Two Lips, Indifferent Red
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Two Lips Indifferent Red Kipp Llewellyn would rather follow his dreams than toe the family line so instead of the support of his wealthy family he has estrangement and a part time job with Hunter an in demand interior desi

  • Title: Two Lips, Indifferent Red
  • Author: Tinnean
  • ISBN: 9781623804039
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook
  • Kipp Llewellyn would rather follow his dreams than toe the family line, so instead of the support of his wealthy family, he has estrangement and a part time job with Hunter, an in demand interior designer Hunter opens a new world for Kipp to explore and not just for his career It s through Hunter that Kipp meets and begins what he thinks is a one sided flirtation with HaKipp Llewellyn would rather follow his dreams than toe the family line, so instead of the support of his wealthy family, he has estrangement and a part time job with Hunter, an in demand interior designer Hunter opens a new world for Kipp to explore and not just for his career It s through Hunter that Kipp meets and begins what he thinks is a one sided flirtation with Ham, one of Hunter s customers To Kipp s astonishment, Ham asks him for a date Unfortunately for Kipp, a mysterious phone call summons him home, where his father gives him an ultimatum save the family company by marrying billionaire Hyde Wyndham, in which case all will be overlooked, or never set foot in his home again But meeting Hyde leaves Kipp stunned and betrayed, because Hyde is actually Ham A guarantee of marriage is no excuse for making Kipp feel foolish, and Kipp had enough of the gilded cage in the first twenty one years of his life He turns Hyde down, stating that marriage should be about love rather than convenience If Hyde wants him, he ll have to court him the old fashioned way.

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    1 Blog on “Two Lips, Indifferent Red

    1. Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

      Kipp comes from Martinsburg, a town where the few leading Families run things.His deceased mother was a Martin and his father is one of the powerhouses in their town.So going to college he is pretty much on his own, financially and otherwise, which is probably a good thing for Kipp. He has a job he likes and is just finishing up his junior year when said Dad with whom he has had virtually no contact unenrolls him from school and tells him he is marrying Hyde.Well, here is where the fun starts, H [...]

    2. Macky says:

      I do love Tinneans books, there's just something slightly off the wall about them that makes me smile. This is no exception, there's this retro romance feeling about it which like other reviewers I would liken to the era of Mills & Boon romance books of the ' 70's and '80's or Harlequin for the readers who would recognise that publisher more! There's also a slightly old fashioned air about it with the names and mannerisms that also brings to mind the feel of the early 1900's. kipps and Hyde [...]

    3. Deeze says:

      Another wonderful read by Tinnean.I loved this book, yes it’s a Harlequin/Mills & Boon style read, yes it’s a bit soap operaish and yes its predictable, but its also sweet and romantic and moving. Poor Kipp totally stole my heart, if any one deserves their HEA it’s him. Recommended for anyone looking for that escape into fantasy romance with plenty of story but no needless sex padding.

    4. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* says:

      This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.This is a hard review to write, mostly because I don’t really know what to say. The blurb does a pretty good job of explaining the basics of the story so I don’t think it needs repeating. The only thing that probably needs mentioning is that Kipp’s father absolutely hates him, which plays a big role in the story. More than anything, though, this is a book that deals with reunions, scandals, affairs and deceit but not in a severely malicious w [...]

    5. Johanna Bilbao says:

      I pre-ordered this. Read it as soon as I got it. Reading it again for the third time now. Does that clue anyone in on how i love this book?

    6. Dianne says:

      4.5 stars. Tinnean delivers the classic tale of “silver spoon child who desires to follow his own heart instead of toeing the family line”, to a distinct and enticing new level.I have to say I love the Shakespearean reference in the title of this book, and I will also say up front that I am definitely a fan of the author’s writing.Set in 2017, the book reads as part contemporary, part fairy tale, part Victorian. This may sound odd, but it’s how it struck me and it made for a really enter [...]

    7. Rellik says:

      A very annoying read. I did not feel that there was any point to the entire story, since the entire book was more or less just the two of them going through wedding preparation.I found it impossible to like the two main characters. Kipp had a promising start, he was his own man and was responsible for himself, but the moment he hooked up with Hyde, he turn into a grass that just got blown around by everything around him. Choosing wine was pretty much the only thing he was good for after this poi [...]

