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Cop of the Year
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Cop of the Year The Cop and the KidsCaptain Mitch Lansing would like to help the troubled teens in Cassie Smith s high school class for students at risk Unfortunately that means sharing his experiences with them Cass

  • Title: Cop of the Year
  • Author: Kathryn Shay
  • ISBN: 9780373707744
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Cop and the KidsCaptain Mitch Lansing would like to help the troubled teens in Cassie Smith s high school class for students at risk Unfortunately that means sharing his experiences with them Cassie s very big on sharing And Mitch has deliberately blocked those painful memories for years But the kids are very hard to resist Now Mitch is finding he needs themThe Cop and the KidsCaptain Mitch Lansing would like to help the troubled teens in Cassie Smith s high school class for students at risk Unfortunately that means sharing his experiences with them Cassie s very big on sharing And Mitch has deliberately blocked those painful memories for years But the kids are very hard to resist Now Mitch is finding he needs them and their teacher as much as they need him.

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    1 Blog on “Cop of the Year

    1. Mo says:

      Liked this one. One about an English teacher and a cop. Kids from the classroom thrown in also - gang membership part of it also. Have read some other books by this author. Think she was in the education system herself so she knows the goings on in the school/classroom.

    2. Tanja Glavnik says:

      Oh I needed this after the disappointment of Barefoot in White. There's just something about authors who write about older, physically fit men. Yes, yes, sue me, but I'm a red-blooded woman, I won't deny it!Anyway, Mitch, a captain in the police department, is a Vietnam War veteran (there's a note at the beginning of the book that even though it was republished, the story remained the same as when it came out originally) who is assigned to work with Cassie at the town's high school with delinque [...]

    3. Jane says:

      Cop of the Year brings Police Captain Mitch Lansing and VietNam vet into Cassie Smith's at-risk Language Arts class in a program to bring the community into the school and help give support to the kids that do not get support at home.Mitch has a problem relating to kids and finds this assignment difficult and Cassie has a problem based on past experiences with cops, which sets up an interesting situation with the twelve at-risk kids in her class.Mitch gets involved, Cassie learns to accept Mitch [...]

    4. booksthrubifocals says:

      A romance but so much moreI've read several of Shay's books lately and am never disappointed. Her plots are meaty and characters never let you go. In the intro to this small town series, a cop recently transferred from a large city and intensely stressful position, is asked to become a temporary liason to the local high school, to work with a teacher in a program for troubled teens. For reasons having to do with his experience in Viet Nam many years before, he has difficulties relating to this a [...]

    5. Jan Kaplan says:

      Please forgive the shout ~ but I can't help myself. I LOVE KATHRYN SHAY'S books! In a nutshell: Her writing just stirs my emotions in a cauldron of happiness.Cop of the Year hooked me from page one and didn't let up until the end. The angst, tensions and passions between the characters never stops and with Ms. Shay's enormous talent, you feel like you're a part of the story, rooting for this unlikely family of misfits.Captain Mitch Lansing is a stressed out cop with dark secrets about his Vietna [...]

    6. Katlynn Parsons says:

      Kathryn Shay is slowly becoming one of my favourite authors, her books tend to touch on taboo topics and yet don't make them so heartbreaking that it hurts to read.This particular book is very similar. Troubled teens, being taught by a former troubled teen. I loved the concept, but something with the story seamed to forced to me. I felt that Shay tried too hard for the perfect ending. Overall still a great read, but it seamed a little too cliché for one of Shay's novels.

    7. Will Decker says:

      When a story makes you feel something, it's a hell of a story. But it also means the writer knows the subject matter and better yet, knows how to bring that subject home to the reader. The characters in this story came alive. The plot flows from one traumatic incident to the next in a seamless manner that flows smoothly and keeps the reader hooked. As a reader, I would have preferred more graphic detail in the bedroom and on the street. But even so, this is a 5 star read! Kudos to Shay.

    8. Elizabeth Olson says:

      There's a decent plot idea here (a cop assigned to a classroom of at-risk students to teach an anti-gangs unit, who finds that the sharing and journaling in the class triggers war-related PTSD), but the characterizations are thin and the romance is ridiculous and feels tacked on to the rest of the story.

    9. Anna says:

      This is such a good book! It's ostensibly a romance, but actually reads more like a version of Up the Down Staircase set in the 90s and revolving around gang culture. I suspect that if I'd read it in my younger days before I realized I don't actually like 95% of children, that it would have made me want to be a teacher.

    10. Shirley Feierstein says:

      Get a cup of coffee and settle in your favorite chairThe people of Bayview Heights will pull you into their story and keep you reading through the last page. Then, you'll be finding the next in the series to read because the main characters are not the only interesting ones. Ms. Shay has a new fan.

    11. Amanda says:

      Love Sparkles Through the AirThis book includes some great twists, I loved them, and a lot of love blossoming through town. I recommend anyone to read this great book because your in for a treat and surprise.

    12. Larissa says:

      Loved this book. It moved slower than my most recent books but it was filled with so much.

    13. Shawn Hamdorf says:

      Wonderful readLoved the characters and how the life experiences made each who they are today. Great information on war and gangs. Really added to the story.

    14. Cheryl says:

      I’ve read this book a few times now and love it. The story is based around a policeman (Mitch) being placed in a school for a set period of time as a student with the purpose of breaking down the walls between kids and cops. He’s placed in the worst classroom which is full of wayward delinquent kids so he can build a relationship with them and they can learn to trust authority and avoid the pitfalls of teenage life. It is a lovely story which tells of the growing trust between them all and t [...]

