Linwood Barclay
The Accident
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The Accident In this mesmerizing thriller by acclaimed author Linwood Barclay a typical American community descends into darkness as an ordinary man is swept into one of the most violent mysteries of modern life

  • Title: The Accident
  • Author: Linwood Barclay
  • ISBN: 9780553807189
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this mesmerizing thriller by acclaimed author Linwood Barclay, a typical American community descends into darkness, as an ordinary man is swept into one of the most violent mysteries of modern life It s the new normal at the Garber household in Connecticut Glen, a contractor, has seen his business shaken by the housing crisis, and now his wife, Sheila, is taking a busIn this mesmerizing thriller by acclaimed author Linwood Barclay, a typical American community descends into darkness, as an ordinary man is swept into one of the most violent mysteries of modern life It s the new normal at the Garber household in Connecticut Glen, a contractor, has seen his business shaken by the housing crisis, and now his wife, Sheila, is taking a business course at night to increase her chances of landing a good paying job.But she should have been home by now.Waiting for Sheila s return, with their eight year old daughter sleeping soundly, Glen soon finds his worst fears confirmed Sheila and two others have been killed in a car accident Adding to the tragedy, the police claim Sheila was responsible.Glen knows it s impossible he knew his wife and she would never do such a thing When he investigates, Glen begins to uncover layers of lawlessness beneath the placid surface of their suburb, secret after dangerous secret behind the closed doors.Propelled into a vortex of corruption and illegal activity, pursued by mysterious killers, and confronted by threats from neighbors he thought he knew, Glen must take his own desperate measures and go to terrifying new places in himself to avenge his wife and protect his child.Bold and timely, with the shocking twists and startling insights that have become trademarks of this new master of domestic suspense, The Accident is a riveting triumph, a book that moves at a breathless pace to a climax no one will see coming.

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    1 Blog on “The Accident

    1. Arah-Lynda says:

      Glenn Garber is beside himself. His wife Sheila, mother of his eight year old daughter Kelly, is dead, the result of a horrific car accident. Worse still the officer at the scene believes that Sheila is responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of two others. He wants Glenn to accept that his wife was driving under the influence, with an overwhelming amount of vodka in her system. This simply makes no sense. Sheila would never do something that stupid! As the coroner's report confirms [...]

    2. Mandy says:

      Great book! Just like a Harlan Coben novel So glad I have several others of his to read. This book was full of twists and turns and ended up being completely surprising at the end. Highly recommend if you love a book that throws 180s at you! Can't wait to read his others!!!

    3. Jonetta says:

      Originally posted at The Book NymphoQuick SummaryWhat starts out as a typical ordinary day for building contractor Glen Garber and his family ends very tragically. His wife, Sheila, is killed in a car accident under confusing circumstances. As he begins to investigate the circumstances on his own after the police close the case, Glen uncovers a morass of secrets and questionable activities involving people close or connected to him. The bottom lineThis was a page turner with so many twists, turn [...]

    4. Carol says:

      Lynwood Barclay takes the reader on a thrilling multi-layered mystery ride in The Accident that grabs you right from the prologue and doesn't stop.When Glen's wife Sheila is more than an hour overdue from her night class and doesn't answer her phone, he packs up his young daughter Kelly and heads out to find her with devastating results. After Sheila's shocking and untimely death, (no spoiler here) Glen's life and struggling construction business continue to spiral downhill after his daughter pl [...]

    5. E. says:

      3.5 starsI liked this story. The characters were 3 dimensional, the plot was well developed. My only complaint was (for me) it started to really drag near the middle. Conversations were waaaaay to long, explanations about what and why certain things were illegal seemed to drone on forever. There was good information in all that, it just could have been a little more succinct. Kinda like this needed to be expanded 50 or more pages so there were a lot of words added. (High school essay tactic I re [...]

    6. Louise Wilson says:

      This book has not disappointed. I love Linwood Barclay's books and this is the best one I have read so far.Definitely would recommend

    7. Mike French says:

      Thanks to my GR FRIENDS for the recommendations. This my first Linwood Barclay book,but certainly not my last! IMO started off a little,but soon became a wild roller coaster ride to the end.I am looking forward to my next adventure with Mr. Barclay!!

