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Break. Ossa rotte
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Break Ossa rotte Jonah ha una famiglia a dir poco difficile Ha due genitori quasi assenti che non ricordano pi perch stanno insieme e a malapena riescono a tenere le fila di un matrimonio che sta rovinando la loro vi

  • Title: Break. Ossa rotte
  • Author: Hannah Moskowitz Sara Reggiani
  • ISBN: 9788809759053
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jonah ha una famiglia a dir poco difficile Ha due genitori quasi assenti, che non ricordano pi perch stanno insieme e a malapena riescono a tenere le fila di un matrimonio che sta rovinando la loro vita e quella dei figli E ha due fratelli Will, di pochi mesi, che piange incessantemente, e Jesse, di 16 anni Il rapporto tra Jonah e Jesse va ben al di l dell a fraJonah ha una famiglia a dir poco difficile Ha due genitori quasi assenti, che non ricordano pi perch stanno insieme e a malapena riescono a tenere le fila di un matrimonio che sta rovinando la loro vita e quella dei figli E ha due fratelli Will, di pochi mesi, che piange incessantemente, e Jesse, di 16 anni Il rapporto tra Jonah e Jesse va ben al di l dell a fraterno S , perch Jonah l angelo custode di Jesse, colui che ogni giorno lo salva da morte sicura per soffocamento Jesse soffre infatti di gravi allergie alimentari, soprattutto al latte e, dato che Will ancora un poppante, Jesse non mai al sicuro, nemmeno in casa I suoi attacchi sono violenti, terribili, devastanti, tanto da spedirlo in ospedale Jonah non pu permettersi di perderlo mai di vista controlla tutto ci che mangia, tocca, respira Si assicura anche che quella sbadata di sua madre non allatti Will e poi tocchi il fratello Ogni volta che il cellulare squilla, il cuore di Jonah parte al galoppo per la paura che Jesse sia in fin di vita Jonah vuole essere pi forte, ha bisogno di essere pi forte, per sorreggere una famiglia sull orlo del baratro, per sostenere un fratello che rischia di morire ogni giorno, per non cedere al raptus omicida nei confronti di un beb che riduce a brandelli i nervi di tutti Rompersi le ossa e guarire l unico modo che Jonah conosce per rinforzarsi Perch chiunque sa che un osso fratturato ha il potere di curarsi da solo e di ricrescere pi forte, rinvigorito.

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      344 Hannah Moskowitz Sara Reggiani
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    1 Blog on “Break. Ossa rotte

    1. Clair says:

      The premise for Break both horrified and fascinated me when I decided to finally check out Hannah Moskowitz's works. (Maybe I could set aside March as Moskowitz Month? Hmm.)I'd heard a lot of good things about Teeth, but I thought I'd plunge into the deep end with Break (any pun about Teeth being unintentional, believe me), and you know the funny thing?The day after I bought it, I tripped over and broke one of my toes. Then the next day, my dad slipped and rolled down a muddy embankment and badl [...]

    2. June Helmsley says:

      Holy ballsweat! It's like a werewolf broke into my house and smashed the shit out of everything and then bought me dinner because GODDAMN, this book so owns my face now. Fucking property of Hannah Moskowitz on my goddamn forehead.In a past review I decided Jay Bell's middle name was "Fuck yeah, bitch!" and so I will bestow such an honor on Ms. Moskowitz and from now on her middle name is "I came here to fuck bitches".Artist's rendition:So yeah, shit starts getting real because Jonah, the main ch [...]

    3. ~Tina~ says:

      Did you know that when you break your bones, they grow back stronger? Well that's what Jonah figures he'd do. Get stronger. Since his life and the people in it is so messed up he figures that he'll be strong enough for all of themBasically BREAK is probably the strangest book I've read thus far, but it's concept is crazy fascinating. And then when the book is all said and done it hits something so deep that it makes you wonder if it's an issue that really happening. This is a thought provoking b [...]

    4. Hannah says:

      I wrote this book! Parts of it make me laugh.

    5. shady says:

      It's definitely very strange to finish an author's latest book and then proceed to their debut straight after. The six year gap is definitely clear in the writing, yes, but even despite that, Hannah Moskowitz never fails to impress me. To put it bluntly, I just fucking love her goddamn books, man.

    6. Jennifer Sommersby says:

      What were you doing during your junior year in high school? Chasing boys? Cheering on the home team? Worrying about the perfect prom dress (or if you were even going to make it to prom)? Fighting with your parents because of their crazy restrictive curfews?I don’t know what Hannah Moskowitz did to keep it real during eleventh grade. And considering she’s only nineteen, those days were, well, like, yesterday. I know one thing she did do, though. She got herself a little publishing deal with o [...]

    7. Hannah says:

      Ho scritto questo libro. :)

    8. Ava says:

      If this book isn't proof that teenagers are fucking amazing, I don't know what is. (Hannah wrote this when she was in high school.)I am so impressed w/ her and w/ this book. Wow. It'll BREAK (heh) you, but it's worth it.

