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Wassermusik Dieser Roman erz hlt von den zwei Westafrika Expeditionen des schottischen Entdeckers Mungo Park der sich um auf die Suche nach dem Niger machte beide Male in Begleitung eines ehemaligen Sklave

  • Title: Wassermusik
  • Author: T.C. Boyle
  • ISBN: 9783644471818
  • Page: 446
  • Format: ebook
  • Dieser Roman erz hlt von den zwei Westafrika Expeditionen des schottischen Entdeckers Mungo Park, der sich um 1800 auf die Suche nach dem Niger machte, beide Male in Begleitung eines ehemaligen Sklaven und Butlers Zugleich ist Wassermusik die Geschichte eines Londoner Trunkenbolds und Trickbetr gers namens Ned Rise und von Parks Geliebter und sp tere Frau Ailie AndersonDieser Roman erz hlt von den zwei Westafrika Expeditionen des schottischen Entdeckers Mungo Park, der sich um 1800 auf die Suche nach dem Niger machte, beide Male in Begleitung eines ehemaligen Sklaven und Butlers Zugleich ist Wassermusik die Geschichte eines Londoner Trunkenbolds und Trickbetr gers namens Ned Rise und von Parks Geliebter und sp tere Frau Ailie Anderson, die in Schottland auf die R ckkehr des Weltenbummlers wartet.

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    1 Blog on “Wassermusik

    1. Warwick says:

      An ambitious but messy novel, which for me was more of a heroic failure than a triumphant success. I like the idea a lot: a fictionalised account of Mungo Park's travels to find the source of the Niger River, interspersed with the story of an invented London rogue called Ned Rise. The general approach is a sort of knockabout picaresque style, a comic novel of adventures, but unfortunately this does leave the whole thing feeling rather caricaturish. The London scenes in particular are like a cart [...]

    2. Vit Babenco says:

      “The sun scorches the sky as if it were newly created, as if it were flexing its muscle, hammering out the first link in a chain of megatonic nuclear events, flaring up with all the confidence of youth and all the promise of eternal combustion. Which is to say it is hot. Damnably hot. And as quiet as the surface of some uninhabitable and forbidden planet.”And there is nothing new under the sun except some new books…Water Music, named after Georg Friedrich Händel’s suite, written in the [...]

    3. Alexandra says:

      Am Anfang habe ich mich sehr über das Thema von Boyles Roman gefreut, denn Afrika kannte ich literarisch abgebildet so gut wie gar nicht außer Trojanov und Conrad, und die typische episch breite Fabulierkunst von T.C. Boyle war auf den ersten Seiten dieser Geschichte eher ein Vorteil als ein Manko: Man roch förmlich sowohl die afrikanische Wüste als auch das dreckstarrende, nach Fäkalien stinkende Londonund dann musste es der Autor dermaßen übertreiben - übrigens ein Paradefehler von T.C [...]

    4. Claudia says:

      3,5 gute Sterne. Rezi folgt.

    5. Armin Hennig says:

      Persönliche BefangenheitserklärungEin ehrliches Geständnis vorneweg, ohne Verabredung zur gemeinsamen Lektüre wäre dieses Meisterwerk postmoderner Erzählkunst nach etwa einem Drittel mindestens im Auf-Pause-Regal gelandet. Auch wenn mir die verfolgte Ästhetik einigermaßen klar war, so raubte mir die Verspieltheit dieser neoklassischen Romanarbeit mit ihrer Jungen-Wilden-Pose oder respektlosen enfant-terrible-attitüde beim Umgang mit traditionellem Ausgangsmaterial so ziemlich den letzte [...]

    6. Shincrackerfarm says:

      A third of the way through. I'm enjoying the read, but I'm still waiting for the "hilarious" part. Finished at last!If the Washington Post book reviewer had actually read this book, which I seriously doubt, he would have written a completely different comment. Rather than "hilarious", I would say Ned Rise's and Mungo Park's "adventures" crossing Africa were "disturbing".The plot is clever, the presentation spellbinding, the meaning, if any, obscure. No one ends up a happy camper afer all that so [...]

    7. Joseph says:

      A literary but compelling book from T.C. Boyle. It's his first novel, but worth reading. I'm enjoying it a lot, but then again, Boyle is one of my favorites. I've enjoyed his use of humor and historical settings in the past. Now that I'm done with the book, I'd have to say that it was a tragic comedy. It reminded me of Steinbeck in terms of the tragic nature of the characters and what happens to them. It was a great book and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys literary books. I had to have my [...]

