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Past the Bleachers
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  • Title: Past the Bleachers
  • Author: Chris Bohjalian
  • ISBN: 9780881848021
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 Blog on “Past the Bleachers

    1. B the BookAddict says:

      This book is no longer in print, as per Bohjalian's wishes.

    2. Lee D'Anna says:

      I am a fan of Chris Bohjalian's novels but this early one was not my favorites. (I think I recall that he himself said he did not like some of his earlier books?) My opinion is that this book could not decide if it was a story about baseball, about grieving parents and how a Dad tries to heal by coaching what would have been his son's Little League team or a mystery about paranormal activity. It all comes together in the end in a mostly satisfactory way but there were some weird things that just [...]

    3. Emily says:

      Chris Bohjalian's books take two or three issues that people tend to have strong opinions about, and somehow make them all come together into one cohesive novel where the issues are not the stars of the story and no bias on the author's part is revealed. The reader is not asked to form a decisive stance on the issues, and the book does not lay the controversies of the issues to rest. The issues are there without being introduced, and the story line does not focus on them, but rather weaves throu [...]

    4. Bridget says:

      This book had a level of suspense that made my physically uncomfortable, to the point where I kept putting it down and picking it back up until I finished the final 80% of the book in basically one sitting. This wasn't my favorite story. It centered around a father who lost his son to cancer a year prior and decides to coach what would have been his son's Little League team in an effort to help him move on. There was a lot of time spent talking about their practices and strategy that felt like f [...]

    5. Cynthia Edge says:

      I am a big Chris Bohjalian fan and this was one of the few novels of his that I hadn't read. I liked the characters that were involved in the story. The main character, Bill Parrish, has recently lost his eleven year old son and at times, the loss he felt was palpable and real. I also liked Lucky Diamond, the mysterious boy who materializes in the small Vermont town where the story takes place. I liked the limitations that being mute placed upon him. But, it may have been interesting to see thin [...]

    6. Mara says:

      Bohjalian takes the story of a father grieving over the death of a son and wraps it around hints of a ghost story. About a year after his son's death, Bill Parrish decides that coaching the local Little League team for which his son would have played will help him cope with the loss. When he gets the roster for his team, he notices a name, Lucky Diamond, that he's never heard before, unusual in his small Vermont town. A natural at baseball, Lucky should fit in well on the team. But the mystery s [...]

    7. Phebe says:

      I read this book because it is an early work by one of my favourite writers, Chris Bohjalian. I thought it would be interesting to compare it to later novels, like Midwives or Water Witches, and it was interesting. The story was touching and the writing did not dissappoint. I even read a couple of pages to my husband and brought tears to his eyes. However, I don't know enough about baseball and Little League to enjoy the whole book, as there is alot of the game and strategies in it (which I imag [...]

    8. Linda says:

      With this author, before I begin reading, I never know if I'm going to like the book or not. Some authors I'm pretty much guaranteed the book is going to be good. Not with this guy! Midwives was the first one I read and it was really good. From there, it was hit or miss.I liked the Law of Similiars, Buffalo Soldiers, Secrets of Eden and Trans-Sister Radio. All the other books he's written I started but couldn't finish because I didn't like them. This one though, was really good! Its about a coup [...]

    9. Dundee Library says:

      The author who most closely matches Picoult in writing style, characters and subject matter is Chris Bohjalian. Another New England author who favors close examination of hot button issues in small town settings, Bohjalian has taken on midwifery, transsexuality and homeopathy just to name a few topics. In this book -- After Bill Parrish loses his young son Nathaniel to leukemia, he fills the void in his life by coaching a local Little League team and becoming attached to a mute boy, Lucky, who e [...]

    10. Donna Johnson says:

      This was also not one of Bohjalian's best works. The novel was too predictable and everything was wrapped up neatly at the end. I prefer his later works where things are not quite worked out. The characters were not as well developed as they could have been and Bohjalian tosses in a ghostly element which makes absolutely no sense.

    11. Jean says:

      For some reason I felt let down by the ending. I can't imagine a different ending, but even so. Still worth reading and would be a good book for a book group since it deals with the resulting psychological results of a catastrophic event in a family. (I don't want to give anything away)

    12. Jennifer Navarrete says:

      I'm all for symbolism, but in this case Bohjalian went over-the-top with coincidence and supernatural phenomena we were expected to buy into to advance the plot. I wouldn't have stopped reading the novel -- I enjoyed it enough -- but I thought he relied far too much on contrived devices here.

    13. Rose says:

      Just when you thought the novel might be too predictable, Bohjalian throws a "curve ball" at you to keep you guessing whether everything will be wrapped up neatly at the end. Bohjalian is a wonderful storyteller and this one rides the cusp of a "ghost" story.

    14. Dee says:

      I am great fan of this author. This was one of his earlier books. It was well written but a little choppy and I kept losing the thread of the story. The storyline was interesting and it kept you wondering to the end.

    15. Gerry says:

      An early novel by one of my favorite authors.

    16. Leslie says:

      One of Bohjalian's early books - you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this one, but if you know one be sure to pass it on. Love pretty much all of C.B.'s books.

    17. Carrie says:

      It was interesting reading this book after so many of his others. This was one of his first novels. Good read; a father copes with the loss of his son, Nathaniel, who died of leukemia.

    18. Judy says:

      Not as good as his other books

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