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Als geen ander
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Als geen ander Brooke de oudste dochter van de Baxters heeft het allemaal voor elkaar een geweldige carri re als kinderarts een geslaagde echtgenoot een prachtig huis en twee schatten van kinderen Als tijdens en

  • Title: Als geen ander
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley Marianne Grandia
  • ISBN: 9789029795852
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brooke, de oudste dochter van de Baxters, heeft het allemaal voor elkaar een geweldige carri re als kinderarts, een geslaagde echtgenoot, een prachtig huis en twee schatten van kinderen Als tijdens en kinderfeestje hun jongste dochter bijna verdrinkt, is Brookes succes ineens heel relatief Terwijl Hayley vecht voor haar leven, zijn haar ouders de wanhoop nabij Brooke zBrooke, de oudste dochter van de Baxters, heeft het allemaal voor elkaar een geweldige carri re als kinderarts, een geslaagde echtgenoot, een prachtig huis en twee schatten van kinderen Als tijdens en kinderfeestje hun jongste dochter bijna verdrinkt, is Brookes succes ineens heel relatief Terwijl Hayley vecht voor haar leven, zijn haar ouders de wanhoop nabij Brooke zoekt troost bij het geloof van haar familie, maar haar man Peter vervreemdt langzaam van alles en iedereen Komt Brooke de beproeving van haar leven te boven

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    1 Blog on “Als geen ander

    1. Kelly says:

      I love these books, I simply can't get enough of Karen Kingsbury. Doubt has a way of creeping into dark times, many times we all have doubts when things don't always go our way. Sometimes we wonder why that is but I believe it is the enemy. Luke, and Mr. Baxter have been through this and it was encouraging to see that I wasn't the only one. This book was full of great reminders to rejoice and be joyful in times of trials, this doesn't mean we're not sad or can't cry but to go through the pain wi [...]

    2. Cydnie says:

      Book #4 in the series focuses mainly on the oldest child, Brooke and her family. The other sibling's story lines continue side by side. I felt as though some plot lines concluded a bit quickly, while some others are being drawn out for quite a while. On the whole, I have enjoyed this series. A regular family facing what could be devatating problems and trials, and learning to rely on their faith to pull them through. My favorite quote from this book: "The 23rd Psalm says he'll walk with us throu [...]

    3. Diane says:

      I'm really enjoying this series and becoming quit vested in the Baxter family. I do need to take a break from these books from time to time though. This family goes through so much, it is just hard to absorb at times. I love the way they lean on Christ during each crisis and I love the bonds each member has with the others. The family dynamics are very believable.

    4. Tiffany says:

      With each book I read in the series, I get more and more hooked. Even though I know it's fiction, there's something refreshing and uplifting about reading about love and having God in the middle of it. I love the messages that these books give you.

    5. Sylvia says:

      I loved this book!! I am loving her books!! She really put me through a emotional rollar coster in this book!! It was sad at first!! But everything worked out!!

    6. Jeanne says:

      Rejoice - Karen KingsburyJust finished the 4th bookd once I stop crying for joy with such a beautiful endingI will be starting Reunion.Can't believe I'm almost finished the Redemption series it's been such an incrediable journey.Thank you Karen for giving us readers a place to run away too.

    7. Havebooks Willread says:

      I'm having a love/hate relationship with this series. I've decided it's kind of like a soap opera. I can't help caring about the characters and wondering what's going to happen next. It's not wonderful writing, it's sometimes downright cheesy, and I even skim read a page here and there, but yet I cried my eyes out when the precious little three-year-old was found at the bottom of the pool and the battle for her life began. It's escapist fiction, and I'll be reading the last book in the series to [...]

    8. Mayda says:

      This novel focuses on Haley’s accident and her parent’s reactions as they cope with the aftermath. Peter and Brooke separate, and Peter’s choices are also life threatening. In this installment, not only does God talk to Peter, so does Satan. But goodness triumphs over evil, and the extended Baxter family rallies to offer support. The most interesting characters are still the patients in the Alzheimer’s ward. This soap opera concludes in the next installment.

    9. Francis says:

      GOD is goodAs always another awesome read. I always enjoy your books. This book is just a reminder of what a big and wonderful God we serve. Even in the lowest valleys you can always find him right there to be whatever you need at that moment. Thank you Karen for giving us good clean books to read. God Is Good!

    10. Hephzibah says:

      Karen Kingsbury is an amazing writer. I don't know which I enjoyed better, the moments where I shed tears from absolutely connecting with the story or the moments of joy from the written words of hope. I didn't just read it, I learned from it and I loved every moment of it.

