Oksana Zabuzhko Halyna Hryn
Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex
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Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex Called the most influential Ukrainian book for the years of independence Field Work in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko is the tale of one woman s personal revolt provoked by a top literary scanda

  • Title: Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex
  • Author: Oksana Zabuzhko Halyna Hryn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Called the most influential Ukrainian book for the 15 years of independence, Field Work in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko is the tale of one woman s personal revolt provoked by a top literary scandal of the decade The author, a noted Ukrainian poet and novelist, explains When you turn 30, you inevitably start reconsidering what you have been taught in your formativCalled the most influential Ukrainian book for the 15 years of independence, Field Work in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko is the tale of one woman s personal revolt provoked by a top literary scandal of the decade The author, a noted Ukrainian poet and novelist, explains When you turn 30, you inevitably start reconsidering what you have been taught in your formative years that is, if you really seek for your own voice as a writer In my case, my personal identity crisis had coincided with the one experienced by my country after the advent of independence The result turned explosive Field Work in Ukrainian Sex Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex became an international phenomenon when it shot to number one on the Ukrainian bestseller list and remained there throughout the 1990s The novel is narrated in first person streams of thought by a sharp tongued poet with an irreverently honest voice She is visiting professor of Slavic studies at Harvard and her exposure to American values and behaviors conspires with her yearning to break free from Ukrainian conventions In her despair over a recently ended affair, she turns her attention to the details of her lover s abusive behavior In detailing the power her Ukrainian lover wielded over her, and in admitting the underlying reasons for her attraction to him, she begins to see the chains that have defined her as a Ukrainian woman and in doing so, exposes and calls into question her country s culture of fear and repression at the very time that it wrestled its way toward independence Oksana Zabuzhko is a well known Ukrainian poet of the younger generation as well as a literary critic and translator Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex, her debut in the genre of the novel, marks the emergence of a powerful new voice in Ukrainian belles lettres This work immediately strikes the reader with its novelty of form and with the original way it presents eternal issues like love, life, and creativity, intertwining them with uniquely Ukrainian themes Slavic and East European Journal Language any language that s what I would call the capital love of my life nothing else has the power to synthesize music and myth, two things without which the world would be a totally unlivable place Oksana ZabuzhkoFieldwork in Ukrainian Sex was first published in Ukraine in 1996, unleashing a storm of controversy and propelling the author to national fame It topped the bestseller list in Ukraine for than ten years, making it the most successful Ukrainian language book of the nineties in every regard Today, Oksana Zabuzhko is one of the few authors in Ukraine and the only Ukrainian language writer to make a living exclusively from her writing.

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    1 Blog on “Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex

    1. Antonomasia says:

      The first full-five-star book I've read in 2016: a breakneck ride through twentieth-century Ukrainian history, the experience of writing in a neglected language, and a tortured relationship between two tortured Ukrainian artists in America, told in spectacular twisty-turny extended-sentence prose by a brilliant author and poet that more of you GR experimental fans should be reading. Don't just unbury books, stop good ones getting buried in the first place! Which I've been wanting to say in a rev [...]

    2. Sofia says:

      I'm stalled - I seem to have lost my desire to loose myself in her words.She is sarcastic, sharp and unfortunately rambling in her tug of war, with the love and hate she feels for her country, her man, her life. It was one of those times that I kept looking forward to a full stop or oh yes the end of a paragraph. What kept me reading was the flashes of insight which I cherished and wanted more ofopped at 50%half a BR with Ira

    3. Jen says:

      This book is amazing. It took a little bit to get into. I struggled in the first 50 pages. You can not skim this book. Don't even try. The prose style is rather unforgiving, but that really is the point. The point is to chew it. To go slowly. To go back and forth over sentences and phrases. This is a painful, occasionally hard to follow narrative of the grotesque end of a love affair punctuated with small and devastatingly perceptive mini-treatises on writing, art, trust in other humans, the sta [...]

