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G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, Volume 1
June 27, 2019 Comments.. 548
G I Joe The Cobra Files Volume G I JOE has a new ally Chameleon and she used to be COBRA When a break in at a top secret research facility brings the convert JOE team into contact with an enemy unlike any they ve ever seen the lo

  • Title: G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, Volume 1
  • Author: Mike Costa
  • ISBN: 9781613777312
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • G.I JOE has a new ally Chameleon, and she used to be COBRA When a break in at a top secret research facility brings the convert JOE team into contact with an enemy unlike any they ve ever seen, the loyalty of their new member may be the least of their concerns Is Chameleon daring, or just dangerous

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      264 Mike Costa
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    1 Blog on “G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, Volume 1

    1. Wayne McCoy says:

      When Chameleon returns from a mission with severe depression and PTSD, she has a hard time fitting back in with G.I. Joe. It doesn't help to be working with Tomax Paoli, the man she fled Cobra to escape.Chameleon has to get it together when Flint finds out about a covert operation to infiltrate the new G.I. Joe wing in the Pentagon. Duke is not convinced it will happen until he is shown that it already has. Chameleon has to lead a team to stop a deadly attack on Washington D.C.The story by Mike [...]

    2. Damon says:

      ok Gi Joe stuff

    3. Marella says:

      I grew up watching the afternoon G.I. Joe cartoons in the glorious 80s and imagining my Barbies pair much better with the Joe action figures (dolls!) than with Ken. I can't say I've been a dedicated fan since, but they claim a nostalgic spot in my heart.The graphic novel here, which is a collection of #1-4, retains the macho patriotism I remember, but none of the humor or camaraderie. The good guys are still going strong, but there is a lot more psychological gamesmanship to the good-bad fight. [...]

    4. Shane Amazon says:

      Every once and a while a large and long lasting franchise tries to shed its skin and become something new. Here in Cobra Files, we see IDW trying to breath new life into the JOE storyline. However, for me anyways, Cobra Files Vol 1 is a massive let down to any fan who has come to love the larger JOE franchise from its inception in the eighties. Here in this first volume the reader is exposed to a psychological thriller that is meant to bring the JOE franchise into a more adult and heady realm. T [...]

    5. Pedro says:

      I really wanted to like GI Joe. For me, GI Joe was all about jungle missions, Joes fighting Cobras, the old time cartoons. Don't get me wrong, I liked the story here, butFirst of all, the strongest point is the story and the characters. The worse is the drawings, the pace and the absolute deviation from the original GI Joe.The drawings, I must say I like the backgrounds, but the people are done well I didn't want to say horribly, but I just don't like this style. Very chiseled, very shadowy (mos [...]

    6. Anchorpete says:

      Every time I write a review of an IDW book, I fill up my entire blurb with praises. This will be no different. Out of Transformers, Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, GI JOE and all the other 80s toy properties for which IDW puts out books on, GI JOE was actually the cartoon/toys/franchise that I liked the least. This book, however was something else, it was far better than most IDW books I have read. It made Lady Jaye into a complete and utter bad ass. It made Tomax and Xamot seem cool. It showed the [...]

    7. Ron says:

      Sometimes reading comic book series are like watching soap operas. You go away for a while, come back and can still easily follow the plot and identify the characters. I had gotten out of the habit of reading comics for about 14 years and am just now getting my toes wet in the field again. The world of GI Joe vs Cobra is still covert, deadly and dangerous. Now, in the age of terror, it is just more overt. This volume provides plenty of action, drama, and even tosses some character development in [...]

    8. Norma says:

      For as much as I loved the Transformers TP that I just read and reread, I wished I could have liked this one better. I just really couldn't feel the same old connection to the G.I. Joe comics that I grew up with.Yes I am a female and used to read G.I. Joe comics! Heck, I would read most comics that I got my hands on back then. After awhile though, there are certain things that you come to expect from the old standards. This one just really missed the mark for me.

    9. Angel says:

      You can read my full review of this on my blog, The Itinerant Librarian. Click on (or copy and paste in your browser) the link: itinerantlibrarian

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