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Of Fire and Night
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Of Fire and Night The Barnes Noble ReviewKevin J Anderson s super sized space opera the Saga of Seven Suns continues in Of Fire and Night the fifth installment of the shelf bending science fiction series that has be

  • Title: Of Fire and Night
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780446577182
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Barnes Noble ReviewKevin J Anderson s super sized space opera, the Saga of Seven Suns, continues in Of Fire and Night, the fifth installment of the shelf bending science fiction series that has been compared to Frank Herbert s Dune chronicles and Isaac Asimov s Foundation trilogy Of Fire and Night begins with the all out extermination of humankind looming TheThe Barnes Noble ReviewKevin J Anderson s super sized space opera, the Saga of Seven Suns, continues in Of Fire and Night, the fifth installment of the shelf bending science fiction series that has been compared to Frank Herbert s Dune chronicles and Isaac Asimov s Foundation trilogy Of Fire and Night begins with the all out extermination of humankind looming The Terran Hanseatic League s war with the hydrogues aliens that live at the core of gas giant planets is going badly and, with a tyrannical leader like Basil Wenceslas, the situation is only getting worse, especially after he alienates all of the powerful aliens who might have helped the League As these once reliable allies secretly plot humankind s eradication with the hydrogues, entire factions of humanity are making plans for individual survival At the same time, Soldier compies competent computerized companions have rebelled and taken most of Earth s military With Armageddon imminent, does humankind have any chance of survival When Anderson s Saga of Seven Suns Scattered Suns, Horizon Storms, et al is eventually concluded a projected seven volume story arc, according to the author s web site it will be remembered as one of the most ambitious science fiction narratives ever undertaken Featuring numerous sentient alien races, complex political machinations, mind blowing technological advances, and literally hundreds of integral characters, this apocalyptic series can be described properly in only word epic A word of advice to Seven Suns neophytes This is definitely not a series where readers can just pick up any volume and dive in Beginning with Book One, Hidden Empire, is highly recommended Paul Goat Allen

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    1 Blog on “Of Fire and Night

    1. Aqiul Colombowala says:

      After being bummed by book 3 and 4 which were very slow, book 5 is surprisingly good! Shorter than the earlier book and paced much faster, the action has finally unfolded across the spiral arm. A great showdown between all the races is in the works and humanity is clinging on just barely! All the major races have their forces pitted for a fierce battle. I love the Wentals, they are extremely powerful yet really dumb at the same time.I wish some of the battle scenes had been explained in more det [...]

    2. Vicky says:

      Coming into a series near the end is never a good thing, but it does give one a unique perspective. When I first starting reading this book, I was completely confused. Even the author’s “The Story So Far” prologue did not help. But my initial confusion soon gave way to enlightenment. Anderson’s character development and world creation are so good that you lose yourself in the story without really knowing – or even really caring – what has happened so far.With each chapter devoted to [...]

    3. Clay says:

      This is where the stuff hits the fans right from the get-go. The Klikiss robot's plot to sabotage and convert the Soldier Compys of the Earth Defense Force has been triggered and the first half of the book follows those battle fronts. At the same time, the Mage-Imperator has made contact with the Hydrogues who give him an impossible choice. The King and Hansa Chairman reach a critical point in their relationship as the Roamers start trade relations with abandoned Hansa colony planets. Plus, the [...]

    4. Chris Evans says:

      I already knew Kevin had a hand in creating the Star Wars Killik's, so their similarities to the Klikiss is understandable, but I had to check to see if Kevin Anderson had a hand in writing Mass Effect 3 after this (he didn't).(view spoiler)[Sooo, didn't expect the primary plot to come to a conclusion this soon, especially knowing there are more books. While the climax was satisfying, the war it's self came across a little anti-climactic. It felt like they'd just finished setting up the conflict [...]

    5. Dave Johnson says:

      this was one of the best books in this series. i thought the plot twists and new characters and threads were very entertaining. i think that you need to read KJA's books with the intention of being entertained and not necessarily impressed with his writing (although i think he's a very good writer). i thought the ending was fantastic. HUGE cliffhanger. it really made me long for the next book.

    6. Chris Harris says:

      One of the greatest sci-fi novels I have ever read. I would recommend to anyone, let alone readers of science fiction novels. The conclusion is possible the greatest sci-fi "war sequence" I have ever read, bringing together every single plot thread of the book.

