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Sugar is Sweet
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Sugar is Sweet Sugar Is Sweet A Collection of Short Stories Playing for Keeps Sometimes a mother daughter bond can be so close that it kills Loved Being loved is sometimes a fairy tale sometimes a nightmare It al

  • Title: Sugar is Sweet
  • Author: Carrie Green
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • Sugar Is Sweet, A Collection of Short Stories Playing for Keeps Sometimes a mother daughter bond can be so close that it kills Loved Being loved is sometimes a fairy tale, sometimes, a nightmare It all depends on who falls in love with you Christmas In Stripes An ex con spends his first holiday back home with his family and realizes that you can never go home again.

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    1. Tia Bach says:

      Rating: 4.5 starsThis short story collection starts with Playing for Keeps, an eerie and unsettling story about Dawn, a little girl with an abusive mother. I cringed most of the tale, realizing what a delicate relationships mothers and daughters have and how easily a mother can use that bond to an unfair advantage. My heart broke while I was internally screaming at the story, hoping Dawn could hear me and have courage. (I’m praying for a cushion for her journey’s end.)Then, we move into Love [...]

    2. Frank Poe says:

      If you're a fan of my twisted tales then you're going to love Carrie Green. A writer after my own heart, I enjoyed the trilogy of eBooks immensely. Originally only planning to review Roses Are Red, I quickly decided to purchase all three eBooks, and I was not disappointed. She always starts you right in the action and paints a vivid picture with her words.Sugar Is Sweet is another trilogy of short which starts with Playing for Keeps about a little girl in an all too real situation. Sometimes an [...]

    3. Gerald McFarland says:

      A compelling theme of family conflict runs through "Sugar is Sweet," a collection of short stories from Carrie Green. The first story, "Playing for Keeps," conveys throughout a sense that something really bad could happen at any moment to Dawn, a four-year-old who's playing with Lonnie, an older girl. The way Green ends the story has an effect not unlike the sinking feeling one gets from being in an elevator as it starts downward abruptly. Then in "Love" the protagonist, Nick Goggins, finds hims [...]

    4. Sheila says:

      Sugar is sweet, but Carrie Green's short stories are tinged with the salt of love, imagination and tears, a whole wealth of flavors waiting underneath. Memories ache to be told in this collection, driving characters as diverse as a scared little girl and rejected adult son.In Playing for Keeps, a small child watches her parents' play, imagining personal meaning behind her father's cruelty. Then she plays pretend with a friend. Sweet contrasts are pervaded with haunting fear as the child's worlds [...]

    5. Gae-Lynn Woods says:

      I'm leaving one review for ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, and SUGAR IS SWEET simply because I devoured them in one sitting and the stories have come together as one book in my mind.Green's raw talent shines through in these collections and she does a great job of building suspense. Her characters - sometimes creepy, sometimes disturbingly normal - are people we all know, her descriptions of places detailed enough that you can see, smell, and taste them, and both aspects of her writing make the [...]

    6. Mark Souza says:

      Sugar is Sweet is a trio of disquieting short stories offered up by author Carrie Green, who quickly shows readers sugar is not always sweet. At the heart of each is a twisted family dynamic gone horribly wrong. The characters are believably drawn, and contain family interplay that rings true if not a bit disturbing. Most of us know families like these - train wrecks in progress.The story “Playing for Keeps,” involves a family in conflict and a young child caught in the middle, and then the [...]

    7. Carrie Green says:

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