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The Legacy
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The Legacy What has happened to Ingrid Beautiful Ingrid inherits a fortune She leaves her friends Julia and Ralph who loves her to marry the cold and intellectual Gil Grey and start a life amid the New York ar

  • Title: The Legacy
  • Author: Kirsten Tranter
  • ISBN: 9780857380623
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • What has happened to Ingrid Beautiful Ingrid inherits a fortune She leaves her friends Julia and Ralph, who loves her, to marry the cold and intellectual Gil Grey and start a life amid the New York art scene At 9 a.m on September 11, 2001, she has a downtown appointment with her financial advisor And is never seen again A year later Ralph, heartbroken and sick, sendsWhat has happened to Ingrid Beautiful Ingrid inherits a fortune She leaves her friends Julia and Ralph, who loves her, to marry the cold and intellectual Gil Grey and start a life amid the New York art scene At 9 a.m on September 11, 2001, she has a downtown appointment with her financial advisor And is never seen again A year later Ralph, heartbroken and sick, sends Julia to New York to piece together Ingrid s life away from them Nothing will prepare Julia for what she ultimately discovers.

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    1 Blog on “The Legacy

    1. Blair says:

      It's a little disconcerting that the plot summary on the jacket of The Legacy, and even the tagline on the cover ('what has happened to Ingrid?'), give away key points of the book's plot before you've even begun reading. The blurb describes this as a story about a young Australian woman, Ingrid, who goes missing in New York on 9/11, and the search undertaken by her two best friends, Julia (the narrator) and Ralph, to uncover the truth of what really happened to her. While it's true that this for [...]

    2. Astrid says:

      *May contain spoilers* *May ramble*This is a difficult book to review. And I'm going to start by saying that I think the reason I initially gave The Legacy four stars instead of five is more to do with the main character, Julia, than the writing. I love the writing and the structure, and the setting (the setting!) and the ending (the ending!).Julia isn't so much a character as a human. Which is what we want in writing, right? And by the end of the book I really loved her. But most of the time I [...]

    3. Deborah Biancotti says:

      I wasn't sure what I thought of this book, and then I read Peter Craven's review in 'The Monthly' where he calls it a "crypto-mystery novel rather haphazardly linked to an allusive literary novel" and I admit now I know what I thought of this book. Initially I was kinda confused because I'd gone into the book thinking it was a mystery: a conclusion I'd built from the back cover blurb & the apparent subtitle on the front ("What has happened to Ingrid?"). But it's not a mystery. Instead I was [...]

    4. Lisa says:

      The Legacy, by Kirsten Tranter, was longlisted for the 2011 Miles Franklin. It’s an accomplished debut novel in many ways, but it failed to engage me in a sustained way. I read about 50 pages of it, put it aside, and forgot about it until I realised it would soon be due back at the library. And then I had to start again because I couldn’t remember what it was about.Like Henry James’ A Portrait of a Lady, the novel from which the plot is derived, it’s more of a meditation than a page-turn [...]

    5. Karen says:

      I liked this book despite its flaws. I liked the main character and I liked the story. I was very curious about the ending and was mostly satisfied with it. I agree with others who wrote about feeling frustrated: why did Julia take months to ask questions that were so obvious to the reader? It seemed to be a plot device to add suspense, but just ended up being frustrating to read. Some of the writing was beautiful, but it often felt the author was trying too hard to be intense and deep. The desc [...]

    6. Steve lovell says:

      You remember where you were when you heard of them – events so momentous you just know the world would never be the same again. For the Kennedy assassination I was asleep, woken by a teary mother with the sad news. For the death of Elvis, on my birthday I might add, I was enjoying a celebratory sudsy bath, but that soon changed when the radio told me of his untimely passing. With Whitlam's dismissal, I had just come off class for the morning break when a teaching colleague, heading out to play [...]

    7. Christy says:

      I didn't read all of this, but enough to conclude that it's not for me. I found the writing a bit on the dull side and the characters profoundly uninteresting. I had great intentions of finishing it in time for book club, but after reading the first 30 to 50 pages, I found myself choosing to do just about anything other than read this book. I made a strong push the day before and slogged through to the beginning of Julia's New York investigation (where the book *finally* seemed to be picking up [...]

