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Gentlemen Formerly Dressed
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Gentlemen Formerly Dressed A Rowland Sinclair Novel The fifth book in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series After narrowly escaping Nazi terror Rowland Sinclair and his companions land in London believing they are safe But they

  • Title: Gentlemen Formerly Dressed
  • Author: Sulari Gentill
  • ISBN: 9781921997303
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Rowland Sinclair Novel The fifth book in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series After narrowly escaping Nazi terror, Rowland Sinclair and his companions land in London, believing they are safe.But they are wrong.A bizzare murder plunges the hapless Australians into a queer world of British aristocracy, Fascist Blackshirts, illicit love, scandal and spies.A world where gentA Rowland Sinclair Novel The fifth book in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series After narrowly escaping Nazi terror, Rowland Sinclair and his companions land in London, believing they are safe.But they are wrong.A bizzare murder plunges the hapless Australians into a queer world of British aristocracy, Fascist Blackshirts, illicit love, scandal and spies.A world where gentlemen are not always what they are dressed up to be.

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    1 Blog on “Gentlemen Formerly Dressed

    1. Calzean says:

      The author has her series bubbling along to a set formula. A murder, a lot of famous names, Rowland gets bashed/robbed/almost murdered, a narrow escape, simmering sexual tensions with Edna, a specific event of the 1930s and a murder solved.This time the location is London, Ex-PM Stanley Bruce, HG Wells, Madame Tussards, Winston Churchill and the Prince of Wales/Wallis Simpson are all featured. The series is getting a little too predictable.

    2. Heather says:

      I don't know why I rated the others in this series 4 stars, because I really like them. I think my 4's and 5's are interchangeable, and it depends more on me on the day! Sulari has written a great cast of characters, blends in world (and Australian) history beautifully and includes a bit of the wilder and/or bohemian lifestyles every age is known for in some way. Set in the delectable 1930's, with the world leading up to WW2, eugenics is a popular subject worldwide and fascism is seen by many to [...]

    3. Joanne says:

      Ok, it's official, I'm in love with Rowland Sinclair- although he still has eyes only for Edna. Love the twists & turns, love that Rowly is just a little more physical on this outing, and love the increased, yet still subtle, humour. A great read.

    4. Elaine Tomasso says:

      I would like to thank Netgalley and Poisoned Pen Press for a review copy of Gentlemen Formerly Dressed, the fifth novel to feature Australian painter Rowland Sinclair and his friends, Edna, Milton and Clyde.Having barely escaped Nazi Germany with his life Rowlie and the gang are leaving Paris for London where he is determined to expose the Nazis' behaviour when they are almost caught. Once in London Rowlie is delighted for once to meet his brother, Wil, and enlist his help. Unfortunately the man [...]

    5. Brona's Books says:

      Gentlemen Formerly Dressed is the fifth book in Gentill's Rowland Sinclair mystery seriesD picked up where Paving the New Road left off - with Rowly and his friends fleeing 1933 Germany to reach London, battered and bruised but alive to tell their tale.However, London turns out to be not so safe after all. Fascists have infiltrated London society and a bizarre murder sees Rowland and his friends embroiled in intrigue and danger once again. Full review here - bronasbooks/20

    6. Cynthia Coghill says:

      Rowland, Edna, Milton and Clyde are back in London biding their time before returning to Australia. Nothing can possibly go wrong. Claridge's Hotel becomes there home away from home and trouble soon follows. Woven through the story are snippets of social and international history. Sit down with a coffee and be taken into the world of the weird upper classes in Britain.

    7. Andy says:

      Standard Rowly Sinclairenanigans afoot, entertaining as always!!

    8. Karen says:

      The Rowland Sinclair series is up to book number five with the release of GENTLEMEN FORMERLY DRESSED, yet somehow it feels like there should be more of them. That could simply be wishful thinking.There is much to be admired about these books. The plots are clever and believable. Whilst the subject matter can be sobering, it's delivered with a light touch, drawing out the amusing where appropriate. There is a very strong sense of place, and the time period in which the action occurs. In the case [...]

    9. Mary says:

      Although this is the first of the series I have read, this is the 5th of the Rowland Sinclair series. Sinclair (known as Rowly to his intimates) is from the Australian upper crust although that doesn't much impress the English aristocracy with whom he is mixing in London. Set in the 30s Rowland has narrowly escaped death but not torture at the hands of the Nazi SA (brown shirts) in Germany. He and his arty mates, Edna, Milton and Clyde, managed to get to Paris but then had to escape once again t [...]

    10. Cathleen Ross says:

      Rowland, Edna, Milton and Clyde go to London, this time to recover from terrible experiences in Germany. It should be a rest. Wrong. A bizarre murder happens, so Rowland and the team are back on the job, trying to solve the murder. Love all that I have read of Gentill's work. A wonderful and talented writer.

