but luckily that wasn't [...]

    12. Rachel ⭐️ Kindle Friends Forever ⭐️ says:

      Well what can I say reading this book was bittersweet as Alexandre and Pearl's story has now come to an end but I must say I loved them all, I could not choose a favorite if I tried !If you are a fan of a great love story then look no further because these books have it all, sex, romance, intrigue and angst.This book continues on from where 'Pearl' left off but gives much more story after the Pearl books.I'm not mentioning anything to do with the storyline as I hate spoilers but I promise you it [...]

    13. Paula Swisher says:

      This book ignites the fire further for those of us already in love with Alexandre. The story takes us on twists and turns. Keep your tissue close it will pull at your heart strings. I miss Alexandre and Pearl already. I hope Arianne brings us more stories with the supporting characters and gives us glimpses of them. LOVE THESE BOOKS.

    14. Autumn says:

      What an emotional ending!!Full review on Martini Timesrtinitimes/1/post/20

    15. Gwen says:

      Le livre s’intitule Belle Pearl, c’est le cinquième tome de The Pearl Trilogy et raconte les aventures de Pearl Robinson et Alexandre Chevalier mais avec cette fois le point de vue d’Alexandre sur les évènements passés mis à venir aussi.J’apprécie beaucoup cette auteure car elle arrive à éviter les clichés mais aussi par son style, sa manière d’écrire. Ses personnages sont vivants, vibrants. Et ce tome ne fait pas exception, je l’ai trouvé aussi réussi que les autres.Le [...]

    16. Les Romantiques says:

      Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by GwenReview Copy from the AuthorThe book is the fifth volume of the Pearl Trilogy series and it tells Pearl Robinson and Alexandre Chevalier’s adventures but this time with Alexandre’s point of view on the past but also future events.I really like this author because she succeeds in avoiding clichés and also because of her writing style. Her characters are spirited and vibrant. And this volume doesn’t make an exception; I found it as [...]

    17. Marcia says:

      I really enjoyed the first 3 books in the Pearl series, but I absolutely loved Alexandre's POV in Pearl and Belle Pearl!! It was wonderful to read about what was going on with him during the times that Pearl was going through her crisis or whatever you want to call what she put him through in this series. Pearl had some real issues. I loved that Alexandre's POV was told in a very straightforward and allowed us to see how he was trying to get everything in his life in order so that he could be wi [...]

    18. Kellie says:

      Love, Love, Loved it100% a 5***** Star read, when i heard Arianne Richmondewas adding more to Alexandre Chevalier POV she didn't disappoint i adored it from start to end, and i do think more authors should do a Males POVI am sad to see it finish, but i was also excited to see how it was all going to pan out for Alexandre and Pearli had a few Heart stopping moments but i wont give that away, you will just had to read to find out.hehehe.Arianne had me hooked from book one, i read it from start to [...]

    19. Gwbroussard says:

      It is with a heavy heavy heart that I write my last review for this amazing series - I am so sad and do not want it to end!My sweet sweet Alexandre, oh how I love him so. He is such a force yet so loving, caring and kind. I love how he loves Pearl and the babies and how loyal he is to everyone he loves. And he seems like an amazing father and so supportive of Pearl - he just continues to amaze me. Can I find him in real life already - where is my knight??? LOLPearl is great and just continues to [...]

    20. Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer) says:

      All I can say after reading Belle Pearl is WOW! Arianne Richmonde did it again! This book is not only just as AMAZING as the previous ones, but more!!! Belle Pearl continues Alexandre's POV right where Pearl left off. We get to see how Alexandre gets away from the crazy situations that he finds himself in because of all his past baggage. You find everything in this book; FANTASTIC characters, dialogue, drama and suspense, and some extremely HOT make-up sex! Pearl and Alexandre have crazy chemist [...]

