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Andersen's Fairy Tales
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Andersen s Fairy Tales None

  • Title: Andersen's Fairy Tales
  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen Ellen S. Shapiro Maxwell Armfield
  • ISBN: 9780517205730
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
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      245 Hans Christian Andersen Ellen S. Shapiro Maxwell Armfield
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    1 Blog on “Andersen's Fairy Tales

    1. Matthew says:

      There are two frequent observations made about fairy tales, and these two supposed truisms contradict one another. The first is that fairy tales are actually more shocking than we realised, and the second is that children can take this more than we think they can, and they enjoy the darkness of the original tales.Clearly if the second comment was true, then adults would not be so shocked to learn what is really in fairy tales. In reality, we only learn about the dark side of fairy tales when we [...]

    2. Johan Haneveld says:

      3,5 stars. Fascinating collection of stories. There were some in here that were very powerful. Well written, showing a vivid imagination and knowledge of our human nature. I liked reading the stories that I knew in a more sanitized version, e.g. the little mermaid. I think the original versions are more powerful, and it's clear to see why they survived up till today. There were also a lot of (often shorter) stories that were more parables than fairy tales, intended to convey a message, but didn' [...]

    3. Bethany says:

      My grandparents have a copy of this book. Years ago, I adopted it and put it in the room I always sleep in when I go to their house.I have such fond memories of poring over the tales of The Little Mermaid, The Little Red Shoes, and Hans Clodhopper (my favourite!). I remember sharing my superior knowledge of how The Little Mermaid was supposed to end with anyone who happened to mention the Disney version. I infinitely preferred the sadder, original version.I'm not sure if I would call these child [...]

    4. Abby Huhe says:

      This is an assortment of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales. It has 29 different tales in there. My favorite was the princess and the pea. It also contains The emperor's new clothes. These were great stories that existed a long time ago. You can tell by the language style.

    5. Samantha Dann van niekerk says:

      Any child that has had a story read to them should have encountered HCA or the brothers Grimm in some shape or form. I believe any avid reader should go back to the beginning from time to time and re-visit their childhood and by gosh will you not see the very stories and essence from which you read today?My memories of my mother reading and especially my grandmother reading from books with beautiful illustrations that made one leap into these fantasy worlds and live among the people and the crea [...]

    6. Story Life says:

      Andersen is my favorite author for fairy tales.His stories are slow paced and enjoyable.In spite of modern authors writing fairy tales with more pace, Andersen's fairy tales are still my favorite.You can read few stories at following link for free.Andersen's Fairy Tales

    7. Brianna says:

      Some stories were a bit dull, but some were pretty good. My favorite stories from this book were the Little Mermaid, the Snow Queen and the Emperor's New Clothes. My least favorite was What the Moon Saw. There's not even a story there! Just a bunch of random scenes being described.

    8. Theresa says:

      a great collection of pictures and prose

    9. Theresa says:

      a great collection of pictures and prose

    10. Leah says:

      One of my favorite authors, I just wished I hadn't misplaced it so I could have read it sooner.

    11. Alex Yang says:

      I love these stories. With Oscar Wilde's fairy tales, these are some of my other personal favourites, and of course, Exupery's.

    12. Jo says:

      You never forget a good fairy tale.

    13. Victoria says:

      I love these storys ! I think my favorite story is the " Big clause and little clause"

    14. Quynh Anh says:

      The tales for adults behind the tales for kids

    15. Lisi says:

      Anderson was a master storyteller! (It contains the real story of the Little Mermaid - and it puts the Disney movie to shame.) I would love to own this collection!

    16. Tesa Fiona says:

      and that's why, children, we grew up with twisted Andersen's stories

    17. Scherrie says:

      Another classic collection

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