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For The Sub
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For The Sub What you see isn t what you get Though he was once a respected and well known Dom Niles Malloy rarely attends functions at the Den and he has no interest in ever having another permanent relationshi

  • Title: For The Sub
  • Author: Sierra Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9781781848104
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook
  • What you see isn t what you get Though he was once a respected and well known Dom, Niles Malloy rarely attends functions at the Den, and he has no interest in ever having another permanent relationship He satisfies his occasional desire for kink by playing with subs who have no expectations.Professional sub Brandy Hess has known Master Niles for years, and when he invitesWhat you see isn t what you get Though he was once a respected and well known Dom, Niles Malloy rarely attends functions at the Den, and he has no interest in ever having another permanent relationship He satisfies his occasional desire for kink by playing with subs who have no expectations.Professional sub Brandy Hess has known Master Niles for years, and when he invites her to play with him, she accepts But she s unprepared for the reaction she has to his intense brand of play In their shared, emotionally intimate moments she sees the weariness in his features, and she has a dangerous and compelling urge to know him better.Experience has taught her to never again settle for less than a man s complete commitment, yet when she runs into him outside their normal setting, neither can deny the potent and pulsing attraction He s much, much deeper than she imagined, and she soon realises he s everything she wants and doesn t need in a man.As she surrenders to him a second time, Brandy wonders if she s lost her sense of self preservation She s attracted to an enigma, a man with an edge, someone as remote as he is demanding, and her life will never be the same

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    1 Blog on “For The Sub

    1. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme says:

      When a submissive who is also wife and lover dies, how does a Dominant survive?Master Niles is an experienced Dominant who is on auto pilot. He still scenes but it's all impersonal. He functions as a Top and doesn't need the D/s anymore. Brandy Hess is a submissive at the same club as Master Niles. They have crossed paths several times but never enjoyed a scene together. The timing is never right. This time, during a private party, a spark generates between the two.The BDSM in this story is swee [...]

    2. nd ♥Master's kitten♥ says:

      I got used to a certain level of writing from Sierra Cartwright, I love everything I've read by her. Totally love the Mastered Series. But this book, I just wasn't really sure about. It felt like I was reading a story that was just written because it had to be, not because it needed to be. Brandy has been in past books, but I'm not sure she deserved this book, or maybe she didn't deserve the way this book was written. The whole book felt like filler to me. The ending felt so rushed, Master Niles [...]

    3. Spynonu says:

      Great rainy day read when you want to finish a book with a blissful sigh and a HEA smile3.5 stars

    4. Michelle Louise says:

      Fun BDSM with great charactersIf you like hot, this book has it. Brandy is a sub we've seen in other parts of the series, but you don't need to read those books to understand her story.Niles is new, even if he's presented as a long time patron of the den. But he's a fun character regardless. After an intense BDSM scene both characters can't help but be drawn to each other. The star of the book is, of course, the sex. But I really liked Brandy as a character. She isn't flat and she's got her own [...]

    5. Margo says:

      One of my favorites. Brandy one of the club subs at the Den is always picking up strays. Despite being warned by Gregario she falls for Master Nils. After inviting him to her place for a barbeque and spending an entire weekend with him she breaks it. She feels she's not in his league. But she can't forget him and loses her job at the Den because she is moping around without him. Master Nils is doing the same thing. But he has a solution.

    6. Karley says:

      Mastered book 5This started off slow. Maybe because it's been well over a year since I read the last one. It ends up being a page turner and I'm so ready for number 6. This is one of my favorite authors.

    7. Jean Marie says:

      I couldn't put it down. This was a great book watching two troubled people overcome their pasts and find love.

    8. Shayna says:

      ~*~ 4.5 STARS ~*~ Posted @ shaynareneesspicyreadsThe Mastered Series by Sierra Cartwright is one of my favorite BDSM Romance series ever! And For the Sub just confirmed that for me. Sierra's writing is amazing and her characters she brings to life are beautiful, broken, and have such a realness about them. You can't help but become emotionally attached to these characters. The story lines are always interesting and emotional and the BDSM element is never to hard, not to soft, it's just right for [...]

    9. SandyL says:

      I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the others in the series. Brandy is a professional sub at the Den and has known Master Niles for a couple of years, but has never played with him. Brandy likes her life, getting her needs met with her subbing at the club, taking care of all her animals at home, building her web design business, and protecting herself after a bad relationship. Master Niles runs a video production company where he makes BDSM videos. He keeps everything professional wit [...]

    10. Dar says:

      What a sweet and loving story, with whippings!There is something to be said about realizing what is right in front of you, and that is what happens to poor Master Niles. Wrapped up in the grief since his wife passed away, he finally sees house sub Brandy as an attractive woman. Brandy has always noticed Master Niles, she worries about the pain in his eyes but when he finally shows some inkling towards her, she jumps at the chance.The romance blooms outside the den, a chance meeting has them acti [...]

    11. Tanja says:

      After hitting "the end" in this book I kept thinking how to sum it up and to describe it all . the only thing that came to mind is this "Gentle brutality" BDSM genre is pretty popular and everyone wants to write it, and there is a whole bunch to choose from, but let me tell you (as an avid reader) there is only 5-6 writers worth your spear time, and Sierra is among the crowd (disclaimer: I didn't get to other authors so don't bite my head off for this comment, I'm sure there are more out there)i [...]

    12. Julie Kirby says:

      Even though I read this after Master Damian's book, I didn't loose any of the story, although I'd known that Brandy had moved away from the Den. She changed jobs!So we have all got to know Brandy over the whole series, and quite honestly I loved her, she was always there at the Den, but in a very inconspicuous way! she was the epitome of a sub! All the long standing members respected her, Dom's and sub's alike.We'd only met Master Niles through a previous event held at the Den, when he came to B [...]

