L. King Pérez Robert Casilla
First Day in Grapes
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First Day in Grapes Chicos migrant family moves often making it difficult for him to make friends and fit in But third grade seems different His teacher and classmates are quick to appreciate his excellent math skills Us

  • Title: First Day in Grapes
  • Author: L. King Pérez Robert Casilla
  • ISBN: 9781584300458
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chicos migrant family moves often making it difficult for him to make friends and fit in But third grade seems different His teacher and classmates are quick to appreciate his excellent math skills Using his quick mind, Chico cleverly outwits the fourth grade bullies and gains confidence by showing that it is possible to stand up to seemingly impossible odds and win.

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    1. Andrew Jongeneel says:

      First Day in Grapes, written by L. King Perez and illustrated by Robert Casilla, is about Chico, a young boy from a migrant family, who recently moved to California and will start another first day of school. Chico does not want to go to school, but instead be a racecar driver; his mother tells him that everyone has a job, and right now his job is school. He is always the new kid in school and usually gets picked on by other students. The teacher is taken to Chico right away due to his math skil [...]

    2. Lindsey says:

      Compared to some of the other books I've read, I didn't like this as much, though I did think it had merit. I liked how the main character, Chico, excelled at math, making it clear that migrant workers are not stupid and uneducated. I also liked how he stood up to the school bullies without violence. I appreciated the portrayal of strength and courage. I also liked the subtle message about being polite and giving people a chance before deciding how they are or will be.

    3. Jennie says:

      A poorly illustrated book that really doesn't deserve a Pura Belpre Award. However, it serves as a reminder to appreciate different learning strengths and cultures, also a lesson to children that they can resolve conflicts without violence. Although the part where Chico thwarts his bullies with math problems was a little ridiculous for me, overall I wasn’t really impressed with this book.

    4. Breyanna Hill says:

      When Chico starts the third grade after his migrant family moves to begin harvesting California grapes, he finds that set confidence and math skills help him cope with the first day of school. This book allows readers of all backgrounds relate to Chico's bravery and the creative way he finds to resolve the conflict.

    5. Caroline says:

      Describes a migrant family realistically without either sugar coating or making it seem all depressing. The kid talks about going to new schools and he measures life (and schools) in harvests.

    6. Nicole G. says:

      1. Culture or group portrayed: Latino-Americans2. Summary: Chico is a young boy in a migrant family; they travel throughout California, working in the fields. Chico is starting third grade, but he doesn’t want to go, because he’s always the new kid, and sometimes the other kids pick on him. His mother sends him, anyway. The bus driver is rather gruff, but his teacher seems nice and Chico is taken with her right away, especially after she sees how quick he is at math. At lunch, the fourth-gra [...]

    7. Jennifer says:

      I really enjoyed this book. It was realistic in the fact that he didn't like school but a friendly teacher and nice classmates helped him enjoy school. He demonstrates a constructive way to deal with the bullies. I love how good he is at mental math. I would read this on the first day of school. I like that this book tosses in some Spanish vocabulary, which may comfort some immigrants from Mexico and Spanish speaking countries who know those words. The rest of the words in this book are not easy [...]

    8. Farnosh Erehvizheh says:

      "First day in Grapes" was a really good book which gave me something to think about. The book is about Chico from Spain. Their family move around a lot, and he changes school very often. The concept of the book is about coming from another country, children that tease and standing up for you. Chico is being teased by two guys his grade, and everyone is afraid of them. But the good thing is that Chico stands up for himself and the boys finally leave him alone. And other children that wants to be [...]

    9. Kaycee says:

      First Day in Grapes is a Pura Belpre Honor Book. It is the story of Chico. A child of a migrant worker is used to his family moving around as they pick different types of crop in California. What he doesn't like about it is going to a new school every time they move. The story is about Chico seeking acceptance but also about how he gains self-confidence and even courage when it comes to new schools and dealing with new and sometimes scary situations. The pictures in the book do a good job of sup [...]

