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Pirates Don't Take Baths
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Pirates Don t Take Baths For any young child or pig there are few things excruciating traumatic torturous than bathtime And this little pig is putting his hoof down No More BATHS But how can he possibly accomplish this We

  • Title: Pirates Don't Take Baths
  • Author: John Segal
  • ISBN: 9780399254253
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For any young child or pig , there are few things excruciating, traumatic, torturous than bathtime And this little pig is putting his hoof down No More BATHS But how can he possibly accomplish this Well, by being someone else, of course After all, everyone knows that pirates, astronauts, and knights in shining armor just to name a few never, EVER takFor any young child or pig , there are few things excruciating, traumatic, torturous than bathtime And this little pig is putting his hoof down No More BATHS But how can he possibly accomplish this Well, by being someone else, of course After all, everyone knows that pirates, astronauts, and knights in shining armor just to name a few never, EVER take baths Now if only he can convince his mother In his hilarious new picture book that is sure to become an integral part of bathtime routines, John Segal documents one particular skirmish in this never ending battle of wills.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 3 3 2011Pages 32Reading Level Age 3 and Up

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    1. Erin says:

      Pirates Don’t Take Baths is a terrible and offensive book. Most reviewers on GoodReads have written about how it deals with the issue of children not wanting to bathe with whimsy and fantasy. As a librarian who works with Iñupiaq children I am GREATLY OFFENDED by the comments about Eskimos not taking baths and eating “gross” foods. The illustrations and text do not do the people of the north any justice. The Iñupiaq people practice a subsistence lifestyle that many people may regard as [...]

    2. Embrc says:

      A young pig does not want to take a bath he claims to be a pirate because as everyone knows pirates don't take baths! His mother reminds him though that he gets seasick. Well, that's ok because he's a cowboy and cowboys don't take baths either! But, mother tells him, they have to sleep on the cold, hard ground. And on it goes with astronaut, knight, etc. This is a very cute bathtime book. Could be used in storytime (bath theme, PJ storytime, etc.) I really liked the watercolor illustrations. The [...]

    3. Tricia says:

      Fun to readaloud to one or many, this story is about a pig who doesn't want to take his bath. He imagines himself in a whole myriad of situations that he believes would save him from the event. Each one is met with his mother's voice providing a reason why it's impossible. Illustrations add to the fun of the banter between pig and his mother.

    4. Rebecca says:

      It'd be great to be a pirate and never have to take a bathbut what about the seasickness, Mom counters? Same with being a cowboy and sleeping on the ground, or being an astronaut and peeing in space. Hmmm. Maybe it's easier to take the bath than defeat Mom-logic.

    5. Viviane Elbee says:

      Pirates don't take baths is about an imaginative little pig who is trying to wiggle his way out of bath time. His mother seeks an imaginative way to get him in the bath. The story is told entirely in dialogue.It's a quick read and the kids liked it.The ending is fun.To note: this book makes it seem like a lot of people don't clean themselves, which is false, and can be offensive (towards cowboys, Eskimos, desert-dwellers etc.). When reading this book, you can let kids know that these little pigs [...]

    6. Bethel says:

      I wanted to like this book a lot as it has great imagination and perspective (of a child who tends to abhor baths - especially in place of play). My only critique is that becoming an Eskimo (which I believe is actually an offensive term) is included as one of the options for the pig in his efforts to avoid a bath. I don't like to see culture portrayed as a vocation or occupation. [You aren't born an astronaut or a cowboy. You might be born on a ranch, and raised to be a cowboy, but that is still [...]

    7. Crystal says:


    8. The Library Lady says:

      Okay, here you have the classic "I don't want to take a bath" bit melded with the equally classic Runaway Bunny sort of parent/child clash, told completely in dialogue. In this case it's Pig, who doesn't want to take a bath and his parent who counters each of his arguments with one of his/her own. Note that it includes one about it being hard to pee/poop in zero gee, in case that bugs you, but it will make preschoolers giggle for sure. I'd also note that while Pig is probably a boy, his parent's [...]