    7. Jason says:

      This is great science fiction - excellent character development, complex story arcs and just pure excitement to read. I'm glad I got into the Saga of Seven Suns series after 5 of them had been published as it would have killed me to have to wait long periods in between publishing each book.

    8. Nick says:

      A real page-turner! Anderson advances and ties up several storylines very nicely, while setting up new conflicts to carry through top the last 2 books. I did not see the last few pages coming, though I probably should have. Very enjoyable. 4 stars.

    9. Kay says:

      This is the strongest book so far in the series.

    10. Randall Andrews says:

      Once again Kevin j. Anderson weaves an amazing story through many eyes in the expanding tale. I'm sure when I finish the saga I will start the new saga of Shadows

    11. James Caldwell says:

      It took me ages to read this book. Not because I didn't enjoy it--quite the contrary--but because I don't have access to physical books where I live, and I dislike reading on the computer. So that being said, I thought Of Fire and Night was pretty good. In fact, probably the best book in the Saga of Seven Suns that I've read so far. Like all the books in this series, there's a large caste of viewpoint characters, however, with Of Fire and Night, the cast actually seems to have been trimmed down [...]

    12. D.w. says:

      Still ticking. This series reminds me of the old Timex commercials. All that is bad about it has not been fixed.The time scale, the short chapters. Now we have a few new terrible elements. The pregnancy that will not end. As we see so many things happening, as the author wanted to build to his first climax he had placed one of he numerous main characters into the situation of expectant motherhood. That was a good plot point. Except with all that has happened, the woman must be carrying the child [...]

    13. Thackshila says:

      5th book of the installation. The story is continuing with gathered phase and the plot is twisting all over. One thing I find rather tedious is the the author's tendency to repeat. Its good if you're someone with bad memory or take too long between the books, but it get really tiring when you're reading the saga continuously! and unlike the earlier books in the saga, the plot is seems to have bigger plot holes. And I really hope someone draw up a map of the spiral arm with the different star sys [...]

    14. Angus Mcfarlane says:

      The threads are coming together as the battle ramps up. This kind of plot always feels a bit contrived of course - how realistic is that the good guys scramble together a sufficient defense with just enough time to spare? Timing tends not to be symmetrical, and this aberration is all the more exposed when the weaponry power is so starkly asymmetric, particularly as far as humanity is concerned. But, and it's a big but, there's plenty of suspense involved in the how: the emerging alliance of elem [...]

    15. Brendan Nicholls says:

      After all this time the series has finally jumped into gear to finally strengthen the story. The internal human rift is appealing and well handled to a degree, would a lousy chairman remain in power after unleashing soldier compies against mankind? No way in hell. This book and the fifth in the series finds a common balance for the overall plot. The return of a character in a new disguise felt tacky and I thought the invasion of the robots across the worlds was the ending that suited this book. [...]

    16. Faz says:

      I have heard a lot of glowing reviews for Mr. Anderson's works, and figured I would start with the Saga of Seven Suns anthology since the premise was right up my SciFi alley. I was severely disappointed. While the basis of the stories was interesting and held great promise, the excruciating details of people, conversations and relationships turned me off. When there was action to be had, it was limited to very little writings, and had none of the depth as in the rest of the book. I 'read' this a [...]

    17. Sebastien says:

      Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise quand dans un livre prévue de 7 livre, qu'on ait une fin inscrite dans le cinquième livre.Une grosse partie de l'histoire se termine dans ce livre et bien que plusieurs lecteur semble ne pas apprécier la manière dont ça a été traité, pour ma part ce livre est le meilleur de la série.En même temps l'auteur sait habilement nous garder assez de matériel pour nous faire savoir que les 2 prochains livre ne seront pas que des fillers, il seront des livre de la [...]

    18. Heather says:

      The fifth book in the Saga of Seven Suns is arguably the best yet.The pacing of this book increased tenfold from the previous four. There is hardly a moment of inaction in the entire 550 pages. And yet, amid the battles and epic plots, the characters remain central to the story, giving the events an emotional resonance too often lost in the flurry of sci-fi action.At first, I was sure that the characters where kidding themselves about the “last battle” against the hydrogues. They are the ult [...]

