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Question Quest
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Question Quest Youth is Wasted on the Young Being grown up is a drag or so thinks Lacuna one of the mischievous Castle Zombie twins So she makes the Good Magician Grey an offer he can t refuse Thirsty for a taste o

  • Title: Question Quest
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780380759484
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Youth is Wasted on the Young Being grown up is a drag or so thinks Lacuna, one of the mischievous Castle Zombie twins So she makes the Good Magician Grey an offer he can t refuse Thirsty for a taste of the Elixir of Youth, she ll help him outwit the evil Com Pewter if he ll send her to Hell in a handbasket, no less to find Humfrey, the missing sorcerer And whilYouth is Wasted on the Young Being grown up is a drag or so thinks Lacuna, one of the mischievous Castle Zombie twins So she makes the Good Magician Grey an offer he can t refuse Thirsty for a taste of the Elixir of Youth, she ll help him outwit the evil Com Pewter if he ll send her to Hell in a handbasket, no less to find Humfrey, the missing sorcerer And while there, she ll learn the True History of Xanth simplified and help rescue a blushing Rose from the demon X A N th with the help of a gorgon or two.

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    1. Timothy Boyd says:

      The Xanth novels are a quick, fun and funny read. Great starter books for young fantasy readers. There is a ton of them and you can pick up any of them and start. Very recommended

    2. Briane Pagel says:

      This was another of the Xanth books I actually had read in the past. This one was published in 1991. I don't have much to say about it this time; Piers Anthony is Piers Anthony. As I was finishing it up last night, Sweetie asked why I liked these books. I said they were sort of escapist reading, a bit in between the more serious stuff I read; it's easy to read books that are just fun and simply written, and some days -- especially this past week -- I'm just not up for heavier reading.One thing a [...]

    3. Leeanna says:

      Xanth #14: Question Quest, by Piers AnthonyThe Good Magician makes an appearance in every Xanth book. That's how most books start - a character has a problem in their lives that they need to see him about. So they make a journey to his castle, battle through the three Challenges, get their Answer from the Book of Answers, and end up on a journey through Xanth to figure out their cryptic Answer. But *how* did the Good Magician get his Book of Answers? How does he know what every person ultimately [...]

    4. Swankivy says:

      Truthfully I was happy that there was finally some history on Magician Humfrey. See, in all the previous books, if a character had a question or just wanted a quest, this was the process: go to Humfrey's castle, solve three challenges to get in the castle, ask the question, and get the answer. Lather, rinse, repeat. But Humfrey was always just kind of a pool of knowledge with no reason behind him. I liked the fact that Anthony decided to address this and give us some background on the old fella. [...]

    5. Kathryn says:

      The puns and reader-submitted ideas started to get really obnoxious in this book. Hah, started? Yes, well, I was able to get past them before. It's slightly overwhelming in this book, either because of the sheer AMOUNT of fluff (Including pages of loving descriptions of a woman's outfits, and a treacly poem from hell. I know Anthony has a lot of love for his fans and uses the things they send in with the best of intentions, but come ON) or because this is a super-fast review of the history of th [...]

    6. Barbi Faye (The Book Fae) says:

      A lot of previous Xanth ground was covered in this 14th Xanthy novel, but still worthy of a perusal! In this story we join Millie the Ghost and the Zombie Master's daughter, Lacuna, of the twins, needs counsel from the Good Magician. She is now 34 and feels as though she wasted her life. She seeks an answer to where she went awry ; she also uncovers what has happened to Humphrey! We get an overview of the true history of Xanth. We learn about the grumpy Good Magician from his POV. We learn about [...]

    7. Sarah J says:

      Xanth is a fantasy novel that is based almost entirely on wordplay, specifically puns. The series occupies a strange space between silly and weird. Anthony has some odd opinions on themes, such as sex, racism, prejudice, growing up, and the use of magic in everyday life. The writing vacillates between heavy-handed condescending to extended analysis of magic, science, and the application of the rules of Xanth. Some love it, some hate it; I personally thought it was a strange read but harmless, al [...]

    8. Magdalena says:

      Gave up two-thirds of the way through. I enjoyed the Xanth series when I was a teenager and I could more easily excuse the sexism, I guess. With so many stellar women writers of fantasy still to be read, I can't stomach the sexism in Piers Anthony anymore and I think this will be my last Xanth novel.

    9. Debra Meyer says:

      Some times I wonder if there is someone else writing some of these books in this series as it seems just a tad off, this was one of them. It was ok but a bit of a hard slog to get through

    10. Kaethe says:

      I think this is where I quit being amused. Although I would still recommend them to young readers, I wouldn't say they're brilliant, just fun enough for a voracious reader.

    11. Katherine says:

      I randomly felt an urge to re-read some Xanth books and I remember reading this before, but it's basically the book version of a clip show.

    12. Angel says:

      This book is basically a recap of all the other books to date. 1/4 of it was a new story.

    13. xenu01 says:

      oh good god, Piers. I read many of these as a hapless tween so I knew what I was in for, but basically rehashing all the books that came before for the last 3rd of the book? Come on.I don't come to Xanth for this. I come to it for the hilariously overblown misogyny and groan worthy puns. And mostly nostalgia.

    14. Rick says:

      This was a good story that was the backstory of Humphrey. It was in the same form as the rest of the series with plenty of puns.

    15. Lance Sherrill says:

      This was the first Xanth novel I ever read and it cemented my love of Xanth.

    16. Katie Anderson says:

      Aleays a silly quick read. Love Xanth stories.

