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Dead Aim
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Dead Aim Dead Aim marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most enduring fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine The result is a spare beautifully crafted novella in which Lansdale s uniqu

  • Title: Dead Aim
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dead Aim marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most enduring fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine The result is a spare, beautifully crafted novella in which Lansdale s unique voice and inimitable narrative gifts are on full and generous display.The story begins simply enough when the two agree to provide protection for a woman harassed by herDead Aim marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most enduring fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine The result is a spare, beautifully crafted novella in which Lansdale s unique voice and inimitable narrative gifts are on full and generous display.The story begins simply enough when the two agree to provide protection for a woman harassed by her violent, soon to be ex husband But, as readers of this series will already know, events in the lives of Hap and Leonard rarely stay simple for long When a protracted stakeout ends in a lethal shooting and a pair of moldering corpses turn up in an otherwise deserted trailer, the nature of this routine assignment changes dramatically The ensuing investigation unearths a complex web of lies, duplicity, and hidden agendas that leads from an upscale Texas law firm to the world of organized crime, culminating in the kind of explosive, anything can happen confrontation that only Joe Lansdale could create Violent, profane, and often raucously funny, Dead Aim is a tautly written, hugely entertaining thriller and a triumph of the storyteller s art.

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    1 Blog on “Dead Aim

    1. Dan Schwent says:

      When their friend Marvin Hanson offers them a job, Hap, Leonard, and an axe handle Hap named Agnes find themselves putting the fear of God into a woman's abusive ex-husband. The ex winds up dead with Hap in the wrong place at the wrong time when the cops show up. Can Hap and Leonard clear their names and figure out who killed the ex-husband?Here we are, another installment in Joe Lansdale's Hap and Leonard series. For those of you who don't know, Hap and Leonard are like Spenser and Hawk, if the [...]

    2. Sandra says:

      My two best friends are at it again. Witty, hilarious and kickass!However was over before I had even started.But now I'm ready for the next one!

    3. Steve says:

      This was a real Gordian knot: cross, double-cross, triple-cross, quadruple-cross and Hap and Leonard right in the middle of it, of course.

    4. Col says:

      Synopsis/blurb….Dead Aim marks the always welcome return of Joe R. Lansdale’s most enduring fictional creations: Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. The result is a spare, beautifully crafted novella in which Lansdale’s unique voice and inimitable narrative gifts are on full—and generous—display.The story begins simply enough when the two agree to provide protection for a woman harassed by her violent, soon-to-be-ex husband. But, as readers of this series will already know, events in the liv [...]

    5. Jonathan Janz says:

      *This review first appeared on my blog jonathanjanz/. Here's the direct link: jonathanjanz/2013/06/09/joI’ve made no secret of the fact that I love Joe R. Lansdale. If you haven’t been around these parts before, you can check out this blog post for proof.You might also notice that I said I loved Joe himself (or Hisownself as we like to call him) rather than just saying I love his books. But for me it’s all the same thing.Let me explain.I’ve got an addiction—a fever if you will—and no [...]

    6. Marvin says:

      I have two main gripes regarding Dead Aim, the latest installment of the Hap and Leonard series.1. Too damn short at 103 pages.2. The cover. Nice but wrong. Hap and Leonard are slightly under my age but in much better shape. The cover makes them look like Miami Vice wannabees.As for the actual story, it is pretty good.Typical Lansdale with a sharp wit, snappy dialog, and gritty descriptions. But it feels a little tame for the East Texas odd couple. Not much action and the plot was slightly predi [...]

    7. Karl says:

      This is copy 43 of 400 signed numbered copies.

    8. Randy says:

      Subterranean Press's second Hap and Leonard novella.I was late to these guys, only finding them after half a dozen novels. It didn't take long for them to become favorites.In DEAD AIM, our two heroes get asked to help out a woman who's soon to be ex-husband was harassing her. One guy she'd dated had gotten beat up, a couple of ribs cracked. He'd refused to press charges, claiming to have fallen down stairs. She didn't want her husband hurt, just "discouraged" from bothering her.The whole thing s [...]

    9. Tim Niland says:

      Dead Aim is the latest book in the Hap & Leonard series where the unlikely duo of Hap Collins, a straight, white expert marksman who is always looking to leave the path of violence for peace and Leonard Pine a gay, black veteran who accepts that there is violence that exists within us all. In this story they are asked to provide protection to a recently divorced woman who is receiving threats from her ex-husband. Hap looks to investigate the situation accompanied by a pistol and an axe-handl [...]

    10. Michelle says:

      Okay, since I read it on my Kindle and it only cost me $3.99, I didn't let the ridonculous cover get to me. And I am sad that the last two Hap & Leonard adventures have only been novellas. With that being said, I loved this story. I think my love for this pair of good-intentioned (well, um) justice dealers might have biased me slightly. Okay, a lot. But they are so much fun to hang out with that whether it's for several hundred pages or just 104, I can't say it wasn't a good time. I guffawed [...]

    11. Joel Neff says:

      Dead Aim is a short Hap and Leonard story with our heroes once again getting involved with something they ought to have left alone. They're working for Marvin at this point and get sent out to protect a woman from her thuggish ex-husband. Of course, nothing is quite what it seems and the violence and lies spiral up and up until Hap and Leonard are just trying to keep their footing.Lots of fun; great for fans of the series. Newcomers might be more than a little lost.

