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Mulheres, Comida & Deus
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Mulheres Comida Deus Se est a sofrer com a rela o que tem com os alimentos comer de mais ou muito pouco pensar constantemente sobre o que deve comer ou n o pensar sequer sobre isso poder vir a ser uma mulher livre Olhe

  • Title: Mulheres, Comida & Deus
  • Author: Geneen Roth
  • ISBN: 9789722041676
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Se est a sofrer com a rela o que tem com os alimentos comer de mais ou muito pouco, pensar constantemente sobre o que deve comer ou n o pensar sequer sobre isso , poder vir a ser uma mulher livre Olhe para o seu prato As respostas est o l N o fuja Observe Porque quando enfrentamos o que mais queremos evitar, entramos em contacto com essa parte de n s que nos faSe est a sofrer com a rela o que tem com os alimentos comer de mais ou muito pouco, pensar constantemente sobre o que deve comer ou n o pensar sequer sobre isso , poder vir a ser uma mulher livre Olhe para o seu prato As respostas est o l N o fuja Observe Porque quando enfrentamos o que mais queremos evitar, entramos em contacto com essa parte de n s que nos faz sentir fortes e vivas Alcan amos a vida que realmente queremos ter e evocamos a divindade.Com intensa compreens o e humor irreverente, Roth segue o rasto das compuls es alimentares desde um in cio subtil at a um fim inesperado A autora ensina nos a fazer uma an lise pessoal, mostrando aos leitores como usar a sua rela o com a comida na descoberta da satisfa o que sempre procuraram A sua rela o com a comida, independentemente dos conflitos, a porta para a liberdade, afirma Roth Aquilo de que mais nos queremos livrar por si mesmo uma porta de entrada para o que mais queremos a desmitifica o da perda de peso e a presen a l cida do que muitos de n s apelidam de Deus.Repleto de revela es em cada p gina, este livro uma viagem, que surpreende pela positiva, a uma rela o profundamente satisfat ria com a comida, o seu corpo e com quase tudo o resto Mulheres, Comida e Deus simplesmente um guia para a vida.

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    1 Blog on “Mulheres, Comida & Deus

    1. Ashley says:

      Maybe I entirely missed the point, but this book was the biggest waste of my time. Firstly, as other reviewers have pointed out, the "and God" part of this book is nonexistent. Not that I mind that, but don't put it in your title. Isn't that editing 101? Which is what this book seems to be missing: a good, thorough editing. Someone to remove the reaching, lofty language that struggles to make a point but doesn't really ever get there. Someone to concisely outline the goals for the book, for even [...]

    2. Jennifer Lane says:

      “Feel the Pain, Don’t Eat It”This is a non-fiction book that I found enlightening and helpful, with many truths in its pages. Author Geneen Roth had fluctuated between severe food restriction and severe binge eating all her life. Her self-worth was tied up in her weight and shape, and her existence was a miserable yo-yo of dieting and shame. She went to therapy, learned about herself, studied mindfulness and meditation, taught and wrote, and slowly began to deal with her emotional pain by [...]

    3. Jill says:

      Yes. I have food issues. And God issues. And I'm a Woman. It seems I meet all of the criteria.This is a BRUTAL book. I can only read a little bit at a time. Make it stop.**********************************************************************I don't know. I just don't know. I was going back and forth between 2 and 3 stars, but it's really more like a 2.5 for me. The epilogue was the best part of the book, in my opinion.Hmmm. I'm confounded here. I was extremely surprised how little God there was i [...]

    4. Reid says:

      I began to realize while reading this book that the title is a bit misleading, since it does not exclusively deal with any of the three things it names. First of all, it is not only for women; men could benefit just a mightily from what is written here. Second, it is not just about food, but about any obsession we use to divide ourselves off from our lives and our true natures. Third, when Roth speaks of God, she is referring to whatever in our world equates to that feeling of being entirely a c [...]

    5. Summer Lewis says:

      Loved it--down to earth, easy to read, and really resonated with me.Some quotes from the book:There is a whole universe to discover between “I’m feeling empty” and turning to food to make it go away. The problem of weight is predictable. We know what to do when we have that problem. Beat ourselves up. Make ourselves wrong. Eat fewer donuts. But staying with the emptiness—entering it, welcoming it, using it to get to know ourselves better, being able to distinguish the stories we tell our [...]

    6. Becca says:

      I picked this up off the "new arrivals" shelf at the library where it was displayed next to books about economics, WWII, and Karen Armstrongs, "A Case for God." I thought-- Fantastic! A feminist reading of foodways! Boo, hiss, completely wrong. It's a meandering, blissfuly citation-free, whiny self-help book. The author tells us how crazy she is and how horrible her life has been but how many people love her and how many thousands of people have completely changed their lives because of her and [...]

