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Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini
March 14, 2020 Comments.. 598
Why Do Men Have Nipples Hundreds of Questions You d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini The Why Do Men Have Nipples Calendar returns for Based on the New York Times bestsellers Why Do Men Have Nipples and Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex this truly engrossing calendar features hun

  • Title: Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini
  • Author: Mark Leyner Billy Goldberg
  • ISBN: 9780752879697
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Why Do Men Have Nipples Calendar returns for 2008 Based on the 1 New York Times bestsellers Why Do Men Have Nipples and Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex this truly engrossing calendar features hundreds of answers to those odd and embarrassing medical questions you just can t bring yourself to ask the doctor Such as Why does the bed spin after a long night aThe Why Do Men Have Nipples Calendar returns for 2008 Based on the 1 New York Times bestsellers Why Do Men Have Nipples and Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex this truly engrossing calendar features hundreds of answers to those odd and embarrassing medical questions you just can t bring yourself to ask the doctor Such as Why does the bed spin after a long night at the bar And Can you actually explode from eating too much It s rare, but stomach rupture from overeating has happened Plus pop quizzes, jargon, On This Day, quotes, Disease of the Month, DIY medical procedures, and .

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    1 Blog on “Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini

    1. Mariah says:

      This book is full of weird questions and myths. The author is a doctor who explains why some things happen and why some things are myths. The book is a good sense of humor. However, I listened to this on audiobook and it was read by the author and he was monotoned the whole time. I really struggled through this book.

    2. Ryan says:

      You know, this book is funny. Leyner is writing it. Therefore it is funny. It is really a 3 star book. But I'm punishing it with one star. Why?Leyner is a modern genius. Tetherballs at Bougainville is a masterpiece. My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist is also a masterpiece. I waited SEVEN long years for him to write something else. Seven long years of silence. But market forces or focus groups or the Devil himself or Americans with hunger for medical trivia have responsibility for this book where a [...]

    3. Lain says:

      Did I miss something here? I read the whole book (okay, ALMOST the whole book -- I admit I skipped over the nonsensical instant messaging transcipts that seem to make up the bulk of the text, as well as the silly chapter intros) and I wasn't floored. Or even wowed. Or even that impressed. There's nothing in this book that you can't find out on your own with an Internet hookup and a brain cell or two to rub together. Most of it is rehashed medical journal articles, and the rest is puffery. And a [...]

    4. Elizabeta says:

      Funny, fun and informative!

    5. Shannon says:

      Totally lame. I thought it would be interesting. But mostly they just ask a bunch of interesting questions and manage to make the answers boring. Probably because a lot of the time the answer is like "we aren't sure" and then they make some smarmy dick jokes about it. They are like unclever fratboys (is this redundant?). And they are adults (one is a doctor, allegedly), so it's even more unnaceptable. I'm not even giving this non-fiction shelving because, it was mostly just smarm-tastic commenta [...]

    6. Julie (jjmachshev) says:

      I picked this book up a couple of years ago because the title was just too good to pass up. "Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini" was a quick and hilarious read. Fascinating questions like "Why does sweat stink and stain?" and "Why do people seem more attractive to you when you are drunk?" are just two of the burning questions presented. Surprisingly enough, the answers (OK MOST of the answers) are truly given from the medical point of [...]

    7. Stephanie says:

      I was disappointed with this book. I'd heard it was so funny, and had some sort of wisdom or at least interesting information. NPR adored it, of course. I don't think the two authors are funny at all, especially the "gross" stuff (see the recipe for snot); a lot of the questions were idiotic (Can you die from chasing pop rocks with coke) or not compelling (who, when they have a doctor all to themselves at a party for a half hour or so, would really choose to ask Should you starve a fever and fee [...]

    8. Trevor says:

      I hadn’t realised it when I started reading this, but I know Mark Leyner. He is the guy who wrote The Tetherballs of Bougainville, a book that is quite unlike any other. I have never written a review of it, I think I would need to read it again to do that. The problem is that I doubt I could ever do it justice. It is very funny, even if it is a deeply strange book. This book is a collaboration between Leyner and a doctor called Billy Goldberg. The impression given (and I guess the running joke [...]

