Anne Stuart
Winter's Edge
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Winter s Edge After a car wreck Molly awakens with amnesia and is released into the custody of the man she apparently married and then separated from As she recovers and someone tries to kill her she wonders whet

  • Title: Winter's Edge
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780373834228
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After a car wreck, Molly awakens with amnesia and is released into the custody of the man she apparently married and then separated from As she recovers and someone tries to kill her, she wonders whether she was fleeing her husband the night she lost her memory Written by one of Harlequin s top selling authors, this book is being reissued as part of the Harlequin MakesAfter a car wreck, Molly awakens with amnesia and is released into the custody of the man she apparently married and then separated from As she recovers and someone tries to kill her, she wonders whether she was fleeing her husband the night she lost her memory Written by one of Harlequin s top selling authors, this book is being reissued as part of the Harlequin Makes Any Time Special contest.

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    1. Dina says:

      I've read - and loved - several books by Anne Stuart lately, so I was more than excited to read this one even though amnesia stories aren't that attractive to me. But, hey, Lisa Kleypas made it work in Someone to Watch Over Me so I trusted Ms. Stuart to pull it off too.Oh boy, I'm afraid to say she didn't - not for me, anyway.Ms. Stuart can write, there's no question about it, and that's what kept me turning the pages, but there were too many holes in the plot to prevent me from fully enjoying t [...]

    2. Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin* says:

      Why do I do these things to myself.ReviewApparently, if I see an Anne Stuart novel, I have to pick it up.I don't actively seek out amnesia stories, but I'm curious enough to read them every now and then. This one started off strongly and I thought I was really going to like it, but it started to fall apart around the 40-50% mark.I did like the heroine, and the romance was actually kind of heartwarming. I must have been in a sappy mood.2.5 stars.

    3. Jacqueline says:

      I love a good amnesia story. This one was pretty good. The heroine was pretty good. The hero was not as well developed as I would have liked. It felt very much like a melodramatic old Harlequin Presents. Familiar story of a younger girl who has loved the older hero since she was sixteen. There's the older woman who steers her wrong in order to ruin her chances with the hero etc. Here though we find out her history as she does rather than in explantations or flashbacks. Really good if you like th [...]

    4. Jessica says:

      One of my least favorite Stuart novels. The hero was a total douche. And I'm judging him in comparison with other Stuart heroes here -- not very appealing at all. The heroine grew on me over time, but a lot of her development was built around slut-shaming, which I'm not really down for. Even the amnesia plot was less wackadoo-fun than I would expect from this author.

    5. Shari Kay says:


    6. thadine says:

      Molly Winters wakes up one day in hospital with total amnesia. She doesn't know who she is, where she is, or why she's there. She is informed that she was in a car accident, and has been waking up with varying degrees of amnesia. A man who had been strangled to death was found in the car with her, along with $350,000. The police don't believe she killed the man, but they do believe that she is involved in his murder. Apparently she has been refusing to tell the police anything, so no one believe [...]

    7. SmittenKitten says:

      Molly left her home five weeks ago and was found in a car crash with an unidentified dead man. She wakes up in a hospital with amnesia, so her husband, Patrick, brings her to the home she left. Patrick believes Molly is lying about the amnesia and he is angry about their farce of a marriage. His treatment towards her is quite harsh. Molly tries to uncover why her husband hates her, what happened five weeks ago that made her leave, and who is still trying to kill her.I was reluctant to read this [...]

    8. Killian says:

      I quite liked this story. The villan was obvious but the other mystery details weren't so it was a fun read. Definitely stayed up way to late a few nights to read it so I count that as a win.

    9. Chris says:

      The synopsis has a great potential to be a better novel. Sadly, too many plot holes were invested in these story and it didn't carry the Stuart's trademark of GAMMA heroes with their SPITFIRE heroines. I was presented with both spoiled brat characters with cold and detached demeanor.The hero, Patrick Winters was a cold, womanizer, bastard husband while Molly was the supposed to be the stupid, slut bitch of the family with an unexplainable amnesia turning her into a different person, a sudden cas [...]

    10. Twiggy says:

      Mystery romance with amnesia, horses and a gloomy hero all thrown in. Molly wakes up in hospital with total amnesia to find herself under suspicion by the police as she was found with a dead body and a load of cash. She is told by a nurse that her husband is gorgeous but kind of hates her. Of course none of this bothers Molly and she flings herself into the hostile home environment with no anxiety what so ever. There are various stereotypical family hangers on and associates out to cause trouble [...]

