Brad Paisley David Wild
Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me
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Diary of a Player How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me This book is the very personal story of how Brad Paisley came of age as a musician and a man Focusing on what it means to play the guitar and how he found his voice through a series of guitars the bo

  • Title: Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me
  • Author: Brad Paisley David Wild
  • ISBN: 9781451625523
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book is the very personal story of how Brad Paisley came of age as a musician and a man Focusing on what it means to play the guitar and how he found his voice through a series of guitars, the book will also share what he has learned about life along the way Beginning with his own very personal love letter to the guitar and what the instrument has meant in his lifeThis book is the very personal story of how Brad Paisley came of age as a musician and a man Focusing on what it means to play the guitar and how he found his voice through a series of guitars, the book will also share what he has learned about life along the way Beginning with his own very personal love letter to the guitar and what the instrument has meant in his life as a way to find his voice in the world, the book then moves into a musical, but personal, diary Brad tells the story of his own musical passion, while writing loving salutes and sharing memorable tales about all the great players in country, blues, and rock roll who have inspired him over the years.As he wrote in liner notes of his instrumental guitar album, Play, his first guitar was a gift from his grandpa when Brad was only eight Brad quickly learned that no matter how he changed and evolved, the guitar was his only real constant When life gets intense, he says, there are some people who drink, who seek counseling, eat, or watch TV, cry, sleep, and so on I play Included in the book will be sidebars from a wide array of musical stars who know and love Brad In these sidebars, this host of guitar and musical gods will share their take on Brad or stories of their favorite memories about him.

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    1 Blog on “Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me

    1. Mary Beth says:

      I don't know what I was expecting when I started this book. For starters, I am a fan, not just a fan, a crazy fan. Brad Paisley is that one artist that I have fallen in love with and I love his sound and how he picks songs that are so many things at once. Most of all, his songs speak to me, tell me of how some think and feel about things.This book allows you to step into Paisley's world, almost as if you are his friend, and he is just telling you a story of his life, and how he has become the pe [...]

    2. Pashtana says:

      I bought an acoustic guitar because of this book. I don't even know how to play guitar or any musical instrument for that matter, but the humor and grace of the author(s) was enough to convince me that the goal I've always had of playing might be possible. I'm a huge country music fan, and at the top of my list of favorite recent artists is Brad Paisley. I adore the idea of writing a book about your influences, and I think musicians who do that give their enthusiastic audience something more th [...]

    3. Amanda says:

      It was really interesting to see where Brad Paisley came from, how he got into music and how he followed his dreams. I always got the impression from his music that he was not just an awesome guitarist, but also just a great person, and that really came out in his book as well.

    4. Jeff Grana says:

      Great insight into a guitar hero of mine. The guy is humble despite being wicked good on that Telecaster.

    5. erica says:

      Brad's a cool dude, I love his keep working at it ethic. the stories and his admiration rang through each word. however this read a bit overdone to me. not awful, just not awesome.

    6. Ruthie says:

      I was a huge Brad Paisley fan in the early days of his career (pre-Time Well Wasted). I got his first CD, Who Needs Pictures, for my 14th birthday, just a couple of months after it was released. To me, Brad Paisley was what Justin Bieber (or whoever the current teen heartthrob is now) is to teenage girls these days. I got to meet him twice at meet-and-greets before concerts, so as far as I was concerned at the time, my young teenage life was complete. At the height of my obsession, I'm sure ever [...]

    7. Tom Cole says:

      The title is right. He tells about his heroes and that's about it. Very little insight is given into what the instrument is about, how to practice, play-- or anything else a guitar man would write about with a special knowledge that enriches the reader. His first love was a lesbian who really couldn't love him, but he says nothing about this. One need not tell all, but some baring of the soul is necessary.Here's my response on to another reviewer: Yes, that's right. I noticed right away that th [...]

