Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
The Council of Mirrors (The Sisters Grimm, #9)
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The Council of Mirrors The Sisters Grimm In the final volume in the Sisters Grimm series Sabrina Daphne and the rest of the Grimms and their friends must face off against the Master to decide the fate of Ferryport Landing and the world Wh

  • Title: The Council of Mirrors (The Sisters Grimm, #9)
  • Author: Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9781613123126
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • In the final volume in the Sisters Grimm series, Sabrina, Daphne, and the rest of the Grimms and their friends must face off against the Master to decide the fate of Ferryport Landing and the world When Mirror fails to escape the barrier using Granny Relda s body, he turns to his plan B killing all the Grimms so that the magical barrier collapses In the meantime, SabrinIn the final volume in the Sisters Grimm series, Sabrina, Daphne, and the rest of the Grimms and their friends must face off against the Master to decide the fate of Ferryport Landing and the world When Mirror fails to escape the barrier using Granny Relda s body, he turns to his plan B killing all the Grimms so that the magical barrier collapses In the meantime, Sabrina has gathered the other magic mirrors as advisors on how to deal with their mortal enemy They tell her to join forces with the Scarlet Hand against Mirror, in exchange for offering all the citizens of Ferryport Landing their freedom This final chapter is the end of the road for several beloved characters, but the conclusion is sure to satisfy devoted fans of the series.

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    1 Blog on “The Council of Mirrors (The Sisters Grimm, #9)

    1. Chelsy says:

      Is it true that this is the last book?! NOOOOOOOOO!!! I don't want it to end!! D:*Four Months Later*Wow I meanWow!This was crazy! I really can't believe it's the end! I'm gonna start them all over right now.

    2. Sierra Bookworm☺️♪ says:

      OH MY GODDDDDDDDD THEY HAVE A COVER AND A NAME AND STUFF AND IT'S GORGEOUSSSS! I've been waiting far too long for this book! And May 8th 2012?! Do you wish to torture me, Mr. Buckley?!**UPDATE 5/31/12**I loved it. I really loved it. It was so awesome. I would have liked it if (view spoiler)[Sabrina had killed Mirror with her epic magical power she acquired for a few minutes instead of with kindness, but y'know, kindness is okay too (hide spoiler)] and (view spoiler)[Puck had swallowed his pride [...]

    3. Erin says:

      *NOTICE: YOU MUST CLICK THE 'SEE REVIEW' BUTTON (IT'S NEXT TO THE COMMENT BUTTON) TO SEE THE AMAZING PICTURES THAT GO ALONG WITH THIS.*The Sisters Grimm and the Mystic Kettle of Nackledirk (or, why I hate two-star books): A Pompously-Titled and Overly-Italicized Review.As soon as I finished the final Sisters Grimm book, I groaned. I knew that this was going to be frickkin' long review. Why? Because I'd assigned it the rating I fear most:The dreaded 2-star.Why do 2-star ratings make me mad?"I giv [...]

    4. Seanean says:

      librarytalker/201It's time for the final battle. There's almost no one left to fight, but they'll fight anyway.Witches, fairies, knights, bears, princesses, and more, but what it really comes down to is two girls.Together, the Mirrors have presented a prophecy that states that the only hope to survive and defeat the First is the skills and determination of the Sisters Grimm: Sabrina and Daphne.Unfortunately, Sabrina can't bring herself to believe that she and her sister can save the 20 or so rem [...]

    5. Charissa Sophia de la Rosa says:

      I don’t know if I’m calm and collected enough to write a proper review. But, I promise I’ll try my best. Basically, this book is the last installment for the Sisters Grimm series and I must say, I’m completely, perfectly, undeniably disappointed on the ending. I've expected a lot of things from this book. I mean it’s the ending. It should be like a huge grand finale for the series I had loved and adored! But I was wrong. There’s still adventure and it radiated what books did when you [...]

    6. Talia Chronis says:

      I just finished the book in one sitting, and I'm so.what.I can't explain myself.I think the beginning was pretty good, it started out well, re-introduced us to the main problems and how they were going to solve them - then, BAM, ACTION.After that, the story was a big blur of secrets and revealing and dialogue and plotting things out, but I kept n thinking as I read the book "Who is this Sabrina?" because she changes so much through the course of events. I especially love how Puck tells her that [...]

    7. Jennifer says:

      We're done! I had a love/hate--make that a like/hate--relationship with this series. After slogging through all nine books, I have grown fond of the main characters. My 9-year-old LOVED the books, and I had lots of fun reading them to her, sharing oohs and aahs and laugh-out-loud moments.BUT. Honestly. This saga could easily have been covered in 3 or 4 books, not nine. You think J.K. Rowling overwrites? If you cut out the excess verbiage in The Council of Mirrors alone, the book could be reduced [...]

