Osamu Dazai Allison Markin Powell Adam L. Kern Rachael Hutchinson
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Schoolgirl Schoolgirl is the novella that first established Dazai as a member of Japan s literary elite Essentially the start of Dazai s career the work gained notoriety for its ironic and inventive use of

  • Title: Schoolgirl
  • Author: Osamu Dazai Allison Markin Powell Adam L. Kern Rachael Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9781935548089
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Schoolgirl is the novella that first established Dazai as a member of Japan s literary elite Essentially the start of Dazai s career, the 1933 work gained notoriety for its ironic and inventive use of language, and how it illuminated the prevalent social structures of a lost time.

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      349 Osamu Dazai Allison Markin Powell Adam L. Kern Rachael Hutchinson
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    1. Gaurav says:

      Mornings are torture. Glasses are like ghostWords don’t come easy out of your mind and those exact ones which may express what we actually feel are even harder to come by; to have congruity between our thoughts and our words is a rare skill. However, one may not able to put forth the exact words but one may use simple, harmless, docile words to create an atmosphere of enigma to express one’s feelings. It may sound quite simple but had it been so then we might not have been reading Dazai. Sch [...]

    2. Mariel says:

      Good night. I'm Cinderella without her prince. Do you know where to find me in Tokyo? You won't see me again.Twenty thousand winks under the sea. Twenty thousand plus one stars above twinkling their twinkle little star how I wonder who you are. The house plants are not safe except for the fuchsias that are more easily drawn towards the dark than to the light (groans). Mary had all of her little lambs to count to quite contrarily not go to sleep. Tug on the fishing line as if it were a morse code [...]

    3. Mary says:

      Mornings are grey. Always the same. Absolutely empty.What is this book? A teenage girl eats breakfast, goes to school, eats dinner, goes to sleep. A short and tense day in the life of unrelenting bleakness. I yearned for everything long gone.She’s just a kid. She’s a hypocrite. She’s bleeding. She’s drowning. She hates everyone, she wishes for everything. The world revolts her, but the world is beautiful, but the world is sad, but the world is glittering and peaceful. But the world is pa [...]

    4. Tosh says:

      Whenever i put pen on to a paper or I type words I think of Osamu Dazai. The craft of his writing with the mixture of his character equals a major influence on me, and I suspect on contemporary Japanese literature as well. For instance, Mishima's major influence was Dazai. Well, sort of. He didn't want to be a Dazai, in fact, he hated his work. But the truth is hatred of Dazai's character and work was a sign of love and respect to the great decadent literary figure - and Dazai was extremely deca [...]

    5. julieta says:

      Es una belleza este libro. Cada cuento es una joya, impredecibles y cercanos a la vez. Todas las protagonistas, o narradoras, son mujeres, pero no existe ninguna obviedad, todo lo contrario, cada personaje, y cada historia tienen una delicadeza muy especial, el autor parece tener alma femenina, y todas son grandes personajes. Muy recomendado, no conocía a Dazai, a quien seguiré leyendo encantada.

    6. Josh says:

      (3.5)"I go about saying how pained and tormented, how lonely and sad I feel, but what do I really mean by that? If I were to speak the truth, I would die."Dazai's pain is on these pages. His mental anguish and hatred of social mores are shown through this discourse of depression and sadness in the eyes of an adolescent; his state of mind constantly on display."Sometimes happiness arrives one night too late."All throughout his life, happiness either arrived too late or never came at all.This is D [...]

    7. says:

      "Nhầy nhụa" mới là từ chính xác mà tôi muốn dùng nói về truyện ngắn Nữ sinh trong tập truyện ngắn cùng tên của Dazai. Cảm giác khi đọc là rất khó chịu, ghê ghê, thậm chí hôm bữa tôi còn nói với bạn là "như vừa chạm tay vào một thứ nhớt nhớt" T.T Tâm tình của cô nữ sinh kia là một khối sền sệt, đặc quánh, nhiều tạp chất, hỗn loạn, bất thường, có thể tràn ra mọi hướng nhưng cũ [...]

