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In His Cuffs
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In His Cuffs It was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis Now to find out he s a Dom at her favourite place to play Maggie Carpenter needs an escape from her everyday life and her

  • Title: In His Cuffs
  • Author: Sierra Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9781781844199
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
  • It was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis Now to find out he s a Dom at her favourite place to play Maggie Carpenter needs an escape from her everyday life and her overbearing boss David Tomlinson has ruined her life and career by acquiring her family s business and tying her to an untenable employment contract.So she and her girlfrienIt was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis Now to find out he s a Dom at her favourite place to play Maggie Carpenter needs an escape from her everyday life and her overbearing boss David Tomlinson has ruined her life and career by acquiring her family s business and tying her to an untenable employment contract.So she and her girlfriends head for an evening at the Den to explore their wildest fantasies only to find David there looking ridiculously sexy in a leather vest with a set of handcuffs attached to his belt loop.David is just as shocked to find his spitfire employee at the Den He leans against the wall, watching, unable to wrap his mind around the idea that the woman who constantly challenges him might be a sub But when another Dom approaches her and she casts her gaze down, he sees another side of her.His reaction to the submissive Maggie is immediate and sizzling hot and so is the unwelcome jealousy he experiences He s always had a strict no fraternisation rule, but he s determined to have her in his cuffs before the evening is out, despite the dozens of reasons he shouldn t He wants Maggie surrendered to him, in his cuffs, literally as well as figuratively.

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    1 Blog on “In His Cuffs

    1. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme says:

      Hostile takeover of a family business is rarely a pleasant time. Previous owners Maggie Carpenter and her mother make sure David Tomlinson feels their disdain. Their petty and sniping attitude is setting the tone for the entire office to treat David as the enemy and with contempt. Their unprofessional behavior is deplorable. Frankly, I'm surprised David puts up with it. The women at this company all need a good spanking.Ms. Cartwright sets the reader up for the perfect banging the boss theme. Wh [...]

    2. nd ♥Master's kitten♥ says:

      Review to follow, but i have to say, this book was EXCELLENT!!

    3. Dee says:

      I really liked this one too and was pleased to see a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and goes out to find it. She is not afraid to communicate what she wants and is strong enough to admit when she is wrong.

    4. Becca says:

      As much as I enjoy reading contemporary BDSM themed romances, I often end up frustrated. Too often the author includes BDSM scenes, particularly punishments, that are unusual, unnecessarily harsh, even gratuitous rather than realistic within the story and characters. The story and BDSM are out of step with each other, leaving me confused and irritated. I'm sorry to say that several of Sierra Cartwright's books have felt this way to me - but not this one.Both David and Maggie were people I liked [...]

    5. Confessions Of A Book Heaux says:

      Like us on FacebookRead More Reviews On Our BlogSassySub Heaux's Book Rating: 5 StarsSummary from the author:At The Den nothing is off limits… In an idyllic mountain setting on a dozen secluded acres of land, Master Damien Lowell has made his spectacular Colorado home—the Den—available to a select group of people. Doms and subs are invited to explore the intricate nuances of dominance and submission, of sadism and masochism, of exquisite bondage, and strict discipline.The Den—where the w [...]

    6. Shayna says:

      You have know idea how excited I get when I hear that Sierra Cartwright has another Mastered book coming out! The Mastered Series has got to be one of the best BDSM Erotic Romances out there today. Out of all 4 books so far IN HIS CUFFS is my favorite. Sierra knows just what to say to pull you in to a story filled with intrigue, lust, and emotion."I've always wanted to have you over my lap for the good spanking you deserve."Meet Maggie Carpenter. Successful, beautiful, independent, and stubborn [...]

    7. Charlene says:

      Can I have a Mr. Tomlinson?

    8. Michelle Louise says:

      Power differentials detracted from the bookMaggie likes being a sub, it gives her a chance to escape from the stresses of her job and give up control on her terms. Especially from the man who bought out her company, David. Unfortunately her escape is shattered when David shows up at a scene party. And worse he's a Dom. What is a secretive sub to do?Power dynamics is a tricky thing. In BDSM ultimately it is the submissive who has the power They decide where the limits are and when to stop. That's [...]