    8. Megan says:

      FINALLY!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER TO FIND OUT WHAT THIS BOOK IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad thing is it's been so long since the 8th book, I should probably reread a few books. :/

    9. Collin says:

      YES. YES YES YES. May 8 is my new Very Important Date. *dances* I am a happy reader.

    10. ElleR_C2 says:

      The Sisters Grimm is just one of those books that you finish in one sitting. It's a jaw-dropping series about two orphan girls who live in a town where fairy-tale creatures, known as Everafters, work as police, teachers, even government officials. With a new adventure around every corner, the girls are pursued by the Scarlet Hand, an Everafter organization that wants to eliminate the Grimm family and terrorize the world. The two sisters learn a new lesson in every book, including love, courage, [...]

    11. Kelly says:

      **spoiler alert**First of all, I would like to say that I have read and enjoyed books 1 through 8 of the Sisters Grimm series. Most of the characters were likeable, the scenarios were entertaining, and the battle was, if nothing else, interesting. That being said, I was disappointed with the conclusion, in particular the ending. The battle/war scenes were well written, but some of the plot twists, such as the death scene after the wedding, were predictable. The ending, though predictable, could [...]

    12. Talia says:

      When I think of The Sister Grimm series i think of a series that I have "grown into." If I had picked up th efirst book at the age that I am now, I wouldn't have even considered this. (luckily I didn't)AnywayI CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BOOK TO COME OUT!!! I mean, I really love the series and all but this is already like the ninth book in the series. Most readers will not even consider reading a series if it has more than six books in it.But, back to the main pointCAN'T WAIT 'TILL MAY 8TH!!!

    13. Sriya says:

      when i read the 13 years later part, I was mad till Puck showed up. If I read this book right after the first, i would have thrown it across the room. But now, i cant stop reading the moments

    14. Rhiannon Ryder says:

      The ninth and final book, The Council of Mirrors was a strong finish to a great series. Like usual, it's hard to look at a series critically until you've read it all. When they're spread apart, a year or more between books, some of the story elements that work really well as a whole come across as weak or disappointing. Take The Inside Story, book 8, for example. I didn't love it. Not because it wasn't a good element of the greater story arc, but because I'd waited a year for that book and then [...]

    15. silver wombat says:

      *THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS*DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKi have been reading the sisters grimm since I was in primary ( quite a while ago) and to have it end is like a part of me being ripped out ( not talking about horcruxs) Well. Where do I start? I seriously thought it was one big fanfiction story, it just didn't seem right:( some characters REALLY changed (ahem red, puck) and i didn't really like it. I found this book seriously like the everafter war. It seemed to go nowh [...]

    16. Brenda says:

      Four years ago I began reading the Sisters Grimm. The series had begun awhile earlier so I read from book one to two to three and on with the dreaded words "to be continued" at the end. I found myself looking at the last words first just to see.This year I have a group of students reading the series - "Mrs. Eaves, I couldn't believe it when I got to the end 'to be continued.' How could they!" I went to the bookstore yesterday in search of The Council of Mirrors. I knew it was supposed to be "the [...]

    17. Aurora says:

      I've been a fan of the Sisters Grimm since the first book came out. It's the series I've stuck with the longest. I've waited seven years for the series to end, and I wasn't disappointed. Michael Buckley did an amazing job with the end.Now I freak out over the events that happened.(view spoiler)[OMGOMGOMGOMG SABRINA AND PUCK DO GET MARRIED!!! HE CRASHED HER WEDDING AT THE END AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!I figured they would become Everaftersuldn't imagine Sabrina dying and Puck living after they get marr [...]

    18. Mackenzie says:

      Oh my freaking god!!! I freaking loved this book!!! It was funny, action-packed, and so twisting. At the very end (thirteen years later) when Sabrina is about to get married to a guy ned Bradley, I was like, what the hell????!!! I thought Sabrina was going to marry Puck. But Puck ends up coming to the wedding. Then it has another thirteen years later after that part and Sabrina is married with two daughters: Alison and Emma. She hears a scream and Sabrina and her other daughter Emma rush in to t [...]

    19. Meredith says:

      I like this book more than I thought I would. Lately, I have been severely disappointed by books that are last in a series, yet this is one that I can be happy with. (view spoiler)[I kinda got a little exasperated when it was all LOVE AND FLOWERS AND HAPPINESS! at the end, yet I am still good with it. (hide spoiler)] I enjoyed the ending (view spoiler)[though I do wish at the very end I could have seen Puck with his girls (hide spoiler)] I don't know what to read now… This series has been arou [...]

    20. Cynthia Egbert says:

      This one really would get 3.5 stars if I were able to do so. I did like it the best of all the books in the series. The ending satisfied me. I am not happy about the punishment that some of the characters had to face, but I would also not have been satisfied if it had all been wrapped up too neatly. There are few things I love more than fairy tales and it was fun to have them come to life in this series.

