Promising Hearts
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Promising Hearts Can two outcasts find refuge in one another s hearts Dr Vance Phelps lost everything in the War Between the States her career and her faith in herself Mae is a frontier madam used to standing alone S

  • Title: Promising Hearts
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781933110448
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can two outcasts find refuge in one another s hearts Dr Vance Phelps lost everything in the War Between the States her career and her faith in herself Mae is a frontier madam, used to standing alone She guards the well being of the lost young women who come under her care she just never expected one of them to be a doctor.

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    1. Ty says:

      In this book, Radclyffe puts her characters in a very particular scenario, and then saddles them with very particular circumstances. She then writes the story completely ignoring the limitations her chosen situation should impose on her characters. And not in a these characters can rise above their situation way. It's more in a the reader gets taken out of the story multiple times because what they're reading is so unrealistic way. I get that this is the romance genre, and that books in that gen [...]

    2. Miranda Wells says:

      I loved this book, the characters, the setting, the story, all bring it alive every time I've read it.

    3. Kath says:

      I loved the audiobook from beginning to end, amazing narrator she took you right there.

    4. qrbooks says:

      one-armed lesbian in the old westBoy oh boy no one can maim a character and pour on the melodrama like Rad and get away with it, ha ha. But limbless lesbians were a bit much for me. This one-armed and super manly lead shows up like old Clint Eastwood and is nothing less than intriguing to all the characters in the book but I found it all a bit morbid for the first chunk of the story. The amputation imagery in the opening chapter was something I could live without in my romances. Don't get me wro [...]

    5. Lissa says:

      Dr. Vance Phelps, a veteran of the Civil War who lost her arm in one of the last battles, travels to New Hope, Montana to try to escape from her past. She meets Mae, who was introduced in the book's prequel, Innocent Hearts, the madam at the Golden Nugget in New Hope. Kate and Jessie, the protagonists from Innocent Hearts, also make prolonged appearances.I wanted to like this book more than I did. It was okay, but I thought that Innocent Hearts was marginally better. The book is still plagued wi [...]

    6. Fin says:

      A very short book with almost no character development and very little interaction that would explain how their relationship developed. Not a bad book, but coming in at 200 pages I guess it's no surprise that the story and the characters where drastically underdeveloped. There was also the nagging irritation that at least one story line was left unresolved and the ending was a complete cop-out.

    7. Aude says:

      I was disappointed to find that the book was a sequel and most of the plot, from the start, is dedicated to a beta couple that steals the spotlight from Vance and Mae.What's more this book has the usual Radclyffe pet peeves for me: everyone is gay, and the butch girls all have male names. 'cause we can't have a rancher girl named Jessica, now, can we?

    8. Serena says:

      Worthy sequel to Innocent Hearts. At least of the same quality, maybe even better. Again thank you Radclyffe for another great book to add to my collection.

    9. Anna says:

      Not as good as the first one. Plotting not very tight. Still enjoyable, though.

    10. Stephanie Harger says:

      loved it cant wait for more

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