    17. Julie says:

      What a bit of insane jumble! Lewis Carroll meets Terry Pratchett? Not quite but it was certainly different and mostly amusing. I strongly disliked the notion that women are dull and worthless if they are not married and they get old. But the whole book was full of crazy puns (like you should sleep on bedrock because its soft like a bed), metaphors and stereotypes (like women are allowed to be any age - it isn't lying and men can't think straight around a sexy woman) and the main character Lacuna [...]

    18. J Austill says:

      Here it is: the book you've all been waiting forMeh.I read the Xanth books from the beginning and one thing that I always thought that Piers should do is get a story arch which covered multiple books. That is what we got with the 'whatever happened to Humphrey?' plot which began in book 10 and stretched all the way to here. I gotta say, it really was not interesting enough to be drug that far.In Vale of the Vole, we simply find out that he isn't home and nobody thinks twice about it.In Heaven Ce [...]

    19. Blake says:

      I've thoroughly enjoyed every Xanth novel so far, but this one got a little tedious. Much of the book is about Magician Humfrey telling his history. I didn't have a problem with that. It was interesting to learn how some things in Xanth's past came to be. But then about 65 of the last 115 pages of the paper back edition of this book (I'm not sure there is a hardback edition) are used to summarize the last 13 books in the series. Some of it was some stuff you didn't get to see in the books from H [...]

    20. Don LaFountaine says:

      This was a wonderful book in the Xanth Series. All the books in the series, this one included, can be read by themselves, and the reader will be able to follow along. However, this is one of the few books in the series that should be read after reading the preceding books first. With all the juicy tidbits that are in this book, the review needs to be vague in order to preserve future reader's joy.This book starts with Lacuna, the daughter of Millie the Ghost and the Zombie Master, going to the G [...]

    21. Kirsti says:

      This is the story of Humfrey, once King of Xanth, now the Magician of Information. It covers quite a number of years, and many questions are answered about Xanth and characters from previous books. It also offers an insight into a character that has appeared in every book, that of Humfrey himself. Some readers have compared Humfrey to Piers himself, and I can see why. It really does feel as if he has a hand in everything, from major to minor characters, and a way of making everything turn out al [...]

    22. Julie Decker says:

      Magician Humfrey has been missing for a very long time, with several previous quests failing to find him. Where is he? And furthermore, WHY is he? In this volume, we learn how Humfrey came to be Humfrey, the story behind all of his wives (yes, multiple), and where he's been.The sheer volume of the puns in this one nearly drove me to madness. It was like someone had made a bet with Anthony that he couldn't use every single pun sent to him in the mail for the last year. Although it took fourteen v [...]

    23. Pj says:

      This book is the literary version of a clip show. Don't know how to fill the pages of your book? Just tell the previous stories over again in abridged versions. I understand a little recap to make sure new readers understand some obscure reference or minor character but this book just felt lazy to me. The actual story was fun, I enjoyed learning about Humfrey's youth and the ending was also interesting but it really seems like he mailed this one in. And the number of puns has reached critical ma [...]

    24. Andy says:

      Basically to me a review of the world of Xanth through the eyes of Magician Humphrey, although very cleverly done. I felt as if I was briefly touching on each book I had read in the Xanth series to this point. Anthony manages to basically bring all of the quests that require an Answer, and thus a year of service, through the perspective of Humphrey. Lacuna, one of the Castle Zombie twins, figures prominently in the end as she rescues Humphrey from Hell (literally) and learns his history as well. [...]

    25. Natalie says:

      Another great read! I've read this one before, but couldn't really remember much of it, probably because it recaps the previous books in the series, most of which I hadn't read the first time round!A recap style book, basically telling most of the previous books in brief from the point of view of Humfrey the magician of Information, it's a fascinating read, he has an interesting take on most of it!Great to finally know more about him too, learning his history, and bits of Xanth's history previou [...]

    26. Kitsune says:

      book #14 of 30+ in the Xanth series.I found out about piers anthony from my friend, she reads many of his books. I happened to find book #7 in this series, unaware of how many I would be commited to reading. I love the series, it has been an ongoig story, some of the books are "flashbacks". I am just lucky that he started writing these in the 70's and though he (I believe) is still writing them today, I have awhile to go before I catch up.

    27. Brianne says:

      Yet another Xanth goes by. The interesting story, of What has Magician Humphrey been up to? The story may get a little boring at times as Magician Humphrey summarizes all the happenings in Xanth during his lifetime. A long story, but one worthwhile. You find he's more involved in the story of Xanth than you would believe. Well, you have to believe it. Anyway Humphrey begins a young man like any other, and ages to become the gnomish being you recognize.

    28. Stephen says:

      For being the 14th or 15th book in the series, this basically serves as a quick rehash of the previous books plus some unknown parts (like Crombie being the son of Humfrey). The framing story is resolved in the final chapter and it's a quick and obvious story. Look, if you're reading the Xanth series still by this book, you know what the heck to expect and this book is all of that.

    29. Theresa says:

      I wish this book was more about Lacuna and her story and less about Humphrey but still I enjoyed seeing all of Xanth through his eyes. I really enjoyed all the different "romances" of the good magician but I liked the Gorgon the most. I think perhaps I was supposed to like Rose the best, but the Gorgon stole my imagination.

    30. Jeremiah Johnson says:

      I really liked the first part of this book dealing with Humfrey's back story. Then came the chapters retelling the earlier books in the series. While some parts were from a different perspective than was received in the original telling, most of them were just summaries of the books. I really didn't enjoy these chapters and they are what kept it from a 4 star book for me.

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