    7. Deb says:

      *Soul food*If you're the type of reader who highlights and makes margin notes in books when you come across a body-jolting insight, it is likely you're not going to have much white space when you've finished this book. Although the book is relatively short and the tone is casual, there is more food for thought (yes, pun intended) here than in the shelf-loads of books surrounding it. Geneen's book is nothing short of amazing. Showing how our approach to food is an exact microcosm of our relations [...]

    8. I'd So Rather Be Reading Nat says:

      This non-fiction book is not a "diet book" or even really about food. It's about feeling and dealing with your feeling in a constructive way instead of overeating or eating mindlessly. I read Women Food and God for work and I really enjoyed it. Geneen Roth presents her material in a thoughtful, insightful way. She includes anecdotes from her compulsive eating retreats as well as her own journey with dieting, weight gain and triumph over compulsive eating.The only eating guidelines presented in t [...]

    9. Christine says:

      As someone who has dealt with weight problems for many years, I have to say this book was actually very helpful. I had never read any diet books prior to Women Food and God and I was therefore hesitant to read it. At first, I thought it would be a waste of money, and that the book was based on different dieting “techniques”, and the "best way to lose weight", however, it wasn't even close to that! I found it to be an interesting and insightful book that really thought me a lot about myself a [...]

    10. Linda says:

      Well, after much anticipation, I finally got my hands on yet another spiritually driven book about awareness. It focuses on Women and on their relationship with food, although that is a metaphor for anyone, with any type of unhealthy habit. The basic premise is that bad food habits are a manifestation of the pain, confusion and loss that we do not know how or want to deal with. Eating when you are not hungry is a way of coping with life but it not only does not solve the initial problem, it crea [...]

    11. Diane says:

      When I first received this book in the mail, I wasn't sure it was for me. I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person than a religious person, so I was concerned that the book might be preachy -- it is not. The title is very misleading, and the author even states that God means different things to different people. As I read a few pages, something about what the author was saying seemed to resonate with me. The author states: "The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about be [...]

    12. Helynne says:

      I had been intrigued by the title of this book for months before I read it, and after reading this collection of essays, I was not disappointed, although it should be noted that the author, does discuss women and food a lot more than she discusses God and spiritual aspects of weigh issues. Geneen Roth's main theme is self-love, and "coming home to oneself" as an overall approach to health and weight control. "We don't want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our lives to be hot fudge sun [...]

    13. Ileana says:

      This is an amazing book. It is not just about we overeat, it can be applied to anything we might use to numb ourselves in order to prevent feeling pain. Loved it!I do believe there are frozen places in ourselves - undigested pockets of pain - that need to be recognized and welcomed, so that we can contact that which has never been hurt or wounded or hungry."To discover what you really believe, pay attention to the way you act -- and to what you do when things don't go the way you think they shou [...]

    14. Liberty says:

      A new take on a million-dollar/yr industry. Amazing notion really That you don't have to atone, hate, suffer, or diet your self away. As Geneen writes, "once the belief and the subsequent decisions (about your worth and a lifetime of dieting) are questioned, diets and being uncomfortable in your body lose their seductive allure. Only kindness makes sense. Anything else is exruciating."Excruciating is an utterly painful place to be when embodying your Self. This idea that there is neither an answ [...]

    15. Katie says:

      Upon finishing this book, my first thought was "meh." For a book that is dominating the New York Times bestseller list, I thought this was going to be a stellar read; unfortunately, this was not the case.I just couldn't bring myself to care about what Roth was saying. It's not that I didn't agree with what she said; perhaps it is just that I already knew the philosophy behind what she was advocating. There have been many articles and reports on how women can be emotional eaters; eating when they [...]

    16. Nicola Mansfield says:

      I read 117 of 211 pages and could not continue to read any further. The book was not what I had thought it would be. I have not read anything by this author before and going by the publisher's summary and the title I had expected this book to incorporate the Judaeo-Christian God into women's struggle with weight loss and food relationship. That surmise was incorrect, the author's concept of the word "God" could be more clearly stated as "whatever supreme deity, power or feeling you happen to bel [...]

    17. Charlotte says:

      I've always been skeptical and dismissive of the self-help genre, but I LOVE Geneen Roth and I want to shout it from the rooftops! She embodies the best Jewish/Buddhist mother, someone who knows you to the core, who tells it like it is, who's wise and spiritual, and all with a kick-ass, self-deprecating sense of humor. She resonates with a huge and devoted following of women, and I think that's why. This book offers nothing much that's new since the Refrigerator book,which I read first. It's per [...]

    18. Christina White says:

      I really did think there were some excellent points and ideas in this book. As a woman who struggles with dieting and has recovered from an eating disorder, I can tell you that this book is more helpful than the book of Anorexia and Bulimia Anonymous. This book teaches you to eat being body conscious, to focus on being "in your belly" (where your soul resides according to some guru garbage.) The author is all about teaching you to love your self and to eat when you are hungry. I found my self in [...]