    11. Sönïa Dhillion says:

      It was a good read it delivered what it promised. This is suppose to be a romance with a heroine with amnesia and a hero that doesn't believe her which was what happened in the book. I enjoyed the fact that M.S Stuart kept true to the amnesia bit. What I mean by that is sometimes with amnesia related themes authors forget the whole process and extent of confusion or fear, the rollercoaster feelings but this was not the case with winter's edge so that was good. Whoever I personally hated the fact [...]

    12. natasha k says:

      Dissapointment. This is the first anne stuart book i actually cannnot read any more of. Did not finish at chapter eight. I felt absolutely nothing for the charachters, the plot was more than slow and it reminded nothing of the anne stuart i have come to love through the years. I love a good amnesia ridden hero/heroine but this was not it for me.Off to another one!

    13. Anne Holly says:

      I didn't care for this, at all. The new cover doesn't do much to hide its old category feel, and the attitudes within certainly betray a gone-and-not-missed phase of romance in which brutish behaviour from the "hero" and weak submission from the heroine is mistaken for romance. The plot reads like a bad movie of the week, and I didn't care for any character in this book. (Really, only the housekeeper is in any way even pleasant; the reformed heroine is determinedly perfect, but in some very anno [...]

    14. Darla Stokes says:

      Another Anne Stuart oldie, this one with a suspense/amnesia plot. I'm less patient with amnesia plots than I used to be, and the hero that hates or acts like he hates the heroine for most of the book is what turned me off of romance in the 90s. Plus, there's a big plot point solved unrealistically (see how I'm avoiding spoilers here?), and that irritated me, too.Obviously, I didn't hate it--3 stars means "liked it," after all. Anne Stuart's writing is always engaging. It just wasn't what I neede [...]

    15. Ayu Wirdha says:

      Molly, Patrick, Uncle Willy, Aunt Ermy, Toby, Lisa, Mrs Morsebagian besar dr mereka adalah penjahat semua.Baru kali ini ga terlalu suka dgn karakter hero-nya. Udah keras kepala nolak Molly dgn alasan yg dibuat2 pdhal cinta mati, sempet selingkuh ama Lisa pdhal blm cerai.duh macem2 ke Molly pula ihhhhTapi alur ceritanya enak, tdk bertele2 & berkepanjangan, suka dgn karakter Molly. Sebagai pembaca, kita diajak mengetahui potongan cerita bersamaan dgn kembalinya ingatan Molly dr amnesia.Penjaha [...]

    16. Joanne says:

      After a car wreck Molly Winters awakes with amnesia. She was traveling with an unidentifed man who was killed and money in the trunk of her car but she can't remember a thing. She is released into the custody of her husband who she was entranged from and must stay at their old home. She can't remember her husband or why he hates her and she learns that someone is trying to kill her but no one believes her.

    17. Cristina says:

      Carino, ma non entusiasmante. E' un romanzo sottiletta (sotto le 300 pagine) molto classico: eroina piena di soldi, un sacco di parenti interessati, un marito distante da riconquistare, un'amnesia forse vera, forse no.Per un pomeriggio di pioggia e freddo da passare sul divano è perfetto e gli si perdonano anche un paio di discrepanze e qualche incongruenza nella trama. Però la Stuart ha scritto decisamente di meglio ^_^.

    18. Kath says:

      Quick and light read. I always enjoy a story that has amnesia in the storyline and this was no exception. I did have some issues with this story and thought that Patrick was just a plain jerk. I supose he may have had so provation, however seems to me that he was never true to Molly, even as their marriage started. Really liked Molly though and thought she deserved better than the man she idolized as a teenager.Will probably check out more from this author though.

    19. Tanisha says:

      Not the best work of Anne. Starting was amazing but other than that nothing went well.The story had many loopholes. The villain totally unsuitable. And I found the characters totally foolish. The heroine after loosing memory have a total change of personality. The misunderstanding between characters went beyond logic.

    20. MoNique says:

      Focused more on suspence than on romance. Hero didn't grovel at all.Recommended on discussions and was eager to get a hold of this book but was slightly dissapointed, I expected more.

    21. Joanie says:

      Lots of characters-Patrick, Molly, Lisa, Uncle Willy, Mrs. Morse and Aunt Ermy. But who really did all the crimes? There was romance along with suspense. A nice read!

    22. Cathy says:

      September 2008

    23. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

      Own in A Stranger's Kiss - 2/1 - Anne Stuart, Debra Webb

    24. Kara says:

      I expected a lot with this book because amnesia is my kind of thing, but my expectations were not met, not even close, I was instead disappointed.

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