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The Sea Hag
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  • Title: The Sea Hag
  • Author: David Drake
  • ISBN: 9780671654245
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
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      366 David Drake
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    1. Evgeny says:

      Before I say anything else, I want to state the book is entertaining enough to keep reading and can be considered standalone (very rare for fantasy nowadays). There are a couple of very original twists of the plot. The main hero's sidekick is a robot speaking mostly one-liners similar to Confucius teachings: how is that for originality? Now I would have to continue with criticism. The plot overall is nothing new or original: a young prince is forced to take a journey which makes him a major kick [...]

    2. Gracy says:

      I want to give this four stars, but I don't think I ought to. There is much about this I liked - the coming of age with the aid of my robot pet/friend is a neat trope we don't see enough of, and the zoology (indeed the botany too) is well written: alien but not beyond the easily grasped/imagined. Reads not unlike a video game plot - almost entirely centered on Dennis (and Chester, obviously) like an RPG. Some serious weaknesses though: the love interest is impossible to understand (she's cold, s [...]

    3. Brent says:

      I keep thinking that this was just the sort of thing I would have enjoyed as a teenager and would have never realized how stripped down and basic the story was.Then I realized that this was the just the sort of thing I do enjoy as an adult all the while realizing how stripped down and basic the story was.I'm nothing if not mature.

    4. Charlesvan Buren says:

      The Sea HagVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Sea Hag (Kindle Edition)Not the best David Drake in my opinion. That said, it is still David Drake which puts it far ahead of most offerings from others.

    5. Lise says:

      David Drake is an author that has been in the business for ages. I have this really strange relationship with his work. For some bizarre reason I usually imagine that I am not going to enjoy what he has written. And what happens? I'm sucked in every time. EVERY time! And still I expect not to like his writing. Slow learner I guess."The Sea Hag" was no exception. I thought, "nah, I don't like David Drake" . What a joke. Of course I like David Drake. I always do. And I did.When I started reading S [...]

    6. bkwurm says:

      I like David Drake's books. Hammer's Slammers, for example, remains one of my favourites reeads. That said, this was a mess. Stock characters, cliches and fantasy elements incoherently crammed into a science fiction background without any explanation.Overlooking the question of where exactly this novel takes place, it is soon clear that this is a dystopian future where technology has been lost. Ok, so the creation of the castle is sort of explained but how the monsters obtain such power is never [...]

    7. Linda says:

      Despite the fact that this book is set in the far-distant future on some far-distant planet, it reads more like a standard sword-and-sorcery fantasy.Wizards! Dragons! Monsters! A Princess In Peril! And let us not forget, the eponymous SEA HAG!One bow to the science-fiction genre: an extremely likable robot sidekick named Chester, something of a cross between C-3PO and Charlie Chan (or maybe Confucius), who always has an apt word of advice for our hero, 16-year-old Prince Dennis of Emath.

    8. Derek says:

      Drake has written some incredibly good SF, and some far-better-than-average Fantasy, and then he comes up with this drivel.It's a pastiche of rewritten fairy tales, a typical YA plotline, and a completely predictable ending, with that vague SF-ness I first encountered in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders books: as if the author is embarrassed to be writing Fantasy, so has to place the novel in a degenerated colony world.

    9. Jim says:

      Dennis fled the crystal walls of Emath when he learned the truth behind the city his father rules. In the jungle, his sword arm is tested with monsters and his courage with nightmares. Sword and spirit can win Dennis a princess--but he can overcome the final evil only by risking all he has become.

    10. C. Coleman says:

      Great fantasy elements and nice character development though it started off slow and dull. While Drake wants to show the vulnerable side of the protagonist, there seemed to me to be too much emphasis on those details early on. The story develops well and it's enjoyable read especially for the fantasy elements.

    11. Tim says:

      The Sea Hag retells some fairy tales, a prince coming of age story, with robot companion in fantasy-like world. Not always coherent, but a very quick read and Prince Dennis and his robot Chester are likable enough amid their adventures. Ended up with several of Drake's free e-books. Come another lazy summer day I may read another.

    12. MikeDavis says:

      One of many fantasy tales by the late David Drake, this one is typical of his style. Accompanied by his faithful robot, sage and servant Chester, a young protagonist-hero leaves his comfortable castle and heads out into the jungle seeking adventure. I found it a nice diversion from more serious works and a good if not great read.

    13. Anne says:

      I was not sure I would like itbut as with all of Drake's books I found myself drawn in. This was very different from his other books I had readbut I liked it. It had a fascinating ending.at left you with the choice to continue with the series or leave it as a stand alone story.

    14. J. says:

      Very readable, very enjoyable, tons of fun. Stock characters (my favorite's the prim, soothsaying robot) and stock situations woven into a somewhat coherent plotline, including one of the most horrific sequences I've ever read. Worst title ever. Three stars for the fun.

    15. Lindsay says:

      A light and escapist read, taking its inspiration from fairy tales.

    16. Danny says:

      A decent read but nothing special. Starts off a little slow, but the second half is much more interesting.

    17. Susan says:

      I liked it okay. It had its fun moments, but a little confusing. I still enjoyed it.

    18. Douglas Smith says:

      I loved it because both my son and I were entranced by the characters and the relationship between the main character and his robo buddy.

    19. Stephen Theaker says:

      Entertaining and well-plotted, but I wouldn't say it was terribly good. A bit like a Jack Vance novel written for (or indeed by) thirteen year-olds.

    20. Paul says:


    21. Erin Penn says:

      Picked up while free on Kindle.

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