    10. Kissa Williams says:

      In the fiction book, First Day in Grapes by L. King Pérez, Chico and his family moves from migrant camp to migrant camp. They live in California now where Chico goes to school and his dad works in the field. His first day at his new school starts out rough, from being yelled at by the bus driver to being picked on by two other boys. Chico then remembers what his mother has been teaching him- to stand tall. He stood up for himself and had a great day at school after all. There was a good life le [...]

    11. Jennifer says:

      Chico Padillo's dad is a migrant worker, so the whole family moves from crop to crop in California. In this book, Chico faces the first day of 3rd grade in a new school, while his dad harvests crates of grapes. The bus driver and two 4th graders are mean to him, but there are others in the school who are kind and friendly to him. Chico learns how to adapt to a new school and face his fears. I believe a lot of kids can relate to Chico's feelings of loneliness, apprehension, and uncertainty. He wr [...]

    12. Ruhama says:

      A Pura Belpre Honor BookChico’s family follows the harvest, and for this story, the crop is grapes. This story takes place on Chico’s first day of third grade, and he is apprehensive about going to yet another new school. Several things also make the day daunting: the bus driver seems scary, he runs into acouple of troublemakers, and has to write a story! But he finds that he’s really good at math, stands up to the bullies and his teacher is really nice (and seems to like him!). In a lot o [...]

    13. Michelle Rosales says:

      Chico has had a difficult life. The son of migrant farm workers has proven to be somewhat of a challenge. Moving from place to place to pick many different types of fruits and vegetables, has giving Chico many first days of school. The bus ride to school tells Chico that his day may be very long. He meets two mean boys; Mike and Tony that make the first day of school seem like a lot of trouble. His day starts to look better when he meets his teacher Ms. Andrews. She is amazed at Chico’s math s [...]

    14. Katherine Fountain says:

      First Day in Grapes includes many different aspects and topics such as bullying, the life of an immigrant, and even includes some common Spanish words. The story follows Chico and includes details typical of immigrants when they first come to America. He and his family move up and down the coast of California harvesting different plants on farms as the seasons change. When they move, Chico must start a new school. When they are harvesting grapes, the boys at Chico's new school bullied him since [...]

    15. Brittany Cullen says:

      A boy and his family travel place to place becuase his father picks different crops. the boy never has any friends becuase he leaves to early so he is not looking forward to going to a new school. he goes and makes a new friend and joins a math club and has a good first day of school and tells him mom all about it and hopes they dont move again. Some children can relate to this book becuase they move a lot because of a parents job or just because so they may have the trouble of making friends, b [...]

    16. Kasmarine says:

      Chico, a new boy on the camp and at school. It was not easy for Chico. Life for a son of migrant worker was demanding and constant on the move. Chico will take his audiences on and emotional transformation ride. The first sight was the great f ield and anxiety and insecurity. The next sight was fear and embarrassment. Finally,the last sight was the fiercest battlefield of bullying. First Day In Grapes has exquisite and acute language that its readers will capture every details of Chico's emotion [...]

    17. Cherie Durbin says:

      Chico, son of a migrant farm worker, starts a new school every year. Today, particularly, he doesn't feel like starting anything new. School is scary! But, Mama stands Chico tall and forces him to go. As in the past, Chico is teased on his first day at the new school. Mike and Tony seem out to get him. But, Chico stands tall (like his mother says) and finds courage in the grapes. Any child who has ever been teased will relate to First Day in Grapes. And perhaps, like Chico, they will learn to ou [...]

    18. Falan Miller says:

      This book was about a little boy named Chico who's family moved up and down California picking fruits and vegetables. He always hated moving schools and this time it was a little different. Chico is very good at math and this helped him out in the long run. I liked this book because every kid can relate to it. I liked the story and I really loved the illustrations. Every kid comes from a different home and it is wrong for us to judge them by what they look like or seem to be like. This book coul [...]