    8. Janine says:

      This is a long book – 438 pages- but I didn’t find that it dragged. The first 2/3 of the book reminded me of an Antipodean Brideshead Revisited or Great Gatsby, with the outsider narrator watching wealthy people living out their greed and insecurity. There is an artificiality and staginess to the lives of these wealthy and ruthless people, and the glamour of the New York art scene does not disguise the curdled ugliness of these so-called ‘ beautiful people’. The last 1/3 of the book took [...]

    9. Benni says:

      Thanks to the publisher and for the free review copy.The Legacy focuses on Julia, Ralph, and Ingrid, three (sometimes) close friends. When Ingrid disappears in New York after the events of 9/11, Julia heads to the Big Apple to investigate.This book is an homage to The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James; Ingrid's situation mirrors in part Isabel's in Portrait. It's quite a high order for one's first novel to be inspired by a classic work, but the author's literary background certainly explains th [...]

    10. Sam Still Reading says:

      The Legacy by Kirsten Tranter. It has one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve seen. But the content is disappointing. The plot is good- girl goes missing in New York on September 11, 2001- or does she? But it doesn’t seem to execute itself well- jumping back and forth in time, vaguely alluding to events and skipping large chunks of time. After 150 pages, I gave up and read the last chapter. I still can’t tell you exactly if Isabel was killed, disappeared or simply never existed- but I don’t [...]

    11. Oanh says:

      I am mostly likely going to fail to do this novel justice, but I also feel that I need to write about it now, rather than in a few days time when it will be driven out of my mind by the myriad distractions life currently presents me with.This novel was almost meditative, aching with its drawn out story of seeking answers to the mystery of "What happened to Ingrid?" (the tagline on the front cover, although I must say my initial reaction to that was: why do I care?). I rather like novels about no [...]

    12. Amy says:

      I stayed up too late semi-finishing this book,,,,I should have know when I was a few chapters in to put it aside! It had an interesting premise-3 old friends, one missing after 9/11, and the one goes to NYC to search for clues about her life since they had lost touch. But the writing was a bit confusing, sometimes I had to reread to see when something was happening or even what was happening. I never really connected with the characters, either. I ended up skimming the end to see what happened, [...]

    13. Sue Gray says:

      Don't know how this novel got so many rave reviews - I found it very long winded and couldn't engage with any of the characters at all - I put it down after a hundred pages as I really didn't care what happened. I don't like bagging Australian authors but it was just boring.

    14. Teena says:

      This is an introspective look at relationships and how friendships can be ruined when sex is involved. Not a huge story but a very intense one. It turns into a mystery and I won't spoil it by telling you the result.I really enjoyed it.

    15. Margaret says:

      I really enjoyed this book and was sorry to come to the end. I found it a well-crafted story and wonder whether there might be a sequel on the way?

    16. Suzie says:

      I have to say I didn't enjoy this book. I didn't care about the characters or what happened to them. I can not recommend this book.

    17. Sally Ewan says:

      Vacation-type book. Wasn't particularly gripping. I'm tired of the pale sickly homosexual character that women can't resist. Do they want to have sex with him or provide nursing care?!?!?

    18. Cheyenne Johnson says:

      A beautiful novel. I didnt realise its relevancy to September 11 until the last few pages. Loved it

    19. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

      Julia is a student at the University of Sydney; to help pay her way, she works part-time at a video shop in Kings Cross, which is where she meets Ralph, another student, who becomes her best friend. Julia's love for Ralph is almost instant and unrequited - Ralph, bisexual at the best of times, sees her only as his friend and confidante. The two are close until the arrival of Ingrid, Ralph's cousin from Perth. She and her model sister, Victoria, are recently orphaned and Ingrid has come to live w [...]

    20. switterbug (Betsey) says:

      Every now and then, a novel comes along that is addicting. Nothing else gets done. Dinner gets burned, if it is even made, phones aren't answered, and appointments are canceled. This is one of those novels. It is seductive, darkly sexual, haunting, and even frightening. You start waiting for the penny to drop, as the pages keep turning and the clues keep mounting. This is one very hypnotic novel.After an enigmatic prologue, this noirish book opens in Sydney, Australia. The narrator, Julia Alpers [...]

    21. Jacqueline King says:

      This book was a bundle of conflicts. The first 180 pages were pretty good reading and I was preparing for a three star book. I liked Ingrid the most, her free spirit and delicate nature ensuring she was entertaining at all times. I didn't care for Julia, who seemed a closet goth, always slightly depressed and angst-ridden for no good reason. I particularly didn't like Ralph; there's just something so sad and pathetic about a man mooning after a girl who doesn't even know he exists. Part two of t [...]

