Edward B. Burger Michael Starbird
The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking
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The Elements of Effective Thinking The coauthors are mathematics professors Burger teaches at Wiliams College Starbird at The University of Texas at Austin Here they reveal the hidden powers of deep understanding earth failure fire

  • Title: The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking
  • Author: Edward B. Burger Michael Starbird
  • ISBN: 9780691156668
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The coauthors are mathematics professors Burger teaches at Wiliams College Starbird at The University of Texas at Austin Here, they reveal the hidden powers of deep understanding earth , failure fire , questions air , the flow of ideas water , and the quintessential element of change that brings all four elements together By mastering and applying these practicalThe coauthors are mathematics professors Burger teaches at Wiliams College Starbird at The University of Texas at Austin Here, they reveal the hidden powers of deep understanding earth , failure fire , questions air , the flow of ideas water , and the quintessential element of change that brings all four elements together By mastering and applying these practical and proven strategies, readers develop better thinking habits and learn how to create their own successes Brilliant people aren t a special breed they just use their minds differently By using the straightforward and thought provoking techniques in The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking, you will regularly find imaginative solutions to difficult challenges, and you will discover new ways of looking at your world and yourself revealing previously hidden opportunities.The book offers real life stories, explicit action items, and concrete methods that allow you to attain a deeper understanding of any issue, exploit the power of failure as a step toward success, develop a habit of creating probing questions, see the world of ideas as an ever flowing stream of thought, and embrace the uplifting reality that we are all capable of change No matter who you are, the practical mind sets introduced in the book will empower you to realize any goal in a creative, intelligent, and effective manner Filled with engaging examples that unlock truths about thinking in every walk of life, The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking is written for all who want to reach their fullest potential including students, parents, teachers, businesspeople, professionals, athletes, artists, leaders, and lifelong learners.Whenever you are stuck, need a new idea, or want to learn and grow, The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking will inspire and guide you on your way.

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      154 Edward B. Burger Michael Starbird
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    1 Blog on “The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

    1. Ken says:

      I found it insightful and important.1. Understand basic ideas deeply 2. Learn from mistakes3. Raise questions4. Follow flow of ideas5. Embrace change

    2. طارق says:

      So last year I finished reading The Six Thinking Hat… and this year I read The Five Elements of Effective Thinking… I guess Four more years are left to crack the code of the mindAlthough the book is about the mind, it’s far from being theoretical. As Goethe once said: knowing is not enough; we must apply The book is worthless unless you repeatedly practice each of the 5 elements. It’s basically a guide to develop certain habits. I found it useful as it reiterates some earlier knowledge a [...]

    3. Mathias Bear says:

      To say that this book is life-changing would be premature, but it wouldn't be hyperbole. I have not read a book that challenged me so deeply on so many levels in years. I have never rightly considered how I think before. Why do I think the way I do? It is a good and effective way of thinking? Is my thinking "style" one that will aid me or hinder me as I pursue a more fulfilling life?I have spent so much time thinking, searching, beating myself for answers to big questions Now, after reading this [...]

    4. Amir The Fat Bookworm says:

      A rather brief, yet inspired book which explains some of the most underrated methods of metacognition in the process of creation and learning. I would reread and work my way through each and every point and try to implement them one by one, as though they may look rather simple, but they are fundamental and can improve one's life drastically. I do not like the way the authors conducted the book. Though It was nicely structured and had great insights without any extra fuss, this book did not offe [...]

    5. Darian Onaciu says:

      This is one of those rare books I wish I've read many years ago.Why should you read this book?It condenses a toolkit of five principles which you can use to learn anything. Yes, that does sound incredible but the author's arguments are scientifically sound thus very convincing. I shall put their methods to test as I am currently scratching the surface of a challenging domain: programming.It's also a very short book so it eases its reread and applicability.The authors are two mathematicians but d [...]

    6. Jared says:

      1. Grounding Your Thinking 1. Understand simple things deeply 2. Clear the clutter - seek the essential 3. See what’s there 4. See what’s missing 5. Final Thoughts: Deeper thinking is better 3. Igniting Insights through Mistakes 1. Welcome accidental missteps-let errors be your guide 2. Finding the right question to the wrong answer 3. Failing by intent 4. Final Thoughts: A modified mind-set 5. Creating Questions out of Thin Air 1. How answers can lead to questions 2. Creating questions enli [...]