    4. Victoria Moroz says:

      Не дочитала.Навіщо вона пише такою складною мовою? Навіщо писати так, щоб через книгу треба було продиратися? Це ж не українська. І речення в сторінку довжиною - це що, нормально?І оцей стиль я взагалі не розумію, коли шматками усе. Вона про одного чоловіка пише чи про декільк [...]

    5. Sarah says:

      Whoa. Full-on, but short: a ranting gallop through Ukrainian nationalism and feminism, fully realised. Quite painful throughout (and also because for a moment I wondered if it was really just a version of 50 Shades of Grey which it definitely isn't, but let's say it's the very distant other end of the spectrum from that, but indeed on the same spectrum.) A little confusing in parts (2nd-person, 3rd-person, missing time references) but ultimately illuminating and it merits another read.I read it [...]

    6. Michelle Lawrence says:

      This is a really dense, heavy novel. It's a sort of confessional stream-of-consciousness memoir of an romantic/abusive relationship that fell apart. There's a lot in there about the artistic process, Ukrainian culture, and human relations in general; how this relationship reflects larger Ukrainian societal and cultural patterns. This book is overbearing, and it can be too hard to follow -- it jumps around so much. There are some real gems in here, though, and the experimentation with narrative f [...]

    7. Lodyk Vovchak says:

      Почну з того, що потік свідомості мені ще зі школи не подобався. Ну не розумів я Уліса і все. Тому і тут не сильно вражений твором. Я в принципі розумію, що таким робом написати якусь історію ой як не легко. Але організм відмовляється подобати такий формат твору. Мабуть я не да [...]

    8. Halyna Yakubovich says:

      Читати цей роман -- це як викарабкуватися на Говерлу в осінній день з дрібною мжичкою. Здавалося б, що то є тих два кілометри (якихось 200 сторінок)? Але підйом важкий, довгий та нудний. Замість сонцем залитих полонин та мальовничих краєвидів -- безперервні темно-сизі краплі з н [...]

    9. Yooperprof says:

      A brilliant Eastern European poet learns the hard way that it can be hell to be a relationship with a painter. Not a conventional novel, more a prose-poem "rant" with aspirations to be the Ukrainian "Second Sex." Zabushko riffs on Ukrainian history, men and women, and the neglible place of poetry in today's society. Perhaps more of a three star than a four star book, but it's unusual, and Crossing deserves credit for publishing a bold book in translation.

    10. Oksana Uskova says:

      Мабуть цю книжку було варто читати років 10 назад - бо зараз, не про українців ця книжка - я не знаю таких українців, як в цій книжці. Чи то ненависть, чи то taff love до нації, але жалість та зверхність пані Забужко дещо дивують. Стосовно жіночої лінії - тут питань нема. Нелінійний хі [...]

    11. Elen Tkacheva says:

      Woman's emotions and feelings as they are. Oksana has nothing to hide from her readers and you could be sometimes shocked by her honesty. Very bright and vivid modern Ukrainian language.

    12. Helen says:

      Difficult to read both because of subject matter and the way it is written. But I picked it up to get a perspective on The Ukraine, which it gave me in a thought-provoking and self-assured way.

    13. Julie A says:

      This is a tricky one to pin down I think it can best be described as a master class in philosophy delivered in a slightly torrential form. This is one of those books that screams for big conversation because the ideas presented here are incredibly deep and conveyed extremely articulately. It's a book that really begs for a night of discussion with friends over many bottles of wine. As it is, the friends of mine who would be interested in such a discussion are all currently abroad, but it did lea [...]

    14. Oleksandr says:

      Жіночі студії з українським колоритом. Історія про взаємовідносини двох діячів культури є тлом для автобіографією київської дівчинки з родини інтелігенції. (view spoiler)[Мов для діяспори написано, бо терміни і місця, які не зрозуміє рядовий українець без пояснень та перекладу, [...]

    15. Risa Miller says:

      It was really hard to grasp the flow of the writing style at first, but I really do like how it allows for Oksana to be so open with what she writes. I like how she wasn’t concerned about political-correctness, rather, the book is more comparable to a diary. I think all women can relate to parts of the book in some way or another - it’s comforting (and tragic) to know we go through it together. I don’t think I’d read it again; but the book offers great explanation to the backing behind f [...]