    9. Megan says:

      (Re-posted from theturnedbrain/)The first thing that struck me about Break was how nice it was to read a YA book that didn't revolve around or devote a huge chunk of itself to romance. Jonah already has a girlfriend, (well, kind of), and while he likes her a whole heap he doesn’t obsess over her or doubt her feelings or worry overmuch about the relationship or any of that standard YA jazz. Break is a book hugely concerned with relationships, just not the teenagers in love kind.This a book abou [...]

    10. Christina Wilder says:

      I'll preface this review by saying that when I started reading as a young adult, the books that stood out were the ones that were well written. Period. It didn't matter if they were romance, horror, YA, kid lit, etc. If the characters got in my head and made me care for them, the book had me in its clutches. I'm not fond of the philosophy that young people need to have watered-down prose and plots. Children and teenagers are smart and savvy, so talking down to them only makes you a square. Break [...]

    11. Corinne says:

      This book knocked my socks off. I don't even know where to begin because all I want to say is you need to read it.Jonah is on a mission to break every bone in his body, because everyone knows that broken bones heal back stronger and he needs to be strong. Everything else in his life is absolute chaos. He has one brother who is allergic to everything, a baby brother who doesn't stop crying (literally), parents who seem to be hanging on by a string, and friends who have no idea why he is doing wha [...]

    12. Jaksen says:

      Read this shortly after it came out as I 'met' the author on a writer's site. I promptly went out and got it.Intense and amazing. I was most worried about the little brother though, and felt my focus shift to him (and not the MC.) I kind of knew what was up with Jonah, who constantly breaks his bones so they'll re-heal stronger, but the baby brother? I kept reading hoping the baby would simply stay alive from one page to the next A quick read, a good read, from a truly unique writer.

    13. Kristi says:

      Three words: intense, fast-paced, awesome! What an incredible debut! Moskowitz is an extremely talented writer! Break was full of fantastically portrayed three dimensional characters and an insane central idea. A goal to break every bone in your body? How does that not pique your curiosity. Well, it did mine and this lead to me completely devouring the entire novel in one setting. Moskowitz did an outstanding job of creating that are relatable, they have problems, feelings, and circumstances tha [...]

    14. Alexa says:

      3.5 starsAn interesting and unique read. Easy and quick to get through.Jonah eventually figures out his reason for breaking his bones, but my reaction to it was probably similar to the psycologist's. It was a strange reason and didn't entirely make sense to me. (Although, I can kind of see why Jonah would think it made sense.) Another thing, I didn't understand what was up with those people in the psych ward. Why did they think that what Jonah did was so great? It was creepy. This book just made [...]

    15. Kat says:

      4.5 stars | Blog"Break a bone, grow a better body. The worse you're hurt, the stronger you get."WOW. This was the first book I've read of Hannah Moskowitz's and it did NOT disappoint. Break was an easy read and it also (rather rudely) enjoyed toying with my feelings. The minute I read the premise, my eyebrows shot up. Who breaks bones for fun? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: seventeen-year-old Jonah McNab.Break is about Jonah going on a bone-breaking spree and his best friend, [...]

    16. Tabitha Olson says:

      When I first picked this book up, I was hooked. Jonah's voice is so fresh and real, and the writing is sharp. His relationship with his brother, Jesse, is heartfelt and strong. In fact, all of the younger characters in this book are very real.The first two thirds of the story really pulled me in. I was dying to find out why the baby brother, Will, cried so much. I had to know more about Jesse's allergies. And, this question was burning a hole in the back of my mind: what is Jonah going to do to [...]

    17. Alex Bennett says:

      Even though I read and fell in love with two of Hannah Moskowitz’s other books, I held off reading her debut, Break until very recently. I honestly was just worried that I wouldn’t love it as much as Invincible Summer and Gone, Gone, Gone, which are both by Hannah and are both absolute favorites of mine. But I am happy to report that Break lived up to Moskowitz’s other novels, and exceeded my expectations.All of Hannah Moskowitz’s books focus heavily on family, especially sibling relatio [...]

    18. Jessica (Step Into Fiction) says:

      I bought this book and Invicible Summer at the same by Hannah but I wanted to read this one first. The concept really caught my attention. As someone whose broken a few too many bones in her lifetimeI know the pain that comes with it. I could never ever imagine doing it to myself on purpose, so I was intrigued. (view spoiler)[I'm glad Jonas didn't get through breaking all the bones he was planning on breaking. I don't know if I could've lived through reading that lol. The skateboarding 'accident [...]

    19. Dichotomy Girl says:

      This book is really really hard to rate. On the one hand, it was well written; I started it about 20 minutes until bedtime, and stayed up late to finish it. On the other hand, I found that all of the characters pissed me off, for different, but spoiler-y reasons. (view spoiler)[ So Yeah, Jonah is messed up. He's under a lot of stress for a teenage boy, and does a drastic thing to try and make himself stronger, to try to fix his family (especially his brother Jesse). But his friend Naomi? She is [...]

