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Fallout As read on BBC Radio Book at Bedtime Luke is a young playwright intense magnetic and hungry for experience Fleeing a disastrous upbringing in the North East he arrives in London and shares a flat w

  • Title: Fallout
  • Author: Sadie Jones
  • ISBN: 9780701188504
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As read on BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime Luke is a young playwright intense, magnetic and hungry for experience Fleeing a disastrous upbringing in the North East he arrives in London and shares a flat with Paul, an aspiring producer, and beautiful, fiery Leigh.The three of them set up a radical theatre company, their friendship forged in rehearsal rooms above pubs As read on BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime Luke is a young playwright intense, magnetic and hungry for experience Fleeing a disastrous upbringing in the North East he arrives in London and shares a flat with Paul, an aspiring producer, and beautiful, fiery Leigh.The three of them set up a radical theatre company, their friendship forged in rehearsal rooms above pubs, candlelit power cuts, and smoky late night parties, part of a thrilling new generation of writers, directors and rising voices.When Nina, a fragile actress, strays towards their group, Luke recognises a damaged soul and the balance between the friends is threatened Luke is torn between loyalty, desire and his own painful past, until everything he values, even the promise of the future, is in danger Suddenly the fallout threatens to be immense.

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    1. switterbug (Betsey) says:

      The reviews are divisive on this latest novel by Sadie Jones, and I can understand that. It is a very British book with a Hollywood ending, although, in her defense, the author created a plot that had a natural and organic conclusion. The ending was inevitable, so it wasn’t hamstrung. But, I agree that it could have been arranged in a less predictable outcome. The plot itself wasn’t the aim, though; it was the authentic and gimlet eye that Jones possesses when it comes to all things theater, [...]

    2. Bettie☯ says:

      BABTbbc/programmes/b042zg79Description: Hayley Atwell reads Sadie Jones' acclaimed new novel set during the birth of radical theatre in 1970s London; a world in which the four central characters swirl, ambitious, eager yet all facing their own demons.Luke aspires to be a playwright and, after meeting would-be producer Paul and the feisty Leigh, the three end up flatmates in London. There, they plan to revolutionise the face of theatre, but when they encounter Nina, a damaged young actress, emoti [...]

    3. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

      In 1971, Luke Kanowski leaves the small town of Seston for London with a few bags of his possessions, including his record player and notebooks. A long-time theatre appreciator who's never seen a play, it takes a chance encounter with two people about his own age, Paul Driscoll and Leigh Radley, to motivate him into quitting his clerk job and leaving his parents behind to embark on his own life. His mother has been locked up in the mental asylum in Seston since Luke was five; he visits her often [...]

    4. Heidi says:

      Tähän kirjaan voi helposti yhdistää sanat laadukas, suuri, britti, eurooppalainen, klassikohtava. Siinä on paljon sellaista, mitä suurissa eurooppalaisissa romaaneissa on. Tunteita meinaan. Ja ajankuvaa. Rakkautta. Unelmia. Vastenmielisiä päähenkilöitä. Jahkailua. Perhetraumoja. Ja lisäksi kulissina, ah, teatterimaailma. Voisin siis lisätä adjektiivirimpsuuni tsehovmaisen, ja lisäänkin. Paikoin rakastin tätä romaania, sen kielikuvia ja havaintoja, sitä tsehovmaisuutta. Ja paik [...]

    5. Mai Laakso says:

      3,5 tähteä. Tässä jälleen kirja josta on kohistu aika tavalla, mutta en oikein löytänyt tarttumapintaa tapahtumista, enkä henkilöistä. Kirjan päähenkilö Luke oli hurmuri, mutta kyllä ne hurmuritkin voivat rakastua. Kirjan päätapahtumat olivat aika ennalta-arvattavia ihmissuhdekiemuroita. Teatterimaailma toi tuulahduksen taiteilijaelämää ja sitä, että jos haluaa pinnalle ja menestyä voi jotkut ihmissuhteet kestää, mutta jotkut hajoavat hetkessä. Se, että kirjan pari, jok [...]

    6. S.P. Moss says:

      The last book I read from Sadie Jones - 'Small Wars' - was terrific, so I was looking forward to this one. It all started off well, with some fine, thoughtful writing and intriguing characters. The underlying themes of love and deceit against the backdrop of the theatre in 70s London promised a novel to really get stuck into. But, somehow, my attention got waylaid around the middle of the book. I can't put my finger on what was wrong - the atmosphere was superbly portrayed, so that you could tas [...]