    9. Jean Marie says:

      I struggled with writing this review. I have loved the previous books by Sierra Cartwright but I couldn't imagine enjoying all the pain that was dished out in this story that it made it hard for me to enjoy.There was one part where her mother made a mistake at work, she fixed it and tried to ask him if it was okay but she couldn't reach it. Eventually he found out about it and he was furious because they were "in a relationship" but she kept this from him. So, in order to move past it, she had t [...]

    10. Gail Mitchell says:

      A very quick and easy read. Enjoyed it.

    11. Sabine Wilson says:

      I am going to start sounding like a broken record with all of my Sierra Cartwright book reviews because this woman seriously doesn’t know how to write a bad book. I loved it! I loved dominant business man Mr. David Tomlinson. I loved the strong, independent yet submissive Maggie. Just like with all of her other books, Ms. Cartwright did an excellent job breaking down the dynamics of the Dominant and submissive relationship between Mr. Tomlinson and Maggie. I especially loved that although Magg [...]

    12. Amaranthine says:

      Skimming through the reviews I/m left feeling like I read a different book than everyone else. The storyline isn't completely horrible, but more bland and boring due, largely, to a huge lack of any sort of descriptive quality in the writing.There is definitely more than a bit of insta-love going on here, which for me is an insta-turn-off, especially when there is also no chemistry between the characters. David is confusingly simultaneously much too soft and too controlling, while Maggie's person [...]

    13. Gaele says:

      I think I appreciated the set-up of this story far more than many of the sex scenes, although they were well done I didn’t feel the pull to the characters in their more dominant or submissive personalities. What grabbed me was the dialogue, smart and snarky cleverly phrased and delivered, Sierra Cartwright has a deft hand. Sadly, for me that was the highpoint: the lack of professional behavior exhibited by Maggie and the others in her office toward David would have had them out on their perky [...]

    14. Becky Condit says:

      Please leave comments on my 5 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. “I want to come,” she said. “Beg.”Sierra Cartwright’s In His Cuffs is a very sexy story. Maggie is a submissive who is experienced in BDSM play and know what she wants. One of the things she wants is to enjoy her visits to the BDSM club and forget all about her business troubles, which includes a man who bought her mother’s business and is now her boss.David is an experienced Dom and he is also the very boss [...]

    15. Dicina says:

      As always with Sierra Cartwright, and even more with this series, I was not disappointed. I loved the story.What I loved the most about this one is that Maggie is already submissive, she is not a newbie, she doesn’t have to learn everything from the start. She knows what she likes, she is obedient and doesn’t backtalk nor is she scared of what might come. She is not a brat, we are not in the student-teacher dynamic we often find BDSM books. I liked both David and Maggie better in their Dom/s [...]

    16. Pam says:

      Well, Sierra Cartwright has done it again. In His Cuffs locked me in and held me captive through the entire book and quite frankly I don't want to be released. Maggie loved going to Single Ladies Night at the Den four times a year. The owners made them special events for the single ladies and she thoroughly enjoyed them. She especially needed a night of fun and sex to relieve the extreme stress if her job. Her boss was an insufferable control freak who grated against her nerves every chance he g [...]

    17. Julie Kirby says:

      I love How Sierra tells a story.Book 4 in the Mastered series! where we meet Maggie and Master David.She dislikes him, because he had secured her mother's company and had signed her into a horrible employment contract so as far as she was concerned she was going to do her job and time then get out ! She went to 'ladies night' at the Den, hoping to score herself a hot Dom, to give her a good spanking.Although he owns the company Maggie works at and had fantasised about turning her over his knee a [...]

    18. Dar says:

      That was awesome! I have to say that this series gets better and better with each book. So as the blurb states, Maggie's mothers business was bought out 6 months ago by David. She has been contracted to continue to work for him for 2 years as part of the sale deal, and her mothers continues with her creative freedom and employment so long as Maggie stays.Maggie looks forward to her time at the Den, and ladies night is the night she and her friend always attend. She is quite shocked to see her bo [...]

