Joshua Pellicer
The Tao of Badass
March 04, 2020 Comments.. 624
The Tao of Badass Read The Tao Of Badass reviews from hundreds of members to see if Joshua Pellicer s international best selling seduction system can work for you Only buy The Tao Of Badass direct at thetaoofbadass for

  • Title: The Tao of Badass
  • Author: Joshua Pellicer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook
  • Read The Tao Of Badass reviews from hundreds of members to see if Joshua Pellicer s international best selling seduction system can work for you.Only buy The Tao Of Badass direct at thetaoofbadass for a 70% discount and 8 incredible bonus products including The Tao Of Badass 5 Week Body Language Mastery Badass Elite Members Area Bonus Area interviewsRead The Tao Of Badass reviews from hundreds of members to see if Joshua Pellicer s international best selling seduction system can work for you.Only buy The Tao Of Badass direct at thetaoofbadass for a 70% discount and 8 incredible bonus products including The Tao Of Badass 5 Week Body Language Mastery Badass Elite Members Area Bonus Area interviews and videos from the top seducers in the World All Four Bonus Books Escaping The Friend Zone, Monogamy vs Polyamory, Breaking Up Like A Man, Never Get Cheated On Unabridged Audiobooks of ALL Joshua Pellicer s books including bonus content Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3s powerful NLP Module One Hacking Attraction CourseAND Josh s World Famous 60 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee ONLY at thetaoofbadass.

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    1 Blog on “The Tao of Badass

    1. Miriam says:

      "Try the system risk free" he says, but will the author be around to protect you from physical violence by angry victims of your "seduction" attempts? I bet he will not.

    2. Jonny Gee says:

      Tao Of Badass is exactly that - totally BADASS! As a guy in my 30s recently out of a long relationship I had literally given up hope get the kind of action I used to get back when I was in college. Back then I guess you could say I was a natural - I could pick up a girl at least once a week and basically was having a ball!A long relationship totally destroys your mojo and suddenly being single again makes you totally repellent to women! I happened across Tao Of Badass and my God, did was this a [...]

    3. Trulee says:

      Is he serious? I hope he wrote this mainly to make money. Lol. I am the furthest thing from a feminist or anything like that, but this was awful. Call me crazy. But I would rather a guy to look at my eyes than my lips. I would rather a guy face me straight on and tell me an insecurity or make money (because despite what this guy says bitches SO love money) Rather than to listen to some book and make sure he is posing a certain way, acting a certain way and trying to fuck with my mind because som [...]

    4. Jermaine Mantle says:

      I read this book a long time ago but I've been a little bit reluctant to leave a review during that period as for some reason, the staff have a habit of going through and deleting the profiles of guys leaving good reviews here. Having seen this has hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews yet the top reviews are negative ones from people who clearly haven't read it, it's clear that something dodgy has been going on. I have seen positive reviews for this book that have been on for over 2 years suddenly [...]

    5. James Horn says:

      Some guys might crucify me for this review but so be it. I picked this book up out of curiosity. I will say that the book has some good self-help pointers and dips its toe in some psychology, but it also has a bit of a chauvinist overtone which was difficult to swallow. Some of the questions Mr Pellicer suggests you ask females sounded skeevy to me, and I wouldn't recommend actually using them. That said, this is a good read for a guy with no self confidence. If you are comfortable talking to wo [...]

    6. Adam West says:

      The Tao Of Badass has genuinely changed my life and although my story is a little embarrassing it does have a happy ending, so I'm not ashamed to share my experience here for those guys out there who can't just effortlessly get any woman they want. I had been in a 4 year relationship, my girlfriend started a new job working for a car manufacturer and basically 99% of her colleagues were guys. She started going out more and more and I never really felt welcome. I started to get a bad feeling that [...]

    7. Ash says:

      Seriously? This has 4.3/5 rating?I joined for the good reviews I found. Now this has made me a sceptic. If you have any sense of decency, please stay away from this and similar crap. And please fellow men, do not even entertain this ahle or any others like him with any kind of appreciation or praise. This guy does not deserve to be called even a decent human being, let alone a person.And all the ones rating 5 for this? Again, seriously?

    8. Rennegade Hunter says:

      I'm a girl, but this was wonderfully insightful as to how guys think we think.Although personally, I wouldn't recommend playing hard to get as a way to pick girls up. All the girls I know would hate having to do the work to initiate a relationship.