    19. Bailey Scales says:

      I enjoyed First Day in Grapes because it has as Mexican background, which I also have a Mexican background, so reading the book was familiar to me. This book is a great example to read to students to also teach some Spanish vocab words, teach them about being the new kid, as well as the problems of rumors. Every child will be able to relate to Chico's anxiousness of moving to a new town and starting at a new school. Chico is also a talented student who enjoys learning. I would recommend this boo [...]

    20. Jose says:

      The "First Day in Grapes" was an awesome picture book. I really enjoyed the illustrations throughout this book; they are lifelike. This book has some math twist into it, however it reminded me more of a culture book. It often reminded me of Cesar Chavez because of the croppers. This book might be better for older grade students possibility in a mathematics class to encourage children to enjoy math more. Good book to read in a diverse classroom too.

    21. The Styling Librarian says:

      Adaptation moving from one area to another as a family thestylinglibrarian/2012/0First Day in Grapes by L. King Perez - Beautiful book from the perspective of a migrant child who would like to be know for his intellectual skills vs. his family’s migratory lifestyle. I personally enjoyed how the bully situation was approached.

    22. Katie Nanney says:

      I liked the book because it explained how immigrant children feel starting over at new schools while traveling place to place. This book reminded me how important it will be as a teacher to look out for my new students, especially those who have to keep leaving school because their family moves a lot. I would like to have this book in my classroom to remind children that some children their age have to go through similar situations.

    23. Elizabeth says:

      Chico and his family move all year long in California picking fruits and vegetables. Chico's family moves to a new place to pick grapes. It is his first day of school. His mother does not understand how hard it is to start in a new school and have others pick on him. However, his day turns out quite different. He meets a new friend, has a great teacher, and finds out he's good in math. This is a great bilingual book with a great message.

    24. Christian Espinoza says:

      "He'd had so many first days- first days in artichokes, first days in onions, first days in garlic. Now his first day in third grade would be in grapes." This story is about a little boy named Chico whose family moves from one migrant camp to another. Every year he moves to a new school and before he can make friends, he moves again. The book dresses topics such as bullying, moving and immigration. The illustrations are very detailed and are a great way to get children to retell the story.

    25. Brandy says:

      This story is very realistic and sends a clear, positive message about standing up for yourself. It would make a good classroom read-aloud with a follow up discussion about the moral of the story, or it could also be used as an individual recommendation for a student who is in a similar situation to Chico in the story.

    26. Katy says:

      Every year Chico's family moves to harvest new crops. This year his family is harvesting grapes and Chico attends school while his parents are working. Through a series of confidence boosting events, Chico is able to stand up to some bullies in his school. I enjoyed watching Chico grow and overcome the challenges he experienced at his new school.

    27. Elizabeth says:

      Chico is a third grader who has a lot of first days. His parents are migrant workers so they travel up and down California to work in the fields. Chico doesn't want to go to school today because it is hard on the first day. After a talk with this Mom, he heads to school. He finds a nice teacher and a new friend, he is pleased with his first day.

    28. Nancy says:

      I really liked this book. The main character is a boy whose parents are migrant workers. As the seasons change, he moves from field to field and school to school. The boy finds the courage to stand up to the bully on the first day of school and to be proud. Great to read when teaching about Cesar Chavez.

    29. Donna says:

      Chico and his family move around a lot to work on farms. When they move to a grape farm, Chico as usual, starts at a new school. This time he has bullies to contend with which makes Chico regret having to go to school. When he and the bullies have a confrontation in the school yard, Chico does not back down and wins the respect of the children at the school.

    30. Sue Pak says:

      Great book! Chico's family moves around a lot, and when Chico starts school at his new place, he gets teased and bullied because of his differences. Even with the language barrier, his teacher sees that he is very good in math. She encourages him to pursue his strengths, and he also stands up for himself to the bullies. This book is very good and ELLs will find it very relatable.

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