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Como treinar o seu dragão
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Como treinar o seu drag o Solu o Spantosicus Strondus III foi um extraordin rio Her i Viking Chefe guerreiro mestre no combate com espadas e naturalista amador era conhecido por todo o territ rio Viking como O Encantador de

  • Title: Como treinar o seu dragão
  • Author: Cressida Cowell Heloisa Prieto
  • ISBN: 9788598078717
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solu o Spantosicus Strondus III foi um extraordin rio Her i Viking Chefe guerreiro, mestre no combate com espadas e naturalista amador, era conhecido por todo o territ rio Viking como O Encantador de Drag es , devido ao poder que exercia sobre as terr veis feras.Mas nem sempre foi assimNeste livro est o as mem rias da poca em que Solu o era apenas um garoto normal MSolu o Spantosicus Strondus III foi um extraordin rio Her i Viking Chefe guerreiro, mestre no combate com espadas e naturalista amador, era conhecido por todo o territ rio Viking como O Encantador de Drag es , devido ao poder que exercia sobre as terr veis feras.Mas nem sempre foi assimNeste livro est o as mem rias da poca em que Solu o era apenas um garoto normal Muito normal Nem um pouco heroico Ele precisava desesperadamente capturar e treinar um drag o, e precisava ser o animal mais impressionante de todos Mas tudo o que conseguiu foi uma criaturinha pequena e banguela, nada amea adora Foi ent o que seu destino de Her i come ou a ser tra ado.

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    1. Mark Lawrence says:

      I saw the film a while back and really enjoyed it. I bought the book for my daughter Celyn's 9th birthday and read it to her (she's registered blind and couldn't watch the movie). We finished it last week in hospital. She did fall asleep a couple of times but to be fair she was recoving from a general anaesthetic.The book is very different to the film. Both share some comical Vikings and a weedy 'hero' named Hiccup. Both contain dragons. That's about the end of the similarities. In the film the [...]

    2. Dana Salman says:

      2010:Finally, finally! I found it!Boy, where do I start? Okay, to make things clear: I did see the movie first (it was one of Dreamworks' best ever!) but that didn't necessarily mean I had expectations for this book based on that. I did check up on it before reading it, so I was fully prepared with the knowledge that it was completely different from the movie when I started. Still, no matter how much I loved the movie, I loved this book too. The characters are likable (as story-book characters, [...]

    3. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

      As we all know, movies often aren't much like the books they're based on, and that's incredibly true here. Now, the setting's the same: Vikings, dragons, characters and all that. However, there are a couple of major differences, based even on what I remember from the movie I saw once about three years ago. When you think of How to Train Your Dragon, I bet your first thought is something along these lines:Certainly, I did. Awkward boy befriends adorable dragon. Cuteness abounds. Everyone learns t [...]

    4. Terry says:

      How do I rate this book? I rate it "Started reading it to my six year old but when he was too tired to continue I kept reading to myself and didn't put it down until I reached the last page."

    5. Hippo dari Hongkong says:

      review pake bahasa nagauuuuuuuuuuuuy, akkui kutukkaaaaa skalle bukkkuw inni. dobleh yammihi krauk-krauk hahahihi. winglesh viking kiccil kiccil, hiccup & fishleg kambrratui. snotlout & dogsbreath brengsshik hicup, tittak rammakh, tukka hiaat-hiaat, tukka keshruppan maggabuk kambrratui shanashini, guccuhothles naga kiccil, tattukka shi ikanbusshuk, inni yakkih, inni dobleh dobleh yakkih. tatukka kangkang bikkhin muwwal-pushing-prut. tukka gaga allas bokkong & flip-flop. hrrap tittaak [...]

    6. Cait (Paper Fury) says:

      I wanted to read this book because I HAD A DRAGON SHAPED HOLE IN MY READING LIFE. Come on! Who hasn't heard of the movie?!! And there's a book? I would be a negligant bookworm if I ignored it. Just so you know: it's nothing like the movie. Except some of the names are the same. Nope, in the book Hiccup and the boys of his village must capture a dragon and train it in order to be initiated as warriors. Hiccup captures a very tiny insignificant looking dragon who has no teeth so he calls it Toothl [...]