    8. Doan says:

      Nói về những góc khuất, tiêu cực trong đời sống nội tâm của con người bằng một giọng văn nhẹ nhàng, cách thể hiện hóm hỉnh. Văn có giọng điệu. Nhiều câu văn rất đẹp. Nói về đời sống nội tâm, những giằng xé bên trong nhưng không bỏ qua vấn đề thời cuộc. Miêu tả nhân vật qua giọng kể của ngôi thứ nhất, thứ hai hay thứ ba đều hay cả.

    9. Con Bé Ki says:

      BUỒN THẬT LÀ ĐẸP1. Như việc buồn vì “một điều gì đó vừa cảm nhận được” đến mức đánh rơi chiếc đĩa, để rồi vô tình chứng kiến một nỗi buồn khác, ngoài mình, mà tựu chung lại thì tất cả đều khổ sở và buồn bã như nhau.Nó đẹp lắm!2. Như việc buồn vì nhận và hiểu ra rằng một người nào đó phải che giấu điều gì đó trước ai đó thì có nghĩa người đó đang rất là k [...]

    10. David says:

      "From the field across the yard, a child's voice called out tearfully, Sis! It startled me. The voice wasn't calling for me but I envied the sister whom the child was crying out for. If I were her, with such a beloved and cossetted little brother, then I wouldn't live my life so shamefully day after day."This reminded me of one of my favourite Dazai stories. It's called "The Garden Lantern" in Lane Dunlop's translation in Late Chrysanthemum and "Magic Lantern" in a translation from Tomone Matsum [...]

    11. AISHA says:

      4.5 - Very relatable.

    12. Caroline says:

      Schoolgirl takes you on the emotional rollercoaster that is a day in the mind of a teenage girl. The girl might seem like a regular teenager on the outside, whining like a spoilt child and preoccupied by mundane things, but on the inside she lays bare her personality. It is slightly voyeuristic to read as we are privvy to her most intimate thoughts. The girl is on the verge of womanhood and you can feel how desoriented she is by the whole process of growing up and dealing with her isolation and [...]

    13. Antonomasia says:

      [4.5] A couple of people on my friendslist who have very good taste love this little book, and Dazai generally. I'm not so enthusiastic (he usually seems to be the wrong kind of depressing for me) but reading this was an interesting experience. I wanted to work through some of the unread books on my Kindle before they got out of hand. This one was short but could be difficult and today felt like a day I'd be prepared for it. The first few lines, I remembered, had a joyful, thoughtful playfulnes [...]

    14. Jonathan says:

      Almost more a short story than even a novella, but still a dense and powerful work. I have been inspired to read more of his novels and most definitely understand why he is such a cult favorite in Japan.

    15. Toàn Phan says:

      Lần đầu đọc Dazai, thấy hết sức mới mẻ :))

    16. Lör K. says:

      Genuine beauty is always meaningless, without virtue.RatingI’ve opted to give Schoolgirl a 5/5 rating. GenreI am very unsure of the genre of this book, and therefore can only label is as Japanese Culture, and Japanese Literature. About the BookSchoolgirl follows the typical day of a young Japanese school girl. We are introduced to a lot of her inner feelings, including grief, mourning, happiness, and are shown her realism. With further revision, I have found out that this novella describes the [...]

    17. Jim says:

      This book was written in 1939 but it’s only recently been translated into English. It’s surprisingly contemporary. The only things it really lacked were mobile phones. Or maybe it’s not the slightest bit contemporary and I’ve no idea what life is like for schoolgirls in Japan these days. I certainly have no idea what it’s like to be a girl but I do remember what life was like as an angst-ridden teenager and I think Dazai’s pretty much nailed that. Of course we never learn exactly how [...]

    18. lazycalm says:

      SchoolgirlPlastic GirlSchoolgirlPlastic GirlThe books were intertwined in my head. Perhaps because they both echoed the same theme and their styles were not very different: no plot, only collection of thoughts. And I admired Dazai's ability to portray the mind of a teenage girl. Really, how can you dislike these fragile-naive-self hatred-(and finally) self acceptance qualities? "I want to love everyone," I thought, almost tearfully. If you stare at the sky, it changes little by little. Gradually [...]