    19. SandyL says:

      Another great book by Sierra Cartwright! Maggie Carpenter crosses each day off her calendar until FINALLY ladies night at The Den arrives. She really needs this night - she is locked into an employment contract with an insufferably arrogant boss and needs the release a good beating and some awesome sex can give her. And who does she find at The Den, wearing a House Monitor armband? None other than insufferable, arrogant boss David Tomlinson. After chasing off any other Doms that might be interes [...]

    20. Tanja says:

      OMG !!! this is really a great, awesome, kick-ass book !!! makes you glued to your seat (unless you have a job like me) and read it in one breath. David and Maggie - all what a modern love story should be, with a big cup of kink added to it !!! makes spanking and nipple twisting sound so romantic (#auch !!!!) it also shows that a bdsm relationship has problems the same as a vanilla one when it comes to business and love and the modern woman today!! I love how David never changes his was, calm, c [...]

    21. WhiteWitch says:

      Another great book in the Mastered series. As with the previous three books in this series, this is BDSM 101 at its best! I love the way that Sierra Cartwright brings all the elements of BDSM into play in this series. Life I've said in previous reviews for books in this series, I wish I'd known about this series when I was first getting into the BDSM lifestyle and reading BDSM literature. The basis for the lifestyle and the variances throughout the lifestyle are all there. (If you have 100 coupl [...]

    22. Aana says:

      I am very disappointed in this fourth installment of the Mastered series.The previous books were erotic and romantic with an edge only BDSM can give it. There was character development and believable back stories. In His Cuffs, lacks all this. BDSM romance books can be really out there and must always be taken with a grain of salt. But when well written this genre, can be a fun and hot read. In His Cuffs is a short book, compared to the previous books in the series.The main characters David and [...]

    23. Melanie Marnell says:

      Maggie and David are two strong, complex characters. He's driven, implacable and aloof. She hates him for taking over her company. When she finds him at the Den, they are both shocked as they see another side of each other. He cajoles her into a scene that satisfies her immeasurably. Though she walks away that night she can't stop thinking about him and his dominance. Davis was deeply affected too but waits her out. Together they begin arelationship that fulfills both their needs both profession [...]

    24. Lynette Ottley says:

      Sizzling Intoxicating ReciprocityAt a Ladies' Night at the Den, Maggie Carpenter is shocked to find out that her overbearing boss David Tomlinson is there as a House Monitor. When approached Maggie reluctantly agrees to scene with him and she discovers that out of the office he is a considerate and attentive Dom. Maggie is a natural submissive and easily follows BDSM protocols but juggling work and a social life creates serious problems for both David and Maggie. How they reach equality is well [...]

    25. Kelly says:

      Maggie and David are very similar in their desire to be all business, all the time. They also share the desire in the bedroom to let go for Maggie and to take control for David. These two find the hate and irritation they have for one another can easily be transferred to passion and need. The scenes between these two are amazing, so very hot. A little more pain centered then I normally go for, but Sierra Cartwright knows how to pull you in and like it. Good book!

    26. Marion says:

      No romance just very clinical and cold. The guy is an abusive ass. he is her boss and fantasized about beating her because she does not toe the line the way he would like her to. Well he gets his chance and it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know what was worse my disgust for him or feeling sorry for her.

    27. iliana G says:

      An amazing booksweet,loving ,caring emotions wrapped in all the sadistic,sexy,hot,steamy emotions.A merge of everything both the characters need and everything the reader needs to quicken our heartbeats.A very well written book by Sierra Cartwright and a bit more of a Sadistic side to both her Dom and sub.loved ever single page!

    28. Lee says:

      Erotic, inventive, Thoroughly satisfying These books undo me. The Mastered series is fast becoming one of my all time favorites. The heroines are strong, powerful women, which makes their ultimate submission even sweeter. The BDSM scenes are some of the best I've read. Erotic, Inventive, thoroughly satisfying

    29. Susan Ferguson says:

      I want to start by saying that I really love this series and Sierra's writing. But keeping it real I will say that the one wasn't my favourite one. I thought David was a little too lenient and not dominant enough. But then, I like the 'big bad doms'. I will move onto the next one because I loved all the other ones.

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