    7. Joey Woolfardis says:

      [First read: 3rd June, 2011. Three stars. Second read: 8th April, 2017. One star.]Apparently I read this in 2011 and gave it three stars. I do remember that I had read it, but had no recollection of it at all. Six years is a long timeI will first of all say disregard the film altogether with this book. It is nothing like it, they may as well have just paid Cowell for the title and character names, which they seemingly did. However, the film did not hinder my enjoyment-or lack thereof-of this boo [...]

    8. Ryan says:

      The Good:Such a fun children's book. Great setting, great ideas about dragons, and it's often funny and quite rugged.The Bad:Your kids might hate how different it is to the animated movies. Plus it is a children's book, so adults aren't likely to find it very deep.'Friends' character the protagonist is most like:Just like Ross, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a smart but reluctant protagonist, and his pet uses him without pity.

    9. Lexie says:


    10. Kristijan says:

      "How to train your dragon" je jedna sasvim OK knjižica koja će na momente nasmejati svoje čitaoce. Verovatno sam prestar za nju i verovatno je animirana verzija ostavila na mene mnogo veći utisak, tako da ne mogu da dam više od tri zvezdice.

    11. Juli says:

      At the moment, I'm reading an intense historical fiction novel set in Italy during WWII. After awhile I need a break from such a serious subject. I came across this lovely audiobook narrated by David Tennant, and knew that was just the thing I needed to listen to! I'm glad I did! Before now, I had only seen the animated movie of this story. I had never read the book. I love the moviebut the book is so much better!Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the son of a chief. While that's pretty cool in it [...]

    12. Kristie says:

      Listened to the audiobook with my grandson. I thought it was really cute and he enjoyed it. It was a great opportunity to explain how movies can be very different from the books.

    13. Lucy Banks says:

      Read this one with my sons - the eldest loved it (and immediately went to find the second in the series at the local library). The humour in this book is outstanding, love the creation of the world of Berk, and the way the author brings to life this hostile, alarming terrain. The characters are hilarious, their names alone had my boys laughing - and the illustrations perfectly complement the plot. Definitely a great read for kids aged from 7 upwards.

    14. Amanda says:

      David Tennant reads the audiobook. Need I say more?

    15. Trish says:

      My, my.I knew the movie and LOVED it for Toothless and his cat-like quirky appearance as well as all the great prejudices and jokes. By coincidence I then discovered the audiobook was read by none other than "Ten" aka David Tennant and HAD to try listening to it. "Try" because I usually fall asleep. ;p I fell asleep here too (last night) so I had to backtrack and find the spot where I had stopped actively listening this, amongst other things, is why I don't like audiobooks too much.The story is [...]

    16. Nusrat Mahmood says:

      মুভিটা বেশি ভাল। এটাও সুন্দর কিন্তু সিনেমার কাহিনী বেশি ভাল লেগেছে। সেখানে ড্রাগনরা কথা বলতে পারেনা, বইয়ের টুথলেসের এত ট্যান্ট্রাম! বাবারে বাবা! মাঝখানে মনে হচ্ছিল, ভিক্ষা চাইনা, কুত্তা সা [...]

    17. Totoro says:

      cuuuuuuuute ^ ^well, it was a cute and refreshing book after all, i wasn't quite sure it would be suitable for my age, but it went right through my heart.

    18. Celeste says:

      Full (mini) review now posted!I’ve loved the movie inspired by this book for years. Longer, in fact, than I knew that the book even existed. However, I had heard that the book was far different than the movie. So when I saw the audiobook was narrated by David Tennant, my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who and the fabulous new voice of Scrooge McDuck, I took the plunge.This was a fun story, made even more entertaining through the incredibly Scottish narration of Tennant. I love the idea of Viking [...]

    19. Dulce Espinosa says:

      5 estrellas porque la narración (?)de David Tennant es increíbleeeee! No había disfrutado tanto un audiolibro, es gracioso y le da vida a los personajes! :')David Tennant is the best narrator ever!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Kaitlin says:

      This is a kids series and it's the story of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless. I'm a keen dragon-fan, and I particularly like the charm of this series for the relationship the Vikings have with their Dragon counter-parts. In this story (the first) we follow Hiccup and his other friends as they have to first find their Dragons and then train themI actually audio-booked this and I would thoroughly recommend the audio-book as a great way to read this (although I've also read some of these books aloud [...]

