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Whispering To Witches
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Whispering To Witches Publishers Weekly Flying Start authorA New York Public Library Book of the Teen Age Joe is on a train to visit his mother for Christmas when he gets off at the wrong stop and his life takes a very

  • Title: Whispering To Witches
  • Author: Anna Dale
  • ISBN: 9781582346991
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publishers Weekly Flying Start authorA New York Public Library Book of the Teen Age 2005Joe is on a train to visit his mother for Christmas when he gets off at the wrong stop and his life takes a very unexpected turn With the help of a bewitched broomstick, he is whisked to the home of the Dead nettle Coven of witches, where he befriends Twiggy, a young witch in training.Publishers Weekly Flying Start authorA New York Public Library Book of the Teen Age 2005Joe is on a train to visit his mother for Christmas when he gets off at the wrong stop and his life takes a very unexpected turn With the help of a bewitched broomstick, he is whisked to the home of the Dead nettle Coven of witches, where he befriends Twiggy, a young witch in training Joe is quickly caught up in a dramatic plan to find a famous missing page from the greatest magic book in history The witches of England are convinced that the page has fallen into the wrong hands and that if they don t find it soon, a terrible and destructive spell may be cast over the world With a dash of adventure, a dollop of fun, and a pinch of magic, this book is a timeless charmer.

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    1 Blog on “Whispering To Witches

    1. Adrienne says:

      When I first saw this book, I was around twelve years old. I didn't want to read it. I saw it again in college when I was a page at a public library. I checked it out, but never got around to reading it. Then I checked it out for a fantasy project on which I am working, and I am so sorry I didn't read this book sooner. Anna Dale's writing is charming. It's not Harry Potter, though it does take place in England. I love her witches because they are stereotypical witches, yet not at the same time, [...]

    2. Kathryn says:

      3.5 STARSI found this a pleasant, undemanding read with some enjoyable moments. On the whole, though, I wanted so much more from it. It's not so much that the world-building is fairly simplistic compared to, say, Harry Potter (the comparisons are rather inevitable nowadays) but that the characters were so underwhelming. I liked Joe and Esme, and Twiggy, and the antagonists are fairly well drawn if rather cliche (though I did feel the motives for one of them were thought-provoking) but the majori [...]

    3. Neil says:

      I have no idea if this is one of those books that was published on the crest of the Potter wave, but I feel it suffers because of the existence of old Harry and his mates. The basic setup of boy meets witches is different enough as is the execution, but it lacks a lot of the flourishes Rowling brought to her series. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing - this is a different story entirely, after all - but a lot of the kids in my class found the plot progressing entirely too slowly for them. [...]

    4. Yzabel Ginsberg says:

      As an adult, it was mostly "just OK" for me. I enjoyed the Harry Potter books much more—IMHO they appeal more easily to a larger audience, while this one is more fit for middle-graders and younger.As a kid, though, around 10-12, I'd probably have loved it. There are nice plot twists, and seemingly insignificant events actually tying themselves together at the end.So 3 stars it is.

    5. Ann says:

      I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and I looked forward to reading it and seeing how the story would unfold. I liked the lead characters as well and there were certainly nice "messages" in the story that didn't feel too heavy handed.That said, the plot never felt like it really came together that well. The threads weren't woven throughout the book too well, and there were several conveniences it seemed that allowed the story to continue to unfold. The magical aspect of the world isn't ever [...]

    6. Qt says:

      Fun and pleasant; I enjoyed the book but I don't know whether it's one that will stick with me or not. I loved the British setting and the winter/Christmas touches, but a lot of plot threads didn't seem to tie together too well, and there weren't too many characters that I really really liked. Still, I enjoyed it and found it a fun easy read.

    7. X says:

      I don't think it will be a book that really sticks with me, but it was a fun, easy read.

    8. Olive Anoop says:

      Whispering to WitchesJoe Blinks is going to Canterbury to spend his Christmas with his mother, stepfather and his half sister. But the train ride to Canterbury is filled with strange happenings. And before Joe knows it he is face to face with real witches! One of the witches he meets is a young girl about his age named Twiggy. Soon, Joe is caught up in a tangled web of good witches, bad witches, and evil magic.This book is by Anna Dale, I have never read any of her books before. I liked her styl [...]

    9. Matthew says:

      I agree entirely with the sentiment of the other reviewers that this is a book that suffered for the existence of Harry Potter. On the other hand, Harry Potter might have been its saving grace at the same time. This is definitely from the same genre and it was published at about the same time, so the HP comparisons are inevitable, but this is also the book that fans of HP would have picked up fresh from one of his adventures simply because they wanted to read a bit more of this semi-realistic ch [...]

    10. Stephanie Ruby says:

      I think i read this book a hundred times as a kid!!!!!! It never gets old- LOVE it!!!!

    11. Terra says:

      Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale was a truly enchanting story for all ages. If you or your child like The Wizard of Oz then you most likely love this book. A pure bewitching tale with lots of magic.Joe Binks is just your ordinary boy living with dad as mum has remarried. Being quite ordinary it is fun when on his way to mum's for Christmas holiday he is singled out by a witch and given a special item of which he has no idea of having such a thing.Twiggy is a little girl witch who is in trainin [...]

    12. Cassandra says:

      Joe muss die Weihnachtstage bei seiner Mutter und ihrer neuen Familie verbringen. Während der Zugfahrt trifft er auf merkwürdige Menschen und zu allem Übel steigt er einen Bahnhof zu früh aus und muss sich auf einem Dreirad auf den verschneiten Weg nach Canterbury machen, doch das Dreirad hat ein Eigenleben und bevor er sich versieht, landet er in einem Hexenhaus und wird in das größte Abenteuer seines Lebens verwickelt.Ein sehr schönes Buch, das Kinderherzen nicht nur zu Weihnachten höh [...]