    7. Bonnie Brody says:

      This is a book about a theater group and unrequited loves. It is poorly written and very predictable.Luke is brought up by a cold father and a mother who is very mentally ill. She has been institutionalized for most of Luke's life. Despite this, he loves her very much and feels very close to her. He tries to go to her hospital as often as he can to see her. He decides, however, to emigrate to England where he hopes to make his way as a playwright. There he meets Paul, Leigh, and Nina. Luke and P [...]

    8. Linnea says:

      Ehkä rakkaus on totta on kehunsa ansainnut. Suomennos on laatutyötä, teksti soljuu kuin itsestään ja teatterimaailmaan sijoittuva tarinakin on kiinnostava. Rakkauteen ja rakkaudettomuuteen nojaava tunnelma oli kuitenkin itselleni sen verran surutahmainen, että lukeminen oli välillä vaikeaa ja kirjan pariin palaaminen venyi ja vanui. Väärä lukuhetki kenties. Lukemisen arvoinen tämä oli kuitenkin ja loppu onnistui hieman hälventämään ahdistusta.

    9. Michael says:

      So that was what Britain was like in the 70s.

    10. Catherine Hanrahan says:

      Fallout is the story of four young people trying to make it in the world of experimental theatre in 1970s London. In a chance meeting in his Lincolnshire village, Luke Kanowski meets the fiery Leigh Radley and Paul Driscoll on their way to meet a playwright. Its the impetus that Luke needs to escape his dull life in an office job and run away to London and immerse himself in the theatre world. He's leaving behind a mother who has been in an asylum nearly all his life, and a father who is slowly [...]

    11. Sarah Beth says:

      I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins. Immersed in the theater world of London in the 1970s, Fallout focuses on playwright Luke Kanowski, who finds himself immersed in two love triangles just as his career begins to take off. A chance encounter while asking for directions leads Luke to a great friendship with Paul Driscoll, an aspiring producer who becomes his best friend, and Leigh Radley, Paul's future girlfriend. "'Luke Kanowski,' said Luke and he had the impres [...]

    12. William says:

      I'm surprised this book has not been rated higher. My ratings tend to be lower than the rest of the group, and I very much enjoyed reading "Fallout." To me, it had the readable style and good storytelling of JoJo Moyes, with some of the strong writing and eye for detail one finds in Jane Gardam's books.For the most part, "Fallout" has vivid characters and unusually natural dialogue. I found Luke an appealing protagonist, and many other characters (for example, Tony Moore) were memorable. The ma [...]

    13. Cynthia Archer says:

      I picked this book out mainly for the cover from my local library. I hadn't heard of it nor had I read any of the author's previous novels. I'm really glad that I took the chance since this was the best book of the three that I chose that day."Fallout" is a very well-written story about youth and the challenges of making your way in life. Three young people who met randomly wind up becoming roommates and business partners. They struggle to make their mark in the world of London theater in the 19 [...]

    14. Stephen Goldenberg says:

      I can't remember what made me put this on my 'to read' list. Some good reviews, the popularity of the writer's previous novels? Most likely it was the setting in London's fringe theatres of the early 1970s. And Sadie Jones does a good job of bringing to life that particular time and place. The problem is that this is just not my type of book. I had very little interest in what seemed to be fairly shallow characters (I was unconvinced by their artistic creativity, especially Luke's supposedly gro [...]

    15. Katri says:

      Luulin tarttuneeni kepeään kesäkirjaan, vaan mitä vielä. Näennäisesti Ehkä rakkaus oli totta on kevyen kupliva ja pehmeää. Nuoruus, rakkaus ja teatteri. Suloista viattomuutta ja naiiviutta. Mutta pinnan alla on synkkyyttä ja kipeitä kohtia. Traumoja lapsuudesta, surullisia kohtaloita ja likaista realismia.Silti kirja on enemmän lämmin kuin karu. Kirja hymyilyttää ja valvottaa. Se koskettaa ja välillä aika terävästi. Silti lopulta jää ihan hyvä fiilis ja tunne, että jo pia [...]

    16. Steph's Rom Book Talk says:

      This book was on the fence for me being a 3.5 stars. I listened to it and it went full circle in the dynamic of the main character Luke. The minor characters I felt a little left off with not gaining complete closure for Paul, Leigh, and Nina. Otherwise, the storyline rose and fell smoothly and I enjoyed it at times, felt frustrated with things that were going on, and was involved with how these four individuals evolved with each other. 2016 Reading Challenge: #5 - EuropeThere will be no video [...]