    8. Arthur says:

      4.5 starsThe title is from Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night.Kipp was a 21-yr old student born of wealth but had to support himself when his father and grandfather cut his allowance and tuition money. In his job, he met Ham, a 40-something rich man and they agreed to date.The day before the date, Kipp was called home by his father and was told that he had arranged Kipp to marry a businessman who wanted shares of his father's company. When Kipp met the person, he turned out to be Ham. Hurt, Kipp [...]

    9. Chris Jeffreys says:

      This is the story of the trials and tribulations associated with the wedding of Kipp and Hyde (aka Ham). These are two guys who are from the monied south, and they are supposedly from the "right families", or so we are lead to believe. I won't give away any of the story, but I can tell you this -- if you have ever thought of a possible contrived plot twist for any story, you will finding in this book. During the course of this story, there are scores of characters, and side-plots, and name chang [...]

    10. Donna says:

      What can I say…(view spoiler)[ if you marry someone three times? (hide spoiler)] It must be LOVE!!! ;D I have loved every book, so far, that I have read written by this author… and I don’t see that changing with any of them that I read in the future!!! She writes quirky, off the wall “he loves me, he loves me not” stories that alway entertains me and gives my emotions a workout! Good Job!!! :DSide note: Don't you find it strange that discrimination can be so inconsistent? It's OK to be [...]

    11. Trisha Harrington says:

      I really enjoyed this book. Tinnean is a personal favourite of mine and when I saw this book I knew I would have to read it soon. Hyde and Kipp were the couple in this book. They were nice MC's and the couple was cute together. For some reason I found this book sad, I am not sure why, but I did.There is a jealous ex and a homophobic father, family secrets and a dying man in this. I loved Kipp's granddad, he was a character who made mistakes, but his heart was in the right place. I really loved K [...]

    12. Anke says:

      3.5 starsHave to think about what to write.

    13. Caroline Brand says:

      I really enjoyed this one.

    14. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ says:

      I did enjoy this. It was like watching a Soapat you just started. You are invested in the one couple, you don't know their history yet, and the other characters keep creeping into your interest. So many other characters, I could barely keep them strait. Some I had interest in, some I could care less. But you rarely got a clear picture on those interesting characters. I never quite got Hyde. If it wasn't for the fact, that I was pretty sure this was a fluffy through and through book, I could have [...]

    15. LiveYourLife BuyTheBook says:

      4.5 StarsThis is Kipp’s story and is told from his pov for which I am really, really glad. I just love the character and his voice. Kipp is a to-the- manor-born “blue blood” from Martinsburg, in fact the city is named after his mother’s family. Kipp calls his father “Sir”, as per Sir’s directive. Oh isn’t that sweet? Not! Kipp’s mother died shortly after he was born, and he was summarily ignored by his father and was sent off to boarding school as a child. Sir made Kipp return [...]

    16. Al says:

      This is a life-time movie kind of book, carrying you along exactly where you think it will go, with everything moving along smoothly like it never does in real life. It was simply written and an easy read, but it won't grip your heart or emotions. The author should have just put the timeline in present day because the attempt at adding in "futuristic" garnishes were just sad. The chemistry between the characters was great; however, the build-up and teasing throughout made the lack of a sex scene [...]

    17. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ says:

      1.5 StarsI hated everything about this book. Everything. A tried and true plot trope was horribly butchered, the characters were ridiculous, the dialogue read as juvenile and the relationship bored me to tears. At one point I planned to count all of the exclamation marks, but even that was too much effort (since there were. so. fucking. many!!!1!11!!eleventy!!1)! It might as well have been written in capslock.I gave it an extra half star for otherwise decent grammar & spelling, but the whole [...]

    18. Janie says:

      While I truly loved the characters in this story it just didn't wow me like I thought it would. I'm a BIG fan of hot male on male sex in a romance book and this book doesn't have any of that. It isn't until the epilogue that you even get a hint of them having descriptive sex and its extremely bland. It seemed like a lot of the story was leading up to their wedding night of wild and passionate sex and it just wasn't something the author gave us, I was extremely disappointed. I hate a story that g [...]

