Jerome K. Jerome Martin Jarvis
Three Men in a Boat
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Three Men in a Boat Three men worried about their health and in search of different experiences set off up the river in a boat Jerome s delightful novel dating from paints a vivid picture of innocent fun

  • Title: Three Men in a Boat
  • Author: Jerome K. Jerome Martin Jarvis
  • ISBN: 9789626343555
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Three men, worried about their health and in search of different experiences, set off up the river in a boat Jerome s delightful novel, dating from 1900 paints a vivid picture of innocent fun.

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    1 Blog on “Three Men in a Boat

    1. F says:

      I loved this book so much.Timeless. I'm not a big fan of classics but this was different.Great story. Bonus points for having a dog.The bit with the pineapple tin was brillant too. Cant wait to read this again.

    2. Petra X says:

      This book is a strange mix. Part of it is of a particular kind of obvious humour. Sort of like watching a very pompous-looking person talking loudly into their cell-phone and paying no attention to where they are going and therefore fails to notice the banana skin everyone else has been avoiding. Bamm, down she goes, and hahaha, its just so funny, you have to laugh. There are also amusing incidents with the fox terrier Montmorency, whose chief pleasures in life seem to be fighting and hanging ou [...]

    3. Praj says:

      What a huge moron I was for not giving this book a chance. And now, I just can’t stop praising it. So here it goes…‘Three Men in a Boat’ is an amusing account of three friends-Jerome(whom I’m in love with),Harris and George and of course their dog Montmorency; while on a little boating expedition. The three of them concur of being overworked and tired of the daily humdrum, are in a dire need of a vacation. After weighing options of a country trip and a sea voyage they settle down on a [...]

    4. Henry Avila says:

      Three young gentlemen, and I use that word, very loosely , are desperate to get away from the fast pace tensions, of every day, 19th Century, London life ( the horror !). And go someplace else, they should have stayed put, indeed. The men need a long rest, they're quite run down, but from what though ? The boys, don't actually work much, these hypochondriacs, I mean sick men, just want to have a little fun. J.(Jerome), thinks he has every illness, in the book, and he's read it too, except housem [...]

    5. Matthias says:

      Three Men in a Pastiche: To Say Nothing of the BoatThree tourists - A spicy meal - The effects of a typhoon - Picasso's masterpiece - Random thoughts on helicopters - The joys of being on landThree young men were waiting at the docks to be picked up by a ferry boat. The first of these men is Ted, a man widely praised for his lust for action. It is in his hands, his feet, his nose and other such things that the essence of his being lies. He is said to be the only man who is able to act more quick [...]

    6. Florencia says:

      Okay. Right from the beginning, it is a hilarious thing to read. This book was written in 1889, and it is still too funny. According to what I read, at first, it was going to be a travel guide, but that got lost among the humorous anecdotes that took over the whole book. I thank you, Jerome, for that.So, three men (with a dog) started talking about how ill they were, almost like a contest on who was in the worst shape ever. And then, Jerome said his liver was out of order. Without visiting any d [...]

    7. Evgeny says:

      Updated in August, 2014I lost count of the number of times I read this book. It was written in the late 19th century; it is still hilarious. The author attempted to write a travel guide on a Themes boat trip. At this, he failed miserably. In the book he switches the subject constantly telling somewhat related (or completely unrelated) stories; most of them are really, really funny. I always laugh out loud when I read his description of setting up a tent on a bad weather day, or the scene with Ge [...]

    8. Duane says:

      It's a book of comical anecdotes strung together to compile the history of a 2 week vacation of 3 men who rent a boat and go rowing on the Thames. Oh, and their dog, Montmorency, goes along. It is one comic episode after another and so ridiculous that it could be titled 3 stooges in a boat and I wouldn't bat an eye. I did enjoy it and it was quite successful in it's day. I give it 3.5 stars, the extra half goes to the dog.

    9. Carol. says:

      clsiewert.wordpress/2014/I love To Say Nothing of the Dog. Adore it enough to own two copies, a paperback for reading/ lending, and a hardcover for keepsies. Love it enough, in fact, to write a ridiculous review comparing it to a Beethoven symphony (my review). Willis dedicated her book to Heinlein, who “introduced me to Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat.” So when I saw Project Gutenberg offered Three Men in a Boat, I snatched it up.It is the time of year when I don’t have much time [...]