    8. Suspense Magazine says:

      If Mr. Barclay ever decides to go into script writing for a television soap opera, he’ll have good reference material with “The Accident.” This book is chock full of characters interconnecting, with secrets around every corner. With a mini cliffhanger at the end of nearly every chapter, this story unfolds the lives of desperate people trying to hold onto a little slice of life.One night, Glen Garber, a contractor in a Connecticut community, drives upon the scene of an accident where his wi [...]

    9. Luanne Ollivier says:

      Comfy chair? Drinks? Snacks? Good lighting? Excellent! 'Cause you're not going to be getting up or stopping once you dive into Linwood Barclay's latest release - The Accident.The opening prologue - a violent crime with a distinctly different setting caught my interest. But the foreshadowing in the first paragraph in chapter one clinched it:"If I'd known this was our last morning, I'd have rolled over in bed and held her. But of course, if it had been possible to know something like that - if I c [...]

    10. Michael says:

      "The Accident" is a thought provoking story dealing with the sale of knock off items by unwary suburbanites attempting to add to their family's income. It also details the people behind this activity and reveals that many of these items were made by young children working in miserable concitions in third world countries.The thrilling story tells of Glen Garber becoming worried when his wife, Sheila, fails to return home from night school. He attempts to follow her route and comes upon an acciden [...]

    11. Cher says:

      3.5 stars - It was really good.This was exactly what I needed after several tedious, slow and uninteresting reads - a fast and engaging plot with lots of twists. The ending was somewhat far fetched and convenient, but easily forgiven. -------------------------------------------Favorite Quote: Sherlock Holmes once told Doctor Watson, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”First Sentence: If I’d know [...]

    12. Diane S ☔ says:

      3 1/2 Was all set to give this book a four but the ending was a bit of an overkill for me. Up to that point I was loving the book, suspense was great, it was a cautionary tale about the buying and selling of ripoff purses and drugs, liked the character of father and daughter but just couldn't buy that ending.

    13. Siobhan says:

      My first Linwood Barclay read, A Tap on the Window, earned a solid five-star rating, and I was eager to pick up more of his work. I worked my way through a few of his books, all earning four-star ratings from me, before reaching a book that left me a bit tentative. Everyone knows that feeling of giving a beloved author a three-star rating, how it can leave you worried about what else they can offer. Due to this, I found myself avoiding the other Linwood Barclay books I own. In the end, though, I [...]

    14. Judy Collins says:

      THE ACCIDENT,another suspense thriller by Linwood Barclay, combined with my favorite male narrator, Peter Berkrot - What a combo! Would love for him to perform all Barclay's audiobooks. After readingBroken Promise , (Top Books of 2015), Barclay has been added to my favorite author list, and immediately purchased all his backlist in audio format. I am slowly making my way through the list. This is one intense suspense thriller - glued to my iPod for hours! Glen is a contractorand they barely are [...]

    15. Stella says:

      I finished this book in about one and a half, two days. It was a page turner, not necessarily because it extremely swept me up and interested me but more because I just wanted to get it over with. It's very simply written, and that's probably because the author is the type to churn out these types of novels and he wants them to appeal to the masses.I have a number of pet peeves about this book.First, it switches between first and third person a lot (each chapter is a new character's thoughts or [...]

    16. Pamela says:

      Labyrinth plot - Suave action - Distinct characters - Heart-racing suspense, and crime(s) that could easily have made the evening news. "The Accident" is one of those Can't-Turn-The-Pages-Fast-Enough books. Not a brainiac read, but certainly entertaining. We think we know our neighbors, family, and friends fairly well, but do we? Glen Garber certainly thought he did. That is, until the faux-walls came tumbling down, exposing insecurities behind the facades. Insecurities so needy and vain, they'r [...]

    17. Tom Swift says:

      Wow. This was really,really good. This is the first book that I have read from Barclay, and I was very impressed. This is a thriller that grabs you right away and sprints to the end. The Accident is about a man in his 30's whose life is shattered when his wife dies in a DUI/car accident. The truth starts to unfold, what a great story.

    18. Carolyn says:

      Wow! A thriller that actually thrills. A quick roller coaster of a read. I found this tight, fast moving book almost impossible to put down. When I needed to do something such as eat or sleep I would open the book moments after closing it, and skip other activities; hasn't happened during a mystery for a long time. Barclay's books belong in the same category as H. Cobin's:domestic mystery, where average people or families are caught up in mysterious and dangerous circumstances.I found the adults [...]