    9. Al-waleed Kerdie says:

      muahahahahahahaharfect advices

    10. Robert Horvat says:

      Changed my mind about relationships ! Everyone must read it ;)

    11. Ragy Nekhela says:

      really, I should have read that book decades ago. It's strongly recommended for any guy who really want to create love instead of falling in love unintentionally. Don't make luck decide whether you succeed or fail, just know what you must and must not do to create love and increase your chances of winning the girl of your dreams. Creating love is like a long process and in every step there are many things you must know about to go to the next level of the relationship. First there is the attract [...]

    12. Assem Abdel basset says:

      I started reading this book believing it's completely wrong finished it being a complete bad-ass in different social domains I got a girl and I know how to handle the relation from the attraction to marriageThis is the way to become a bad-ass in work , in college , with your boss , with your colleagues , with your teachers A way to handle your life and take the road to success and goals achievement

    13. Michael says:

      An effective look into female psychology in relation to meeting women/socializing, as well as giving you insight into how self-confidence projection affects female impressions and your appeal to the fairer sex.

    14. Dave Visaya says:

      a teen or young adult support for Deida's book

    15. Veselin Nikolov says:

      Кратко и по същество. Хареса ми.

    16. Anand Roy says:

      awesome book

    17. Zoltán Kelemen says:

      Sometimes you gotta pay the devil your due I guess and a few days ago I followed up on some advertorial and got the "book" it was touting. (Never bothered to actually pay for it though, so let's just say I have "found" it on the net :) ) It seems that even admitting to reading a self-help book is already kinds of lame, especially a thinly veiled chauvinist dating advice book, but at the end of the day I don't think what you occasionally read defines you, but instead you can pick all the good bit [...]

    18. John Richard says:

      It's a really great book. I was at a low point in my life when i found it and thank god i did. The promoting video is a bit weird and might discourage some people from reading it. It would be a mistake not to check it out though, has so much value and can help those not so natural with women. It actually inspired me to start a review site for dating products with this being my first subject.I try to write mostly about the good ones but also mention scams. Check it out here if you are interested: [...]

    19. Jake Young says:

      Tao Of Badass is easily the best dating/seduction guide available. Crucially, it covers all the knowledge and techniques you'll find in all the most popular programs, so really is a one stop shop. Definitely a game changer for me, haven't looked back. Really recommend it.

    20. Bladimir Ramirez says:

      this book works, if you work. The book gives you great guidelines but some is just expanded to explain if you get lost. I recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to talk to girls and get a girlfriend.

    21. Vinh Nguyen says:

      A friend asked me "who you want to talk to?" I said "cool people". But I find my best friend in a non-cool style. I already change some posture after I read this book, It's good though quite arrogance. May be it help you to success with woman but isolate you with social.

    22. Krunal Dhavle says:

      i really liked it,coz it was straight to the point. Really helpful for beginners, a must read for guys.

    23. Miroslav Ante says:


    24. James Olal says:

      Know that I have this knowledge let me apply it and see if it works

    25. Maria Pettiford says:

      Amazing work. Liked it a lot. Highly recommended literature. Visit also the following page essayclick/blog/interview

    26. Василије Шепецан says:

      Really awesome content, you won't become badass over night, but you immediately see improvement, it really helped me!

    27. Christian Diaz says:

      I picked up this book with the intention of reading about a sort of sociology, something I find very interesting. The most intriguing part of this book has to be where Joshua explains the levels of cooperation/ insecurities of other men in a social environment. Practically, these levels explained that ten being the best is when a man engages his fellow men and cooperates (giving complements, humorous, supportive) with them when women are present. As opposed to the insecure man puffing his chest [...]

    28. Carlo Zebedee says:

      This is one of the books that I have read which bolsters up my self-worth. This is a great program for those who have low self esteem and how they can manage it but WHOA!!! Wait, this program treats women as things not as a person. If you treat women as things, well you are a bit in trouble. So my advice is read this program at your own risk

    29. Raul Luna says:

      The info this book gives works. However, it's not full proof as he claims. Non if the advice he gives is new to someone who is good at picking up girls. And his claims that girls don't really like good-looking, well-built or rich guys is a out right lie. Girls love them. But like I said, the advice he gives is good.

    30. Abdulaziz says:

      Just like most best sellers this book is shallow, too obvious and highly uneducating, what do you consider yourself a 5/6 how about a 10 ch non sense is what this book is all about.if you want to pick up more woman just trust yourself and know that you won't get a yes before getting a series of no

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