    12. Paul Wilson says:

      Solid novella featuring the dynamic redneck duo. The problem with these novellas, though, is the lack of banter and odd characters moments that define the series. Thankfully Lansdale is going back to the full novel format for the next one.

    13. Bruce says:

      A very short Hap and Leonard book, but not bad. Not as crazy as I've come to expect from a Hap and Leonard book, but then not every case they take can go all weird and crazy, right? The guys are hired to protect a woman from her ex-husband. Things get complicated

    14. Sarah Jamison says:

      A one-off novella, with a predictable plot. If it had been anybody but Hap and Leonard, I wouldn't have cared. But it was them so this was fun.

    15. Chompa says:

      Burned through this one way too quickly. Another fine addition to the Hap and Leonard series. I love how the ongoing threads continue to slowly evolve in this series.

    16. Russ says:

      Great short read

    17. Rusty says:

      I didn't think my of this book. Lansdale coasted on this one. Predictable plot, no real character development. I hope the next book in the series is better.

    18. Dave says:

      Hap and Leonard, nuff said.

    19. Notthatjc says:

      whole it didn't bring anything new to the table, dead Aim felt like meeting up with old friends Hap and Leonard to catch up on old happenings

    20. Cathy says:

      It was a good story but very short.

    21. Jason says:

      Literally and figuratively, the most lightweight Hap and Leonard story, but it's still entertaining if only for Lansdale's great style. Every time Lansdale writes about these two reluctant investigators/mercenaries/bad luck magnets, his raw East Texas wit spills out onto nearly page. Any chance to hang out with Hap and Leonard again is a good thing. There are great lines all over this.The big difference between this and past entries in the series is that Lansdale typically takes us farther out i [...]

    22. Tobin Elliott says:

      Joe Lansdale pisses me off. I don't think the man is capable of writing anything less than a thoroughly entertaining, fun book. Seriously. If he's written a stinker, I haven't read it yet.And this entry into the Hap and Leonard canon is no exception. The more I read of these two, the more I wish someone at HBO would clue in and greenlight a series based on them. I can't really provide any more praise about this series than I already have, except to say, if you haven't yet experienced Hap Collins [...]

    23. Todd Morr says:

      The Hap and Leonard books are one of my favorite series. Every book has been excellent. With no more Parker books on the horizon this is the last series I really look forward too. For about one hundred pages, this one was fitting right in, then, well, it ended. As far as endings go, besides being too soon, it was not even really very good. Yes, a good entertainer leaves his audience wanting more, but not by sneaking out the back during intermission. It felt like the author didn’t know where to [...]

    24. Clark Hallman says:

      This is a very entertaining Hap and Leonard novella by Joe R. Lansdale. A woman asks the two tough guys to protect her from her soon-to-be-ex husband. Of course they couldn't refuse to help a good-looking woman, and they begin by observing the ex from outside his house. He turns out to be an extremely big-muscled person that makes them consider turning down the job, but (again) they could not refuse to help a good-looking woman. Trouble erupts very soon and it begins with the husband, and soon t [...]

    25. Dan Downing says:

      Difficult to call this a book. It has hard covers, a dust jacket from an old comic book depicting characters 15 years too young, and 102 sparsely printed pages. Maybe a Large Little Golden Book?I think it would be even shorter if it had been edited a bit. Hap and Leonard are capable of funny banter, but here they are trying a bit too hard: they make the gag then toss in another line to no good use. Could have been 101 pages.But everything is in good fun and Brett is always nice to read about. We [...]

    26. Deb Southerland says:

      "Tart, smart,and dangerous." So sayeth Publishers Weekly. And, yes, it is. I always look forward to once again reacquainting myself with Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, not to mention Hap's completely cool lady, Brett. My only complaint about this book is the cover. Those young men are NOT Hap and Leonard. Perhaps before an artist creates a cover, he should read the book, or at least talk to the author. Those two are better suited for a racy cover of a romantic novel: The Young Maid's Naughty Drea [...]

    27. Erik says:

      I find all the 4 and 5 star reviews for this book baffling. Again, with this rating system, this book is incapable of rating that high. And these Hap and Leonard books are getting more formulaic with each new book. This current book is light years away from Mucho Mojo, perhaps the best of the series. AS much as I like Lansdale, his books are all starting to sound alike, and this is just another forgettable entry in this series.

    28. Beth says:

      I first encountered Hap & Leonard in an anthology of short stories and the story included in the anthology was hilarious, as was this story also. This very short work tells the story of a job for hire that is not quite what it seems. Hap and Leonard are hired to watch a woman's husband, and when someone kills the husband on their watch they have some explaining to do! They investigate and find things aren't what they seem. Very funny and typical Lansdale.

    29. Ian Muller says:

      I had the same issue with Dead Aim as I had with the prior Hap and Leonard entry, Hyenas. It's a perfectly fine H&L yarn and the writing is pure Lansdale, but the scarce novella length left me wanting more. The story just felt too simple compared to other entries in the series, and could have used with even fifty pages more of elaboration. This is still by no means a bad Lansdale book (I don't think there is such a thing), but not my favorite of the Hap and Leonard series.

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