    7. Hussain AlMarkhi says:

      إستمعت الى هذا الكتاب في ما يقارب الـ3 ساعات وقد اعجبني كثيرا يربط العناصر 5 التي هي في العنوان ببعض مكونات الكرة الارضية1. الارض: يشير الكاتب الى التعمق وفهم الافكار بشكل عميق2. النار: قم بعمل اخطاء لا تجعل اهدافك تتحقق من اول محاولة ضع في الحسبان انه لديك 10 محاولات وفي المرة 10 [...]

    8. Mariah Burton Nelson says:

      This brief, highly readable book challenges readers on several fronts, and includes several good quotes:Picasso: I begin with an idea then it becomes something else." "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." Admiral Grace Murray Hopper"In a chronically leaking boat, energy expended to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks." – Warren BuffettThe five elements:1) Earth: Strive for Rock-Solid Understanding2) Fire: Fail and learn from mi [...]

    9. Ahmed Adel Sharf Aldin says:

      So insightful, extremely important, redicuously applicable

    10. Mason says:

      I would like to say "I already knew that" after reading this book, but that would not be true. Here is a distillation of some helpful tips on getting your mind right, acting on what you know, and never -ever- stop learning.

    11. Mario Tomic says:

      Finished reading this book recently, nothing really ground breaking but it's well put together in one single place so there is value into reading and reminding yourself of these concepts.The 5 elements from the book are:1. Understand Deeply, go for depth and make a rock solid base in anything you wanna achieve.2. Make Mistakes, correct solutions rarely come from the first attempt so be persistent and assume your gonna make mistakes.3. Raise Questions, be ready to challenge concepts and solutions [...]

    12. Atif Khojah says:

      Amazing you have to read it many times :)

    13. Serena Alibhai says:

      This book surprised me. I won this book from Good Reads and wasn't sure what it'd be like. I did think it sounded interesting though, which is why I entered the contest. I thought this book may be like others that I've read. But this was different and helpful. This book is simple, well written, and direct. The authors used quotes to illustrate ways to think and live and succeed effectively. The way they wrote it is like one of my favourite other books by Jack Canfield where he also talks about h [...]

    14. Janelle says:

      This book doesn't fall within my normal reading territory, but it's good to read outside the box sometimes. The book entered my radar because one of its authors (Burger) is my alma mater's new president. As others have stated, this is a quick read - but an engaging and pleasant one. Essentially, it's a book about how to think and learn better. It's a great choice for a new college student (any student, really), for teachers, and for anyone in a life transition. Okay, I guess it's good for anyone [...]

    15. Dave B. says:

      “The 5 elements of effective thinking” was a short 160+ pages. I was able to read the material in a day. The power of the text was in the fact that it was to the point and practical in nature. I have read several books related to critical thinking and Neuropsychology and this book provides a great summary of active thinking skills without an extra 500 pages of cognitive research history or case studies. I think linking key factors to critical thinking to classical concepts of natural element [...]

    16. Youghourta says:

      كتاب موجّه بشكل أساسي إلى طلبة الجامعات، رغم أن الأفكار التي فيه يُمكن تطبيقها بشكل عام على جميع مناحي الحياة.الكتاب يشرح منهاجية يُمكن لنا من خلالها التفكير وفهم الأمور التي تبدو ظاهريًا مُعقّدة أو تحتاج إلى جهد فكري عميق بشكل جيّد.الكتاب يركّز على النقاط الأساسية التالية: [...]

    17. Naomi Blackburn says:

      Although I found this book interesting, I did feel like it has been written multiple times before. I was taught these concepts in graduate school for my classes on leadership, so it truly was nothing new to me. However, it might be for the general public. In reality, these books are a dime a dozen. I do think that they author, with his math background, brought in an interesting approach, but it is still the same concepts.

    18. Surya Kumar says:

      This book is so practical how to think by comparing with 5 earth elements.1. Ground: Understand Deeply.2. Fire: Make Mistakes.3. Sky: Raise Questions.4. Water: Follow the Flow of Ideas.5. Change.A must read for everyone to enhance the way of thinking.

    19. Mark says:

      I don't know if the points in this little book will help me to think any better, but it gave me several ideas to teach better.