    8. Lissa Farkas says:

      Well, as everyone knows I love Brad, so it wasn't hard to love this book. Actually, I was just praying it wouldn't make me dislike him after I read it (fearing it would be terribly written or it would reveal something about him that I wouldn't like)T the casehe tells many stories about his childhood, adolescence, and early adulthoodl relating to his development as a guitar virtuoso and singer/songwriter. He pays tribute to his musical heros, and to the individuals that "brung" him into the count [...]

    9. Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

      What does country music, guitar heroes and an autobiography have in common? The newest novel called, Diary of A Player by Brad Paisley and David Wild. Welcome to the unique story of just how untalented Brad Paisley really believed himself to be and how he utilized the talents of creative legends like Buck Owens, Roy Clark, and Chet Atkins to help him turn his dream into a reality!This honest, funny, revealing book is one musician's true story of what's been a very musical life with strings attac [...]

    10. Brayden Weese says:

      I have always been interested in Brad Paisley’s style of music and how he got started as a musician. Brad is one my main guitar heroes, in fact, and I was always interested in playing myself because of how flawless he plays. I first got started into this book because every fan has to read about his favorite guitar hero, right? Who would I be if I didn’t? I feel like in the book, Brad is just very true to himself and he is just great player, a great songwriter, a hard worker, and just a good [...]

    11. Sam T says:

      This book, was one of those books that you just want to stop in the middle and choose a different book. My mom made me finish the book, but I guess it was worth it because now I have a more general idea of where Brad Paisley's songs come from.This book took place in Texas, and Nashville it was in past time, and present. Brad is now a famous country singer, who married Kim Williams, and have two children.I would not recommend this to many people, but if I needed to give a recommendation it would [...]

    12. Sarah says:

      I knew I would enjoy this book, because I am a big fan of Brad Paisley's music. He wrote this book the same way he writes many of his songs, with both a sense of poignancy and a sense of humor. While this does have some autobiographical information in it, it is not strictly an autobiography. It is partially a tribute to those people who have helped Brad Paisley along in his career. The book also offers a lot of advice to musicians and parents of children taking music lessons. I highly recommend [...]

    13. Kitty Chatfou says:

      Book Title: "Diary of a Player”Author: Brad Paisley & David WildPublished By: Howard BooksAge Recommended: 18+Reviewed By: Kitty BullardRaven Rating: 5Review: Brad Paisley tells the story of how his inspirations drove him to become a country music superstar, what a deep belief in god can do for you, and how his grandfather was responsible for the start of a dream.This is a beautiful story, one that shows the true side of Brad Paisley, the boy he was, the man he became, and just how much fa [...]

    14. Carly Shaffer says:

      Okay. You have to read this book. I don't care if you could care about country music. Just read the book.When I picked this up, I was already a fan of Brad Paisley. However, this book captivated me. I would not put it down. It is laugh-out-loud funny, especially the story about the British guitar amplifiers. And the one about the horrible sounding acoustic guitar. And the one about the song "Part II" and the "Father of The Bride" movies. And the one about the time he got a D in guitar. See? I co [...]

    15. Teniya says:

      I went to TJ Maxx looking for something to wear to the Brad Paisley concert Wed night and while I checking out saw this book and bought it as a joke for Sam. After the concert (which was pretty awesome!)I was looking at the pictures, started reading it and was hooked! I've never been a big Brad fan, I went to his concert because I was excited that Sam actually wanted to go to a country concert and because I love The Band Perry who opened for Brad. After reading this book and seeing him play I re [...]

    16. Douglas says:

      the book takes what every guitarist knows - that a guitar is your one companion always through all of life's ups and downs - and spreads it out over 200 odd pagesnice and easy to read well told and i could identify with so much in the book at a time when i needed to

    17. Marian says:

      As the title states, this isn't an autobiography. It's Brad talking about how he got started playing the guitar, who his musical influences were and are, and how he feels about music, the guitar, and country music in general. Fun and fascinating reading.