    21. Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews says:

      This book is not just Alexandre's POV, it is the outpouring of his feelings and demons to complete the story of the Pearl Series. At first I thought this would be the re-telling of the story from his POV only. I was delighted to find that I would not only get the insight of his POV, but also the inside information of the many secrets he still keeps hidden.I love that Arianne Richmonde went ahead and offered us a continuation of Pearl's and Alexandre's story from the point where the Pearl Trilogy [...]

    22. Royal Lioness says:

      I had read The Pearl trilogy and enjoyed it. Alexandre and Pearl rocked my world. Alexandre Chevalier became my BBF (book boyfriend). He's not too controlling, HOT in bed (and other places), and a sexy Frenchman. Then I finally read books 4 & 5 of the Pearl series Pearl and Belle Pearl from Alexandre's POV. Crazy ex-girlfriends, dealing with Pearl's fears and insecurities, fighting for his Pearl, this last book in the Pearl series rounds out the story. It was more than I had expected, and I [...]

    23. Kim Newsome says:

      Wow Arianne has done it again. This story was great and so much more. It answered questions for me about Alexandre's life and his feelings for his beautiful Pearl. Of course it picks up from where Pearl which was part one of Alexandre's POV left off but takes you on a journey that you never saw coming. The story evens goes further that what we got in The Pearl trilogy and introduces new stories and a possibility for future projects. WINK WINK. For anyone who is skeptical about reading Belle Pear [...]

    24. Lilah says:

      I LOVE Alexandre Chevalier. Enough said! Reading Alexandre's POV is always so entertaining and stimulating. Let's just say his misadventures with the crazy women in his life definitely make for absolute MUST reading. Never a dull moment that's for sure.This BEAUTIFUL Frenchman is so SEXY and DELICIOUS. His LOVE for Pearl makes you want to get your own Alexandre.Belle Pearl is required reading and one should start reading this book as soon as possible to experience all that is Alexandre.I am a HU [...]

    25. Amy Barber says:

      This book was such a pleasant surprise. Not only did you get the first 3 books from Alexandre's perspective, you get a lot more of the story of Pearl & Alexandre. I was expecting the story to end similarly to Pearl #3, but it didn't, the story just kept going and I was so pleased to have a glimpse into this amazing couple's future. It seems they are setting us up for a spin off with Elodie, but I'm not sure how I feel about that, she kind of annoyed me in these books. This was a fantastic en [...]

    26. Allison says:

      4.5 stars - I believe I liked this book the best of all 5 since you get a peak at Alexandre's POV and see how much he cares for Pearl. In the first three books (written in Pearl's POV), I found myself wondering why Alexandre seemed preoccupied, where he went/what happened when he left town, and his feelings about his past relationships. This book answered some questions I had from the first three books.

    27. Lilsue Torrez-hutcherson says:

      This was an okay series, that brought a beautiful fantasy of riches, success, and love's spectacular play all together. The qualms of not knowing were life will lead you was greatly felt. Add in a psycho, secrets, insecurities, and all reason to let go of past tragedies; with impression reflected and revealed by her side and than with his was all played out in this series. If I had to choose whose version I preferred ut would be his. I thought the males side was refreshing.

    28. Siv says:

      This book is a must read , so is all the books about Pearl and Alexandre. They have it all, love, drama and great characters. What I like the best is that the leading lady is not some naive 21 year old, but a grown woman with an education, great job and who has lived . On the outside she is a success, but on the inside she is just as confused as the rest of us, not a problem relating to her issues.

    29. Victoria Farmer says:

      Well I'd read the other four books in the series so in order to finish the series I started to read Belle Pearl! OMG I am so glad I did, I had several queries from earlier books, like what was going on with Elodie this query was answered.Actually this book carries on beyond book 3 so you find out what happens going onwards.Be prepared for a shocker in this book, I did get a bit worried!If you've read the other's then please do read book 5 its good :)

    30. Monika says:

      OMG !!!!!! I almost had heart attack. Honestly I did not expected it at all !!!!!!! The best part of "Pearl" series definitely. Lots of actions and lovely looking into Pearl`s and Aleksandr's future. I could not stop reading until the last page. There were many surprises. The best way to end this whole series. I loved it. .

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