    20. Megan says:

      The main character in Break and I virtually have nothing in common, except for our ages. I'm a seventeen-year-old writing girl who doesn't swear and is absolutely too terrified to get in any likely-bone-breaking situationsd Jonah is a boy with a complicated mess of a home life, the pressures of his world on his shoulders, and a habit of intentionally breaking bones. Nevertheless, I found him tremendously sympathetic and compelling. This book really explores the burden of the responsibility he fe [...]

    21. Tasha says:

      Authored by a senior in high school, this debut novel would make a veteran author proud. Jonah worries about a lot. He worries about his parents, worries about the fact his baby brother cries all the time, but most of all he worries about his younger brother, Jessie, who is severe and life-threatening allergies. After being hurt in a car accident, Jonah has started trying to break every bone in his body to make himself stronger. He is helped by his best friend, Naomi, who films him breaking his [...]

    22. Tom Franklin says:

      BREAK is a story about a family, each of is broken in very different ways. It's a difficult book to read on many levels and a brilliant book given that Hannah Moskowitz was still in high school when she wrote it.The narrator, the oldest son, Jonah, feels responsible for protecting his younger, highly allergic, brother from all of the environmental and food elements that can kill him. There's a baby who cries incessantly and his mindlessly religious parents are quick to lash out verbally at one a [...]

    23. rachel • typed truths says:

      Dammit, where do I even start with this story? I loved it. I don’t have that much to say about it, but that doesn’t mean I loved it any less. I just cannot find the words to say how much this story touched me. It’s one of those slow-building, soul-crushingly beautiful contemporary stories about brotherhood, family, pain and yes, love. It stole my heart. Broke me down. I loved Jonah and his relationships with Jesse. I adored Jesse. I loved Jonah’s mission – twisted and sickening as it w [...]

    24. Julie says:

      Moskowitz is a talented young writer who effectively conveys teenage angst in a confident voice. Jonah purposely breaks his bones as a coping mechanism to his brother Jesse’s severe food allergies. Believing that his bones will heal stronger is his way of controlling the stress of his family, which includes a constantly ill Jesse, a screaming infant brother and feuding parents. But when the people who care about him find out his injuries are self-inflicted, Jonah has to face the repercussions [...]

    25. evilqueen21 says:

      It frightens me to think that if by some chance I had not received an arc of Invincible Summer, I would've never discovered Hannah's awesomeness! I loved IS and can now say Break is equally made of awesome. I know Hannah has said she's never really considered writing a sequal to any of her books (correction only recently the exception of possibly a retelling of IS from a diff. pov) but seriously Break begs to be countinued with my prefrence of Jesse's pov. So I have to put this out there: Deares [...]

    26. Claire says:

      Hannah Moskowitz is a a teenage Chuck Palahniuk. Her debut novel, BREAK, is clever, intense, and highly emotional. Absolutely one of the most original novels I've ever read.

    27. Rachael says:

      Some teens play sports. Other drink and party. But Jonah breaks bones—his own. Sure, it hurts, but broken bones always grow back stronger, and that’s what’s important. Jonah’s on a mission to break every bone in his body, because he wants to be stronger. It’s not because of his younger brother, who’s severely allergic to practically every food and thus frequents the ER too many times. It’s not because of his parents, who can barely handle their own affairs, let along anyone else’ [...]

    28. Karri Shea says:

      Her sneakers make bubble-gum smacks against the pavement on her way to me… I choke out a sweaty, clogged piece of laughter… She waits while I pant, my head against my skinned knee. Colors explode in the back of my head. The pain’s almost electric… I expand and burst in a thousand little balloons.- Break by Hannah MoskowitzI am not a comtemporary YA kind of girl. I didn’t read it when I was of the age to be considered “YA,” and I don’t often read it now. I’ve always found the re [...]

    29. U.L. Harper says:

      Here's the thing with Break. First off it's a great read. The language is wonderful and the timing is great. I think this is young adult novel. That thought is neither here nor there but I thought I'd state it anyway. The pacing is almost spot on as well. Aside from that the author seems to be wise beyond her years. Hannah Moskowitz does a great job adding interesting information to the story at times when you don't expect it. Refreshing. This is a clever read as well. Our protagonist, is clearl [...]

    30. Kristin says:

      Why yes, this book IS just as aweosme as it sounds. Thank you for asking.Jonah is one of the most complicated MCs I've read in a long time - in a good way. It would have been so easy to make him a vehicle for the plot, a boy who's into self-mutilation for no reason other than to drive the story forward. But Hannah has the incredible ability to make the reader fully understand Jonah's actions - which is no small feat when you're reading about a boy diving into an empty swimming pool.I especially [...]

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