    21. Kogiopsis says:

      Like many people, I got around to reading this after seeing (and becoming smitten/obsessed with) the Dreamworks movie version. Movie Toothless, and to some extent Hiccup, holds a place in my heart forever. I'm already planning to buy the DVD the day it's released. Naturally, I'm not inclined to adopt the book as devotedly as those who read it before seeing the movie and scorn the film as the scourge of the earth.I find that whenever I watch a movie before reading a book- like, say, Stardust- I e [...]

    22. Daniel says:

      Posle para depresivnih i teskih romana pravo zadovoljstvo je procitati nesto "lako" i nevino:)Knjiga ka knjiga nije losa i kada se uzme da je za mladje narastaje sasvim dovoljno je kvalitetna ali nista posebno ne iskace. Prica je interesantna, likovi su dosta jednostavni a i zmajevi su fino opisani par njih iz ctave gomile.Iskreno receno ovo je jedan od redjih slucajeva di je film, ai sama serija, dosta bolja od knjige na koju se bazira.Slobodno procitajte ako ste voleli film ali ne ocekujte ist [...]

    23. Donna says:

      This was a cute little children's book. But, reader beware, it was nothing like the movie. Hiccup, his dad and Toothless, were all very different in this book. However, it was still a fun little story in its own right. Because the plot was different, it was all new to me. I knew it would end with a big red bow because it is a children's book, but I had no idea how the characters were going to get there. So 4 stars.

    24. Nicki Chapelway says:

      Normally the books are much better than the movies. That was not the case with this book. The movie is waaay better and after watching it, this book was a bit of a disappointment.

    25. Rebecca says:

      I had no idea that the book "How to Train Your Dragon" had come before the movie; after seeing the movie I heard about the book but I just assumed for some strange reason (Without checking into it, I know shame on me) that it had been written after the movie. Not that that has anything to do with anything but I just thought I'd throw it out there.So yeah, the book was written first, and it was awesome! Often times I find that children's books are just as good if not better than a lot of the popu [...]

    26. Hobbes says:

      Loved the movie. The book is a different beast that is markedly different from the movie plot. It has lots of humour and gross jokes that young children will appreciate. Plus dragons. But where was Astrid? Or, any female character for that matter. Zilch. The only reason I remove stars for this book is the lack of females with spine associated only with the movie. The book features a lot of hand-drawn illustrations that are often funny. The illustrations break up the text on most pages which I'm [...]

    27. Liviu Szoke says:

      Denumirile personajelor sunt pur și simplu fabuloase, căci îi avem pe Sughiț Strașnicul, Terchea-Berchea, Știrbul, Porcbubos, Stoic Mătăhălosul, Haplea Râgâitorul, Piciordepește, Râtmucos, Sufludecâine, Moș Zbârcit și mulți, mulți alții. Câteva glume foarte reușite, o desfășurare a evenimentelor halucinantă și confirmarea proverbului că „unde nu-i cap, vai de picioare”, sau degeaba ești plin de mușchi, dacă n-ai pic de creier. Desenele sunt hilare, chiar dacă p [...]

    28. papalbina says:

      well, it was a very big shock to discover that book and movie only share names and a couple of detailster the initial shock passed, which took me a couple of chapters, i enjoyed hiccup's first adventure, although the story is very introductory and without much depth. it was funny, anyway, and it reminded me slightly of Wickie, but with dragons, probably it's a viking thing. the toothless in the book ended up being cute, but nothing like the one in the movie. the same about hiccup. fishlegs on th [...]

    29. Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ says:

      After reading:Aww, I enjoyed this. A very cute and funny book. I wouldn't advise reading this with the expectation that it will be like the movie, because well, they're extremely different. But both are good in their own ways. ~ Full review coming soon! ~ Before reading:Okay, so I'm reading this right now for numerous reasons. The main reason is that I'm really really obsessed with the movie––and I'm ashamed of myself for having watched it like ten times and never read the book it's based o [...]

    30. Deborah Pickstone says:

      It was a cute (sort of) children's book. Hadn't really thought it was quite for so young children. Fast read, though! It grew on me, however.

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