    22. Amanda Hampson says:

      Set in Sydney and New York the story revolves around the complicated relationship between three friends and the subsequent disappearance of one of them. Ralph, Julia and later Ralph’s cousin, Ingrid, are pulled romantically in opposing directions; Ralph longs for Ingrid, Julia for Ralph. Nevertheless all three are close friends until Ingrid inherits a fortune, goes on a trip and falls for American art dealer Gil Grey. Grey’s daughter, Fleur, is a former child prodigy revered by the art world [...]

    23. Cupcakencorset says:

      A sensitive, nuanced look at various shades of love and friendship, this novel is set in Australia and in New York City, in the year before and one year after the 9/11 attacks. The timing is a key element in the story's plot, but the story doesn't feel exploitative of the pain engendered by that event. Rather, it draws from the narrative possibilities that a cataclysm can present to a writer and to a character. The characters are not all sympathetic or well-rounded, although I quite enjoyed Juli [...]

    24. James says:

      A literary novel that borrows elements from Portrait of a Lady and The Big Sleep sounds a bit too literary and not very novel. But The Legacy isn’t all gong and no dinner. At the heart of the story is Ingrid, a luminescent lovely from Western Australia. Ingrid charms everyone on the Sydney scene, from her bisexual cousin Ralph and family friend Julia right down to Racer, the grumpy greyhound. But when a high-flying art collector suddenly whisks the pretty heiress off to New York, Ralph's suspi [...]

    25. Lara Morgan says:

      What happened to Ingrid? Centres around the narrator, Julia, who is adrift in her life and in unrequited love with her friend Ralph, the son of a wealthy Sydney family. Old money and aged leather sofas abound. Ingrid is Ralph's cousin who comes to stay and they form an odd threesome. Ingrid is part Grace Kelly, part Hitchcockian heroine. Blonde, beautiful, above average intelligance yet surreal in a way with an odd naivity. Then Ingrid comes into a large inheritance and goes to New York, meets a [...]

    26. Carla Ford says:

      Great novel about the mysteries of friendship and love. Julia and Ralph have been best friends for some time as students in Sydney. When Ralph's cousin Ingrid comes to live with Ralph's family, both Ralph and Julia are meeting her for the first time. Jealous of the bond Ralph and Ingrid form, Julia still can't help being drawn to Ingrid, and the three form a friendship that lasts until Ingrid marries and moves to New York. Although Ingrid disappears in the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center, [...]

    27. Julie says:

      It is starting very slowly. Hope it picks up the pace pretty soon! It did. I ended up enjoying it very much. The start was slow for me because it began with the development of the three main character's friendships, and I couldn't relate, since my life experiences were so different, not going to college, never experimenting with drugs, and so forth. Once the book settled into the quest to come to terms with the disappearance of Irene, it became more interesting to me and I wanted to know more.wh [...]

    28. Carolyn Mck says:

      This is another impressive first novel by an Australian writer. The story is about a talented young Australian woman who inherits a multimillion dollar legacy from her uncle. She enters an unhappy and violent marriage in New York and is subsequently listed as missing presumed dead in the September 11 attacks. I enjoyed the first half of the book although sometimes it was a bit slow and I felt I knew where it was headed. Would there be enough substance for another 250 pages? But because of the qu [...]

    29. Dawn says:

      Oh I don't know, maybe a 2, yet I had to finish it. So maybe a 3. I broke my own rule about giving up if I still wasn't hooked by page 100. This is a story told by Julia featuring Ingrid who moves from Australia to NYC to marry a man, then disappears on 9/11/01. Julie works to figure out what happened. It took to page 160 to even get to 9/11/01d it was after page 400 (of a 417 page book) that it became clear what really happened. So I guess it's a mystery novel. I think it could have been done i [...]

    30. Elizabeth Whitehead says:

      Kirsten Tranter’s takes us back and forth from Australia to New York City in the lives of three close friends. Friends that at times aren’t really sure how they feel about each other and have trouble expressing themselves to each other. She shows the differences between people that have money and don’t have to work and ones that sometimes struggle with paying the bills. How people take advantage of their circumstances in life and how they don’t really see that money isn’t always the an [...]

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