    19. Sub_zero says:

      4/5Un compendio de 14 historias tan emocionantes como inolvidables en las que el escritor nipón derrocha sensibilidad, creatividad y un gusto exquisito a la hora de plasmar sentimientos por escrito. En mi primer acercamiento a la obra de Osamu Dazai he descubierto a un hombre capaz de adentrarse en el cerebro femenino con extrema gracilidad e inteligencia, ofreciéndonos su particular visión del período japonés de posguerra a través de catorce mujeres que nos explican sus pequeños dramas c [...]

    20. Sabrina says:

      I liked this, and it definitely makes me want to read more of Osamu Dazai's work. I like the narrative framework of the novella, focusing on one day in the life of a schoolgirl living in Tokyo in 1939. There's a lot going on here, from the obvious impacts of fascism and war that influence the daily life of this girl, to the relatable yet detestable negativity and self-loathing that she experiences. I see where Dazai is coming from and I understand why so many people love it, but there was someth [...]

    21. Huy says:

      Truyện của Osamu tuy u uất mà cợt nhả, buồn bã nhưng hài hước. Và trong đó người ta thấy nỗi hoang mang của ông, thấy cả những phản kháng, cam chịu và đôi lúc tự huỷ hoại của ông.

    22. Quí Hiển says:

      Truyện của Dazai Osamu thì hay, mà ông Hoàng Long dịch văn phong đọc phát chán.

    23. freckledbibliophile says:

      It was so interesting to get tangled in the young girl's thoughts. Although, her insecurities, woes, grief, and everyday anxieties aren’t unique by any sense of the word, the mode in which she tells of them are quite interesting.She spoke about how she’d put on facades in order to appease others, but in all actuality she felt she was the entire opposite of what people were allowed to think of her. Overall, the reader is allowed in this young girls head space who is also trying to come to gri [...]

    24. Phoebe Andamo says:

      A personal perspective of a school girl. Her endless musings are relatable. She talks all throughout the book. One topic to another flows normally like a liquid changing its form. When a part seems to become inconsequential, she reels me back in to a more meaningful point. It's my first time to read an Osamu Dazai's work and definitely not the last.

    25. Mythili says:

      Written in 1939 but only now translated into English for the first time, Osamu Dazai’s Schoolgirl—a slim, precocious novella narrated by a schoolgirl of indeterminate age—was stylish and provocative in its time. Almost three-quarters of a century later, its prescience seems eerie; hardly anything about this book seems to have aged, least of all the narrator herself, who is perfectly preserved somewhere along the road to adolescence. Though she’s still young enough to entertain herself wi [...]

    26. Miguel says:

      Leerlo me produjo la misma sorpresa que lo fue leer a Poe por primera vez, en el sentido de que pasan mas cuestiones internas que externas, y por esta razon habia consideraso seriamente dejar de leerlo, pero al final no lo hice y me alegro por eso.Estas historias son intimas y personales, quizas demasiado para mi, pero el ejercicio, si se le da la oportunidad es bastante gratificante, puedes obsevas como Dazai trata de darle sentido a su mundo, como lidia con el desde una perspectiva casi voyeri [...]

    27. Hong Trang says:

      Chậm rãi và từ tốn, quyển này khiến mình nhớ đến series phim Oshin. Cuối cùng có thể thở phào nhẹ nhõm vì cũng đọc xong. Các chi tiết trong các câu chuyện mình không nhớ hết nhưng nhìn chung, Nữ sinh cũng để lại 1 cảm giác khá dễ chịu. Thích nhất là chuyện ngắn Tờ Tiền Giấy, một câu chuyện nhân hậu kết thúc tốt đẹp.

    28. Ivy says:

      Sách ngắn nhưng đúc kết được nhiều nỗi sầu và triết lí của cuộc đời. Đọc đến đoạn nhật kí của nữ sinh mà cứ như đọc riêng một văn bản viết về mình. Cơ mà ông Hoàng Long dịch hơi bị thốn, có nhiều chỗ sai chính tả, chép tên tiếng Nhật sai nữa. 3.5/5 thôi.

    29. Cih says:

      Nói thật thì mình không thích lắm Thực sự không có kết nối với các nhận vật, chỉ ưng được có hai truyện là "Một ngày trọng đại" và "Tờ tiền giấy".

    30. Louis says:

      She reads 'Heart' to appease her mother, and it took me a while to figure it out, because no-one ever translates it as Heart.

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