    9. C.C. Thomas says:

      Normally, this is the kind of book I love. Weird trivia, weird humor--what's not to love. But, in the end it wasn't all that funny. The trivia wasn't very fascinating. That just leaves weird.I absolutely hated the format of this book. At the beginning of each chapter, the two co-authors have printed a transcript of their instant messaging. I suppose that might be a good idea if they discussed writing the book or wrestling with which trivia to include but many of the transcripts read like this: " [...]

    10. Christina White says:

      Hilarious!While reading this book I found my self thinking about the most ridiculous things (mostly about how funny it would be if farting was contagious) and laughing out loud all alone like a crazy person. To explain the contagious fart fantasy (fantasy is totally the wrong word here!) hahaha but anyway a section was trying to explain why yawns were contagious and then listed several things that we should be very happy are NOT contagious and farts was the one that stood out to me haha. This bo [...]

    11. Bobby says:

      I'm resigned to the fact that I'll go to my grave not knowing the answers to certain mysteries of life, e.g how did GW get elected the second time, what kind of childhood trauma leads to one enjoying foie gras ice cream, and so on. Add to this list the fact that there are 200+ people on who gave this book 5 stars, i.e they thought this book was "amazing." Well, I found this book amazingly bad. The most interesting aspect of the book: the questions. The answers are so-so. But the most annoying p [...]

    12. Amer Alkharoubi says:

      طبيب وكاتب يجيبون عن ١٠٠ سؤال من الاسئلة التي لا ادري ما اوصفها لكن تقع في مثل عنوان الكتاب او مثل هذه:- لماذا البصل يدمع العيون؟- هل الشوكلاته تسبب حب الشباب؟- هل فرقعة الاصابع مؤذية وتسبب الامراض؟باختصار تستطيع القول انها مقولات واسئلة متفرقة مجتمعة في كتاب بطريقة عفوية وم [...]

    13. Derek Emerson says:

      A great concept gone bad. The authors think they are hilarious -- they are not. They are often so busy laughing at themselves they take forever to get to the answer. Then the answers are short, very medical, and not always helpful.

    14. Al Young says:

      I read the sequel to this book, Why do Men Fall Asleep During Sex when it came out in 2006. I always meant to come back to this one (published in 2005) but never did. Asleep I bought as an airport book as both books had been huge smashes and I only at that time put together it was that Mark Leyner.Leyner put out a couple of novels and some short story collections in the 90s which made it look like he was going to be one of the premier writers of his time (and I think it is still fair to say he i [...]

    15. Kelly says:

      This is perfectly fine for what it is. Most of these questions are not ground breaking so I didn't really learn any new information and I found the humor a little bit ridiculous, even for me.

    16. Justine says:

      Note subtitle: questions you'd only ask your doctor after your third martiniThe first time I saw this book, I was legitimately curious about the answers. After finally getting around to reading it, I am sad to say I was disappointed on many levels:- the questions asked were kind of lame, and most of them (including the title question) have already been answered by the most wonderful source of knowledge, howstuffworks' podcasts. I did however get a few things cleared up, like what foods cause wha [...]

    17. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

      There are not "hundreds" of questions in this book. At most, a few dozen.The answers are neither detailed nor interesting. You can find out much more just using Google.The authors claim to be a doctor at "a well-known teaching hospital" (yeah? Which one? And if you really are, why not name it?) and a "successful" screenwriter (whose TV series was cancelled after episode three).As for "humour"--well it left me cold. I didn't smile even once. Their idea of "humour" seems to be strictly middleschoo [...]

    18. Mary JL says:

      A trivia book with facts mostly relating to medical matters. Some questions are interesting---It is bad to crack your knuckesl? Are yawns contagious? Does marijuana really help glaucoma---and some are less so. Of course, each reader may find their own likes and dislkies among the questions.You can skip the parts where the two authors are talking to each other--it is supposed to be funny and is not.A mildly interesting, odd book--worth skimming through once Might make a cute gag gift for any frie [...]

    19. Linas Jakucionis says:

      1. A list of factoids with minor explanations (may be interesting to a lot of people) - alrightish (3 stars out of 5)2. Humor in the explanations - so so.3. Fillers: description of a party and chat logs - did not add absolutely anything to the book.

    20. Gwen Bartlett says:

      We had to read a humorous book for Book Club, so I read this one. Question and answer format about all of those weird things you have heard about your health. Is that really true? Some yes, some no. It was a quick read with some interesting info. You could read one page or a whole chapter.