    19. Scott Lee says:

      Finished. The reader changed on this audio production, as did some of the sound engineering choices from previous volumes. I think the reader here was much more effective. Anderson does a grand job of holding together a massively expansive narrative in this volume. The book appears to resolve major series threads dealing with Peter, Istara, and the Chairman; Jora'h, Osira'h, and Nira; the Roamer/Wental/Verdani alliance; and the long-building robot rebellion due to Kilikkiss robot programming/sab [...]

    20. Don Viecelli says:

      From My Newsletter Number 21:I finished reading the next two books from Kevin J. Anderson, The Saga Of The Seven Suns series; Scattered Suns, Book 4 and Of Fire And Night, Book 5.In Of Fire And Night the action intensifies. The Ildirans must consider joining the Hydrogues and the Klikiss to destroy the humans or face extermination as a race. The Klikiss turn against all humans and nearly destroy Earth in the process. In the end, it is the human Roamers and the Ildirans who turn the tide against [...]

    21. John Shumway says:

      ** Save review for the series:This was a fun series to read. The semi long winded way of writing reminds me of the Dune prequels and conclusions he helped write. Not that I'm really complaining it’s just a lot to get through. The story is big but the character list is bigger, and you get plenty of detail. I was able to read the entire series with only 1 or 2 forced distraction books to get a break from the story. Which for me means it’s pretty good if I don't get too sick of it after 7 books [...]

    22. Michelle says:

      I like these books by Kevin Anderson because each chapter follows a character. They are great for reading in places where you have small snippets of time like the bathroom, the doctors office, the car waiting to pick up kids, on the morning train, etc. The chapters are short 3-4 pages and only follow one character at a time so it's not too confusing. The characters are also richly developed and the plot is always thickening. Just when you think you've figured it out the author throws something e [...]

    23. Nor'dzin Pamo says:

      This is better than book 4 of the series and comes to a satisfactory conclusion. I was tempted to stop reading at this point as some of the major story lines were resolved, but have now decided to see it through for all seven books - even though I feel a little taken advantage of. It did not need to be 7 books, but it's a nice money spinner for the author. There was a bit of a feeling of 'how can there be 2 more books' while reading it, and then 'oh no another story line has begun' at the end. I [...]

    24. Erin says:

      Wow. JustOh Wow. Of Fire and Night was the fifth book in The Saga of the Seven Suns. Five long books full of many plots and dozens of characters and after all this excruciating time caring about these many people and their plights everything was wrapped up in (for the most part) a very satisfying and not too predictable conclusion that was the epic showdown that I had so hoped for. Umbut there are two more books? And the last one is called "Ashes of Worlds." That doesn't bode well. I'm afraid!

    25. John D'alessio says:

      The plot lines in this series were very interesting, and it was just enough to keep me reading it through to the end, but I found the writing repetitive, than tiresome and finally flat out boring. Anderson writes each chapter as if you may have forgotten the setting laid down previouslyI get it that the roamers are inventive, I get it that Ildarians can feel each other through some sort of psychic link, and I get it that the Chairman is distrustful of othersyou don't need to continually beat me [...]

    26. Zulfiya says:

      It is definitely not the four-star novel, but it is more entertaining than others in the saga. I did actually care not only about the over all plot of the massive story, but about individual stories and characters as well. The plot is well-balanced and has thickened significantly in this installment, and the final twist is somewhat expected, but was still well brought in . Quite a solid three-star book, but an extra star is for making me want to listen to it while driving!

    27. Chanse says:

      It was OK, it felt like an opportunity for a clean ending that would wrap up the series in a more general way; but is rather used for yet another jumping off point for more drama and stories. While I have enjoyed the series, the sheer amount of reading and somewhat monotonous series of events has begun to wear on me.

    28. Jason says:

      The government of Earth was getting tedious, finally things take a turn for the better and more interesting, as does the war, bringing all the players together to finally defect the hydrogs. Looking forward to learning the direction the new government of earth goes in and the image of the return of the Clickless gone for 10,000 years and thought log dead. This is book 5 of 7.

    29. Vincent Wood says:

      This is certainly the best of the series so far. Lots of action, lots of plot advancement, lots of excitement. If only all the rest of the books in the series were as good as this one, then I would be considering this series a great one rather than just a good one.

    30. Dianna Steiger says:

      Another great book in a wonderful seriesI can't get enough of this wonderful story and the amazing worlds that Kevin Anderson has created! I haven't read this much in a long time and it is so good to be back among the written word.

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