    18. Rod says:

      A book about Brad and his guitars? Count me in. Lots of fun.This was a very quick read - I guess Brad figures his pickin' friends don't delve into long novels. He might be right. But i was hoping for way more information about guitars, amps, and the craft. This is more about Brad and his journey.

    19. Chris says:

      You get to see a new side of Brad Paisley.

    20. Tony says:

      I really enjoyed reading about Brad's musical influences and the way he became the guitar player and musician he is today. I've seen him twice in concert and have been blown away with what this guy can do on 6 strings, so it was awesome to get some insight into the journey it took to get him to the level. I also enjoyed learning about some of the stories from his life that have shaped him as a person. I think it is very enjoyable and refreshing to hear a success story that required a lot of work [...]

    21. Suzanne says:

      I absolutely adore Brad Paisley so I wanted to give his book a read. It was like having him in your living room telling stories. I loved how the book wasn’t about “what a great guy I am”. Instead, he paid homage to those who helped him along the way. He made me laugh and cry and love him even more.

    22. Melissa Kayden says:

      2.5 stars. Picked this up as a light vacation read and enjoyed reading Paisley's family history and start in the business, but just didn't love it (I still love his music though!)

    23. Cathy says:

      Enjoyable read about one of my all-time favourite singer/songwriters

    24. JoAnn says:

      I like Brad Paisley's music. The book provided a lot of background to his musical career and stories behind some of the songs.

    25. Kristin says:

      This was the first country music autobiography I've read where I remember the artist's debut and early work towards success, though Brad Paisley focuses a lot on what got him to that point, starting with a guitar he received from his grandfather on Christmas when he was 8. Paisley themed his biography by building his career in the context of the guitar players he's known and what he learned from each along the way, and it works really well for this book. As a young boy, Brad learned the basics f [...]

    26. Saverio Romeo says:

      Sav RomeoMrs. O’RourkeSenior English1/15/15Diary of a Player Book Review The book I read is an autobiography by Brad Paisley called Diary of a Player. I chose this book because it seemed like a short easy read. I’m happy I read this book because the storyline was very good. He writes about how his career got started and who his biggest influences were. It got boring at times but for the most part it was entertaining. If you like country music then this is the book for you. I wouldn’t recom [...]

    27. Lady Lioness says:

      My interest in Brad Paisley began, as so much in my adult life did, at Borders. Back before Borders became locked in a death spiral, we used to get promo CDs for the listening stations. After a couple of months, the staff would get to paw through a box and pick out what we wanted. Since I'm hearing impaired, I have very specific tastes in music. I care less about the music itself and more about the singer & lyrics. I want to actually hear them singing and I want to be interested in what they [...]

    28. Tamara says:

      The first Brad Paisley song I ever remember hearing was "The World," off his Time Well Wasted album. It blended, in what seemed to me the perfect way, humour and romance with sentimentality and pragmatism, alongside a touch of the classic country I had only recently discovered at the time.In much the same way, Diary of a Player showcases all the best that Brad Paisley has to offer. It's primarily funny, because Brad and humour go hand-in-hand (remember "Celebrity," "Online," and "Start a Band," [...]

    29. Liisa says:

      If book reviews were based on how we felt about the author, "Diary of a Player" by Brad Paisley would be a five-starrer easily. I am a HUGE fan. That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of this book.This book is the must-read, go-to book for guitar players and self-professed "guitar-heads". If you are mad about the six strings, get yourself this book. You will love it. You will devour it. It will be treasured.Not so fussed on guitars or(like me) you can't tell the difference between a Fender Stratoc [...]

    30. Mark All says:

      Brad Paisley is not only a country superstar, but a virtuoso guitarist, as demonstrated on his mostly instrumental album, Play. His memoir is subtitled How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me. Fans will enjoy this light, enjoyable read. He covers his playing life from his first guitar through the devastating flood that destroyed his nine-tractor-trailer road show and all but one of his guitars, to being named the CMA's Entertainer of the Year. He presents some intriguing spiritual/sync [...]

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