    8. Christopher Rex says:

      This book should've been 200 pages shorter. Way too long and not engaging enough. The characters and story-lines are funny and Boyle is an excellent writer, but he wasn't able to keep the attention over such a long period w/ this theme.

    9. Frank says:

      Another one from Boyle that was immensely enjoyable - funny, witty, bawdy, and sometimes shocking. Great writer! This book was Boyle's first novel. It's basically the story of Mungo Park, the Scottish explorer who was the first European to see the Niger River in Africa. During the first 3/4 of the novel, the story switches from Mungo's adventures to the story of Ned Rise a thief, scoundrel, and all-round con man in the filthy streets of late 18th century London. Although I did really enjoy Mungo [...]

    10. Nicole Doiron says:

      This book was definitely entertaining during its first half. During the first Niger exploration, i found myself enthralled in the characters and whatever happened to them. However, the second trip to the Niger, i just couldn't care less. Although i have to give credit to TC Boyle for being an extremely talented writer with amazing details and humor (even if Water Music is the only book of his that i read), i found this story just too long for what it was worth in the end. I'm just glad it's over [...]

    11. Yvette says:

      Another great book by Boyle. It reminded me of every book you ever read--seriously--it had an element of all. A little Dickens, Conrad, Twain; an Odyssey! Some Shakespeare. I am completely amazed at the talents of this guy. And this was his first book. Still can't believe his command of the language and syntax. Yikes!

    12. Heather says:

      I'm not sure if I loved or hated this book.Loved!:1) the exquisite wordplay2) the fun vocabulary3) some parts were hilariousHated!:1) the plot was meandering and not well crafted2) too ribald for my taste3) bad endingFun book club choice!

    13. Carol says:

      I read this ages ago: absolutely loved it, the picaresque humor appealed to me so much. TC Boyle is one of my favorite writers.

    14. Woodge says:

      One of my favorite books of all time. I want to re-read it. Thrilling, adventurous, funny, sad, unusual, and beautifully told.

    15. gorecki says:

      Boyle’s imagination is inexhaustible and the stories he weaves are finely and masterfully detailed and entertaining. I am not a fan of comedy books and funny literature, I prefer my reads full of drama, crying, and misery – the darker the better. But this one made me chuckle, shiver, and then contemplate on how high a price people sometimes pay in order to achieve their biggest dreams. T.C. Boyle tells the story of Mungo Park, a Scottish doctor and explorer set to map the river Niger, suffer [...]

    16. Aaron says:

      By the time this novel was released, T. C. Boyle had already proven himself to be a master of the short story. Obviously, his first novel was highly-anticipated, and if it had been a clunker, it might have destoryed an otherwise promising career. Fortunately for him (and for anyone lucky enough to read this novel), Boyle hits a grand slam out of the park on his first step up to the plate.Boyle's first novel, set in the late eighteenth century, chronicles the partnership of British thief and whor [...]

    17. Steve Ochs says:

      I'll get into more detail when if I can find a moment, but T.C. Boyle is my favorite author these days and this book, his first, is a sprawling epic that blends intense danger with hilarity! I know; that's impossible. Not in the hands of Boyle. If you think you'd enjoy the cultural quirkiness of Confederacy of Dunces in a smash up with the humidity and adventure of Michael Crichton's Congo, this book will make you very happy.

    18. Lena♥Ribka says:

      My husband forced me to read this book during our vacation. I just forgot to add it to my TBR. I have to create a single shelf for it, I think, because it is not what I normally read. But it is what my husband reads and likes. I liked it too.

    19. Michelle says:

      A hysterical, inventive, exotic, thought provoking, and wildly entertaining novel for about three quarters of the book, but it ultimately ends on a bit of a sour note. After having read "The Women", "Water Music" is the second T.C. Boyle novel that I've tackled this past year, and while I absolutely love his writing style and whimsical use of language to describe and accentuate his story ("an out of sorts baboon", "even the sailors- the elder of whom once rode out a typhoon off the Marquesas- ha [...]

    20. Simon Mcleish says:

      Originally published on my blog here in September 2002.The Georgian England portrayed in Hogarth's etchings is the inspiration for Boyle's lusty historical novel. Its spiritual home, where its best passages are set, is the gin soaked city of London, its alleys and gutters, whores and thieves. That is also the origin of one of Water Music's main characters, con man, vagabond, grave robber and would-be gentleman Ned Rise. His struggles against a capricious fate - every time he begins to make money [...]