    19. Mandi says:

      4 stars. Blurb does a good job of letting you know what your in for (but so much better to read about!). My only disappointment is that there's not any sex scenes. There's a few teasers, but when it finally happens, it's fade to black. Considering how much emphasis was on Kipp's inexperience and his lust for Hyde (along with his insecurities and past), I wanted to read more.

    20. Jacq says:

      This story was like a true soap opera. High strung on drama. Oh did I mention a DAY time soap opera. Beware PG13 :(.

    21. ~RMG says:

      1.5 stars - Found this to be a jumbled mess and very hard to finish. Will have to see if the pattern continues when/if I next pick up a book by this author to read.

    22. Adriana says:

      This is my type of book, the blurb sounds perfect for me, I need it NOW!!!Please be good!ETA: Pre-ordered TODAY (Feb. 14)

    23. Clarene says:

      Nice readThis was interesting book for me. It was very soap opera like with all of the lies affairs and the hatred of you own children. The crazy that was that small town was a little like watching episodes of Days of Our Lives and I was wondering if Stefano was going to show up. I would have liked a bit of the loving to be in the print instead of in the dreams, but all in all I really liked the story of Hyde and Kipp. I would like to know more about what happened in the past to Hyde and was it [...]

    24. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

      3 - 3 1/2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Kipp walked away from his family when he decided to go against their wishes for his future, perfectly happy with his life working part time for Hunter and starting a tentative relationship with Ham, he thinks things are going great, until he receives a phone call from his father’s assistant demanding his presence. Kipp discovers that his father has made plans for him to marry to save the family company, but Kipp [...]

    25. UnusualChildbeppy says:

      synopsis:kipp is putting himself through college, in spite of the fact that his family is rich because his father hates him and his grandfather didn't approve of his major. kipp has a huge crush on a man that he only really started talking to in the past week or so, in spite of the fact that he's seen this man off and on for over a year. then kipp gets a call from his father's assistant that his father wants him home now, so kipp drops everything (although he does finish his two final exams) and [...]

    26. Asynia says:

      Since I’ve read, and loved, Tinnean’s Spy vs. Spook series, I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately these hopes weren’t fulfilled. This book, about virginal 21-year-old Kipp who’s extremely unpleasant father arranges a marriage to twice-his-age business tycoon Hyde, was like a silly and very stereotypical M/F romance. Kipp was shy and lonely, but of course super-pretty though he didn’t realize it. Hyde was handsome, strong and take-charge, and Kipp had secretly fallen in love with [...]

    27. Tamela says:

      Enjoyable love story. Kipp, disillusioned and estranged from his family ends up called home and expected to tow the line by marrying his father's business associate, Hyde Wyndham. It turns out Hyde is actually Ham, a customer of Kipp's that he has been crushing on for quite a while. He's disappointment to find out that the reason Hyde (Ham) asked him out might have been nothing but a business move.One thing that truly annoyed me with this story was the fact that Kipp kept referring back to somet [...]

    28. Tj says:

      This book is a modern twist on your mama’s Harlequin Romance. It uses the trope where the younger and vulnerable character (Kipp) is forced to marry the older, more experienced millionaire (Hyde). Yelp and true to form, they find love. This book is a guilty pleasure. Like the old worn pair of shoes or ratty sweatshirt we all cling to, this seems comforting and familiar. Kipp is in desperate need of someone to love him and believe him. Enter Hyde. He is very protective of Kipp and loves him. Ad [...]

    29. Lidia says:

      It's hard for me write this review because many part of the plot not worked for me. Seem to me a bit strange for Kipp decide to marry Hyde after only one week because really them knew each other really little and also for all secrets and intrigues unknown to Kipp. Kipp is a bit naive and Hyde too dominant and confident. Then there are evil families, deceptions, scandals ,ex-lovers, and a lot of lies and unspoken truths that make too soap opera.I don't mind if there aren't many sex scenes but see [...]

    30. Aya says:

      This was an ok read. I wanted certain details to be explored further and a few other parts condensed - particularly the end, which seemed drawn out. It read like a season of Revenge, which I kind of enjoyed. There was drama but no angst. One thought kept lingering in my mind Kipp and Hyde knew each other for 18 months? I must have totally missed something because I thought they only had a few chance meetings when Kipp was working for Hunter, hadn't had much to say to each other, or gone on a sin [...]

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