    15. Beth says:

      Loved this story. The characters are gritty and real, the setting is well done and the story arc is well paced. As a 34 year high school teacher it is nice to read a book set in a high school that is realistic and accurately portrays struggles of students and teachers. I find it interesting that some of the programs described in this book, written in 1997, are just now being tried in many high schools in my area.I really liked these imperfect characters and the way that Shay details their trauma [...]

    16. Diane West says:

      Cop of the Year (Bayview Heights Book 1)This book was a highly emotional book ,it had a lot of twist and everyone had an emotional past to reveal . It took a lot to get Cassie and Mitch together but they made it.

    17. Kimberly Jean says:

      Working with at risk kids makes this story pretty real for me

    18. Rose says:

      Don't bother.

    19. Natward1yahoo.com says:

      I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was excellent. It packed a lot of bang for being such a short read. And it never felt rushed at all. I think it's difficult for authors to achieve that. At least with most of the shorter books I've read. This book is free of stupid romance novel cliches too. Hallelujah!!! I really love both main characters, Mitch and Cassie. I love that they are so opposite but are able to still find love despite their differences. They are both very normal and have flaws [...]

    20. Sally Stackhouse says:

      This is a good story, well written as would be expected from Kathryn Shay.The story is about a school teacher is trying to help troubled kids and a cop who is seconded to help at the school for a few weeks. Both have secrets in their past and both have difficulty opening their hearts. Strong characters, well drawn with depth – a good book.

    21. Marilyn says:

      Gooda young woman who got a s chance after a bad past in her young life she became a teacher to help troubled kids

    22. Ashley says:

      DNF 64%I usually finish books but this was just awful. First of an, the heroine is entitled, annoying, and nosey. She teaches a delinquent class in a high school. She is constantly going to the principal and getting involved in things. She acts like no new policies should be made without her approval and Amgen the principal disagrees with something she says, she rants about how he doesn't respect her. She needs to learn her place. She acts like she is entitled top know everyone's business. When [...]

    23. Lisa Marie Gonzalez says:

      Cop of Year Great story. Mitch was cool. I thought he'd be an arrogant cocky type but he was decent. I can't imagine what he suffered. I found it funny that he was in Vietnam, because of the timing but I understood the author's reasoning why it was part of his story. Cassie. Tough as nails. Not a weepy type heroine. She was great for him. She was a hell of a teacher. So many would easily give up on those at risk kids. They too had hearts, as it was evident that they grew to love him and her. Joh [...]

    24. Spanxmcb (Yovanka) says:

      Meh. Today, this book comes across as dated and boring. At least for me it did. If I had read it in the late 90's (when it was originally published) I probably wouldn't have felt the same way.I don't know. I didn't care enough about the characters and the issues the characters faced were at the same time universal AND stuck in the 90's. I'm not discounting the issues of youth gang violence or the post traumatic stress of being a Vietnam war veteran, but since those days we've had other more prox [...]

    25. Jean Marie says:

      I thought this was a really intense book. The heroine, Cassie taught a class of at-risk high school students. If appealing to them wasn't hard enough, her key student was involved with a gang and the school was at risk for having more students become part of the gang. I liked how the hero, a police officer, was put in her school to help the students. I liked seeing his growth with the students but besides dealing with the threat of a gang at the school, he suffered from some major PTSD from the [...]

    26. Astronimamkm Mary says:

      Interesting storySo I stumbled upon this story and thought I'd give it a go. It was an okay read for me. I tried to get into it but found myself skimming the read. There was a lot in this story. It was a heavy read and covered a lot. I still had some nagging questions that didn't fully get answered. Mitch - he's definitely your straight laced alpha male in here. I did like how as the story evolved he changed some but still had that straight shooter about him. It wasn't an unrealistic change for [...]

    27. Mia Catherine says:

      Three main thoughts come to mind now that I've finished this one:1. The book should clarify it's set in the early 90's (based on the age of the characters and the time since the Vietnam Conflict and the technology referenced). The main conflict with gangs was perhaps viewed differently 25 years ago than it is today.2. The three points of view took away from the main characters. If you are looking for a story about redemption, this may be a good one. I didn't care for the constant and unexpected [...]

    28. Robin says:

      Captain Mitch Lansing has just transferred to the Bayview Heights Police Department when he finds out one of his assignments is an Outreach Program that helps troubled kids at the local high school. Mitch is not happy about this since he has trouble relating to teenagers. Teacher Cassie Smith has trouble relating to cops. Her past run-ins with police as a teenager has left an impressiond it's not good. Now Mitch and Cassie are stuck together for ten weeks, clashing about their teaching styles an [...]

    29. Dianne Sidebottom says:

      I think the writer has had some practice in being a teacher to be able to bring out the methodology that works with students who are at risk. True there are always going to be those students n not all teachers have a drive to see students do well under their care. that came out in the story how a principal wanted to see students, teachers n community have a win with better choices. I guess the cop knew old school rules n coming in the classroom with 12 students to help change their choices as a [...]

    30. Sussan says:

      I really enjoyed reading this book, actually purchased it as a bundle, the six series starter. I think this was my favourite, although a couple of pages had me in tears, not necessarily a bad thing just goes to show what great writing it is when you can relate to a character or event on a personal level and get a response. Great character development and felt a kinship for more than one of them, mainly because they were so real, they feel like the kind of people you could meet or have met. This [...]

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