    19. Paul Pessolano says:

      “The Accident” by Linwood Barclay, published by Bantam Books.Category – Mystery/ThrillerSherlock Holmes once told Doctor Watson, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”Linwood Barclay uses this to its maximum in his latest and best mystery/thriller, “The Accident”.Two young ladies from Butler, Pennsylvania are celebrating a birthday by going shopping in New York. They heard of a place that [...]

    20. Tony says:

      Linwood Barclay- The Accident 3 StarsGlen Garber’s wife Sheila just died in a car accident. The circumstances seem odd as he doesn’t ever remember her driving drunk before, and now his daughter must continue going to a school where they all know her mother killed two of their fellow students. As Garber digs into the mess he discovers that all may not be as it seems in his peaceful neighbourhood. Friends may not be who they claim to be and this information may just put his family into further [...]

    21. Izzy says:

      I borrowed this book from my Grandma as she had plenty of good things to say about it. Judging from the blurb, it was right up my street.The prologue made me yawn until I got to the end of the scene. I wasn't hooked but I thought I would at least give the book a chance. The voice and style of the writing was rather limp and I was already considering on giving up within the first three chapters.I pushed myself forward despite having a massive gripe with the book. This is written in first person a [...]

    22. Nicola Mansfield says:

      I'm a little behind with Barclay and glad to have gone back and caught up with this title. Barclay never disappoints me. I can always count on him presenting an unusual crime and a thriller with many twists and turns. The Accident, once again, delivers. I'll just start by saying this wasn't my favourite of the author's as I didn't find it as intense as others I've read. Oh, the twists and thrills were there but I just felt as if I knew they were coming just before they happened. There are severa [...]

    23. Neil Mudde says:

      What a roller-coaster read! if I would not have had to do "chores" I would have stayed glued reading the book until it finished.Linwood has created a story about clandestine buying and selling of counterfeit goods being brought into the country. (U.S)The story setting is in a small town, if you think you know your friends and neighbours, ha! think twice, Linwood takes you into people lives like no one else could.Some of the violence I could live without however we are talking about a cut throat [...]

    24. Maureen DeLuca says:

      I wish GR's would give 1/2 stars - for me this book was a 3.5 - Glen Garber- a housing contractor is seeing his business shaken during the housing crisis. A home that Glen was building catches fire, and they believe it to be from shoddy equipment and wiring. His wife, Sheila, gets killed in a car accident-presumed to be drunk driving. Then we have plot elements ranging from counterfeit purse parties to toxic dry wall to housewives peddling prescription drugs to lost money in Ponzi schemes. The s [...]

    25. Lisa says:

      A great thriller set in my area of Connecticut! And Linwood Barclay does his research, because he got everything right: the towns, the landmarks, even the malls! I didn't think anything could follow Unspeakable in terms of a page-turning thriller with a shocking ending, but this one was very good! I've heard that others by LB are even stronger, so I'm looking forward to becoming a full-fledged LB addict! Bring 'em on!

    26. Mathura says:

      OMG!!! I would have never in a million years guessed the ending of this book. Linwood Barclay is just a genius when it comes to thrillers. Its a fast paced book and a real page turner. I even sneaked in 20 min reading time at work during my lunch break that i never take. Can't wait to read more books from this author. I really can't say anymore about this book without giving away spoilers but I highly recommend this book.

    27. Gary says:

      Yet another outstanding book by Linwood Barclay.Fast paced and grips you from the very start.

    28. Denise says:

      4.0 out of 5 stars -- How well do you really know those people in your circle of family and friends?I have read all of Barclay's previous books so was looking forward to the latest one! This suspense novel had a fast pace with an interesting subject presented immediately in the prologue - the illegal sales of counterfeit merchandise and the seedy, dangerous underground -- and it kept me turning the pages well past bedtime.A quiet suburban neighborhood is rocked first by the car accident death of [...]

    29. Nick Brett says:

      Linwood Barclay's latest thriller is a little bleak in more ways than one. Firmly set in the current recession it captures the fears and worries of a small town US community and the desperate lengths that some may go to in order to keep their heads above water. When Glen Garber's wife dies in an apparent accident, the dark underbelly of the community starts to unravel and working through his grief, xx starts to realise there were things about his wife and their community that he had no idea abou [...]

    30. Karen says:

      Though somewhat farfetched, this book was such an action filled ride that I really enjoyed; It stuck to the suspense which gets high marks for me. I wouldn't say the main character was super attractive to me like some, but I really rooted for him- even out loud- and looked forward to reading it. I think I may have liked this better. I will probably read all this author's book.

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