    11. Waggoner says:

      LoveA couple should celebrate their love for each other everyday! that is what I learned in this book, because life has its up and down and it's better to go through it with the other half than by ourselves.

    12. Rosslyn says:

      An easy read but not realistic enough in my opinion. Sadly things don't always turn out as well as these novels!

    13. Anne Marie says:

      This book primarily focused on Brooke and Peter and their two girls, Maddie and Hayley. Brooke and Peter’s marriage isn’t doing too well. Ever since Peter decided on his own to take Maddie to a specialist due to her recurring fevers, Brooke has felt like they rarely talk and are not happy. They take the girls to a swim party and unfortunately, Brooke gets called to the hospital. Peter is watching a baseball game with his friend, and when Brooke leaves, he is not really watching his girls. Wh [...]

    14. Rachel Anders says:

      While a relatively new Kingsbury fan; I have to agree with others when they say some plot lines are finishing in a hurry while others are drawn out. Either way the books are well written and the family is facing obstacles that any other family can face.

    15. Heatherhh says:

      Great writer in terms of characterization, dialogue, mood, etc except for the tendency to throw in events just for melodramatic effect. This series has so much that other than books #2 & #5, I'm not planning on rereading any. It's like every possible bad thing has to happen to this one family.Also with the jumping around between different characters, the main plot line suffered. You didn't really get a chance to feel about what was happening before you jumped somewhere else. It undercut the [...]

    16. Agibbs1978 says:

      Another amazing read about the Baxter family!!!! So glad a friend of mine told me about this series!!!

    17. Ann says:

      depressing book

    18. Sherry says:

      This is a great book!! Very emotional!! I highly recommend this book as well as the series!!

    19. Alexa says:

      Bittersweet. A book with hefty topics. Not for the faint of heart. But satisfying nonetheless.

    20. Rebecca Ray says:

      Brooke and Peter are struggling in their marriage. Between their busy careers, disagreements about the children, and their competitive career struggles, they aren't really speaking anymore. Into this disagreement, comes a horrible tragedy when their 3 year old spends 15 minutes underwater while under Peter's supervision. Haley fights for her life, and the rest of the Baxters rally around praying.Meanwhile, Peter is riddled with guilt. In that guilt, he distances himself from Brooke and their dau [...]

    21. Sharon Hart says:

      fantastic read!!!!

    22. Nicole Rezler says:

      At first I was not sure if I wanted to continue reading this book. Being a mom of younger children I found it hard to push through. I am sure glad I did though. This book was truly amazing!

    23. Amy Webb says:

      This one was hard to read. Too much of it was sad. It had a great ending but wish the ending would have come much sooner!

    24. Bonnie says:

      Fantastic and on to #5

    25. PJ says:

      Great ending to the Baxter series. I didn't want it to end. I feel like these people are REAL and I want to follow them the rest of their lives!!

    26. Kristie Moore says:

      love it!!!

    27. Shelly Kittell says:

      I am so fascinated by this series. Karen has fast become one of my favorite authors. in this 4th book of the series, you will experience all types of emotions. In the town of bloomington, we have tragedy, love, sadness, marriages, and health crisises. Yet through all this, the Baxter family remains firm in their belief in God. As I finished the book this evening, my favorite part is that Landon and Ashley are finally engaged. I have been rooting for them since the begging. You can't read this bo [...]

    28. Oni Pînzariu says:

      Am trecut mult mai greoi prin ea, nu știu de ce nu m-a prins atât de mult ca primele trei, dar a fost destul de ok.

    29. Tamara Tilley says:

      REJOICE, the fourth installment in the Reunion series had some definite highs, but also some lulls.Centering on yet another Baxter child, Brooke Baxter West’s once fairytale life is now nothing more than routine and lackluster. Her marriage to Peter has fallen into a dysfunctional pattern. Distance and aloofness seems to be all they have in common. But when every parent’s nightmare strikes, and their daughter, Hayley is fighting for her life, Brooke no longer focuses on her marriage. And for [...]

    30. Jodi says:

      This was the fourth book in the series. Ryan and Ashley were thinking it was finally time for them to be together. Not so. Ryan ended up in New York as a firefighter and Ashley stayed in Bloomington with her family and son and her job at the retirement home. Ryan was given a promotion and he accepted. This would keep him in New York longer than he originally planned. Ashley found out some bad medical news and so she really tried to stay away from Ryan and have him move on and find someone else. [...]

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