    17. Kim says:

      This is the story of four young people, Luke, Paul, Nina and Leigh, and is set mainly in the 1960s. Each of them is trying to make a success of life in the world of theatre, each trying to escape their own troubled upbringing. Leigh is attracted to Luke but ends up in a relationship with Paul while Luke pursues a string of brief 'flings' before becoming infatuated with struggling actress, Nina (who unfortunately is a married woman). Each of these realistic (and not always sympathetic) characters [...]

    18. Minka Guides says:

      Firstly, thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I'm afraid this book was just a bit too slow for me. I really liked the premise and the world of the story, but couldn't bring myself to read any further than a quarter of the book. Unfortunately, not enough had happened to the characters by this point to make we want to explore their story further, especially considering the book is over 400 pages.It's unfortunate because I felt like there [...]

    19. Susan says:

      I have really enjoyed all of Sadie Jones's previous novels. This one, however, was disappointing. Maybe the London theater scene and its people are too far from the contexts I can relate to. Maybe the characters all seemed on a stage themselves, at a distance, with no inkling of their interior lives. I just couldn't like any of them much or get a feel for their motivations in relationships, only for their devotion to theater.

    20. Nancy Crang says:

      I really enjoyed this book, maybe a bit predictable, but written really well and I loved the relationship between Leigh, Luke and Paul. It really captured the early 70s. I despised Nina's controlling mum and then her husband who has his own secrets. 4.5 stars for me

    21. KatRi says:

      The story was captivating, the style of the text readable and I very much enjoyed reading the book but I doubt it will be a memorable reading experience.

    22. Laura says:

      From BBC Radio 4 - Book at Bedtime:Hayley Atwell reads Sadie Jones's acclaimed novel set in 1970s theatreland.

    23. Jayne Charles says:

      From a slow and frustrating start, this built up to a startlingly powerful story. I loved it. So much time and energy is invested in the central characters that as time goes by you get a real sense of connection with them, and nostalgia as the novel draws to its close and characters reflect on the past. The writing is intelligent, literary enough but not obstructively so, and the evocation of 1970s theatre was impressive. I'm not sure why it's called "Fallout", but I'm sure there must be a good [...]

    24. Poppy99 says:

      I found this book to be dull. I did not care about any of the characters. I did not understand the parents backstory (mother in asylum etc). A really strange and somewhat cold read.

    25. Paul says:

      3 and 1/2 stars out of 5. Having spent a lot of time in the theatre world myself, I found this story to be quite interesting.

    26. Päivi says:

      Häiritsi ihan järjettömästi, että alkuperäinen nimi, Fallout, oli suomennettu näin kökösti. Kun ei ollut mitään romanttista chick littiä.

    27. Mia says:

      Was mich zu diesem Buch hat greifen lassen, ist recht schnell erzählt: London in den Siebzigern. Zum einen mag ich Romane, die in dieser Metropole spielen und zum anderen neuerdings auch diese Zeitspanne, da ich darüber relativ wenig in Romanform gelesen habe und das gerne ändern möchte. Sadie Jones kannte ich bisher nur von ihrem Namen her, gelesen hatte ich aber noch keines ihrer Bücher. „Jahre wie diese“ ist für mich also in dieser Hinsicht eine Premiere. In „Jahre wie diese“ be [...]

    28. Tripfiction says:

      Novel set in London (The 1970s revisited)A novel based in the theatre world of London, with nostalgia, parties and all the confusions, failures and successes of just starting out.Luke has been brought up in a family with problems. Nina has also been brought up in a non-conventional family setting. It seems they are destined to be together; their paths first crossing in 1961, when they are both very young, and then again eleven years later.In 1972 Luke leaves his predictable and unfulfilling futu [...]

    29. Roger Brunyate says:

      Close EncountersThe novel opens in 1975, with an Englishman in New York. We learn that he is not wanted at rehearsal, so he has something to do with the theater. We also learn that his is thinking about a woman, wondering if she will show up. Who is he? Who is she? And will they indeed meet? The track record of the book makes this unlikely, since it is constructed around a series of near misses.It immediately goes back to 1961, showing parallel glimpses from the lives of two pre-teen children. L [...]

    30. Laura says:

      I am currently reading Keats's letters to Fanny Brawne, and I am struck by some similarities between Luke Kanowski and John Keats: both are artists rising from a difficult economic background; both are firmly attached to an ailing mother and to surrogate families; and in later life both try to keep away from the women they are attracted to, because of their fear of suffering. Moreover, John Keats is famous for his letters; Luke Kanowski sends a continuous flow of postcards to his mother, who liv [...]

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