    13. Nesa Sivagnanam says:

      Joe slid, face first, underneath a desk, narrowly avoiding a pair of square-toed black shoes with shiny silver buckles. A cat screeched in his ear and sprang on to his back. It sank its claws through his blazer and into his flesh. Joe rolled over to dislodge the cat, which hissed and spat as it leaped on to an armchair.So begins the real adventure of Joe Binks when he journeys to Canterbury to spend what he thinks will be a dull holiday with his mother, stepfather and 7-year-old sister. Getting [...]

    14. Cassidy J. says:

      I read this when I was younger (around 11 or 12, I think) and I loved it. It made such an impression on me that, although I forgot the title, and then the characters names, and then eventually, the plot, several years later, I realised I was unable to forget certain things, like: paperclips, a tricycle, a boy, a girl, two women (Aunty-like figures to the girl), a cat, a train, night markets which aren't always there, and flying on a broomstick. (I had to type "book witches tricycle night markets [...]

    15. Riffana says:

      I first read this book around maybe ten years ago,and something about it still makes me pick it up at the library from time to time until now. I read the other reviews before writing this, and I think that alot of people mentioned harry potter. Funny thing is, the thought of harry poter never crossed my mind. I am a huge fan of harry potter and i think that i never thought of these two books together because even though both has witches, they are dealing with very, very different type of witches [...]

    16. Ame says:

      Good book for youth. It was entertaining and a quick read.

    17. Giulia_lamadeleine says:

      mi sta facendo riscoprire titoli di libri che ho letto da bambina e che avevo completamente dimenticato Che spettacolo*__*

    18. Noloter says:

      Piuttosto ingenuo, sia nello stile che nella trama. Alcuni elementi sembrano avere poco nesso con il filo della narrazione, i dialoghi sono scarsi e banali, i personaggi sono poco coinvolgenti e superficialmente delineati, diverse sequenze sono talmente caotiche da rendere difficile comprendere cosa stia davvero accadendo e a chi, la caratterizzazione del mondo magico è latitante e il finale è troppo sul genere lieto fine a tutti i costi. Inoltre attinge un po' da HP per quanto riguarda alcuni [...]

    19. Ariz says:

      estuvo muy entretenido , pero las cosas a mitad de libro dieron un jiro muy grande. Cosas que no tenían importancia al principio al final, si lo eran. Personas que intentan borrarles la memoria, pero después son como el protagonista del libro. Yo le doy 4.5 estrellas de puntuación ,me gusto ,pero no me tiene la chispa para llegar a un 5

    20. Caro says:

      Ich habe dieses Buch gelesen als ich 12 war und ich fand es damals total toll und die ganze Sache mit der Magie und dem Hauch von grusel hat mich fasziniert. Ich weiß nicht wie ich es heute finden würde wenn ich es nochmal lesen würde, aber ich behalte lieber meine Erinnerung daran als sie aufzufrischen und zu merken, dass es als Kind eben doch cooler war

    21. Jeanette says:

      I think this is more of a 3.5 stars for me. It was very entertaining and a good read. I would purchase this for my 10 year old if she were interested in witches. I really liked the role the animals played in this story.

    22. Babù93 says:

      davvero carini :)

    23. Thaila says:

      Read this when I was about 11 years old. It was the first novel I ever read. Still love it.Quirky, funny, magical and just a great story!

    24. Oda Renate says:

      fave from when I was 11ould reread it.

    25. Cara says:

      This was a fun little fantasy book dealing with witches, spells, and lost books.

    26. Sarah says:

      Another book I read at a much younger age that settled it my mind and never left it. What an amazing power that is!

    27. Angel M Tayup says:

      La portada del libro a mi me ha encantado. En la imagen que he encontrado no se puede apreciar muy bien (sorry, mi cámara descansa en paz), pero en realidad el titulo es de un rojo metalizado que brilla al reflejar la luz y las hojas congeladas siendo arrastradas por un duende del viento (si se fijan bien en la parte baja de la cubierta del lado izquierdo se puede ver un rostro) , me parece muy hermoso. Y la contraportada no es para menos, porque es bellisíma.Con una narración sencilla pero m [...]

    28. Klara Woodson says:

      Una splendida avventura natalizia, ricca di mistero e di un'atmosfera incantata, che ricorda un po'Harry Potter ma in maniera solo positiva. Scene descritte con dolcissima poesia, intrise di magia, scene d'effetto e sorprese inaspettate (anche da un pubblico di adulti): tutto questo rende il libro un viaggio incantato, non un semplice bestseller. Lo consiglio a tutti quei bambini che, stanchi dei soliti film americani che danno in TV in periodo natalizio, vogliono immergersi in una vera e propri [...]

    29. Rebecca says:

      Joe expected to spend Christmas with his father as usual, but at the last minute his father was summoned to Scotland, so Joe has to go to Canterbury to stay with his mother, stepfather, and younger sister. An odd happening on the train leaves Joe at the wrong station, and a borrowed bike--which turns out to be a broom in disguise--leaves Joe at the headquarters of the Dead Nettle Coven of witches. Although the witches' first inclination is to wipe Joe's memory and send him on his way, a young wi [...]

    30. Debbie Price says:

      While Joe and his father are making plans for their Christmas together, things change abruptly. Joe is sent to Canterbury to spend Christmas with his mother, stepfather and young stepsister. This is where the fun begins! With a wild train ride, a mix-up when Joe departs the train, an enchanted bike that propels Joe down the wrong rode and into a house full of witches, Joe doesn't know how his holiday could get more exciting! It does! Together with his new witch-friend Twiggy, they share adventur [...]

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