    13. Anita says:

      The writing is done well but in reading it, I felt as if I had been dropped in the middle of a conversation. That feeling of something must have gone on before because I couldn't get a real handle on the story. The smexy times are indeed hawt! Brandy is a lovely character. I really appreciate authors who can write stories that involve pets as somewhat secondary characters. The description of the pets really captures elements of Brandy's personality and makes her that much more three dimensional. [...]

    14. Deborah says:

      I just love this series!!! Master Niles is not himself and hasn't been ever since his wife died. He plays with subs that have no expectations. Then he decides to scene with professional sub Brandy. Brandy is a fixer by nature. Since her last relationship was awful, she has stuck to the four-legged kind to focus her fixing on. As she accepts his invitation, both are taken aback by the feelings brought out by each other throughout the scene. When they meet up outside of the normal business boundar [...]

    15. Kym says:

      Loved it!!Sierra has grabbed my mind one more time. Even though the story focused a lot on sex, there was still more to the story. I got to experience their connection as it grew into something neither of them started off wanting. Brandy is like any other girl running for emotional pain. She will surrender her body to whatever her Dom wishes but keeps a safe guard on her heart. Niles is not really running from love, he just doesn't believe he is capable of going that far again. He gives her ever [...]

    16. Deborah says:

      Great book and my favorite out of series so far. I loved the way these unlikely characters came together in a world wind. She was always in the background in the other books and in this book we see her come to life. He wore his grief like a fitted shirt and had vowed to never love again. They came together one lonely night and combusted into flames! This book was hot, hot, hot! Makes me want to visit the Den, everyone walks away in total bliss Well written and in a league by itself, this book gr [...]

    17. Jaycee says:

      A nice change of pace that this story was essentially confined to these principal characters, and the only drama in the story was within their own pasts and resolving that within the possibility of their future together. No other outside influences, gremlins or overtly weird past life-events to deal with. Just pretty real stuff.Niles was a great Dom and Brandy stand-up, stand-out woman who was also a pretty good sub when it came right down to it. d it came right down to it in some very good ways [...]

    18. Lynette Ottley says:

      An excellent must be read bookDom Niles Malloy and professional sub Brandy Hess are the two main characters in this excellent BDSM story. The kinky erotic skills when they scene are realistic and the sensuous relationship which develops is both exciting and enthralling. I want them to have a happy ending. But will they acknowledge their need for each other and make the required changes to resolve their difficulties? This book is definitely the best I have read recently.

    19. Jamie says:

      I loved this book. Again, Sierra Cartwright has accomplished a brilliant read. I was able to feel the characters and emerse myself. And it's always great to have such a great picture described for you. This book did not disappoint, as of all this authors writing. Right from the beginning of the story you can feel how connected the two characters were. And having already 'met' Brandy in previous books, it was an easy transition. A heartwarming and totally sexy read.

    20. Lu says:

      This is probably the most romantic of the Mastered series and for me, the most satisfying. The heroine, Brandy is featured in all of the books of this series. She is a professional sub working at the exclusive Den. She knows her stuff and how to go about pleasing her Dom. But she is also strong lead and knows how to get what she wants and needs. The Dom is broken but unable to resist her charms. There is really no major conflict just a beautiful character driven love story.

    21. WhiteWitch says:

      This book is the fifth book in the Mastered series and, like the previous books, it is remarkable in its description of the BDSM lifestyle. I have gone on and on in my previous reviews of the books in this series so I won't bore you with another lengthy review. Please see my previous reviews of the other books in this series. I think this is one of the best BDSM romance series that I have read, particularly if you are new to the genre or lifestyle. Another great book by Sierra Cartwright!

    22. Dina says:

      Another great book by Sierra Cartwright in the Mastered Series. I absolutely loved this one! I loved the characters they were perfect together. The story was hot, sexy, steamy, loving and some good D/s scenes. I fell in love with Master Niles he was a wonderful Dom and was so good to Brandy. I must read!

    23. Jackie says:

      I finished this book this weekend and while it was an enjoyable read, it just seemed kind of "soft" for this author. Brandy and Master Niles just kind of fell together and everything just kind of worked out for them in the end. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed it. It was funny. It was hot. It was fluff though and not what I was expecting from Sierra Cartwtight. A short easy read.

    24. Melanie Marnell says:

      I liked Brandy and Niles together. He is utterly dominant and she's so submissive. Their play was erotic and sensual, their byplay enthralling. But, will they ever be anything more than Dom and sub? He's made it clear in no uncertain terms that he's not interested in any kind of relationship other than D/s and she needs to protect her heart.

    25. ej sesso says:

      I have loved this series. While I still liked the story, I did not enjoy Brandy's story as much. I think because she was already a known sub from the Den for the series -- that is my only explanation.

    26. Sharlene says:

      For The Sub (Mastered Book 5) (Kindle Edition)Brandy and Master Niles have both had broken hearts, Brandy see Master Niles brooding on his own and offers to scene with him. A great love story and well worth the read!

    27. Feliz says:

      Loved it like the others. Sure the stories are similar but they are still good. Even had a LOL moment with Brandy and Aunt Mame:). Can't wait for Damian and Catrina. The excerpt was such a tease

    28. Kelly says:

      This book is wonderful! Brandy is so sweet and her home is full of funny pets who keep you laughing. Niles is a heartbroken man who sees light and life for the first time in years when he scenes with Brandy. This is my favorite of the series. It's funny, loving, and sexy as hell.

    29. Kathie says:

      My favorite one so far!!

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