    9. Miss Balzaretti says:

      The book, Pirates Don’t Take Baths, written and illustrated by John Segal tells the tale of a little pig who will say just about anything to get out of taking a bath. This book incorporates two characters, a parent and child pig, but don’t have names. These characters rely on dialogue to develop throughout the book. The parental pig can be identified by its size and its dialogue, same for the child pig. The story involves a lot of questions posed by the parental pig as the child pig claims m [...]

    10. Monique Isaak says:

      Author-Illustrator John Segal is the creator of Pirates Don’t Take Baths. The story is based on a pig that refuses to take a bath. The pig comes up with many other people who do not have to take a bath. For example, he talks about astronauts, cowboys, pirates, knights and many more. In return, his mother expresses how although they may not have to take a bath, they face many other hardships in their life. At the end of the story, the pig is finally convinced to take shower by finding buried t [...]

    11. Rebecca says:

      Segal’s crisp and fun watercolor illustrations take readers of this picture book on a trip through the imagination of young pig would rather be a pirate, cowboy, knight, astronaut and more if it gets him out of bath time. As the mother pig cleverly counters each attempted defense, readers will learn some facts about fantasy careers such as cowboys sleep on the hard ground or there is no water to drink in the desert. In the end, mother knows best, suggesting the tub as the wonderful place to fi [...]

    12. Anna says:

      This book is a cute book about a little pig that does not want to take a bath. He instead says all of the things that he is and the reasons that those people do not take baths. These people include a pirate, a cowboy, an eskimo, a knight and a few other. However every time the younger pig states why they do not bath, the older one tells the younger one why he is not that person. For example, pirates get sea sick so the little pig cannot be a pirate. I think that this book is fun and entertaining [...]

    13. Barbara says:

      Bath time is often dreaded by children, and in this picture book, a reluctant pig uses every excuse he can dream up to avoid taking that bath. But his mother, not to be outdone, has a response for his every argument, even coming up with a reason for him to get in that water. The pencil and watercolor illustrations show the intrepid young explorer in various sorts of poses. The pig profiles worked well, but I didn't like the illustrations that showed both eyes in odd places. This one will be well [...]

    14. Viridiana Ortiz says:

      This book is about a little piglet that does not want to take a bath. Thus, he makes up different excuse to why he can't bathe, for example, he makes up that he's an adventurer or a pirate. His mother convinces him that could scuba dive to find treasure, making him take a bath in the end. This book was very cute and I enjoyed reading it. I feel like this book is for parents that struggle to bathe their children and this book would help them get their children to the bath. I would recommend this [...]

    15. Elizabeth says:

      I think this book can relate to many kids. I especially love how the little pig would come up with place he could go to escape his bath time. Like for example he wanted to go to the moon because astronauts can not take a bath where there is no gravity. He also wanted to go to the desert because there is no water their, but his mom would always point out something negative about the places he wanted to go and he would always changes his mind at the end. But at the end his mom convince him to take [...]

    16. Angela Hutchinson says:

      In this story, a little pig wants to be a pirate so he does not have to take a bath. But then, his mother tells him that he gets sea sick. The little pig goes through several other characters such as: a cowboy, an eskimo, and a knight. He goes off to the desert, and space. His mother tells him something about each one that he does not like. Finally, he says he is going on a treasure hunt…in the ocean. The illustrations in this book are entertaining and simple. This would be a good book to read [...]

    17. Tosca Scholfield-johnson says:

      This book is about a little pig who does not want to take a bath. He comes up with different people, who he believes don't take baths, in order to get out of bathing. However, the piglet's mother must convince him to take a bath. She points out the hardships that these people often face. The major themes in this book unwillingness and imagination. I think this would be a good book to read to children in a classroom with very young kids who might also be very unwilling to take a bath. It could al [...]