    10. mark monday says:

      i have a friend named Albert. once, long ago, i was matched with him as a volunteer to provide him 'peer support'. our relationship as volunteer and client continued semi-happily for many years, until i started working for the agency that oversees these volunteer matches. although that match officially ended, we remained friends - although it is important to point out that the relationship continued within the same format: mainly me listening to him. Albert tells many uproarious anecdotes. he's [...]

    11. Jan-Maat says:

      The story starts off with a man feeling out of sorts with his London life and leafing through a medical dictionary. Quickly he realises that he is suffering from every single aliment described - with the exception of washerwoman's elbow. He rushes off to see the doctor who listens to his story and prescribes him a simple holiday with a pork chop and two pints of beer daily for dinner.So begins a classic of southern English humour. What strikes me how contemporary the basic set up still feels. An [...]

    12. Laura says:

      Utterly delightful from beginning to end; had me in stitches more than once. I loved the digressions, the endless tales about friends and friends-of-friends; the charming diagrams; the sudden swoops into romantic (and Romantic) flights of fancy. In my mind, all three characters spoke like Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster (with similar sensibility; that is to say, none at all). I can't reproduce it all here, but one of my favorite scenes was that in which the narrator describes his loathing for stea [...]

    13. Miriam says:

      This isn't really about three men in a boat, it is about Jerome being funny.

    14. Apatt says:

      It looked like a breezy read, a good-natured gently comical novel. Certainly it is not at all hard to read but nevertheless, this book was a grind for me to get through. Humorous novels suffer a great disadvantage in that I tend to expect to find something to laugh at on each every page. This is quite a tall order and very hard for most books to accomplish. P.G. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett often make me laugh with their fiction but generally I try to avoid comedy no [...]

    15. karen says:

      a taste:the members have spoken: Three Men in a Boat will be our first group read. if it goes well, we can read other books together and see what we learn, again, the point of our reading a book together is so we can all learn how to extract appeal factors from a text, and learn how to discuss books in a way that is relevant to a readers' advisory scenarioe deadline for finishing the book is june 1st.i will be posting some information on here from NoveList, which will be useful to glance over be [...]

    16. Carmine says:

      Inno al lavoro (guardato da lontano)"La vista, da sveglio, di un uomo addormentato nel suo letto ha l'effetto di farmi impazzire.Mi sembra così sconvolgente vedere le ore più preziose della vita - gli inestimabili momenti che mai più torneranno - sprecati in un sonno bestiale. Ecco lì George nella sua odiosa neghittosità che getta via il dono impagabile del tempo.""Quando Harris viene invitato a qualche ricevimento, e gli chiedono di cantare, ha l'abitudine di rispondere:" be', sono capace [...]

    17. Sarah says:

      Three young men from London in the late 19th century (all of them hypochondriacs) decide to take a two week trip "up the river". They bring with them the one man's dog and only the various things they will need. Or so they claim. The long passage about packing would indicate otherwise. What follows is a funny story in which a great many things go wrong, many other stories are told, and the dog proves to be the smartest of the bunch.The anecdotes the men share, always something that happened to a [...]

    18. Paul Bryant says:

      1889 English humourIn the church is a memorial to Mrs. Sarah Hill, who bequeathed £1 annually, to be divided at Easter, between two boys and two girls who “have never been undutiful to their parents; who have never been known to swear or to tell untruths, to steal, or to break windows.” Fancy giving up all that for five shillings a year! It is not worth it.It is rumoured in the town that once, many years ago, a boy appeared who really never had done these things—or at all events, which wa [...]

    19. Nandakishore Varma says:

      Three Men in a Boat is one of those books which have become legend. It is quoted as a must-read for all humour afficionados: it is touted as one of the funniest books in the English language. So I am a little bit ashamed that I waited so long to read it!Then, you may ask, why only the three stars?WellThe pluses first. The book is really humorous: in many places, I could not control my sniggers and was doubled up in front of the computer screen (this was just before dinner yesterday, BTW, so my w [...]

