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Sing My Name
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Sing My Name A hardened gunfighter and a respectable widow should never meet never fall in love except that Matt Slade and Sarah Hammond did eight years ago when love between Rebel boy and Yankee girl nearly des

  • Title: Sing My Name
  • Author: Ellen O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9781452471822
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • A hardened gunfighter and a respectable widow should never meet, never fall in love, except that Matt Slade and Sarah Hammond did eight years ago when love between Rebel boy and Yankee girl nearly destroyed them both Now nothing will stop the old desire from tearing through their lives again.

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      367 Ellen O'Connell
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    1. Jill says:

      4.5 starsTwenty-two year-old Matt Slade has been falsely accused of murder and theft and is being taken to Fort Grissom for trial. Sarah Hammond, twenty years-old is on her way to Fort Grissom in the same wagon train to meet up with her fiancé Major Carter Macauley. When they are set upon by Comanches, only Matt and Sarah survive and they decide to make the arduous journey on foot to Fort Grissom, battling the hostile country, lack of food and water, as well as avoiding Comanches.This is Ellen [...]

    2. -y.a says:

      Last year I was very fortunate to come across Jill’s review on Ellen O’Connell’s Without Words (*wave at Jill*) and man, Sing My Name is my fifth book from this author already. Cheers!“Life does get ugly sometimes,” Sarah whispered.Sarah is probably the best heroine I can hope for in a HR. An incredibly loyal, kind, relentless human being in pursuit of something she wanted.“I’ve lowered myself to gathering buffalo chips with my bare hands, to eating snake and rodents and eating the [...]

    3. Lyuda says:

      *3.75*Another engrossing story from the author who is one of the best Western HR writers out there. As an added bonus, much of the story happen in places I recently visited (Texas and New Mexico) so this made vivid descriptions so much more realistic. Although I liked the story, I didn't love it. My GR friend review described perfectly some of my reservations. Leona

    4. MBR says:

      5++ Stars Historical Romance The fact that I am starting out the year 2011 with the review of a story that played with all my emotions in a good way is a cause for celebration in itself. Ellen O’Connell who published her first romance “Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold” earlier in 2010 shot right into my auto-buy list with the style of her writing and her ability to spin a romance totally different from what you normally read about. In her stories, the tragedies are real and heartbreaking; you [...]

    5. Jane Stewart says:

      Too much evil and brutality. Too much separation of the couple. No good revenge.Carter does something sick, cruel and evil to Matt, and he gets away with it because of his political power. I was depressed almost all the time during the three days I was reading this. One night I could not fall asleep for two hours because I could not get it out of my mind. I don’t want to read books like that. But others who are better at compartmentalizing or something can handle it.A second problem. I usually [...]

    6. KatLynne says:

      5+++ StarsAnother masterpiece by Ellen O'Connell! A poignant, heart-wrenching, beautifully written love story. Again, Ms. O'Connell held me spellbound as I eagerly devoured her written word, engrossed in the journey of Matt Slade and Sarah Hammond. And what a journey! I laughed, I cried and my heart sang as Matt and Sarah survive the horrors fostered upon them and in the end, two soulmates find their HEA. There is an epilogue to this story that is not included in the book. Afterward can be downl [...]

    7. Nefise says:

      4.5 starsMs O'Connell is one of the most talented author for me. Such as that she made the American Historical Romance genre, one of my favorite.I think I would read whatever she writes, she's so good.Like her other books, this one has a very charming hero and heroine, very heart warming and heart aching scenes and a true love story endowed with bad and good times.And I should add, there's something different about hero, Matt, makes him special among all the other heroes so far I've read. I thin [...]

    8. Leona says:

      I had mixed emotions about this one. It definitely is a gripping love story and kept me entertained, but I struggled with the overall character development. People were too one dimensional with very little shading of gray. Both Matt and Sarah didn't evolve which is a bit unrealistic given everything that transpired. Matt remained too perfect with his optimistic, selfless and "kind to a fault" spirit and Sarah was too one-dimensional with her "Matt or nothing" attitude. These too had so many brut [...]