    21. Kunal Basu-dutta says:

      I really enjoyed this book. A roller-coaster of hilarity, pathos, and despondency (a combination as odd as it is wonderful). The first book I thought of when reading this was "Heart of Darkness" which, I believe, makes sense what with the exploration of the "dark continent" and the Congo. That, however, is the only real connection. Boyle throws his characters into the worst of situations and then, after a glimmer of hope, makes it even more terrible. You end up aching for any of them to come out [...]

    22. yexxo says:

      Mungo Park, der große Afrikareisende, der unbedingt den Verlauf des Nigers erkunden wollte, ist die Hauptperson in diesem historischen Abenteuerroman. Daneben sind Ned Rise, ein schlitzohriger Überlebenskünstler aus London, der immer wieder aufs Neue um seine Existenz kämpft und Ailie, die künftige Frau Mungo Parks, die beiden anderen Protagonisten in diesem Buch. Erzählt werden immer wieder abwechselnd aller drei Leben, beginnend zum Zeitpunkt der ersten Afrikareise Parks.Boyle hält sich [...]

    23. Michel Gerebtzoff says:

      Je dois à ce livre une forme de libération Il y a quelques semaines j'avais détesté, et abandonné un livre de Yasmina Khadra (ce que le jour doit à la nuit). J'en étais resté avec un vague sentiment de culpabilité on n'abandonne pas un livre, même mauvais (subjectivement). On doit y mettre un peu du sien, se sacrifier pour une cause plus grande: la LiTtéRatuRe avec des majuscules un peu partout. Et je dois avouer qu'il est des livres que j'ai traînés pendant des mois pour finir, à [...]

    24. Isidor says:

      Es scheint, dem Autor lag sehr daran, seine Leser unter keinen Umständen zu langweilen, und ich finde, es ist ihm gelungen: Nach einer halben Seite ist man im Geschehen drin, und danach geht es in flottem Tempo durch unzählige Abenteuer und oft überraschende Wendungen, dem einen durch die Wildnis Westafrikas und einem anderen durch den Unterwelt-Dschungel Londons. Auch in diesem Roman ist einiges an Wissen eingeflochten, doch hier fühlte es sich nie nach Lehrbuch an wie sonst nicht selten in [...]

    25. Scott Adelson says:

      The first novel of the always funny and insanely observant T. Coraghessan Boyle, Water Music is an historical and satirical examination of two sadly misguided, yet somehow majestic and even glorious tragic heroes—conman Ned Rise and the great adventurer Mungo Park. Taking place largely in Imperial British West Africa, the novel’s lavish language and plot are as twisted as its main characters who come together in the late-1770s/early-1800s in a quest to find fame and fortune—and the source [...]

    26. Eulàlia says:

      Un muy buen libro, con referencias a muchos autores como Dickens o Twain o Conrad. Funcionan muy bien las capítulos como historias propias independientes, pero entrelazadas entre sí. Destaco en la parte positiva el humor, la hilaridad, el lenguaje, algunas imágenes muy potentes. En la parte negativa pondría algo que ya indiqué a media lectura. Le sobran páginas. por lo menos 200. El libro ciertamente pierde algo a partir del tercer viaje como si el autor ya no tubiera qué decir. También [...]

    27. Ron Thunman says:

      My first TC Boyle novel - I occasionally still break out laughing about some of the scenes. I was taken back to it when several years ago I went to a display of the writings and maps of the famous African explorers presented at the Firestone Library at Princeton. Mungo Park's notes and maps were on display - the actual items, and I had to smile.

    28. Vienna says:

      Sadly, I felt very indifferent about the hero Mungo, who I perceived to be very unsympathetic, more of an annoying anti-hero, than anything I would ever care to read about. The book surely had its entertaining episodes, but characters and story made me fall asleep more than once. I thought it a weak story from an otherwise brilliant author.

    29. hcelvis says:

      Sehr schön, die Mischung aus Humor und Drama, verpackt in ein spannendes und interessantes Abenteuer, teils mit hohem Ekelfaktor und auch ziemlicher Brutalität. Ein paar Längen hat es leider auch, aber die lassen sich leicht durchstehen.

    30. Anne says:

      Absolutely one of my most favourite books! The best story - connecting luck and bad luck, love and hate, friendship and treachery, civilisation and the human character to accept exclusively the familiar - I've read in my whole life, I guess.

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