    20. Kim says:

      That I read this novel is due to serendipity. Wanting something on the light side to read while spending a few days at the beach, I decided to check out some Scandinavian crime fiction. (Why did I think this would constitute "light reading"?!). A search for a suitable novel led me to read an article about Scandinavian crime fiction in the The Guardian. Nothing jumped out at me, other than a link to another article in the same newspaper: crime writer Val McDermid's Top 10 Oxford Novels. Included [...]

    21. Tammy says:

      A quick and funny read! The three men have a hilarious adventure in a boat on the Thames river.

    22. Mith says:

      The ridiculously short review - Three hypochondriacs - JKJ, George and Harris - (and their dog, Montmorency) decide to go on a boating holiday on the Thames in order to recuperate from all the maladies in the world that, they firmly decide, have manifested in them. Hilarity ensues.The "slightly" longer review - This gem of a book is laugh-out loud from start to finish. JKJ reminds you of P.G Wodehouse a bit, in his style of writing (I know JKJ was before Wodehouse, but I read the latter's works [...]

    23. Laure says:

      Thoroughly entertaining - I have not giggled at a book so much since reading the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. Amazing that the wit and the slapstick are as vivid for a book published in 1889. Fun, fun, fun. Makes me wish that there were more books about in the same vein this century.

    24. Stacey (prettybooks) says:

      This post is part of the 2016 Classics Challenge.“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing."Suffering from every malady in the book except housemaid's knee, three men and a dog decide to head for a restful vacation on the [...]

    25. Whitney Archibald says:

      If you're looking for a book with a plot, this is not for you. But if you'd like to take a leisurely trip down the Thames in good company, I can't imagine a better book. Jerome K. Jerome, is even funnier than his name. I kept catching myself smiling as I read his account of his trip down the river with his two equally lazy buddies and his dog Montmorency. The book was actually less about the trip itself than a collection of daydreams and random stories pulled together in much the same manner as [...]

    26. Evi * says:

      La lettura gusta al momento giusto, carino, spensierato leggero, per non pensare, un umorismo datato molto educato ma comunque apprezzabile.Nato per essere una specie di guida turistica per risalire il corso del Tamigi venne espunto dall’editore delle parti più storiche e geografiche e diventò un racconto di humor squisitamente british.Tre amici decidono di passare in barca un weekend lungo il corso del fiume, la convivenza forzata sulla barca, la loro imperizia quasi totale di navigazione i [...]

    27. Maria João says:

      9 de 10*Antes de falar sobre a história (fantástica) deste livro, gostaria de partilhar o quanto me fez viajar ao passado. Dei por mim, de repente, a perceber que “Três Homens num Barco” era o mesmo livro que “Três Homens num Bote”, um livro que li e reli na minha adolescência e do qual guardo memórias muito boas! Tinha uma ideia muito geral da história, porque já se passaram muitos anos e muitos livros lidos depois, mas foi um relembrar de episódios que me soube tão bem!Divaga [...]

    28. piperitapitta says:

      E adesso ho bisogno di ridere!(Scrivevo qualche giorno fa)--------------------------------***1/2Ho riso, ma non quanto avevo sperato: avrei dovuto aspettarmelo da un inglese, difficilmente si rischia di slogarsi la mandibola.Ho anche sbadigliato, a volte, soprattutto quando il nostro J. diventa un po' troppo storico-bucolico: sono troppi i riferimenti all'Inghilterra dei tempi che furono e ad una Storia che non conosco come le mie tasche. (per non parlare della navigazione sul Tamigi, delle alza [...]

    29. Shoa Khan says:

      This was simply epic HILARIOUS stuff! Though the book was published waaaay back in 1889, it's still outrageously funny to this day undoubtedly one of the funniest things I've ever read! If only more Classics were this funny! Caution Advised while reading in public places, as you might just burst out laughing! :D

    30. Pietro says:

      L’umorismo vittoriano è, forse, il mio preferito; rido e non so bene perché, m’immagino le scenette (con quei vestiti poi!) e rido come un cretino. Ho quindi apprezzato molto l’ironia e i nonsense di Jerome K. Jerome in Tre uomini in barca. E non parliamo di Montmorency: non amo i cani, ma lui è sicuramente il migliore della specie. Seguendo lo stile di Jerome che, per chi non avesse letto il libro, coglie ogni spunto possibile per raccontare un avvenimento passato o una disgrazia capit [...]

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