    19. Loretta says:

      This was a worthwhile, thought-provoking book for me. Although I sometimes find the writing a bit "fuzzy", especially when talking about the more spiritual aspects she addresses, it is overall clear and well-written. I want to re-read this book in conjunction with Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food. I found Mindful Eating very practical, and it has a lot of specific practices and exercises that would be useful to do while keeping Roth's words in [...]

    20. Andi says:

      I am reading – on actual paper – Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. Roth’s fundamental idea is that women overeat or constantly diet because we believe that somehow our ability to control our weight will give us control over our lives. This idea is one I can wholly agree with. I know that when my stress level goes up I will eat most things in site, especially if I don’t have time each day to wind down and think through my feelings. Perhaps the strongest thing I’ve taken from the book [...]

    21. Milton224 says:

      I learned nothing new, and, to be honest, I read the vignettes about the women featured and felt like we had nothing in common. I learned that Roth used to live in Santa Cruz; this book definitely had the feel of a certain type of SC woman, one which I tend to run away from. They are the cultural appropriators who find guidance and pathways already appropriated by other out-group practitioners. I find that increasingly angering and simultaneously tedious.She suggests "God" can be found in starti [...]

    22. Susan says:

      I love my public library. Each time I've moved to a new town, the first place I visit is the public library to sign up for my library card. Most Methodist preachers no longer travel from place to place on horseback, but we still spend a lot of time in the car. My routine for years now has included trips to the library, exploring the audio book collections, and checking out volumes that seemed interesting. I've discovered a love for non-fiction that I never knew I had and that genre fiction is ev [...]

    23. SwensonBooks says:

      Geneen Roth's new title is almost banal. I had a really hard time getting through it and it was a very quick read. Promoted by Oprah Winfrey [book selection and guest appearance], the book follows the classic genre of self-help diet books. For all the hype, it reads like most every other diet book sans recipes, menus, points, weights, and measurements. Roth gives the formulaic fat book a twist: you can eat what your body needs and feed your soul without counting calories or stepping on the scale [...]

    24. Selena Kitt says:

      If you've read books by this author before, you'll recognize this as classic Geneen Roth - along with the usual message of following your body's cues, eating mindfully - but this time there's an added component of the spiritual. She isn't the first to see the connection between food addiction (or any addiction) and spirit. Trying to fill what feels like great big hole inside of you with something else never works - whether that something else is alcohol, heroin, sex or food. It's an idea that AA [...]

    25. Alyson says:

      This was a great read that explains how to stop compulsive behavior; food, drugs, whatever. I preferred this to Intuitive Eating by Tribole and 7 Secrets of Slim People by Hansen. THOSE would be good reading if you need something more didactic about food. I liked this approach because she talks about what's going on behind the food/compulsive behavior and most of the book addressed our thinking, not the compulsive behavior we use to avoid it. This might be what Eckhart Tolle was trying to explai [...]

    26. Joy Weese Moll says:

      This book promised more than it delivered for me. I saw myself on every page of Part 1, but the answers I expected in Parts 2 and 3 didn’t fully materialize. Partly, perhaps, because I am no longer the person that I kept seeing in Part 1, although I once was. I’ve taken a different path for this journey than this book delineates and it’s working for me. I’m not sure I would go back now to try this path, even if I could.Still, it plugs some holes in the methods I've been using -- Cognitiv [...]

    27. Danielle Katz says:

      Powerful! You must be ready to read this, and I do not mean get your highlighter, pencil and journal, but those things will help. I mean mentally prepared to open your heart and mind to the teachings uncovered in its pages. These are life changing revelations and not everyone will be ready for them. Becoming aware of your self and your actions are difficult and transformative. To be truly alive, you must live in the moment. This book will help with that. Amazing!

    28. Andrea Alban says:

      I learned to eat what I really want to eat—nothing more, nothing less. I stop chewing when my belly is full. I learned to apply these two simple rules to every moment of the day. What do I really want to do NOW? Am I enjoying? Am I full? Am I filling my life or is life filling me? Without trying, I am letting go of unwanted fat. My pants are loose around the waist. My eyes sparkle.

    29. sasha says:

      This book has helped transform my compulsive eating habits/the way I see myself. Don't look for this book to change your life, but as a path to a new way of living. Honest, relatable and beautiful.

    30. Zinta says:

      The United States has become the poster nation for overweight people, and, quite possibly going hand in hand, we have also increasingly become a nation of obsessions and addictions. The reasons, I suspect, are varied and many, arguably from living in a society that has lost sense of its values, to living in a society bombarded with convenience everything, including poor quality foods with a long list of chemical additives and preservatives, many of which studies have shown can lead to increased [...]

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