    16. Микола Бовкіт says:

      Якби не остання частина (~20%), то сказав би що книга до одного місця!

    17. Ironman Ninetytwo says:

      This was lyric and beautiful. I'm not quite sure how original the allegory between personal consent and national consent was, but it was personal.

    18. Lisa S says:

      brilliantly written and/but a very painful read

    19. Олеся Венгринович says:

      Польові дослідження з українського сексу. Оксана ЗабужкоЦей роман невипадково став подією в українському довколалітературному середовищі - феміністичні нотки, сповідальна мова, насичена, емоційна, багата лексика, і кола найближчої історії, як відбитки особистих травм, я [...]

    20. Bookaholic says:

      „(…) ca toate feministele, ea era sigură că men are full of shit, dacă li se dă mână liberă, încep războaie, lagăre de concentrare, foamete, declin economic, se întrerupe apa caldă și curentul electric, se reduc sumele alocate universităților și atunci doctoratul trebuie să se prelungească” (p. 158).Oksana Zabușko (sau Zabuzhko) este una dintre cele mai cunoscute și apreciate scriitoare contemporane din Ucraina. Aceasta s-a născut în 1960, a studiat filosofie la Unive [...]

    21. Jose Luis (Liantener) says:

      Un libro difícil de leer, pero muy bien escrito y que no disfruté más por cuestiones personales.El libro es una larga reflexión semi-autobiográfica, donde la autora, que es un poetisa, revisa su vida amorosa y sexual, y hace referencia a su origen ucraniano como una fuente de sus males y su forma de ser. Así que aparte de reflexión personal, resulta un vistazo a la sociedad ucraniana moderna.El estilo recuerda mucho al de Javier Marías, donde el narrador salta de una idea a otra a otra y [...]

    22. Bogdan Obraz says:

      Філософські роздуми, викладені на сторінках особливим стилем, психоаналітично-істеричним змістом, сексуально-націоналістичного характеру, вже 10 років є бестселером. Одні (переважно жінки) вважають це кращим з усіх прочитаних ними творів і допомагає їм розібратися зі сво [...]

    23. Tiziana says:

      3.5 - A hard-hitting novel about identity - as a woman and as Ukrainian. It is written in the stream-of-consciousness style, which makes it hard to read and absorb. Nevertheless, I appreciated both the themes tackled and the narrative method. It deserves an important place in feminist writing and literary fiction.Read the full review on my blog, Scrabbled Rambles.

    24. Kent Winward says:

      This is the novel of a poet. The best part of the book also proved to be the most problematic to me, namely, the insight into another country's neurosis. On universal pain points I could relate, but I was always left with a nagging sense that the emotional response I was supposed to have wasn't quite up to snuff. Maybe gender and country gaps combined are too hard to transcend.

    25. Nancy H says:

      I feel bad that I didn't like this book with what is happening in the Ukraine at the present time, because I feel so bad for those people whose country is in turmoil. With regard to this book, t author has a gift for description, which is good, but I just don't like books that have a lot of existential angst and whining as the main part of the plots, as this one did.

    26. Mr M Roden says:

      Passionately upliftingLyrically written piece exploring gender politics in a world where the realpolotik of the Ukrainian nation's domination by Russia permeates the lives of everyone.

    27. Chrystyna says:

      If you like stream of consciousness writing, this is for you. I unfortunately must have some sort of attention deficit as I couldn't continue reading. The topic is interesting, but not enough to overlook the style of writing.

    28. Katie says:

      Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

    29. Volyana says:

      на відміну від тих, фільм, який ти все-таки неважишся вимкнутине конче має скінчитися щасливо. А однаково, вимикати - непростиме свинство. І дітвацтво: не вивчив урока - не піду до школи

    30. Rockabilly says:

      ось так сприймають світ фригідні жінки!(с. 126)а ті, що беруться перекладати цю книжку - це взагалі сміливі люди.

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