    20. kartik narayanan says:

      Read the full review at wp/p89tYT-agExtraordinary people are just ordinary people who are thinking differently – and that could be youWhat is the book about?“The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking” is written by Edward B. Burger and Michael Starbird, both of whom are professors of mathematics, authors of many articles and books and recipients of multiple awards including excellence in teaching.There are a couple of hypotheses that have gone into the motivation for ‘The 5 Elements of Effect [...]

    21. Sue Hilger says:

      Loved this have recommended it to my brother and will purchase as gifts to my family's younger generation. Lots of helpful - albeit obvious - advice, yet told in a way that resonates AND in a way that you can incorporate into your daily life.

    22. Teo 2050 says:

      95min@2x – 125min@1.5x. This was a lovely, lively little book on better problem-solving and learning by two math professors with the anecdotes & strategies often related to their classes or students. The narration was good & suitable for speeding up, and despite much of the advice & quotes being commonly shared, I found this to be an excellent package and, most importantly, dense enough for another listen whenever stuck on a(ny) problem or needing help internalizing the algorithms [...]

    23. Kenny says:

      Potentially life changing, because it takes its own advice to get at the fundamental ability we all have to think as human beings. While much of it rings true on that core level, so much so, I feel so inspired to want to change, and feel capable of doing so - the authors say it right there, and there are many inspirational stories and quotes, which you will need to get the book to enjoy - as a budding writer and psychologist, I want to get more of the ways that these lessons or pieces of advice [...]

    24. Tony says:

      I've read dozens of similar books, and whilst this one doesn't add much new, it neatly encapsulates a lot of basic thinking about thinking, pushing forward the core concepts that:* It's always possible to understand something more deeply* It's vital to make lots of mistakes along the way* You need to get much better at asking lots and lots of questions* Everything builds on previous ideas* The key to getting better is continuous constructive changeIt's short, easy to read, simple without being s [...]

    25. Blakely says:

      I quite liked this little book!I stumbled upon it as I was searching for another book in the library - Thinking Fast and Slow. TFAS happened to be located in a section of the library that I think must be named non-fiction books designed to interest Blakely, as almost every book in that section I had either already read and liked, wanted to read, or sounded really interesting. The title for this book and it's small size intrigued me so I picked it up. This book focuses on better ways to learn, cr [...]

    26. Ray Campbell says:

      This wasn't the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - my yardstick for such self improvement books. Perhaps I'm somewhat jaded. Having been in the education business for more than twenty years, I've looked at dozens of these kinds of books. Many have offered good ideas in digestible packages from which I have taken buzz words and concepts I've used. The problem with this book for me was that as I read, I found myself thinking "oh, that" which I already know and use.I did like the way the authors [...]

    27. Tales Untangled says:

      There are many self-help books that have been written to help us achieve success, however you may define success. The reason I found this book to be refreshing is because it is simple, uses common sense and sites specific patterns to follow.The 5 habits are attached to elements to make them easy to remember through association with a symbol.1 – Earth - Grounding your Thinking, Understand Deeply2- Fire – Igniting Insights through Mistakes, Fail to Succeed3 – Air – Creating Questions out o [...]

    28. Donald Plugge says:

      This would be a good book for students. A nice guide by professional teachers on how best to learn. The authors break the ideas down into the symbolism of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Earth refers to "Rock Solid Understanding" where the student figures out the big picture of what she is learning before driving into the details. Fire is Failure, failure is a good thing and teaches the student that progress is being made. Air represents Asking Questions (that analogy was a stretch, but it needed a [...]

    29. Bharat says:

      Very nicely organized book that tries to drive home point of these:1. Build up deep understanding of anything you are learning2. Make mistakes and learn from them3. Raise questions 4. Go forward and backwards in flow of ideas5. Continually change and adapt; iterate over ideas.This book also comes peppered with useful historical anecdotes and quotes and is very tiny, yet engrossing read. It is unfortunate that a lot of these approaches detailed in the book are not taught in the schools turning th [...]

    30. John Britto says:

      This is nice inspiring book which will help the anyone to make his vision come true in his life. Actually this is book mainly focuses on five things as the title itself conveys. The important things are (1) Understand deeply,(2) Make mistakes, (3) Raise questions, (4) Follow the flow of ideas and (5) Allow yourself to change. As the authors are the mathematic professors they correlate these five thing with Earth, Fire, Air, Water. That correlation and examples given to demonstrate that is really [...]

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