    21. Merce says:

      This is what the book would be like if I were in it. Once upon a time there was a girl named Mallory who got a call from Sabrina Grimm in Ferryport Landing. "Hello? Is this Mallory?" Sabrina said through the phone static. "It is," replied Mallory blowing out bubbles from her smoke pipe. "I could really use your help. My granny has been captured and possessed by an evil mirror. We need you to stop him and free my granny!" Sabrina cried. Mallory checked her calendar. "I suppose I have time to run [...]

    22. Ros says:

      Como me encantaría haber leído estos libros cuando tenia 11-12 años De verdad.En mi constante búsqueda por buenos retelling de los famosos cuentos de hadas di con esta serie. The Sisters Grimm es una serie que cuenta la historia de Sabrina y Daphne Grimm, quienes tras estar en el sistema durante más de un año tras la desaparición de sus padres, son enviadas a vivir con su abuela a Ferryport Landing, un pueblo junto al Hudson.Sin embargo, aunque a primera vista el pueblo se ve aburrido y s [...]

    23. Megan (Read. Write. Ramble.) says:

      This is a Middle Grade Series that I started reading somewhere around third grade. A couple of summers ago, I had read the eighth book in the series and remembered why I loved these characters so much. So when I was in Book of Wonder a few weeks ago, I could't resist picking up the last book in the series, signed by Michael Buckley.Since this is a series that I'm sad to see end, I'll list some of the things I loved about it.1. The illustrations. Just like the cover images only in black and white [...]

    24. Dolly says:

      I am so happy to come to the end of this tale. It was an interesting story, but after nine books I was very eager to have this saga come to an end.This is the ninth and final book in the Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley. Our oldest loves these books and I've struggled to keep up with her. So I've resorted to listening to them on audio CD, narrated by L.J. Ganser in order to try to catch up. The story is very dramatic, with dark twists and turns throughout. We follow along as Sabrina leads [...]

    25. Barbara says:

      I've been intrigued by the Grimm sisters, Daphne and Sabrina, ever since this series began, and while some of the titles among the nine available have been better than others, all of them have something to offer, especially to anyone who loves fairy tales or the Brothers Grimm. In this, the final book in the series, everything comes to a head in Ferryport as war breaks out, and both sisters will have to rely on their unique strengths to lead their band of Everafters. While some characters are be [...]

    26. Mymcbooks says:

      My Review: Michael Buckley created a fairy tale that revolves around several well-known fairy tale characters such fairies, giants, witches, monsters, princesses, Magic Mirrors, flying carpets and many. This is the final book in the series called The Council of Mirrors. Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are descendants of one half of the Brothers Grimm and it’s their duty to keep their eyes on the Everafter Community. Everafter has taken up resident in Ferryport Landing and the town is being destroyed [...]

    27. Katie Bruce says:

      What a finish! Great ending to a great series. In this final installment, Sabrina very much comes into her own and (finally) is the hero we were all waiting for her to become. Without giving away too much, I will say this one reminded me very much of "A Wrinkle in Time," which is awesome because that is one of my favorites. It was a dynamic I hadn't considered before, but Sabrina Grimm is very Meg Murry-like. And Daphne, with her magical abilities that Sabrina lacks is Charles Wallace-like and, [...]

    28. Merand says:

      Finally, the last book in the series. I've enjoyed the Sisters Grimm series very much, although it has gone on for years. I am glad to have a finish to it all. As with any series, you begin to run into repetition and the characters quirks can begin to grow bothersome. In particular it felt as if Sabrina's character lacked growth but that could be simply due to her character. She just wasn't as lovable or enjoyable as Daphne, but that's the way it was supposed to be. There was less action, or wha [...]

    29. Catherine says:

      I've really enjoyed reading this series to my boys. In addition to enjoying the gratuitous bathroom humor, courtesy of Puck, they've developed an interest in fairy tales. (Beyond my younger son's obsession with the Big Bad Wolf, we haven't read too many, which we're beginning to rectify.) The series has had some ups and downs, and this conclusion wasn't perfect. There were times that I felt that the author was stretching things a little, and a few continuity errors that the boys noticed, too. I [...]

    30. Isabel says:

      GOD MY CHILDHOOD ALL CAME BACK TO ME WHILE READING THIS BOOK.I was obsessed with The Sisters Grimm all throughout elementary and middle school. I wrote fanfiction about this series. Reading this book was like stepping back into those times. Holy hell. I'm really glad that Buckley found a way to save Granny, however cheesy the "defeating Mirror with love" gig was. Because I struggled forever while writing my fanfiction, and I eventually ended up having Sabrina sacrifice Granny to stop Mirror from [...]

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