    18. Samantha says:

      A very cute book about a pig who does not want to take a bath. The little pig says all different sorts of things to get out of taking a bath like; he is a knight and can't get his armor wet, he will go to the desert where there is no water to bathe, or that he is an Eskimo and it is much to cold to take a bath, and that pirates don't take baths!! I thought that the book was quite charming and could be used in a classroom of younger students, pre-school to first grade. It could be a very helpful [...]

    19. Nancy says:

      You have to be a crafty mom to outwit a little pig that does not want to take a bath. Momma is up for this challenge. Each time her son tries on a new persona she is right there with plausible reasoning on why her son might not want to be a pirate or cowboy or an astronaut. That is until she outfoxes her little man by letting him believe that he is right and that underwater treasure hunters do not need to take baths.This is a perfect book for parents to keep at hand when bath time becomes an iss [...]

    20. Jane says:

      I can remember when my son was small and decided he didn't need to take a bath so I found Pirates Don't Take Baths to be a delightful book to read and share with young children. I also have an audio tape of the book so the children can listen to it with sound effects in the listening center in our preschool library area. They enjoy hearing books we share on the tapes and often listen to Pirates Don't Take Baths many times.

    21. Carolina says:

      Adorable book, about a little pig who doesnt want to take a bath, He comes up with any and evry proffesion there is that doesn't involve water and taking a bath Until his mommy finally tricks him, into taking a bath and he didn't even notice. Until he was done and came out and realized he had just taken a bath. The colors were very light and subtle. An activity I would do with this book, is that I would have each child dress up in whatever they want to be when they grow up.

    22. Heidi-Marie says:

      A fun little book with a child and his imagination--all trying to avoid a bath. Could work well in a PJ or preschool storytime Though how I'd ever read the astronaut part with a straight face or no fear of adults' reactions, I don't know--I'd either skip those pages or edit to more Heidi-happy words. I like the parent's imagination taking part at the end.

    23. Taylar Brooks says:

      This was a very cute book. It's about a pig who makes up all theses excuses, so that he doesn't have to take a bath. I chose to read this book because the pig on the cover looked adorable, and I wanted to know if he took a bath or not. A good read for students because it's a silly story so they are bound to love it.

    24. John Hostetter says:

      A cute story with entertaining pictures and a fun little story. This book would obviously go well with bath time and explaining to kids that baths are necessary since most children dread it. I feel this is more of a book to read at home rather than school but a good story either way!

    25. Alisa says:

      Silly story of a smart litte pig pirate who does NOT want to take a bath and comes up with lots of pretend ways he shouldn't need to take a bath, but his mom counters back every one. Eventually, he is a treasure hunter and finds treasure in the water (bath).

    26. Margie says:

      This nominee for the 2012 Children's Book Council K-2nd grade selection is one chuckling moment after another as mom and piglet battle in the bath time ritual.Read my full review at:librariansquest/2

    27. Heather says:

      27 months - We read this one from the library a few times. O seemed to enjoy the creativity of avoiding a bath. I wasn't overly taken by the artwork and the story's flow seemed awkward at times maybe because the text didn't denote who's speaking what when. Cute idea for a story though.

    28. Melissa says:

      I really enjoyed the illustrations; I liked how he used wonderful color and shading but still kept the shapes unmistakeably 2D. The color is great throughout, actually. I liked the mom, playing along and not getting exasperated. Of course it reminded me of The Runaway Bunny.

    29. Marcie says:

      What preschooler won't love a book with "It's hard to poop and pee in zero gravity" humorouslly placd among the many imaginary characters who won't be taking a bath. Might be fun to pair as a read aloud with Tedd Arnold's No more water in the tub.

    30. Kate Hastings says:

      Preschool-K. A little pig decides to be a pirate because pirates don't have to take baths! But keeps changing his mind about what he wants to be because he doesn't like other aspects of pirate/cowboy/knight life. Very funny. Great for storytime!

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