    9. cEe beE says:

      This was like one of those journeys you are so looking forward to. It starts out very exciting and riveting. Then halfway through, other people join the caravan, more and more of them pile in and you're loosing track of where you are. Some of the passengers get off, and new ones get in. Pretty soon their names and the towns start to blur.After awhile, you're thinking the trip is taking way too long. But then the journey comes to an end. And everything is amazing and wonderful. And you think, wow [...]

    10. Ivana Azap Feješ says:

      Superb!!!!!!!!It took me long time to read it, but in the end I realized that this story hook me up, and did not let me go until I finished it!!! And I think that Ellen finished this story too early :D I want moooore!!!! :DGreat recommendation!!!

    11. Leea says:

      New Mexico SunsetI forgot, Sarah thought, looking up at him. I forgot that happiness isn't just a quiet, passive thing. It isn't just the lack of unhappiness. This is happiness, this wild, delicious feeling fizzing inside me. I have to say that few Western Romance books really give you the honest truth about life in the late 1800's. If you've read any of Ms. O'Connell's books in the past you know that they are filled with heart breaking moments that are brutal in nature but sweet on the heart. T [...]

    12. Regan Walker says:

      A Superb Post Civil War Love Story from the Old WestIt’s 1867 and the Civil War is over. Young Matt Slade, the son of Texas settlers, fought for the South in some of the bloodiest battles—and he survived. Because he’s good at surviving. So when two shady bounty hunters seize him for a crime he didn’t commit, he determines he’ll survive so they won’t take him dead, as in “Dead or Alive.” While being transported with a group of calvary escorting some women to Fort Grissom, he encou [...]

    13. KC 2.0 says:

      A gripping, bittersweet western. The first quarter of the book stood out as the most enjoyable, with tense moments for survival and romance taking up most of the action. I enjoyed the chemistry between the charming Matt and spirited Sarah. Their discussion regarding a bodily function was both awkward and funny. (view spoiler)[The female menstrual cycle. (hide spoiler)] Speaking of funny, Sarah cracked me up with her persistence in trying to get Matt to open up and with her attempts at seduction, [...]

    14. Kathylill says:

      I’ve gone on a Western trip recently, reading passionately historical romances with western feel: with Native Americans, Cowboys and Wild West romance aplenty. I’ve been not disappointed because let’s face it: the good-to-bad-ratio is higher than in the Contemporary New Adult department. Ellen O’Connell has been a wonderful discovery. She writes western romances that grow on you slowly but unforgettably, with vivid characters and filled with historical references that render her books to [...]

    15. Denise says:

      Another great story from Ellen O'Connell. I just wish she would get a better editor and cover art. For those reasons, I would rather give this book a 4 1/2 star rating, but the story was just so enjoyable. What I love, is that there isn't all that fluff and sugar that I just can't stand. She gets real with her writing. For example, (view spoiler)[the first time Matt and Sarah make love, Sarah seduced Matt, and Sarah did not enjoy it. She was a virgin and he has one short fast experience with a p [...]

    16. Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

      4/5; 4 stars; A-'Sing my Name' is as interesting and inspirational as it is gritty and painful. Ellen O'Connell's ability to bring the old west to life, in all its gore and glory, is one of the reason's she is an autobuy author for me. A few fundamental truths come out in this story, as in all her stories; life in the old west was HARSH, people are capable of incredible cruelty and cowardice, people are also capable of great courage and fortitude.There are lots of reviews that talk about the sto [...]

    17. JustJayneIA says:

      I loved Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, by the same author, so I really wanted to love this too.I didn't. The first few chapters were very good. And then the main couple becomes separated for a long, long time. Now, separations aren't all that uncommon as a plot twist in a romantic story. But this one dragged out too long and the author went into to much unnecessary detail about what the hero and heroine experienced while apart. That would be one thing if it helped us understand the characters' d [...]

    18. Jacqueline says:

      2.5I love a slow burn romance where a couple's circumstances force them together and we watch them slowly come together and that's exactly what this author usually delivers, but this was a bit different from the usual. They get together very early on then suffer a long, long, looong separation that I thought was never going to end. I get my enjoyment from seeing them together and that was limited in this book. To make matters worse, she's pursuing him, something else I'm not overly fond of.I enj [...]

    19. Michelle [Helen Geek] says:

      I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto this author. Iwas looking on amazon for something to read and saw silver eyes. Ibought it but it was a month or so before i decided to read it. Absolutely phenominal. I wanted more and found this one and enjoyed it just as much. Well written, wih heart. Thank you and i hope for more!