    11. Alice says:

      Book 5, Jolly Old EnglandRowland and friends, battered but unsubdued, make their way into Paris with the Germans hot on their trail. Brother Wilfred again shows up at the crucial moment and handles things as they all manage to get to London. Somehow Rowland is determined to tell the influential men in British Government about what he experienced and saw in Fascist Germany, but few are interested and many are fascists themselves. In the middle of this, a murder of a prominent Lord occurs and as u [...]

    12. Diane says:

      Just loved it! This is the last of Sulari's Rowland Sinclair series for me since I read Number 6 "A Murder Unmentioned" first. I have so loved this series that since I started on Number 6, I just kept on reading until I had read them all. So all 6 books have been read in 4 weeks. I don't know when Book Number 7 will be available to read, but I just can't wait to read the continuing adventures of Rowland, Edna, Clyde and Milton (also Wilfred and Kate and their boys).These books have been a deligh [...]

    13. Ashleigh says:

      Another wonderful sojourn with Rowland and his friends. Following on directly from Paving the New Road, Rowland is again caught up in a scandalous murder, and is given custody of a wax head from a sculptor at Madame Tussaud's. Here again, he is met with resistance from all sides to uncover the real murderer instead of the innocent girl awaiting trial and possible hanging for a crime she did not commit, and Rowly delivers. A fantastic addition to the Rowland Sinclair series.A longer version can b [...]

    14. Lynne says:

      The fifth book in this series once again doesn't disappoint. I love the way she uses the backdrop of the 1930s to set her intriguing plots, peppering her cast with real historical characters. One small quibble in this one though, I don't think she's aware that giving a hot drink to someone suffering from hypothermia can be fatal. Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed the delightful characters and clever plotting. I'm also very relieved to know that there's another book in the pipeline.

    15. Zak D says:

      Great book, great series, highly recommend.

    16. Lync Lync says:

      Love this series. The gentle humour, the compassion and the historical accuracy make these whodunnits a must.

    17. Angela Savage says:

      Sulari Gentill has produced another winning novel with Gentlemen Formerly Dressed, the latest instalment in the Rowland Sinclair series of historical crime fiction series set in the 1930s. With its witty, erudite plot and engaging cast of characters, Gentlemen Formerly Dressed is a great pleasure to read, shedding new light for this reader on 1930s Europe and the Great Depression, not to mention the superiority of the Full Windsor Knot and the correct use of cutlery.The story starts days after w [...]

    18. Susan Barnes says:

      Gentlemen Formerly Dressed by Sulari Gentill is a murder mystery featuring Rowland Sinclair. It is the fifth in the series. I haven't read any of the others and this was not a problem. Sinclair becomes involved in a murder investigation when he realizes their prime suspect, a young girl, is most unlikely to have committed the crime. The story is a little slow moving at times, but quite interesting as it is set at a significant time in British history shortly before World War 2. The author has cl [...]

    19. Beth says:

      The fifth book in the Rowland Sinclair series where the well-to-do artist and his friends have just escaped from Nazi Germany to prewar England. Rowland's brother happens to be visiting for an economic conference and wants him to return to Australia, but before Rowland goes back, he wants to try and alert government people to the dangers presented by the Germany.In the meantime, he becomes involved in looking into the murder of an important Briton who is discovered in a very embarrassing scenari [...]

    20. Romi (likes books) says:

      Gentlemen Formerly Dressed is the first Rowland Sinclair book that didn't particularly work for me- I really struggled to keep my interest in it, at times, and Rowly's interactions with famous figures felt more like it had become an almost reliable point in the books, and it just seemed unrealistic to me, for the first time. There is the introduction to a new all time favourite character, however, in the form of the Countess. I wish he would appear in the future books, but I'm fearing it is unli [...]

    21. Rebecca Davies says:

      Another good readOur hero and his entourage are in England, and again solve a mystery woven with famous and infamous characters from the early 30's.

    22. Kate says:

      love love love!!! a bit more light hearted than the last one, which I found unsettling, full if lots of twists and turns and all our favourite characters

    23. Cel Jel says:

      I really enjoyed the humour of this book.

    24. Oanh says:

      As always, very enjoyable.

    25. Sharon says:

      A good read and well written

    26. Kevin Orrman-Rossiter says:

      Don't you dare not write a next story - I know it is unusual for me to say that.

    27. Denise says:

      The book I have begun reading now is suffering as a result of having just finished this one. Always a little mourning period when you finish a really good book.

    28. Lyn Mcdonell says:

      Another engaging mystery- this is the 5th book in the series that i have read. I find the well researched historical background fits in well with the plot. I can't wait for her new book this year.

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