    21. عباد ديرانية says:

      When I read the negative reviews about this book on , I expected something much worse than what I actually got. Apparently, most people grab this book expecting a comedy experience mixed with few funny/bizarre medical facts, but they get disappointed finding out that the narrative is plain science. I don't personally care if the answers for the book's questions seems boring or unsatisfying for some people, all that matters is that they are completely scientifically accurate. Since the questions [...]

    22. Nicole says:

      As a physician, I read this book because I have to agree with much of what the authors suggest - folks tend to ask doctors very strange questions when they are intoxicated, especially when they are not actually in the doctor's office or at the hospital but instead at a party. I personally have been asked many of the questions put forth in this book so it was amusing to see other similar inquiries. Most of the time the answers brought back hazy memories of first and second years of medical school [...]

    23. Sowmya says:

      Lordy Lord! The doubts that people get! The way to read this book is: first recollect all those little wisdoms your parents or grandparents imparted, and you believed to be true even though somewhere inside you a little voice reasoned otherwise “Don’t swallow the seeds or your stomach will grow trees” etc. Look them up in the index to see if they are listed and go directly to that page, You have waited this longyou shouldn't wait another second to see whose side Mark Leyner and Dr.Billy Go [...]

    24. Maria (Ri) says:

      I saw this in the Medicine Book Box and couldn't remember if I had read it or not. I read lots of books of this type whenever I come across them. As I started reading it though, I realized that I had read it several years ago when it came out when I was in naturopathic medical school. I did give it another read because it was quick and I find this type of info really interesting. Like Hyphen, I found the chatter mostly annoying and extraneous. Some of the questions and answers were quite informa [...]

    25. Alyson says:

      this book came about because a doctor noticed that everytime he went to a party and people found out he was a physician, they would ask very embarrassing or intimate questions that they were affraid to ask their own doctor. so, he teamed up with a writer and answered all of the crazy questions people wanted to know but were too affraid to ask until a few martinis later.why do old people grow hair in their ears?how do poeple in wheelchairs have sex?why does asparagus make my pee smell?is sperm nu [...]

    26. Avel Rudenko says:

      This is the kind of book I love. Short and pithy tidbits of arcane and esoteric knowledge. Except I didn't. This book repeatedly brought to mind Woody Allen's disparaging line about a restaurant, "The food stinks and the portions are small." The content wasn't very good, and I can't say I wish there had been more, but wow, were there very few words on these very small pages, and even then, those words were just not very interesting. Smarmy, condescending, dull, irritating, and utterly pointless, [...]

    27. George Wani says:

      Strange things people want to know but are too embarrassed to bring them up during their hospital visit suddenly becomes an appropriate topic outside a hospital setting when you share a drink with a doctor. To quote from the introduction " The sad fact is that one of the medical establishment great shortcomings is it's failure to teach what the general public wants to know about medicine " with that said, these questions are best answered under drunken haze where it poses no direct risk to harm [...]

    28. Kate says:

      Very much along the lines of Father Knows Less, which I read earlier this year, Mark Leyner who is a writer and Billy Goldberg, a doctor, set forth to answer everyone's weirdest medical questions, things that it would seem doctors get asked by really drunk party guests. The book is a lot more humor than it is too factual, but you do learn a lot about the human body and why men have nipples :^) The photographer was quizzing me last night while we were taking the pictures, and I felt pretty darned [...]

    29. Malbadeen says:

      I read parts of this while at a cabin with the perfect pretend to be listening to the conversation while reading, material: all kinds of short stories, essays, trivia books, humorous stuff- but this book wasn't so super.I think it was supposed to be funny, but I found myself skipping those parts and looking for the facts that might help me in trivia games. Even those weren't so surprising, they never really answered the mens orgasm question and I was so bored that by the time I got to the questi [...]

    30. Katie says:

      I was definitely expecting this book to have more information and less jokes. I found the humor almost completely un-funny they were trying wayyyy too hard. There were long IM conversations between the two authors reprinted here, and I ended up skipping them because they were desperately trying to be funny and weren't.Also, obviously this book is supposed to be a humor book and not really include a lot of real medical information, but I was still surprised at how little information is included. [...]

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