    20. Kristiej says:

      I was blown away by her first Western and when I finished it and it came to picking the next book to read it was a no-brainer that this would be the one I'd read. As with the previous book, this, THIS is the reason I love Westerns so much. This book is all that I can ask a romance to be; poignant, moving, sad with tenderly sweet funny moments. Both the hero and heroine are to die for great and as with EoS,EoG, the characters are HONEST with each other even though they may not agree.The story sta [...]

    21. Aoi says:

      As usual, Ellen O'Connell's historicals pack a punch. Set in the years after the Civil War, Sing My Name gives us an insight into the trials of a young America - people struggling to get over the North/South divide, the early racism, the dangers and challenges of homesteading. The author's writing makes all the fiction seem incredibly. so. real. Sarah & Matt go through some brutal, harrowing times - and Ms O'Connell definitely didn't skimp on the details. The side characters and the ensemble [...]

    22. Spuffed says:

      Tugged at my heart strings!!!! I read this several weeks ago so I don't remember too much and that's a shame because it deserves more full reviews.Quick Rundown: Chick is traveling west under "protection" of the army post civil war to get married to her stoic fiancee who is a general or major or something protecting the citizens of the newly reformed nation from all those scary Indians. Well, shit happens that was pretty intense and our Chick is now trying to survive with Dude who was being deli [...]

    23. Marquise says:

      This is a very different sort of Western historical romance, with a male hero that's a gunslinger but not your typical though macho sort. He's rather sensitive to a fault, and more forgiving than I'd be had I suffered a fraction of what he did at the hands of the baddie. The heroine is self-reliant and quite perseverant, and also less kind towards those who've hurt her and people that matter to her, which I can sympathise with.My bigger concern was that in the second part, the plot slowed down t [...]

    24. Ash says:

      3.5 starsA good story, however there were far too many chapters between their separation and reunion for my taste.

    25. Jessica says:

      *3.5 stars*

    26. ValeriGail says:

      I loved O'Connell's first book "Eyes of silver, Eyes of gold." It was one of my favorite reads for 2010. So when I saw that she had a new book out, I grabbed it immediately.With EOS, EOG, I devoured the book within 2 days, only putting it down to sleep. With Sing my name, I found a huge desire to read it slow and long. To sit with it for days, having it wrap me it its story. I thought about it while doing my normal daily stuff. The story entering my thoughts, hanging there and making me think. W [...]

    27. Elle says:

      This is a tricky book for me to evaluate. I couldn't help but think about Atonement while I was reading this. I very much felt that the story in atonement was the little girl's effect on the lives of the two possible lovers. Atonement was not a love story, although it was marketed as such. My big issue with the 'love story' in Atonement is the HUGE potential that the two lovers would have just had a fling and walked away. There is no evidence of a great love story there, yet the storyline for At [...]

    28. Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

      I'm having a rather difficult time deciding what to say about this book. There were a few things I didn't like, but overall I felt the story was heartfelt, gripping, and emotional. A bit melodramatic and I'm inclined to think the level of scorn Sarah encounters is a bit overdone, but Ms. O'Connell set it up with likable main characters, a grotesquely slimy villain, and an engaging plot. I guess the only real gripe I have is that it seemed to drag just a bit. The first half of the book seemed to [...]

    29. Searock says:

      4 stars.I love Ms. O'Connell's romances even though they are, at times, grittier and more brutal than I would normally read. Her book: Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is one of my favorites. This too is a gritty tale with an intense romance between the leads. Its a "keeper", but it never came up to "favorite" standards for me. I loved the beginning third of the book in which the story is set up and the adventure unfolds. ***spoiler alert*** The quality and the intensity of the "escape" is extraordi [...]

    30. Jane says:

      The story isn't an easy one. It speaks of a couple that really has to fight against all of the odds the world has to throw at them. And yet, somehow, in some mystical and lovely way O'Connell manages to make the reader fall in love with a couple whose love is supposed to be doomed from day one. Also, in some mysterious way, she manages to bring the couple together after YEARS being apart, after years of longing, years of pining for the other and years for being punished for crimes they didn't ac [...]

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